tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 09

On Another World Ch. 09


Just a quick F.Y.I. There will be a little more sex in this chapter. This does not, I repeat, does not mean that I'm knuckling under to those who complained. This was planned long ago. The fact that it turned up after the complaints I received is nothing more than coincidence. The main focus is still and always will be the story. The main point of Literotica is erotic story telling, right? At times, I need to leave the sex behind as it were...but there are also times when it needs to be included. Besides, I really need to exercise my smutty creative imagination now and then...or the story could become completely vanilla...heaven forbid! [Maniacal laughter] There will not be a great deal of actual sex in this chapter, but there will be more than in the last.

I've decided to take some peculiar liberties in this chapter concerning the Qoo-jan goddess, Kriegor. I leave it up to the readers to decide if I've gone too far.


Seq-qah sat up in bed next to me and smiled brightly at the stranger. "Hello." She said as she climbed out of bed and went to the girl. "What is your name?"

The girl smiled shyly at Seq-qah. "I am Qa-teela, my Lady."

"Seq-qah laughed gaily. "I am not a lady. I am physician, but I am also a bound slave, Qa-teela. I am Seq-qah. Thou wert sent here by the Grey Ones?"

"I think so. I have been trained for this, but it was thought I would not be needed. Something tragic has happened here?"

"It has." Seq-qah said, sadly nodding her head. She looked back at me and then took Qa-teela by the hand bringing her to stand before me.

I looked at them. The contrast between their hands was even more glaring than their hair. "And she is...?" I asked.

"This is Qa-teela, Master."

"I meant her race."

Seq-qah looked at me, confused. "Why, she is a Qoo-jan, of course, Master."


"Master. Canst thou not see her eyes...her ears?" She smiled sweetly. "And, is she not beautiful?"

"But her skin and hair. She's white, you're black. Her hair's black, yours is white. Completely opposite." I said, pointing at them both.

Qa-teela seemed terrified. "Have I displeased thee, Master?"

Seq-qah said. "She is thine, Master. A gift from the Grey Ones. Like me, she will faithfully serve thee, do anything for thee. And I mean anything...even give her life for thee if needs be."

Now, that was a real sore spot with me. "Three have already died because of me." I snarled, scaring Qa-teela even more. Four if I counted Lol-lah. I did a mental ten-count to calm down before getting back to the subject at hand. "I was referring to the differences in your skin and hair color. If you are both Qoo-jan, kindly explain."

They both looked at me as if baffled by my question. Seq-qah spoke first. "I am afraid that I do not understand, Master."

I rolled my eyes.

"Master, I am here to serve thee. She is here to serve thee. Nothing else matters." Qa-teela picked it up.

I tried a different tack. "Okay...and where did the Grey Ones send you here from?" I asked Qa-teela.

A soft smile crossed her face. "From Qoo-jah, of course."

"Then you're aware that you are on Terrania, now?"

"Yes, Master."

"Well, you're handling your first experience with interplanetary travel better than I did." I said jokingly, more to myself than to either of them.

As one, they came closer to the bed. I took my first good real look at the new arrival. Thin, but big breasted...probably a D cup. Her nipples were the color of peanuts. Unlike the others, there was no body hair...nothing be low the neck...anywhere. Looking down, I noted that her clit, clitoral hood and the lips on her slit were the same peanut color as her nipples. Her black hair was wavy and hung half way down her back. She was about a couple of inches taller than Seq-qah and slightly thinner.

I slid my feet off the bed and stood.

Qa-teela then released Seq-qah's hand and casually strolled right up to me. As Qij-jah did seemingly so long ago, she grasped my shoulders and lightly pulled me closer. I followed suit once again and let her bring our foreheads together. Just as I expected, her emotions flooded my mind. Her fear was rapidly dissipating. A strong infatuation for me sprang up...not that that was unexpected. Then, I started to receive some of her thoughts as well...and oddly enough, a few thoughts that were not hers.

In my minds eye, I saw Týr looking at me. For a moment, I could have sworn that he could really see me, but then dismissed that as being rather silly. Quite simply, Qa-teela was a replacement for Verella, Qaj-jah and to a lesser degree, Tiq-qah. She'd been given extensive knowledge by the Olygard to assist me. If it surprised or shocked her to learn that I was from another world, she did not show it.

