tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 07

On Another World Ch. 07


Let me first apologize to my readers for taking so long to complete this chapter. Real life, as always, must take priority. I needed to attend an important national meeting in Colorado of the CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) of which, I am a member. This is an annual event and will occur again next year, mid-June in North Carolina.

Special thanks to Pixie87 for helping out with a little editing.


I stared at Seq-qah. "You're pregnant?" I stood motionless trying to think. To say that I was more than a little shocked would have been an understatement of Biblical proportions. I was sure that I could not be the father because I had been informed that Seq-qah and I were not genetically compatible by the 'Q-girls'.

"Yes, Master...as impossible as it may seem, I am carrying thy child." She was weeping in fear. I could feel that much, along with a great deal of confusion. "Master, I never...I could never... I love thee...."

She was unable to go on because Kôjar savagely backhanded her. "Be silent, slut! You and this male violated your master's trust!" He snarled at her.

For a bound slave to have any kind of sexual relations with any male, other than her master without his knowledge and permission was punishable by death. A long, slow, painful death. That was the law! Nonetheless, I would not allow her to be harmed any further until I had more answers.

"Enough Kôjar! We do not yet have all of the facts. Do not ever again even so much as touch her without my permission, is that understood?" I snapped at him.

He became apologetic. "Aye, M'lord."

"Let us learn all there is to be learned first, Major Kôjar." I said to him. "Then and only then should we act, eh?"

"It shall be as you say, M'lord"

We all remained quiet for a time trying to make sense of what we had just learned thus far.

Noj-jah, Ayl-lah and the others ran up quickly and dropped to their knees next to Seq-qah, weeping. "Master...!" Noj-jah started.

"Be silent! All of thee!" It was Lot-tah. She looked at Kôjar and said. "Get her to her feet...." She then pointed at Zeq-qoh. "Him too."

"Yes, M'lady. Right away." Seq-qah and Zeq-qoh were roughly dragged to their feet. Kôjar offered Lot-tah a dagger, perhaps thinking that she might kill them herself. Seq-qah was obviously terrified. Zeq-qoh simply appeared resigned to his fate, even if that meant his death. He did not speak a word. This puzzled me a bit. To me, it almost seemed an admission of guilt.

"Put it away, Major! There will be no killing here just yet." She walked slowly up to Seq-qah, grasped her firmly by the chin and looked deeply into her eyes. "Look at me, slave and tell me what thou hast done." She said.

"Nothing, my Lady." Seq-qah answered, tears running down both her cheeks. "I love my master, completely...I could never...."

"Be silent!" Lot-tah interrupted her. Lot-tah then placed a hand gently on Seq-qah's belly and closed her eyes. She concentrated for a moment. I almost missed it, but a look of complete confusion flashed across her features, then disappeared. She opened her eyes then and stared at me briefly. She then approached Zeq-qoh; with absolutely no hesitation, reached out, and cupped his testicles in her right hand and placed her left over his heart. After concentrating again, she let them go and said to Kôjar. "Release him. He did not father the child."

Kôjar unshackled Zeq-qoh and appeared ready to say something to him when Zeq-qoh stopped him with a gesture. "Do not concern yourself, Major. Had I been in your position, I would have behaved exactly as you have. I bear you no ill will."

Kôjar nodded his thanks and said nothing.

All eyes turned to me. They no doubt wondered what was coming next.

Lot-tah turned and walked slowly to me. "I wonder...." She said thoughtfully. She stopped directly in front of me. She looked me straight in the eye, placed her left hand on my chest over my heart and cupped my nuts as she had Zeq-qoh's.

Then, slowly...very slowly, a smile spread across her lips. "'Tis a good thing I am here. It would have been a terrible thing if these two were killed for no reason. There is no doubt, M'lord, the child is yours."

"What...?" Yelped Seq-qah. She seemed relieved and happy all at once. "H-h-how can this be?" She asked, though I felt from her no real surprise...just a great sense of relief.

I also felt joy and hope from her. "But I thought that...." I began, and then stopped thoroughly confused. "This should not be possible!"

"Nonetheless, M'lord." Lot-tah said to me.

"Release her, now!" I ordered Kôjar. My anger at Seq-qah over the past few days, though justified, evaporated immediately. She was going to have my baby. Of course, all was forgiven now.

