On the Balcony



It was the end of our third day at Sunrise Beach, a family-oriented resort on the South Carolina coast. We were all having a great time during the day – there were activities for the whole family, and special children's programs that gave parents a chance to go off and scuba dive or wind-sail – but the nights... with all of us in one room, I was missing the sex. Especially after looking at Nicki all day, sexy as even in her mom-appropriate bathing suits.

(And yes, we could have snuck back to our room for a quickie while the kids were being watched over by the Seashell Art Instructor, or whoever – but $600 a day, you really don't want to pass on any of the wind-sailing)

Just after midnight, we were both restless, and I suggested we sit out on the balcony for a bit. She began to reach for her robe, but I told her not to bother: there was certainly nothing improper about her nightgown. She'd brought it for a family vacation, after all.

I was wearing my boxers, but so what? We were going to be alone out there; and even if we weren't, this was a beach resort.

I pulled back the heavy curtains – we'd closed them tonight because the full moon was bright enough tonight to light up our hotel room – then slid open the glass door to the balcony, and we went outside. The moon over the ocean was really a sight.

The room's balcony was really part of a single balcony that circled the hotel. Each room's section was separated from its neighbor's by a metal railing, and each section had three or four seats. At first we were sitting next to one another, but then I told Nikki to move over here and sit on my lap. This was much nicer, and we sat quietly looking out at the ocean. The beach was empty. "You know," I said, "if the kids weren't inside, I'd take you down to the beach and talk you into skinnydipping with me."

"So everybody else sitting on their balconies could watch us?" she asked. "I don't think so."

"You're too logical, hun. His balcony's as far from the kids as we can stray, so it's just a fantasy."

"You're right," she said. "Hold me."

I knew what she meant. She liked it when I wrap my arm around her tummy, just under the rib cage. I'm sure she meant for me to hold her over the nightgown, but I slipped my arm underneath instead. At first she was startled, alarmed that I'd pushed up the front of her nightgown enough to expose her panties; but then she realized that to see her panties, somebody would have to be out over the ocean and five stories high.

She snuggled into me, and we both became aware that with the nightgown no longer draped under her, there was nothing between my boxers and her panties. "That's nice," she whispered.

"Yeah," I said, using my arm around her belly to pull her closer.

"Mmm, that's naughty," she said, feeling my hard dick pushing against her panties.

She began grinding herself against my dick.

We both looked behind us at the same time, for the same reason: to make sure that the heavy curtain between the balcony and the room was fully closed.

Nicki climbed off my lap just long enough to slip her panties down her legs, and when she got back on, my dick was already out of my boxers. With my arm no longer inside it, her nightgown was draped over our sexes, so we'd look perfecly decent to somebody hovering five stories over the ocean – until she started squirming about, letting my dick rub against her pussy lips and clit. She moaned. I moaned. Then I lifted her up just a bit, and allowed my hard dick to slide up her hot, very wet pussy.

"Ohh, Goddd." she said softly, telling me she needed this as much as I did.

Bracing her arms against the arms of the chair, she began bouncing on my dick. She was getting louder than she probably thought she was, and I did nothing to stop her. I put my hands on her breasts, wishing I could rip off her nightgown right there on the balcony, and hold them naked.

I think another minute or so I might have, and she probably would have let me; but then the sliding door from the room next to ours opened, and a couple about our age walked out onto their section of the balcony, he in sleep shorts and she in t-shirt and red panties, the t-shirt barely covering her navel.

We froze, trying to look innocent with my dick still deep inside of Nicki. They seemed surprised to see us, gave us quick, friendly nods, and walked over to the railing to look out at the ocean. He whispered something to her, and she laughed and shook her head no. He said something else, she thought about it, and finally nodded.

He stepped behind her, she leaned over the railing, and he pulled her panties down her legs and off. The light of the moon was bright enough that I could see, even from ten feet away, that she had a great ass, and I was pretty certain she shaved her pussy.

