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On the Rebound



Spoilt as a demanding child, Lisa Hayden-Jones, now aged twenty-five and a management graduate working in her father's business, had found a new guy and called current boyfriend Darcy Dundee with the news.

He said, "So it's goodbye Darcy?"

"No," she slurred, drunk again. "It's Dundee you're fired as my boyfriend."

She cut the call and Darcy cried "Fuck you" and only just managed to stop slamming his cell phone to the ground and smashing it with his heel.

Two women sitting close to his table in the coffee bar moved away, disgust showing on their faces as they crabbed off to a more distant table.

He reviewed the situation feeling a little shredded. Dating Lisa had lasted three months. She was okay in bed technically but all too often, especially when drunk, she talked non-stop, giving him instructions and delivering drivel about her friends and dribbling profusely, er from her mouth.

Darcy had slapped her a couple of times when she'd publicly humiliated him. As soon as he dragged her outside he'd pulled up her skirt and slapped her ass and on both occasions she'd said she was calling the police. He'd told her to go ahead but like most bullies she was also cowardly.

Good riddance Lisa Hayden-Jones your immature bitch he sighed, aware he occasionally teamed up with a dud girlfriend. He might have better success dating guys.

He shuddered.

When the young architect arrived home that evening, Janice his mom said, "Lisa called and wants her friendship ring back. Have you two quarreled?"

"No mom she didn't give me the opportunity and if she pesters you again for the ring, tell her to get fucked."


His dad who was watching the TV news laughed and Darcy said, "Sorry mom but I just wished to make sure you remembered what to tell her should she call again."

"How could I forget," his mom gritted.

The 29-year old went off to shower and change before dinner.

Darcy was having coffee with his parents after dinner when the phone went and his mom went off to answer. Most calls on the house phone were for her.

"Darcy it's a female. She didn't give her name."

"Any message?"

"No you fool. She's holding, waiting to talk to you."

Darcy and his father Stan grinned. They both liked to tease Janice because they always scored a riposte.


As soon as she began speaking Darcy realized it was Chanel and remembered to pronounce her name as sha-NELL.

"Well you don't sound as if you're grieving. My sister told us during dinner she'd dumped you."

"Correct Chanel," he replied and then added a little bitterly, "Are you calling to fix a date?"

"Oooh, good guess."


She laughed and said did he not date divorcees.

"Are you sure you want to date me? Your sister could create quite a scene if she found out?"

"In all probability yes she will but so what?"

"Well in that case I'd be honored to date you. You must be longing for male company."

"Well yes and seeing you and my sister together often made me think you were pleasant and had the promise of a good date that was wasted on my sister. I heard you tell dad recently you might leave your firm for alternative work until the economy picks up and work begins flowing into architects' offices again."

"Yeah and now the idea is really beginning to appeal. I'm practically twiddling my thumbs for much at the time at the office."

Chanel said he sounded ripe for her.

That tightened Darcy's grip on the phone and make him think about her thighs.

"I've decided to tour Italy for a month. I need a travel companion. Would you accompany me? I have plenty of money and will pay all travel costs and accommodation and meals. You would be responsible for your personal expenditure."

"That sounds great, really exciting. I'd love to go back. I toured Italy one summer on a tight budget as a university student. But take the right person. Why not consider taking your mother."

"I can't entertain the thought of having sex on tour with my mother. I'll call you in a couple of days."

She cut the call without saying goodnight.

Rude bitch," Darcy thought, but nothing like her sister. Jesus she was brazen enough to admit behind the offer was a desire for sex and she was prepared to pay for it, expensively.

Chanel called three nights later and Darcy said he'd accept her offer. He'd made arrangements for his employment contract to be terminated and could leave for Italy as soon as she wished.

"In two weeks from today?"

He said yes.

She asked what if they found themselves no long incompatible while on tour and he said he would switch to travelling independently.

To avoid awkward family explanations, they agreed to tell everyone they would soon tour America for a month, alone, and leave in a couple of weeks.

They met for dinner a couple of days before leaving and kissed with a trace of passion when meeting and a little more passionately when leaving the restaurant and separating.