For her part, Seq-qah was relieved and overjoyed all at the same time. Once unchained, she threw herself into my arms and kissed me. Then said, "Master! We are blessed by the deities!"

"It would seem so. Why did you not tell me sooner?" I asked, forgetting that I had refused all her attempts to communicate with me. I looked at Lot-tah. "How could this have happened?"

She smiled at me, but the smile was mixed with extreme wonder and confusion. "I know not my Lord. There have always been rumors and legends of this occurring, but this is the first time I've witnessed it myself. I must do some research before I can give you an answer."

I looked at Seq-qah. "You know of course, this means that you're going back to Tertapolis at once, don't you?"

"No, Master. I am not." Her look told me that it was useless to argue about this. "Master, I am thy bound slave, but I am also going to be the mother of thy child. That gives me the right to remain with thee." She said adamantly.

I opened my mouth to argue some more and then remembered that by Terranian law, she was absolutely right. Of course, there was danger for her and the baby, but my thinking was from modern western thinking back on Earth. Here on Terrania, was a heartier breed of folk.

"Very well then, but you will do as you are told, understand?"

"Yes, Master." She smiled brightly and hugged me tight.


Later that night as Seq-qah and I snuggled in my bedroll, I noted that she was as happy as any being, human or otherwise, I had even seen.

"Master...." She said. "I am blessed more than anyone can say. In my heart, I knew all along that the child was thine, I was afraid. I knew that no one would believe it. I just so very grateful that Seer Lot-tah was here to confirm that the child is yours. Otherwise, Zeq-qoh and I would have been tortured to death.

"Yeah, I'm glad see was here too. How were you so sure that it is mine?" I asked her.

"Well, Master...thou art the only man I've shared the pleasures with in a very, very long time. And a Qoo-jan female usually knows within a very few hours when she becomes pregnant."

"So, you know when?"

"Yes, Master, I do. It was that morning on the ship when my cycle started and I bit thee...then had my way with thee." She sounded remorseful. "Though it is still a mystery to me how we could have conceived a child. I am still so very sorry about my behavior that morning. Though it was wrong, I simply could not help it."

"That is in the past now. Think of it no more."

"Yes, Master, but...."

"Seq-qah!" I said harshly, but not too much so.

In a small voice, she answered. "Yes Master."

I kissed her with gentle passion. Then, I then place my hand softly on her belly where she would carry her...our baby.

Unsurprisingly to me, she took that as an effort to seduce her and returned my kiss with a fierceness that caught me unprepared. "My Master...please take me! Time is short." She snarled at me sexily. "I need you now, Master." She reached down and began fondling my thickening shaft.

I almost asked what she meant by time is short, but decided to wait till later. I kissed her again upon the lips and then on her jaw just below her lovely pointed ear. I cupped her left breast and very lightly pinched the nipple.

She sucked in a deep breath. "Oh-h-h, M-m-master-r-r-r." She purred softly.

I then slowly slid my hand down between her slender thighs and cupped her mound. She was dripping wet already and very aroused.

She gripped my cock tightly and stroked it with rapid movements. She gently pushed me on to my back and mounted me, hovering over me with her sweet wet pussy just scant millimeters from the head of my cock. "I love thee, Master." She whispered, then kissed me deeply while slowly lowering herself down.

When the head slid into her, she broke the kiss and hissed her desire at me. I gripped her hips and brought her slowly down onto my cock. The softness of her velvety wetness became hot...very hot. I may have forgotten to mention earlier that when a Qoo-jan woman becomes aroused, that her body temperature shoots up four to five degrees (Fahrenheit) and sometimes more. So, when I say she has a hot, wet pussy, it's not just a figure of speech.

After what seemed like a blissful eternity, I was fully inside her. She began to rock her hips...slowly at first, then rapidly picking up speed. She pulled my hands for her hips and guided them to her breasts. "Pinch my nipples, Master. Please! Pinch them hard! Hurt me...I cannot explain right now. Please trust me...I need it." She hissed at me through her ragged panting. "Oh please, Master. Hurt me." I knew it was Seq-qah saying this, but she sounded like a different woman. I pinched them very hard. "Oh-h Yes-s-s-s-s!" She hissed. And then, she came. As usual, her essence gushed out of her, yet I felt that her orgasm was much more intense than any she had experienced before. It had scarcely passed when from her mind, I felt be beginning of another. "Master...Master.... I am going...to come again." She gasped seemingly unable to catch her breath.