I was still a little mystified about her skin and hair color. Apparently, all Qoo-jans were almost completely unaware of the pigmentation differences among some of them. While I had read a little of this, Qa-teela was the first white Qoo-jan I had seen up until now. I learned that they were quite common on Qoo-jah, but were nonexistent on Terrania. I knew a bunch of folks back on Earth that could learn a valuable lesson from the Qoo-jan race. It seemed as if they were unable to actually even see the differences between them.

Her mind shifted from emotion to emotion, before settling on strong arousal. Some how, I knew what was coming next.

She broke contact with me and looked directly at me, her eyes turning bright gold. "Master...?" She said to me in a soft nearly breathless whisper. Then, Qa-teela put her arms around my neck, pulled me to her again and kissed me tenderly. It was like every other kiss I'd gotten from a Qoo-jan...intense to the extreme. Most guys back on Earth would have been coming in their shorts already. She dropped a hand down and began stroking my cock, which unsurprisingly to me was rock hard.

I was about to gently push her away, when I saw Seq-qah waving frantically from the corner of my eye. Master, thou must taketh her! It is necessary to consummate her slavery to thee.

Oh, crap! I moaned. Not another virgin....

I know not, Master, but I do not think that she is.

Seq-qah kissed my cheek, then Qa-teela's and scurried naked out of the room.

Qa-teela broke her kiss long enough to say. "Master, I beg to give thee pleasure...I need to do this for thee." She pressed her lips back to mine. I felt her tongue brush against my lips. I opened them a bit and her tongue darted into my mouth caressing the tip of my tongue. A soft whimper escaped from her throat.

She broke the kiss again, with her free hand, grasped mine, and brought it to her sex. She was dripping wet. "I am ready for you now, Master." She breathed softly into my mouth. "Please...I beg thee, Master. Take me now."

I scooped her up off the floor. I nearly underestimated my strength once again and tossed her into the air. Fortunately, I remembered just in the nick of time, swung her around and deposited her gently onto the bed. She lay there on her back gazing up at me with a hungry look in her golden eyes. "Must I beg thee again?"

"Patience my dear." I told her, an idea forming in my head. I, back in my youth would sometimes go down on a woman until she was literally begging me to fuck her. Call it teasing if you will, but to me the sex was more satisfying, the more the woman in question was aroused. I've always enjoyed cunnilingus very much anyway. I used to joke about being a certified 'muff diver'. I bent my head down, kissed the inside of her left knee and slowly worked my way up her thighs. Kissing the left and then the right

"Master? What art thou planning to...?"

"You know what I'm doing, don't you?" I said grinning evilly at her.

"But, thou dost not need to...Oh!" My tongue grazed across her labia just next to her vaginal opening. Her hips began trembling.

"But I enjoy it so much." I said in mock apology. I dipped my tongue into the opening and swirled it around.

Her hips jerked up. Her breath was coming in pants. "Master...it is mine...duty to...pleasure thee!" The last couple of words came out as a soft squeal.

"You are." I told her.

I licked her slit from top to bottom and back up again. Qa-teela reflexively grasped my head. "O-o-o-o-o-o-o!" She crooned. Her fingers gripping my hair. I moved up again, sucking her clit into my mouth and started to nibble on it. At the same time, I slid two fingers inside and probed, seeking her 'g-spot'. Either it is larger on Qoo-jan woman or simply easier to find, but I touched it almost immediately. "Master! Master! Oh...I-I-I a-am going t-t-t-to c-c-come!" She stiffened and then came. Unlike the others, her cum did not gush or spray out of her. It just trickled. It was sweet. It almost tasted like honey. I started jamming my fingers into her harder and faster. I also began to suck much harder on her clit. By now, she was flailing about.

"I thought you were going to come." I teased, then resumed nibbling and occasionally biting her button

"I...I...I...!" She screamed though clenched teeth. "Mas-s-ter-r-r-r." In true Qoo-jan fashion, she savagely hissed at me, her fangs bared as she came again. The trickle became a flow...the flow did not stop. "Mas-s-ter-r...it will not stop. I cannot stop coming!" She whispered to me.

"Good!" I said grinning at her. I did not let up, but continued to lick and suck Qa-teela until she was little more than a quivering, limp bundle of skin and bones. At that point, I did stop. I moved up and positioned myself above her, the head of my cock resting against her opening. She smiled up at me, then grabbed my ass with her partially prehensile feet, and jerked, driving my shaft into her wet and waiting pussy. Again, I was struck by her skin color. She was white to the point of translucence. My own skin appeared to be much darker than it really was. Her eyes, of course were gold.