Their overnight flight left Boston early evening direct to Rome where it was due at 7:45 next morning.

When settled into business class, the 32-year-old attractive divorcee took Darcy's hand and asked, "Will you fondle me later tonight?"

"How could I refuse an offer like that?"

"Oooh, I'm so excited about this vacation. I can't think of a more desirable travel companion. I married without sufficient thought and haven't been happy even before we decided to end it."

"Well I can promise you sex and I have the ability to make you laugh and to assist in your rehabilitation as a free woman."

"You are so kind," she smiled and leaned closer to be kissed.

In travelling Italy from mid-April, they missed the really crowded summer tourist season and returned home closely attached and looking happy.

Chanel told her family she'd met a guy whom she'd invited to join her family for dinner the following night.

Her mother said, "Omigod is it that serious?"

Chanel said yes and when Lisa asked what was he like, Chanel said he was charming, indeed rather ravishing and her bitch of a sister said, "I very much doubt you could meet someone like that. You've already made one huge mistake."

"Lisa that's enough of that stupid talk," said her father. "Just be nice and tell Chanel you are pleased for her."

Adopting a surly tone, Lisa said, "Chanel I trust you'll be very happy and I'm pleased for you."

When the doorbell went next evening Richard called, "Answer the door please Lisa."

"Aw why do I have to do all the work in this house," lied the brat.

Chanel, coming down the stairs, smiled in anticipation of what was about to happen at the front door.

"Christ it's you," Lisa snarled. "I warned you to stay away from me."

Darcy replied calmly, "You didn't but had you done so I would have accepted it as good advice."

"Well what do you want?"

"Chanel has invited me for dinner."

The older sister came within view of the front door and saw her sister with her mouth still hanging open.

"Oh hi darling."

"Hi Chanel. I'm afraid I've shocked Lisa and she's speechless."

"You haven't," Lisa said, struggling to regain composure. "I can't believe Chanel would take you on the rebound as a dinner date."

There was no reply and she glanced at the black bag he was carrying and stalked off.

"Lovely dress," Darcy said, as she flowed into his arms and pressed her groin against his as they kissed deeply.

"Miss sex last night?"

She giggled and said no, she'd been tired and it was almost a relief to have a night off.

They entered the family room and Lisa, very white-faced, was standing between her parents.

"Good evening Darcy," Lauren greeted. "I must say this is a surprise. Lisa says Chanel caught you on the rebound."

"Well if she did it wasn't an indiscriminate act because Chanel told me she'd known me for a little while and had noticed my potential was not being exploited."

Lisa yelled, "What the hell does that mean?

Richard told her to calm and said this new situation had been quite a shock to them all. "However I can see how Chanel would have taken advantage of the situation, being virtually without exposure to other young men since arriving home."

But during pre-dinner drinks, the inquisitive Lauren asked how long had they been together.

Smiling, Darcy said, "We have just returned from a month together touring Italy from Rome north."

Lisa and her parents looked rather startled and Lisa said, "But that must have been just after I broke up with Darcy?"

"Correct," her sister smiled sweetly.

The not-so-sweet sister snapped, "Who made the first move?"

Chanel said, "Actually that's a private matter but I am happy to say I did."

As if announcing approval, Richard said, "You two must have had a magnificent time. You deserved such a break after your two years of stress Chanel."

Darcy retrieved the bag and handed it to Chanel who told her family, "I come bearing gifts."

Her mother unwrapped two gorgeous silver photo frames. Lauren cried, "Oh these are just beautiful." Her second gift was an exquisite finely crocheted wrap that sent her into raptures.

Chanel handed a small box to Lisa, who said she really don't require a gift.

"Accept it Lisa. I spent much more on you to buy off your resentment. I want us to remain a family."

"Ha, you mean to blind me to your treachery."

"That's nonsense Lisa and you know it," growled her father.

Lisa ripped off the wrapping and opened the black velvet covered box and she gasped, looking down at a gold bracelet. She clipped it on and held out her arm to show her sister and said, "Oh it's so beautiful on me Chanel. I shall treasure it always."

Richard was given Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and D&B cufflinks.

"Have you returned to your work Darcy?" Lauren asked as if expecting to be surprised and she wasn't disappointed.