"I know," I told her. "I can feel it."

I was becoming somewhat confused. I had had intimate relations with several women since my arrival on Terrania, but to be honest, none could compare to Seq-qah. She was the most caring, giving lover I had ever had sexual relations with. A large part of that was the emotional telepathy we shared, but there was more...much more. What it was, I did not yet know.

And now this slightly masochistic streak that ostensibly appeared from nowhere. In over 50 years on Earth, I was never able to fully understand women. It was rapidly becoming apparent I wasn't going to fair any better here. I chalked it up to her pregnancy and resigned myself to whatever came next, whatever that might be.

As Seq-qah continued to ride me, coming yet again, she bit me again. I was about to throw her off me before the venom could take effect when she said. Just a little bite, Master. Only to enhance thy enjoyment.

We were coming together. My cock felt as though it became as hard as steel as a monster orgasm rocked my body. It felt like it exploded as my seed sprayed inside her. Almost painful, but not quite. I groaned with pleasure as the orgasm washed through me. It felt as though I was shooting gallons of cum into her, although I realistically knew it could not be more than a tablespoon or two.

When the first spurt of cum shot into her, her orgasm suddenly intensified. She hissed savagely, sat bolt upright and as Ayl-lah had done, smacked her head on the bottom of the wagon, knocking herself senseless. She collapsed on me conscience, but just barely.

"Oh, Master...." She whispered, as her and I basked is sexual afterglow.

What did you mean, time is short? I asked her telepathically.

The first quarter will pass quickly enough, Master.

I grunted noncommittally. Gestation on Terrania was much different from back home. It is four cyclos (Terranian months), in duration, which, if I remembered correctly was roughly equivalent to eight months in Earth time. It is divided into quarters, unlike trimesters as it is on Earth.

What do you mean by that? That the first quarter will pass quickly enough, Seq-qah.

After the first quarter, I can no longer share the pleasures with thee, darling Master.

Why not? I was not aware of any medical reasoning behind such a restriction.

I do not know, Master. Other than that is the custom here.

Huh? Now I was really confused. The custom?

Yes, Master. It has been that way...always.

We'll see about that. I thought silently to myself.

With Seq-qah still lying on top of me, we both drifted off to sleep.


I awoke in the morning as Seq-qah was trying to move off me and get up. I pulled her back, kissed her soundly and playfully swatted her bottom. "See to our breakfast, girl."

She giggled. "Yes, Master." She got up and ran off to take care of her usual morning ritual, including a bath in a near-by stream, and then to make breakfast for the two of us.

A short time later, I got up as well and walked, naked to the stream to bathe myself. I had no sooner arrived at the cool, rapidly running stream after stopping to empty my full bladder, when Noj-jah and Quz-zah also appeared and began to give me my morning bath. Noj-jah had even brought a large bowl hot water and shaved me. Quz-zah washed and combed out my hair and then they both helped me dressed in a slaver's outfit.

I returned to the camp to find Seq-qah sitting at a small table holding two plates of what looked like scrambled eggs and sausage along with some toast and coffee.

I sat down and asked her. "Why are you not eating?"

She then looked at me as if exasperated. A slave must always wait for her master to begin before eating, Master. She spoke to me telepathically.

Ah...yes. There is that. I replied sarcastically.

Master. Remember, thou art living on another world now. Not everything can be changed to suit thy way of thinking. She saw the anger flit across my face and went on quickly. Please, let me finish, Master. Many things you have told me of thine world sound very nice. I could live there with you very happily. I would even be thy...concubine...or mistress there if we were there.

Why mistress and not wife? I asked her.

She sucked in a deep breath and then starred at me in disbelief. Master?

What? I asked, not understanding her apparent shock.

Master, thou art human...Terranian, I am but a Qoo-jan slave girl. I am a physician, but I am still only Qoo-jan. It could never be...no matter how much I might wi.... Forgive me, Master...I talk too much.

No! Tell me what you're thinking! I shouted mentally at her.

Forgive me, Master. I cannot.

Why not?

It is forbidden, my Master.

What is forbidden? I prompted her.

A slave may never speak to her master of such things.

What things! I shouted into her mind.

She began weeping. I am sorry, Master. I cannot. It is, as I said, forbidden.