Then, of course, he pulled down his shorts just enough to free his dick, and began fucking her from behind. It was only then that they looked over at us again, to see whether we were watching them. As if there were any question!

Tentatively at first, Nicki began bouncing up and down on my dick again. Well, the strangers in the next room were going to fuck right in front of us, why shouldn't we do the same?

They were still openly watching us, he fucking her with long, slow strokes, and Nicki forced my dick into her harder and harder. I thrust my hands under her nightgown, grabbing her bare breasts. The nightgown wasn't pushed high enough to expose her breasts, by my dick and Nicki's pussy were now

in plain sight.

Our neighbors sped up their own fucking, and he grasped the bottom of her t-shirt with one hand and seemed to be about to pull it over her head when suddenly he groaned loudly, cumming hard. He continued fucking her, and a few seconds later she came as well.

I squeezed Nicki's breasts hard as I came, and that was enough to put her over the edge. We all became quiet for a moment, Nicki still on my lap, my deflating dick still inside her, the other couple standing only a few yards from us, his sleep shorts pulled back up but she still naked from the waist down. We looked at one another a little hesitantly, then without a word spoken both women grabbed their panties and we all went back into our rooms.


"Well, that was... different," Nicki finally whispered when we were back in our bed, the kids of course still fast asleep on the bed next to us.

"I can't believe we did that," I said.

"I know. Being watched like that..."

"It's not something I'd do again, I don't think, but..."


"Yeah," I said. "Umm... Nicki..."

"I know, me too."

And without another word, we went back out to the balcony. I grabbed the hem of Nicki's nightgown and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it onto a chair. She hadn't expected this, but she was okay with it.

Naked now, since she'd never put her panties back on, she leaned over the railing between our neighbors' balcony and ours, and I began furiously fucking her.

I think at this point we both wished they were out here watching us.


And then, with the sound of a sliding door, they were.

They both had big grins on their faces when they saw us. And why not? They must have been horny as hell to come out here a second time, and now here's Nicki, naked, her entire upper body including her beautiful breasts on their side of the railing, and me fucking the hell out of her, trying to cum for a second time.

"Told you," he said to her, the first words from them we'd clearly heard.

She was wearing the short t-shirt and panties, as before. Without hesitating, he pulled off her t-shirt, and then she wriggled out of her panties. I was right: she did have a clean-shaven pussy.

He pulled off his shorts and stood behind her complete naked as she leaned over the railing next to us, facing our section of the balcony. He eased his dick into her – no need or time for foreplay, same as with us – and began fucking her hard. We were so close to one another, her breasts were almost brushing up against my side, and Nicki's against his.

Each woman came once, maybe twice, while us guys... well, the second time takes a lot longer, you know. And then the woman facing me said, to nobody in particular, "I need him to touch my tits."

Nobody reacted, at least not to say no, so I reached over and cupped the left breast of this woman whose name I didn't know, and whom I'd only ever heard speak seven words.

And when nobody had a problem with that, I pinched her nipple, hard.

She came loudly, especially considering how quiet the night was. He kept fucking her, even faster it seemed, and at the same time brushed his hand over Nicki's breast.

Nicki took one hand off the railing and grabbed his wrist. I thought she was going to make him stop touching her, because she hadn't given any such invitation, but instead she pulled his hand closer, forcing him to rub her much harder.

She growled softly as she came – and this, plus my fingers still on our neighbor's nipple, was enough to make me shoot another load into my wife's wet pussy. Somewhere along the line, apparently, the other guy, still clutching Nicki's breast, came as well.

He and I slowly, reluctantly, removed our hands from the breasts, and we all, quietly, got dressed and returned to our respective rooms.

"Wow," Nicki said when we got inside.

"Yeah," I said. "Are you okay with what happened?"

"I think so. No man but you has ever touched me there, you know. Are you okay with that?"

"As long as it didn't go any further, yeah. And we probably should have seen that coming when we went out the second time."

"I was just thinking..." Nicki said. "It's going to be so awkward if we run into them on the beach tomorrow..."

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