"Master...." She whispered.

I pulled back until only the head remained within her and then drove myself fully back into her. Her soaked warm sheath was rapidly getting warmer. Qa-teela wrapped her arms and her legs around me and thrust her hips to meet my own. "Oh...oh...I am still coming, Master."

I held her tightly and kissed her. Her arousal and passion had become mine as well. After all my time on Terrania, I had not yet decided if the emotional telepathy was a good thing or not. Soon, much sooner than I expected, I felt that familiar tingling and a second after that, I shot my seed into her. Though there was not a great deal of cum, again it felt as if I was shooting gallons in her. I collapsed on her then, totally drained. She continued to hold me tight. "I thank thee, my Master." A short time later, we both blissfully fell asleep.


I awoke in the morning, and found both Seq-qah and Qa-teela in bed with me. Seq-qah had apparently returned after I'd fallen asleep after my exhausting sexual romp with Qa-teela. As I stirred, they also woke up. They quickly slipped out of bed and got me to my feet, leading me to the bathroom.

They both politely turned their back as I 'did my business' and then took me to the bath area. As Seq-qah shaved me, Qa-teela bathed me. "I will never be able to thank thee enough for last night, Master." She said.

"Is he not wonderful, Sister?" Seq-qah asked her.

"Oh yes!"

I watched Qa-teela a bit, as she washed me. Even the white soapsuds she'd gotten on herself while bathing me looked dark on her impossibly whiter than white alabaster skin. "I love thee, Master."

This was only mildly bothersome. There was really no way for me to know my feelings for her after just one night of what I had to admit was incredible sex. I liked her. Like every other Qoo-jan woman I had bedded, she had been willing to do anything to please me. And...the emotional telepathy did affect me a little, but love? No, not yet anyway.

Then, without a word, Qa-teela took my cock into her mouth, which of course felt as hard as tungsten steel. Seq-qah slipped behind her and cupped one of Qa-teela's breasts in one hand while her other hand dove between Qa-teela's legs. I came within a few seconds, was normally out of character for me. They bathed me again and then took me back to the bedroom to dress me.

Due to the perceived safety inside Gateway, I put on a thinner, more flexible chain mail with my normal outfit.

After the recent loses, I had decided the short wrap around skirt would not be worn by the girls for some time to come. I thought it best for them to wear their side-less fighting tunics. They did not much like that, but compiled with only a little argument.

"Seq-qah...." I said, nodding to Qa-teela. "Take her and arrange quarters for her with Qij-jah." Immediately, I felt disappointment and resignation from my newest girl. She simply nodded saying nothing. "Then both of you see to my breakfast. And if you see Lot-tah and Qij-jah about, send them both to me.

"At once, Master." They said as one. Then hurried out of the room.

I donned my harness and was now fully armed with my swords and the Colt. It didn't make me feel a whole lot safer, but it would still be good to be ready...for anything...just in case.

After a short time, Lot-tah entered my quarters. She approached me with friendly smile. "I hope thy day is a good one, M'lord. Didst thou send for me?"

"I did. There is something I would like you to assist me with." I told her.

I will be happy to help thee in any way that I can."

"I'd like to wed Seq-qah." I said matter-of-factly. This decision had been a long time in coming. It was time.

"Lot-tah's smile broadened. "Excellent! I knewest thou would, in mine heart of hearts. How soon?"

"Very." I said. "I would rather not waste any more time than is necessary. She will become second wife, right?"

"No, M'lord. Thou and Verella were only betrothed before her death. The two of thee had not yet actually wed. So, Seq-qah will be thy first wife...." she paused before continuing. "...provided that she does not die beforehand." She looked directly into my eyes. "Forgive me M'lord. I had no wish to bring back unpleasant memories."

I waved her concern away. "I know that. To be honest, I never truly loved Verella. I'd only spent the one night with her. I liked her a great deal." I said to Lot-tah, remembering Verella. She enjoyed sex every bit as much as I did...maybe even more. I knew I would never forget that night with her, but it was time to let her go.

"How does Seq-qah feel about it?" Was Lot-tah's next question to me.

"I have not told her yet."

She grinned. "And why hast thou not informed her?" Mirth was evident in her voice.

I chuckled. "Don't want her to have a chance to say no, do I?"

Lot-tah laughed. "As if she would."

A thought occurred to me. "And what's this bullshit about my not being allowed to have sex with her after the first quarter?"

