tagErotic HorrorOn the Prowl

On the Prowl


The club was nasty. Not just the lack of cleanliness or the barely camouflaged pornographic nature of the décor, but the atmosphere permeating it. He was off the map and here there be monsters. There was a dark metallic thump to the music and it filtered in through not just his ears but his very pores. The predominant colour in the club was black; black hair, black clothes, black makeup, black walls and floors. The mood was black. Everything was dark and sinister and sexually charged. The dancers on the floor moved with serpentine motions that beckoned and exuded lust and disillusionment. Feet barely moving, the bodies were moving mostly from the waste up. Each dancer occupied his or her space and ignored those around them. It was as if each was in a room of their own, listening to music unheard by any other ears. William moved through this den of iniquity and felt, finally, at home. No one judged here, no one cared enough in fact to judge.

He moved to the bar and shouted at the bartender for a beer. The steady thump of music moved into his bones. The bartender placed the beer in front of him and William laid a five down. He picked up the beer and took a drink turning around to scan the crowd. Directly in front of him was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. She wasn't just pretty, not merely a "looker", but absolutely beautiful. She smiled at him with cranberry lips and showed him teeth, pearl white, her canines glinting in the low light of the club. Her hair was nothing less than jet, only about shoulder length, it was the texture he usually associated with Asian girls and it looked like heavy silk. It was all one length and he had to physically resist the urge to reach out and touch it, run his fingers through it, smell it. She had dark eyes, brown maybe even black and they were made that much darker by the black kohl she had lined them in and the black mascara sweeping her lashes. Her skin was pale, he guessed if the light had been better he'd have said almost translucent. She pouted her lips at him in a coquettish way and said,

"Care to buy a girl a drink"

It was such a strange thing to hear in a place like this. A pick-up was the last thing he expected. Possibly a mugging maybe a beating, never a come-on from a goddess. He lifted his beer to her in mock salute,

"Of course, what's the girl having?"

"Anything...on ice" and she made another pout with her full lips.

He turned from the bar with a vodka on ice and saw she had moved to a small table at the rear of the club. He moved through the throng of dancers and drinkers to her. She sat on a stool; her short plaid skirt revealing long longs. She was watching the crowd, absently and as he stepped up to her she dazzled him with a toothy smile.

"Your drink..." he placed the glass in front of her.

"Thanks" she said and reached for the glass, grazing his hand as he released it. A sizzle of electricity seemed to pass at the contact and he reflexively jerked his hand back. Laughing, slightly embarrassed, he sat down on a matching stool. He sat uncomfortably next to her. She sat silent and still, only her eyes moving. He felt forgotten.

"I've never seen you here before. My name is Catherine." She took a sip of the drink still scanning the club, watching the dancing.

"Yeah, never knew this place existed till tonight. My name is William." He started to reach his hand out, then thought better of it.

"Well, William, my place is an eight-minute cab ride from here. This place is terribly...noisey." She slid her eyes from the crowd towards him. They seemed to shift from brown to amber, the pupils huge and black, beneath them she smiled, like a Cheshire cat.

"Um...sure, I guess." The offer took him by surprise, and though his mind counciled caution his body said, "fuck yes!" Catherine stood gracefully from the stool and began walking towards the front of the club. William took a last quick drink of his beer and followed. The image of a puppy following its master popped into his head and he brushed it away with irritation.

When he stepped through the front doors he saw her talking to the doorman and then watched as a cab was hailed for her. The car pulled up and she climbed in, he followed.

"Where to?" the driver asked.

Catherine gave the address and settled back in her seat. Once again, William had the impression that she was not ignoring him so much as forgetting him.

True to her word, eight minutes later they pulled in front of a simple but nice apartment building and the car stopped. She opened the door and stepped out. The driver leaned back, hand held out. William smiled to himself, shaking his head. He pulled out his wallet and handed the cabby a $20,

"Keep the change."

"Thanks, Diamond Jim." The cab driver said, sarcastically.

William climbed out and slammed the door shut. He saw Catherine was waiting for him at the front doors, and walked up to her.

She keyed in the door code and opened the door, holding it for him. He followed her to the elevators and she pressed the up button. They stepped in and she pressed the button marked 13, the top floor.

"Thirteen, huh?" She turned her eyes away from the silver doors and looked up into his face. Suddenly the metal box felt very small and hot. He took an unconscious step back.

She smiled at him,

"Is that a problem?"

"Oh, no. Just an observation." He moved back towards her, as she faced the front again.

