tagGroup SexOn the Rivers Edge Ch. 5

On the Rivers Edge Ch. 5


My apologies for the delay in getting this final part to you all. Ive been flat out like a goanna drinking.

That night I slept like a King. The incredible shagging that had occurred the night before had completely worn me out and as I lay in bed snuggled up to my Queen Sharon I listened to three fantastic sounds. One was the tapping of rain on the tin roof, which of course, meant a lazy day for me. The rain must have swept in overnight and the smell of wet grass permeated the air. Lying in bed with a gorgeous woman asleep next to you and the second sound of the gentle rumble of thunder out on the Plains is a truly relaxing experience. I knew that I wouldn’t need to spend the day out on the farm watering stock and crops and I could spend the day pursuing other activities. The other sound was that old familiar fucking noise coming from the adjacent bedroom.

I had a morning horn and I needed to take a slash desperately. I gently slid out of bed, rearranged the doona and entered the ensuite bathroom. I aimed my piddle at the side of the bowl to reduce the noise and flushed the loo. I have always been an early riser and once I am awake I can’t go back to sleep. I got my shaving brush and lathered up for my morning ritual. Have any of you blokes ever noticed how you always start shaving at the same place on your face? Try doing it differently one day. Most disconcerting.

I was going to slip back into bed for a cuddle but the noise from the bedroom drew my attention. Helena was panting away and I could hear the bed rhythmically creaking away. Even though on the night before I had had my cock up her arse I crept slowly over to the door and snuck the door open. Why I was been so coy I don’t know. I peaked around the corner to see Helena bouncing away on Paul’s cock. The view was slightly concealed by the mosquito net that hung from above. Her back was facing me and a blanket obscured Paul’s vision. Helena had her hands on Paul’s chest and Paul was kneading her tits. Helena constantly changed the tempo of her thrusts and would occasionally lift her arse into the air when Paul would then pump furiously into her.

The old Cast Iron bed was creaking away and the mozzie net hanging from above was swinging and billowing when Helena hopped off Paul with a plop and crawled up his body. Paul placed his arms under her arse and lifted her up onto his face. She held onto the bed head and with legs spread wide went to town on his face. His angry dick stood proudly in the air and I could see his tongue diving upwards into her cunt. My cock was fully hardened and I was wondering whether or not to join in when I heard a noise from our bedroom.

The thumping on our wall and the thunderstorm that was getting closer every minute had woken Sharon. She opened the door of our bedroom and stumbled out in her black nightie. I put my finger to my mouth to shoosh her and she smiled grabbing me around the waist and took a peak into the room. She let loose a low groan and reached around and grabbed my cock. Sharon gently wanked at my dick and I slid a hand under her nightie and gently rubbed her pussy as we watched.

Paul’s cock was too much of a temptation for Sharon and she snuck very quietly across to the bed and quickly hopped up onto the bed engulfing Paul’s cock in her mouth. Paul and Helena looked back and smiled at the interloper and I took a quick hop, skip and jump over to the bed.

Sharon was on all fours sucking away and her beautiful arse was poking out from under her black nightie. I sat behind her and ever so gently played with her open wet cunt lips. I pulled them apart and licked her insides. I put four fingers in her. I sucked her clit. I put three fingers in her pussy and two in her arse. I love playing with a pussy.

I needed to dip my wick so I knelt before her and whilst keeping two fingers in her arse I plugged away at her moist love hole. She really seemed to be enjoying the anal attention so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and spat on it a bit. I noticed some KY on the bedside table so I squeezed some onto my hand and rubbed that in. I placed my cock at her arse hole and gently pushed the head in. Sharon stopped sucking and I could feel her pushing back slowly. I knew that she would want to regulate the procedure so I let her gently push her arse onto my cock. I held my position and when I was in far enough for her she withdrew a bit and then started rocking. All the time she did this it was total silence from her. Not a sound.

When Sharon went back to sucking Paul I started up the tempo and slowly pumped my cock in and out. Helena hopped off Paul’s face, lay down next to Sharon, slid under her and started to suck on her tits. Helena then began to rub Sharon’s pussy and grab my balls. Paul had started fingering Helena’s slit and was furiously ploughing his fingers into her.

Helena moved her head down between Sharon’s legs and commenced sucking on her clit. She squeezed my balls and I could feel her shoving a few fingers into Sharon’s slit. Paul was out of reach of Helena’s pussy so he got up and lined himself up to Helena’s dripping snatch. Sharon spun around slightly and started to lick Helena’s cunt as Paul began to wank himself over her pussy. Sharon alternated between sucking his cock and licking Helena’s pussy. I pulled my cock out of Sharon’s arse and replaced it with two fingers and shoved my cock into her sloppy cunt. Paul started to shoot his cum all over Helena’s pussy and onto Sharon’s face. I could no longer resist and I pulled my cock out spraying my cum all over Sharon’s arse and Helena’s face. I pushed some of the cum into Helena’s mouth with my cock and manoeuvred a few more droplets off Sharon’s arse and into Helena’s mouth.