"There is no medical reason, M'lord." She said to me. "It is only a custom here. It is just the way it had always been. Especially during the final quarter. She will spend much time in meditation to bond with the child. Also, during the final quarter, thou may send her away to a safe location until thy daughter is born.

"My daughter...?" With the ratio of female to male birth rates, I supposed it was a good guess. But I was not of this world. "How can she be sure?"

"She is." Lot-tah said. "She has known from the beginning."

I was about to start complaining that Seq-qah had not shared this information with me, when I realized it didn't truly matter to me what gender the child was. Just so long as she was healthy. "Next question, is there any way of knowing what our daughter will look like?"

"Of course not, M'lord. Not before she is born."

I shrugged. "Back to business...tell me of the ceremony and is there a specific location to do this?"

"The location is strictly up to thee, M'lord. A temple of Kriegor would probably be best. There are many deities worshiped here and while Kriegor is primarily a Qoo-jan goddess, she is very popular amongst Terranians as well.

"Ah yes, the goddess of love and protection...am I right?" I asked Lot-tah trying hard not to sound condescending. I'd never been a religious man on Earth. My personal beliefs were probably closer to Judaism than any other, but I followed no particular faith. Though Kriegor was originally a Qoo-jan deity, an increasing number of Terranians now prayed to her.

"Aye M'lord. Of all the gods and goddesses, she is the most worshiped...most loved on both worlds."

"Terrania and Qoo-jah?" I asked.

"I know of no others; excepting thine, M'lord."

"Most religions on my world have only one god."

"Including thine?" She inquired.

Instead of trying to explain my beliefs to Lot-tah, or lack thereof, I just nodded. "Rings? Are there rings involved?

"For her, yes...for thee...that would be thy choice, M'lord." She said. "The ring will be worn on the index finger of her right hand. Made of gold, with thy crest upon it. One other thing. In the temple, the wedding will be referred to as a life-joining."

"Life-joining? Why?

"It is what a marriage was and is called on Qoo-jah, M'lord. The custom carried over with Kriegor's introduction on Terrania. Outside the temple, it will still be a marriage."

"And the bracelet...the slave bracelet will have to be removed beforehand then?"

"That choice is hers to make."

"How so?" I asked her.

"Remember, slavery is different here, M'lord. On Terrania, she has a say in that.

"So she can be wife and slave if she wants to be?"

She nodded. "As I said. The choice is hers."

By Earth thinking, Seq-qah and Qij-jah were more like employees than actual slaves. They received a regular salary and if they asked, could be freed. They also had as many rights as those who were considered free on this world. Many of the women, most especially Qoo-jans became slaves here by choice.

"Then I shall allow her to choose." I said chuckling.

Lot-tah giggled. "Thou art truly a delightfully entertaining man, M'lord."

"Is that your way of saying I'm funny?"

With mock seriousness on her face, she said. "I would never say that to thee, M'lord."

I burst out laughing and within seconds, Lot-tah joined me. "Yeah and my real name's Mao Tse Tung." I said.

"Who?" She asked getting her laughter under control.

"He was once the leader of the most populous nation on my world and a communist. An evil man to my way of thinking. But that was my own opinion of the man. He has been dead for a while." I grinned at her. "I forget that you have little understanding of sarcasm."

We both looked at the door as Qij-jah came into the room. She gave Lot-tah and I a slight bow, them continued to me and gave m a tender kiss. "May I be of service, Master?"

I nodded. "Is there a temple to Kriegor here in Gateway?" I asked her. My question was actually rhetorical, as I knew there was such a temple in every large city.

"Oh yes, Master. What dost thou desire?" She asked me brightly.

"Go there at once, see the priestess. Tell her that I wish to arrange a marriage there."

"A wedding, Master?"

"Yes...for Seq-qah and myself."

Qij-jah starred at me for a moment. I felt an odd combination of emotions from her. Disappointment, mixed with surprise and happiness...then the disappointment vanished. I looked at her closer knowing that I'd just fucked up, big time and then at Lot-tah, who gave me an almost imperceptible shake of her head. "At once, Master!" Qij-jah said, turning and running from the room.

"Oh shit! Way to go dummy." I chided myself." To spring this on poor little Qij-jah with no warning at all was easily one of the dumbest moves I ever made. I knew that she loved me unconditionally and was worried that I might have broken her heart. I looked skyward. "Why me, Lord?" I asked rhetorically.

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