tagLoving WivesOn Leave & Loving It

On Leave & Loving It


She folded the last of her things and put them in the suitcase, readying for the weekend with the girls. This weekend was really what she needed. She hadn't had any time away from her boys since he had left in June. She didn't begrudge being a mother, it just seemed that her life was not her own any more. She loved them all and each was unique. But she really need some time for herself. Hence, the get away with the girls, her sisters, best friend, sister-in-law and even Pop's girlfriend. Though it would only be two days, it was a pleasant change of pace, especially knowing the boys were in good hands with her dad.

He dialed the number and smiled when she answered the phone. No, she had no clue what was in store for her. Yes, all the arrangements were made. Yes, she was driving up herself, thanks to getting her boss involved and him making her work late the next day. She would think that the rest of her girls were gonna already be there, waiting on her. Well, someone would be waiting, but she would be extremely surprised. He made sure of that.

She busied herself with work, trying to speed the day along. Nothing worked tho, it was creeping and nothing she could do seemed to help. Her co-workers asked what she wanted for lunch and she told them out of there. They just laughed and she had no idea that they too were in on the little secret. When Tammy said that she had to leave early and her boss didn't seem to mind, she thought that maybe they would all be able to cut out early that day. For whatever reason, he decided there was a certain report that HAD to be done before she left. She tried to explain to him that she had plans for the weekend and that she would get it done first thing Monday morning, but he didn't want to hear it. Finally, the clock showed 5 and she grabbed her things and bolted out the door.

Throwing her stuff into the passenger seat of the car, she dialed her sis' number and when she answered, groaned to hear her say that she was sorry but they had already left. "You know where the cabin is, come on up."

"I'll be there as soon as I can." Within minutes she was on the interstate, headed east.

The mountains were so beautiful in the spring. Once she left the interstate, it was a postcard view. She stopped at the liquor store on her way in, picking up the bottles required to make her favorite drink, Long Island Iced Tea. The cabin had an ice maker, so that took care of that problem. Now, she was set to have a nice weekend to relax and enjoy some time to herself and her female companions.

Pulling into the drive of the cabin, she found it odd that her sis' car was not there. Hmm, maybe they thought of something they forgot at the store. She parked her car, grabbed the bag of liquor and walked up onto the porch. She turned the knob, glad to see that it was already unlocked. She walked inside, calling out their names . Not a peep, how strange, she thought to herself. Why would they leave the place unlocked and empty. Her first reaction was one of tension. What if someone were inside that didn't need to be there.

She slipped her shoes off, tiptoeing through the hall. Straining her ears, she detected the sound of the shower. She began to call out the various names of the ladies that were coming up and still no answer.

Walking through the master bedroom, she realized that indeed the shower was running. Stepping into the bathroom, she froze. This was no woman in the shower, but a very large man. Backing up, she felt the door behind her. Banging into it, she watched frozen as the shower door opened up.

He peeked around the door, grinning at her. She screamed, and lunged at him. Clinging to him with everything she possessed, she kissed him all over his face. She realized then the wetness on her face wasn't a result of the shower, but her happy tears to find her husband home on leave. He had told her that it would be another month before he came home, but here he was. She didn't want to release him, too afraid that he'd disappear.

"Is it really you?" she asked.

He dipped his head in for a deep passionate kiss and when he released her, he asked, "I don't know, is it?"

She grabbed him once again and kissed him even deeper still. Moaning against her lips, he began to pull at her clothing. She hurriedly helped him and when she was completely nude, she pulled him back into the shower.

She pressed her breasts against his chest, raised on tiptoes and pulled close to her again for a lingering kiss. Running her hands along his back and dipping down until she felt the swell of his ass cheeks. Cupping them, she pulled him to her feeling his semi hard cock against her belly. She brought her hand around and grasped it, so glad to feel him swell in her tiny hand.

She settled on the floor of the shower and placed her lips around the swollen member, licking the head, savoring the taste of the precum there. Raising her eyes, he could see the pleasure there, glad to see her enjoy his taste.

Opening her mouth wide, she took him deep into her throat and tightened her muscles on him. Once again, he moaned and she smiled against his cock. Moaning herself, she felt him shudder with the vibration of her throat. Stroking his balls, tracing her nail along his sack back to his ass. Pressing her finger against his ass, she felt him jump just slightly. She smiled around his cock, but continued her ministrations. Sucking deeper and deeper, she desperately needed to feel his explosion in her mouth, deep into her throat. Begging him to let go with her tongue, she felt his balls swell, tighter, harder... then suddenly there it was. The explosion that she had waited to feel for over six months.

Swallowing each drop, she gobbled at his crotch, not daring to let one tiny ounce escape her lips. His hands wrapped in her wet hair, he moaned loudly one last time. She knew he had emptied his load in her warm and welcome mouth.

Lifting her, he pressed his lips to hers. "Oh my god, I cannot believe that you are really here, with me." he whispered.

He ran his hands the length of her, down to her hip, noticing that she had been really keeping her pussy trimmed as she said she did. He lowered himself to face that beautiful sight, inhaling her scent as it mixed with the water. The steam intensifying the aroma. Sticking his tongue out, he felt her inhale. When he actually made contact with her flesh, she thought that she would explode immediately. He held her at the hips and brought her in to him tighter. She felt her legs tremble and she grasped the door of the shower.

He flattened his tongue and caressed her from the very back of her slit, close to her ass and proceeded to the top of her mound. Finding the hood of her clit, he managed to pull it back with his tongue while he sucked at her clit.

She wasn't sure what was creating more pressure, his mouth or her impending orgasm. Bringing one hand to the back of his head, she pressed against him, not allowing him to pull back, tho he didn't want to.

Inserting one finger inside her, he felt the pressure her pussy muscles created at her arousal. He slipped another finger inside creating even more pressure. Stimulating her g-spot caused her to gasp aloud. Closer and closer he brought her.

She wasn't sure how much longer her legs were going to hold her up. Satisfied that he wouldn't let her fall, she allowed herself to float along the abyss that was soon to bring her to the roaring climax she craved.

"Please, please honey, now. Make me cum now." she begged him. Stroking her harder and faster, soon she was moaning loudly, and he could barely move his fingers inside her. In the blink of his eye, she was gushing all over his hand and mouth. Drinking every drop, he didn't miss a beat bringing her off not once, not twice, but three times in quick succession.

Suddenly, her legs were no longer able to hold her upright. She snaked her arms around his neck to steady herself. Kissing him deeply, she could taste herself on his tongue.

Then they realized the water was turning cooler. He shut the faucets off and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her body. He put a towel around his waist, smiling at her.

"Are you surprised?" he asked. The huge smile on her face was all the answer he needed.

"Dare I dream that we have the whole weekend to ourselves?" she asked cautiously. He nodded and told her that she best be prepared for what he had planned...

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