“Well who’s for breakfast?” I asked.

“I’m having sausages.” Sharon said with a laugh and a quick suck of Paul’s dick.

“I’m having cream pie.” Laughed Helena.

After brunch I took advantage of some free labour and hijacked Paul for a tour of the property. We spent about four hours digging ditches, chasing stock and cutting wood. At about 3.30 we headed back to home. As I came around the corner behind the woolshed I saw a Holden wagon parked in the drive. Our visitors had arrived. Paul and I looked and smiled at each other.

“Do you think they would have started without us?” I asked.

“Possibly” Paul answered. “There is only one way to find out. Let’s go”
We half walked, half sprinted to the house. Neither of us wanted to seem over keen. I noticed a huge amount of baggage in the back of the wagon and thought for back packers they sure didn’t travel lightly.

“Hello all” I called as I entered “Anyone home?”

“In the Lounge Room” answered Sharon.

I could here the unmistakeable sound of a Porn movie being played. Doubtless it was the one in which Helena had starred. I turned the corner into the Lounge and was greeted by not four people but six.

“Marcus meet Maria and John and Abby and Julian” Sharon said with a smile as big as the Simpson.

“Hello to you all” I said shaking their hands. “I see that you have all settled in easily.” I added pointing with my head at the beer bottles and bong sitting on the table.

“Very comfortable” Said Maria a very stunning and tall Asian woman who I discovered later was half Chinese and half Portuguese. Abby looked barely old enough to be travelling. She was a slip of a thing with short untidy blonde hair and very small breasts and as I discovered later the perfect cunt. Tim was a big bloke with legs like tree trunks with a distinct Germanic look about him. Julian had a more bohemian look with lanky dark hair and a cool style. None of them were in any way unattractive.

“The movie looks interesting” I said watching Helena being fucked on the television.

“It’s much better in real life” She said adding “As you already know”

Everyone laughed. Helena pulled up her skirt revealing her knickerless slit and began rubbing it with glee. Sharon had also been nude from the waist down and she threw the blanket off her lap and also proceeded to have a quite rub as she watched the movie. Helena and Sharon were right next to each other on the lounge and crossed legs over each other and started to fondle each other’s pussies.

“I love this country” Tim said as he whipped his pants down revealing one of the widest cocks I had ever seen. It wasn’t overly long just fucking thick. Maria slid down and started sucking on his knob. She slipped a hand down the leg of her shorts and was rubbing her pussy. I whipped my cock out and stood at the side of the lounge offering it to Sharon who sucked it down. Paul went over to Abby and Julian pulling his shorts down as he went. Sharon was doing a fantastic job on my cock as she watched Paul and Julian both undressing on either side of Abby. Abby unbuttoned her jeans and whipped them off showing us her trimmed cunt.

Helena said “I’ve missed that big cock of yours Tim.” And she stood up removing all the rest of her clothes. She walked over to Tim and with her back to him squatted down on his cock. She smiled broadly as his cock filled her every hole. Abby was meanwhile sucking one cock after another and her legs were wide apart as she did so. I just had to lick that pussy before some bastard shot his load into it.
“Excuse me mate,” I said to Sharon as I got down on my knees and crawled over to Abby’s gaping wet cunt. Abby spread her legs even further apart opening her delectable pussy to my waiting tongue. Her lips were soft and moist and the mild salty taste was extremely arousing. I looked up at her as she alternately sucked on Paul and Julian’s meat. Paul leant her forward and reefed her top off exposing her flawless, small nippled breasts. I licked all over her cunt. She was so wide open I could send my tongue right down into her hole. I rubbed my nose onto her clit sending her squirming. I sucked hard on her clit which sent shocks down her spine. I loved it and so did she.

Maria had moved over to Sharon and they were both 69ing each other. Helena was still bouncing away on Tim and I needed to give my tongue a rest and I could think of no better way than to start to fuck Abby. Paul and Julian moved away as I pulled Abby forward on the lounge. She reached down and dipped her fingers into her cunt and then smeared her nipples with her juices. I rested my cock on her lips and gently shoved my bone home. She went tense and started to really squeeze at her nipples that were rock hard. I reached up and gave them a squeeze as well and she reached down to rub her clit and around her pussy. She collected more juice on her fingers and rubbed them into her tits.

Paul and Julian were now over on either side of Helena who was still enjoying bouncing up and down on Tim. Paul and Julian seemed to work as a team moving form mouth to mouth looking for a sucking.

“Fuck yeah” said Helena as she grabbed hold of both cocks and licked the knobs.

“Suck me baby, fuck his cock” Paul said.

Helena took Paul as far as she could down her throat and reached down to squeeze Tim’s balls and rub her clit. Julian decided to move over to the two 69ing girls and he started to lick Maria’s arse hole as Sharon went to work on her cunt.

Abby leant sideways to watch the action behind me and was furiously rubbing her clit as I plucked at her nipples.