"No Chanel and I need to test our compatibility and commitment to each other in the real world. We have decided we meet tomorrow and begin to look for an apartment to rent and we also look for a suitable location to establish a business that we propose calling Home Expansion, Specialists in Quality Home Additions & Extensions."

"Oh my goodness," Lauren said. "That sounds impressive."

"Yes. Chanel will be responsible for admin, new business and décor and I will produce plans for the new designs and let contracts and supervise all work."

"You may have to remain small in order to really succeed to gain a top of market position and reputation," Richard offered.

Lisa muttered 'bloody hell' and left the room.

Chanel told her parents, "Darcy is aware of that and in his experience clients wanting a new house want it built tomorrow whereas clients who have mulled over extending a living room or kitchen or adding en suites or an office, are prepared to wait somewhat longer to secure their choice of designer or builder."

"Um mom, Lisa doesn't appear happy. Is she well?"

"I think so. Her latest beau dumped her two evenings ago. That was quite a shock for Lisa. She's not used to being treated like that."

Father and mother exchanged glances as did Chanel and Darcy.

Chanel and Darcy inspected four apartments next day and rejected three and that left them interested in the newest of the apartment buildings, with a great basement pool and gym and everything looked so clean. But they decided not to rush their decision.

Darcy was keen to be back in work and so they began looking for suitable commercial premises. That was a tougher search. They both knew that a prestigious business needed to be located in a good neighborhood in impressive premises.

Chanel became despondent and asked, "I'm losing my confidence in this project that initially appeared so promising. Your information pointed to the fact that even people with money in these times were tending to stay put and improve their living environment rather that have a new house built and face delays and uncertainties over prices and supplies."

"And that remains the position and will remain so even when the national economy begins to pick up again. People are more aware these days about the issues they face in moving from their familiar neighborhood. The premises we require exists... we just have to find them and not compromise. You are good at instant appraisals about things whereas my strength is considering the bigger picture. We make a good team."

They were living in a hotel. Darcy could see Chanel appeared less than convinced by his attempted confidence boost and said, "Let's go back to the hotel."

"And do what? We are better keeping on looking."

"I feel like sex."

She looked at him and then looked at her watch and said, "We haven't had afternoon sex since we were in Italy. God you were at me every couple of hours if we could fit it into our schedule."

"We always have managed to fit it in."

Chanel caught his stupid expression and laughed.

She hooked into him arm and said, "God Lisa missed out big on you."

Darcy accepted that as a huge compliment and wondered if Chanel was aware that she'd now learnt to move her ass in bed almost as well as her fuck-focused younger sister.

"Are you and Lisa speaking yet?"

"Yes we've had a few phone conversations and she wants to take me to lunch on Friday. But no way will I give or even lend her money."

"She might wish to apologize for being such a bitch when she found out about us."

"My sister Lisa? You have to be joking."

Back in their suite, Chanel said, "I haven't been fucked on a sofa since we were in Italy."

Darcy helped her undress and said, "How thoughtless of me."

He kicked off his pants and threw off his top and removed his shoes and then his underpants.

"It looks bigger than it did when we arrived in Italy."

He laughed and said perhaps it was because of her use and abuse of it.

She grabbed his erection and said, "Me abuse my best little friend, I don't think so."

Darcy carried her from the bedroom to the sofa.

"Oooh it's almost up me from behind already."

"Yeah will it enjoys where it can go."

She hesitated and said, "Would you also like to try me anally? I experienced that sometimes at college."

Darcy thought about that and said they should tie that to a special occasion.

"Like what? Oh you mean your birthday. Yes that's worth a big bang."

They giggled like naughty kids and kissed deeply while he fingered to prime her.

"I'm ready," she whispered and climbed on to her knees to lean over the arms of the sofa.

Darcy spread her knees farther apart and leaving his outer foot on the floor for greater leverage, he dropped a knee over her far knee and aimed for the dripping hairless pussy, noting on the way in the tiny anus bud. He wondered would it stretch wide enough? Oh yeah, she'd mentioned having anal at college and he grinned thinking thereafter the guys might have referred to her as Anal Chanel to indicate she offered both channels. Guys could be like that. Actually the offer had surprised him. Her younger sister almost preferred anal but he'd not thought of Chanel as being that permissive.