"Bah!" I barked, getting up and storming off. I didn't know whom I was angrier with. Her, for not truly telling me what was really on her mind, or myself, for not insisting on an answer.

"Master! Oh, please!" Seq-qah yelled after me. "I beg for thy forgiveness!" Even walking away as fast as I was, I could still feel her remorse...and a sadness unlike any I'd ever felt myself.

I tried to focus my mind on other things. In a short time, I had come to love Seq-qah unconditionally...but she was by far the most aggravating woman I've ever known. I momentarily put her out of my mind. Something else was most certainly wrong and I needed answers. My enemies were too well informed just to be a coincidence. There had to be a spy working against me. But where? Who?

The Olygard brought me to this world to save it. I knew it would not be easy, but it seemed as if fate itself was conspiring with my enemies to make it all but impossible. But succeed I would...I was determined. I'd had tough missions on Earth with the Marines. Force Recon had made me into a tough son of a bitch! This world had never seen my like before. Even this Kahn, who was also from my home world, would fall before me...I was sure. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

I chuckled softly to myself. My situation was unbelievably cliché to the point of being laughable. I thought of Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote the Martian Tales. Of John Carter, a Confederate cavalry officer who went to Mars after the American Civil War and became a hero, married a princess and had many great adventures.

Then I thought of another writer back there on Earth, John Norman, whose character, Tarl Cabot went to a planet named Gor and also became something of a hero.

And now...David Davidson comes to Terrania to save that world from an evil warlord. I laughed. This might make for a good book back home as well. Except that, Earth was no longer my home.

Then there were all the women here. Depending on one's point of view, my sex life was one that nearly every man on Earth would kill for. Maybe all this was some elaborate dream...maybe I was still dying of cancer back on Earth. Who knows? Not I.

An idea occurred to me. I marched back into camp, found Kôjar and told him. "Gather everyone together...everyone. We need to have a meeting. I have new instructions." I ordered.

"Yes, M'lord. Right away." He saluted, turned and run off.

Seq-qah ran up to me. "Master?"

I gave her the 'talk to the hand' gesture to shut her up. "Not now! There are more important things going on at the moment."

Moments later, Kôjar returned. "All are gathered M'lord, save Zeq-qoh. He did not respond to me. Perhaps he is not well?"

"Where is he?" I commanded, my temper getting short.

"To the north of the camp." He said, pointing the direction.

I looked at Seq-qah. "Come!"

A minute later, I saw him, sitting on a log, starring into space.

Seq-qah and I approached Zeq-qoh. He had indeed changed since our sea voyage...particularly after the battle with the Black Dragon. It was just at that moment when the proverbial light bulb clicked on over my head.


He had apparently not noticed our coming. He jumped to his feet and though naked, saluted me in the Terranian fashion. "Yes, my Lord?"

"When I call for a meeting...I mean for everyone to be there, including you."

"I beg thy pardon, my Lord." He said dejectedly.

I looked straight into his eyes. "Lol-lah...right?"

He looked back at me stunned. "How did you...?"

There were several ways I could have answered his question. I chose the one I thought I thought would be easiest for him to understand. "Am I not the One?"

"Yes, my Lord." He answered awestruck.

"You loved her...didn't you?"

He hesitated a moment before answering. "Yes, my Lord. More than mine own life.

"Why do I sense that you wanted to die when they brought you before me earlier?" I queried.

He shrugged indifferently. "Without Lol-lah, there is no point in going on. After our mission was complete, we planned to seek thy permission to mate. But, now...."

"Enough...!" I barked loudly. "You will knock off this crap right now! You think you are the first to lose someone they love?" I stepped up to Zeq-qoh and by the time I finished speaking, I was nearly nose-to-nose with him.

"N-n-no, my L-L-Lord." He stammered his eyes wide. I could only hope that I was getting through to him.

"You did not know Tiq-qah, did you?"

"No, my Lord, I did not." It seemed to be he was regaining some of his composure.

"I loved her...after a fashion." I told him. "Not like, you did Lol-lah. When I became betrothed to Verella, I welcomed her and Tiq-qah into my home. In my eyes, I became responsible for them both. I failed! Verella is still a captive and Tiq-qah is dead. It tears me up inside. But, I have a mission to complete. When that is done, I can grieve properly...but, not 'til then."

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