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On the Beach


This story is written with a new twist. The characters in this story have no name. As you read this story I want you to feel as though it is you in the fitting role of the man or woman and really let it excite you. Let it entangle you and bring you over the edge.


It is a moon lit night in the summer and we are walking along the moonlit beach of your choice. The air is warm, it is quiet, the only sounds that can be heard are the tides coming in and cascading around our bare feet. I am wearing a shear white dress that envelopes me just enough to leave an imagination wondering what might be beneath. As luck would have it, I am not wearing anything but the dress. My panties and bra were stripped long before we began our walk.

As we walk you watch how the moonlit hits you and me, and you notice that I am not wearing anything under the dress. You grab me from behind and gently lay me into the shallow water. You want to see through the dress. Already the aroma of love flows through our nostrils. After you stare in fascination at the sight of my naked body through the wet material of my dress you take me to the blanket that I earlier spread on the beach near a beautifully lit cove. You lie down below me. The material of my dress is clingy and no longer leaves anything to the imagination. As I stand over you, looking into your wanting eyes I feel your hands under my skirt.........The material begins to rise above my waist and your hands pull me to blanket. I lie with my knees up, feet on the ground. Almost as though I am playing hard to get. I feel your hands on my knees. They are tempting me to drop and allow you entrance to your desires. I spread me knees. I feel your hands slip up under my wet blouse and rub my nipples. Through the material, the dampness, and coolness of the air along with your touch causes the nipples of my firm 36D breasts to stand firm and erect. I am waiting to feel your lips devour them. I plead in my mind.

"Please oh., _______ please suck my nipples they need you, they want you." I am growing wetter and wetter. Finally, I feel your lips enclosed around my nipples. Suckling at them like a baby suckling from his mother's breast. Jolts of passion are surging through my body. It's as though my breasts and vagina are one.

Soon our passion becomes unbridled and you rip my clothing from my body, gently, and I tear your clothing away. We are both naked. You ask if I cum fast. I tell you not if I don't want to, and sometimes many times. You tell me you want to taste me. You want me to cum in your mouth. I open my legs wider and feel your breath as your lips kiss their way up my inner thighs. But before your tongue reaches my lips you stop and turn me over and stand me on all fours. I am somewhat disappointed as I was waiting for your tongue to lick me and suck the very juices you ask for. I anticipate your large cock entering me, when I feel your tongue enter me from behind. I moan and croon in pleasure.

"ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh. I begin to move my hips in a slow rhythm at first as delight after delight surges trough me. It does not take long before my body is out of control. I am moving like a ferocious tiger after its prey. Fast and swift I push my pelvis into your waiting tongue. Your tongue is waiting to devour the sweet nectar that will soon spew from me.

I scream, "I am......cummmmmmmmmming, oooooooooh." I shudder and collapse.

You leave me for a moment to revel in the wonder of the orgasm that has ripped through me and still pulses. You wait a moment, and before moving you bend down for a last taste of the jism still dripping from me. You insert your tongue just slightly to feel the frows of my vagina contracting around your tongue. I moan and hiss never wanting the feeling to end.

I close my eyes for a moment and open them to feel your hands gripping me and pulling me to you. My legs open and I invite you in.

I like it slow and easy at first, I watch as your cock slowly glides into me and then out again all the way. You lean over me and take my nipple into your mouth and you suck ferociously at it suppleness as you plunge into me. My breath hastens and I begin to moan wildly. I am about ready to plummet into another vast orgasm. You pick up your pace and ram into me with all your might. A vast explosion takes place and we erupt in a simultaneous orgasm like neither of us has ever felt before. We sleep for a while then resume our lovemaking into the morning hours.

To Be continued someday soon...

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