“Cum, cum, cum” she repeated “Cum in her Tim. I want, I want….” she trailed off as she herself started to cum all over my rigid rod spilling her juice all over my matted pubes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” is what I heard next from Tim who was having his balls pummelled by Helena who was also working on Paul’s cock in her mouth.

“Ah shit” he cried “Oh fuck I’m cumming” and his balls tightened and his body shook as he shot a load of jizz up into her cunt.

“Your turn cunt” Abby surprised me by saying “Cum in my cunt, fuck me, lick me”
This chick was going sick and she reached around and grabbed my balls with her left hand and grabbed the base of my cock with her right. Sharon moved away from Maria and came over to us.

“Do as the lady says” she said as she lay down on the floor and slid up between my legs and started to suck my balls. It did the trick and I felt the sensation of impending orgasm build.

“Fill me” Abby said as she pulled me roughly to her tits. That was enough for me so I relaxed and shot the largest load I have ever had into her quim. I could sense Sharon licking at my cum as it oozed out of Abby’s pussy and ran down her arse. I pulled my cock out and swung around and Sharon quickly sucked and licked the coating of cum and cunt juice off it.

“Ready Abby” Helena asked as she pulled herself off Tim’s still hard cock with a pop.

“Oh yeah” Abby replied. Like Paul and Julian these two worked as a team and Helena lay down on the floor with her legs splayed apart. Abby hopped off the lounge and squatted over Helena’s face and let a glob of my cum fall down into Helena’s mouth. They then both joined into a fearsome 69 sucking furiously at each other’s cunts.

Maria and Julian were sitting on the lounge wanking each other as they watched the show when Sharon moved over to Tim and Paul. Julian stood up and went to Sharon also.

“All three of you?” She asked with a mischievous gleam.

“Oh fuck yeah” I said walking over to Maria who opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I stood on the lounge and fed the Asiatic spunk my cock.

“Let me see” said Sharon “which cock will go where?”

Julian had the smallest and Tim the largest with Paul just right.

“Tim, lay down” She instructed as she stood up. “Julian you can fuck my arse and Paul can fuck my mouth.”

I lay down on the lounge and Maria lay her head down on my hips and continued watching and sucking. Sharon knelt down onto Tim’s cock and moaned as she did so.

“Fuck that’s thick” she said before Paul shoved his cock into her mouth.

Julian spat a few gobs of spit onto his cock and knelt behind Sharon lining up her arse. She stopped sucking Paul as he gently slid into her tight arse. Sharon exploded into a wild frenzy as she was totally filled in all holes for the first time. She sucked and was being fucked in both holes and her body shook with an electricity that was sending her wild.

Maria stood and turned around with her back to me and squatted on my cock. She watched the show ahead of us whilst rubbing her cunt and my balls. I reached around and kneaded her breasts. The two girls on the floor stopped and watched as my wife enjoyed her first 4some.

“Fuck her, fuck her” Abby called out.
“Yeah fill her up with cum” called Helena

The goading on from the crowd sent Tim over the edge again and he called out he was cumming and he sent his second load for the day into Sharon.

“Lets all fill her” said Julian as he pulled out of her arse. “Hop up” he said, “We are going to fill your cunt with cum”.

What happened next was unbelievable. Maria hopped off me and grabbed Sharon, who was in a bit of a daze, by the hand and told her to lie on the floor. She got Sharon to lift her arse into the air so her pussy was sticking up and with her legs spread apart her gaping pussy was dripping with juice and Tim’s cum. Maria gave her pussy a quick lick and then grabbed some cushions to prop Sharon’s back up.

Paul was first and he stood behind Sharon and started to fuck her sopping cunt. Maria and Abby held her legs for support and would reach down rubbing her clit and cunt. Helena was blowing Julian as he waited his turn. Paul alternated between her pussy with a few plugs into her arse.

“Cum baby, cum” Abby said “Fill that pussy”

Paul grabbed his cock and pumped a few quick strokes and sprayed her cunt lips and arse with his jism. He placed his cock back into her cunt and stood their filling her up.
Julian moved away from Helena and took his place. Abby smeared some of the cum all over his cock and rubbed it onto Sharon’s clit. Paul had Helena lick his cock dry and I went over to Abby and started to feel her delicious pussy again. She reached around and started to pull on my cock.

Julian’s pace increased and he shot a long stream of cum up Sharon’s leg and then blew the rest of his load into her brimming pussy. Helena crawled over to Julian and Sharon and licked his cock and sucked and licked at Sharon’s cum filled snatch. Abby let go of her leg and went over to Sharon’s pussy and buried her face into it. With a face full of cum and cunt juice she got down on all fours and started to kiss Sharon. Abby’s arse was pitched perfectly into the air so I knelt behind her and ploughed my cock into her.

Maria was now licking Sharon’s cunt and Helena was having her pussy licked by Paul as Julian fed her his cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” Sharon called as she orgasmed again. I too had reached my peak and I shot another load over Abby’s back and onto her arse hole.

All I have to say after these wild times is that sometimes it really does pay to help strangers.

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