The doors opened to an elegantly appointed hallway. There were two doors, one at each end. Presumably, this was the penthouse, but he chose not to ask. He felt decidedly tongue tied around Catherine and decided silence would serve him well for the time being.

She turned towards the left and the doorway that lay in that direction. She pressed another keypad and opened the door. The apartment was dark but she walked unerringly into it and a moment later a lamp was switched on. He stepped over the threshold and into the entryway. He didn't see Catherine so he walked into the main living space. A huge room with 12 foot-lofted ceilings awaited him. The seating was soft and large and obviously expensive. A huge line of windows lined one side of the room and the walls were covered with original works of art, though nothing he recognized. To the right was an opening leading into a dining room and presumably on to the kitchen.

Catherine stood with her back to him at the fireplace. One by one she lit candles on the mantel.

A huge orange tabby cat sat on a large overstuffed chair, staring at him with amber eyes.

"Great cat, what's his name?" he asked, the silence of the room beginning to weigh heavy.

"Horatio." She said, still lighting the huge bank of candles.

"Oh, 'To be or not to be'?" he asked.

"Yes. Hamlet. Do you know what that passage is about?" she asked, moving on to another cache of candles on a table.

"Sleep, right?" he sat down on the couch, keeping his eye on Horatio, who continued to peruse him with a bored look.

She looked over her shoulder at him, smiling, her white teeth glinting in the candlelight,

"Not exactly."

She blew out the long match and tossed it into the dead fireplace.

"Would you like a beer?" she moved across the room to the large bar.

"Sure, that would be good." William sat, consciously ignoring Horatio's gaze.

"Turn on the stereo over there, would you?" Glad for something to do, William stood and moved to the small stereo system she had.

"Any requests?" He asked as he looked through her collection of CD's.

"Just play what is in the machine, please." She said from directly behind him. He jumped a little and turned quickly around. He gave a short laugh and took the beer she held out for him. Turning back to the stereo, her presence behind him slightly oppressive, he pushed play. Music poured forth from many sources in the room. Surprised, he whistled.

"Mighty big sound for something so small." He sipped his beer and listened.

"Yes, size isn't everything, is it?" She smiled and turned towards the chair occupied by the cat.

"Move, Horatio." The cat stood and languidly stretched then leapt from the chair,

graceful despite his girth.

"What band is this?" William asked, gesturing towards the air with his bottle.

"Gravity Kills....though I don't think that's true." She smiled again and took a drink from a glass of wine.

"Yeah...I think it's the sudden stop." William smiled at her. She gave a short sudden bark of laughter and nodded in appreciation.

He sat again, on the sofa and looked around the room. The cat had moved to the hearth of the fireplace and was diligently cleaning his left paw, occasionally stopping to glance at William.

"Would you care to go upstairs?" She sat motionless and he wondered for a second if she had even spoken or he was imagining the question.

"Pardon?" He cleared his throat and took another sip of beer.

She stood, setting the half-full glass down on the coffee table and walked towards him. Her movements were cat-like reminding him of the dancers at the club. Slow and exuding sensuality that he found intoxicating. His head felt suddenly light and he glanced at his beer suspiciously, then shook his head of the thought.

She took the beer from his hand and placed it on the table beside the sofa. Then, turning to face him again, she placed both hands on either side of his head against the back of the seat. She leaned down and he was momentarily swallowed up in her enormous eyes, black-black pupils brown-amber eyes. When her lips touched his, he again felt that jolt of electricity and pulled back as far as the sofa back would allow. Then he felt 'drawn' towards her and leaned up. She moved her legs to straddle his and slid her body up along his. Sitting in his lap he felt the warmth of her pussy and looked down at her skirt, which had ridden up. Beneath was revealed her bare cunt, shaved and pale in the glow of the room. He moved his hand, tentatively to touch the pink of the lips and felt she was wet with her juice. He felt his cock grow hard as she slid further up his thighs until her bare pussy rested on his erection. Moving her hands down she undid his zipper and reached into his pants, pulling his heavy cock out. Licking one finger she brought it down to touch the tip of his dick and he felt that sense of "electricity" pass through him again. He reached around her and slid his hands along her ass and under her, until he felt the wetness of her cunt on his fingers. He spread her lips apart and entered her with two fingers. She leaned up and towards him, moaning...practically purring into his ear.

"Would you care to go upstairs?"

"Yes" His voice sounded rusty as if from lack of use.