Plugging away Darcy looked down on to her smooth, arched back and his dick seemed to thicken. He'd been with better-looking women, her sister for example, but none had such a near perfect body as Miss Chanel Hayden-Jones, formerly known as Mrs Chanel Prime.

Her reached under and grabbed one of her swinging tits and heard her hiss, a sure sign she was not far off the boil.

He squeezed.

She yelled, "Pull my hair back hard."

Darcy did that and she moaned into a series of gentle jolts of a prolonged series of releases.

He was about to come and he fell forward on to her back and held her shoulders as she slumped forward and he gave three extra big heaves as he pumped into his condom inside her.

"Omigod, that was so beautiful," she said. "Let me up, I must go for a pee."

He pulled out with a disgusting sounding plop and padded off to make coffee.

Elbows resting on the table, hands cupping her jaw, Chanel starred at Darcy.


"You are really great at fucking."

He blushed and said that was only because she held up her end, er she gave as good as she got and provided the incentive to deliver his best.


Darcy said, "I need to switch the subject."


"Lorraine called me this morning and I forgot to tell you. She's found a property that might suit us in Fenway and will meet us there at 6:00 this evening."

"Well that time is okay but I would have appreciated being told earlier but why Fenway/Kenmore? We had preferred Dorchester?"

Darcy said that the real estate agent had said it was worth taking a look. Chanel was putting up the money and so it was her decision of course.

"Well I'll be the initial stakeholder but as the company begins turning in a profit my financial outlay will be progressively reduce and that means no compromise on the decision-making, even at the outset. We are going into this as 50-50 partners. You should regard my capital input just as you would a bank loan."

Darcy had no idea how much money had come away with from the divorce from her husband who was a property developer. He hadn't asked and she hadn't offered the information and he thought perhaps it was better that he didn't know, although he was curious.

They met Lorraine at the two level corner building. It was a liquor shop with the windows covered with a huge sign, 'Closing Down Sale, Final Days.'

"Their last trading day is this Friday," Lorraine said. "The couple who operate the business are retiring and have been unable to sell the business and so wish to sell the lease that has two years to run."

She gave Chanel and Darcy a run down on the state of the structure, the renting, what were the permitted uses of the building in that zone and the asking price for the lease. She then gave them a report on traffic flows, access from main traffic flows that included the turnpike plus the council proposed changes to zonings and brief low-down on the neighborhood generally.

"It all looks pretty good for your proposed type of business," said the motherly woman who'd been working in commercial real estate in the district for twenty-two years.

They went in and met the business owners and found that the upper level was used for storage.

"But it could be used as part of your business or even converted into two apartments and leased out. All three adjoining business owners have living accommodation above their premises," said Mrs Lucas.

Mr Lucas said, "Come up and take a look around. We have sold most of the stock that was being stored up there."

Later at dinner, Chanel said, "The truth now. What do you really think?"

The waiter filled their drained red wine glasses.

Darcy said he would warn what he had to say was quite a variation on their intended plans and she might think it was all becoming too hard.

"Then why even think it?"

"Because that's how I am. If you wanted just a loving sex machine you should have looked for a guy who can't keep his dick in his pants."

"Oh god, no thanks," she giggled. "Tell me what you really think."

Darcy told her.

Her biggest reaction was to turn slightly pale.

By next morning Chanel had accepted the quite radical change of plans and called Lorraine and briefed her to negotiate a deal. To complete, the building owners would have to agree to give a 10-year lease extension.

"I doubt if they would agree to that."

Chanel ignored that and said as well they would require the owner's consent to having the second-level south-facing wall architecturally designed to become substantially a wall of darkened glass with two large skylights installed on both sides of the simple pitched roof.

"Owners get edgy about any structural changes to their buildings."

"Well request a provision be inserted in the agreement that the owners may seek independent architectural opinion on proposed structural changes as to their structural soundness and whether or not those changes will add commercial value in the reletting of that space when eventually vacated, with fees for that professional assessment report to be paid by the new occupants."

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