She slid off of him and extended her hand. He shied for a moment from touching it and then relented. She led him to a set of stairs he hadn't noticed and began the ascent. He heard the big cat jump down from the hearth and land with a dull thud and then felt him surge past them and up the stairs.

The bedroom was large and as comfortably decorated as the living room. She drew him towards the bed and motioned him to sit. He did so and stared at her, a little surprised at the situation. They had exchanged few words and yet here he was, sitting on her bed, apparently about to have sex.

She unzipped her short skirt and let it slip to the floor and removed her silk tank top. Underneath she wore nothing. Her body was perfect, almost a work of art. She was lean in the right places and voluptous where a woman should be. Her breasts were perfect, round and pale as two moons.

She kicked her shoes into the corner and walked towards him again. He felt himself respond to her body, almost against his will. Something felt oddly uncomfortable about the situation and yet he found himself unable to resist her lure. She stood in front of him, between his knees and leaned down again to kiss him, pushing him back on the bed. He slid up a little so that he was fully resting on the mattress and tentatively reached his hands up to touch her bare back. She arched her back towards his touch and seemed to purr deep within her throat. She sat up and straddled him, smiling down on him with a look that was seductive and dark and sent a chill through him even as his body burned for hers. Placing both hands on either side of his head she smiled at him again, with impossibly long canines. The site seemed to jar him awake, as if he'd been slightly drugged. Drugged? He thought of the beer again. His eyes opening a fraction wider at the thought. She seemed, almost, to read his mind and her eyes and smile widened in response. He felt the first tendril of panic creep into his bones and began to move from beneath her. As he gingerly reached for her imprisoning hand he watched her pupil shift from orb to elliptical and then quickly back to orb.

"My God!" He grabbed her hand in earnest trying to extricate himself.

"If you like." She moved her hands from beside his head and onto his shoulders, effectively pinning him. He watched as her eyes shifted again and remained, reminiscent of the Cat's eyes. At the thought of Horatio, William slid his eyes towards the nearby dresser and saw the cat sitting on top of it, staring intently at the drama being enacted before him.

Catherine's tongue moistened her mouth as she bent down and bit at his neck, just a nip. He felt himself growing impossibly hard, even as he felt that sense of fear increase. She moved her mouth down along his chest and to his greedy rod and looking up into his eyes took his length into her mouth. He gasped at the warmth of her wet mouth and the slight prick of her sharp teeth on his skin. In her eyes he saw a grin and felt her mouth smile on his cock. Moving her tongue in concentric circles around the head she began to move her mouth in long slow drags up and down the length of his cock. She covered him in her saliva and ran her hand up and down his throbbing dick in time with her mouth's movements. He was nearing climax when she abruptly stopped and slid back up the length of his body. He found her legs again straddling his thighs and felt her press her tight dripping wet pussy down on his straining cock. Her cunt was the tightest thing he'd ever felt on his shaft. She moved up and down with her cat-like movements, her pussy milking him slowly...inexorably towards climax. He closed his eyes and felt his brain humming with the distraction of her wet slit. He opened his eyes again and found her face inches above his. She still had that strange smile in her eyes and her lips seemed to twitch with supressed humor. He looked down towards the joining of their bodies and saw her hand was rubbing her clit fiercely. He heard her make that purring moan again, but something in it sounded different this time, almost feral.

William's eyes darted back to Catherine's and he watched as she opened her mouth and the canines grew even more.

"What the fu...what are you? Are you a...." He shook his head in disbelief, his mind unable to wrap around the thought completely. "Are you a vampire?" This question a mere whisper.

Catherine smiled her biggest smile yet. Cheshire Cat, thought William, his mind becoming slightly unhinged from rational thought....'she looks like the Cheshire Cat'.

"A vampire?" She asked, a laugh audible in her voice.

She purred again and moved her face a little closer to his,

"Not exactly."

As William drew in breath to scream he felt him self cum. Catherine tore his throat out, silencing him, neatly. She rode him as the blood poured from his mangled throat and came on his still hard cock.

Later, she sat in her favorite chair, her long legs curled around her naked body. She reached a hand out to take up the glass of wine. On the hearth, Horatio sat, staring intently at his mistress.

"A vampire?" she spoke to herself, smiling with amusement. "Why do they always ask that?" She sat the glass down and noticed a small crimson stain on her arm. She brought it to her mouth and licked it away, her tongue making a sandpaper rasp against her skin.

"There are more things between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Right, Horatio?" She looked into the cat's eyes so like her own.

The cat nodded and smiled his Cheshire Cat smile.

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