tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn the Road Again

On the Road Again


She was licking her lips, he could tell. As far as she knew, Dick was only here to work on the town’s plumbing system. But right now, her nipples would be hardening, and her pussy would be gradually moistening with her female juices. He made a point not to look at her; it was important that the girl believe that her lust; and the fantasies she was having about him came from her own mind.

That was vital; if she became too lustful, too fast, the rational part of her mind would realize that something had gone wrong, that he was most likely a telepath. And once word spread that the traveling Handyman had telepathic powers and was trying to control people; well no one in this territory would trust him again.

And Dick liked this territory; most of the nukes that had char-broiled human civilization in his great, great grandfather’s time had missed this area. He had heard that this region didn’t suffer as much from the constant invasion forces, biological weapons, and revolutions that tore through the world later. And when the remnants of the world governments unleashed all their black-budget, black-ops, genetic engineering, telepathic mind-control experiments; places as remote as this often got overlooked.

The world outside this valley was a real mess; radioactive deserts, gengineered plagues, insane battle-androids, and mutants, mutants, mutants. Whoever had been running the government during those turbulent years must have been obsessed with biology and biological warfare. The genes of every species on earth had been spliced with every thing else the scientists could get their hands on, and once somebody isolated a gene for telepathy, those ancient bastards must have gone mad with power.

The people in this valley were isolated, but they knew the risks of the outside world. Any stranger you might meet is probably descended from a long line of freaks leading back to some government laboratory. Half-human weirdoes were running around that could read minds, breathe underwater, and spit acid from their mouths.

And sure enough, Dick was one of those weirdos. He had to travel a lot, and so he learned quickly how to repair ancient automobiles leftover from before the wars. In fact, he was very good with most machines; that was how he made his living. Any good-sized settlement had a couple combines, or electric generators that were broken down, and Dick could fix them. For a price. Most settlements were more than willing to part with weapons, ammo, and technology that was now a medium of exchange; rather than ancient money. But he didn’t travel to collect gadgets, he had a need: a pressing, vital need. His deepest, darkest, secret.

But Dick was lucky, at least he looked human. Short, brown hair, average build, blue eyes. Not a tentacle or acid gland anywhere on him. That helped a lot. Most people didn’t suspect that he was a telepath. Well, not a very powerful one. His abilities were sorely limited; but they were sufficient. And the girl following him was the recipient of his mediocre telepathy.

He’d never been able to read minds, levitate, or any stuff like that. All Dick could do was heighten sexual attraction. Not much, but it was enough. And he’d learned to do it slowly, gradually. So that his target didn’t realize her mind was being controlled; she’d just think it was her own idea to rip off his clothes and leap upon his erect cock. If all goes well, he could get what he so desperately needed from the people in this town. He usually didn’t have trouble.

There was usually an abandoned building on the edge of town. Solitude was important for him. He dragged inside a malfunctioning V-8 engine the villagers were using to power a make-shift plowing device they’d jerry-rigged from spare parts. He fully intended to fix it; he had to take pride in his work. But he knew she would be coming. Her soft footsteps outside the humble shack came as no surprise.

“Dick? C-can I talk to you?” mumbled the girl sheepishly.

“Whoa! You surprised me! I need to fix your uncle’s engine.” He replied.

“Yeah, it must be a lot of fun…seeing all these places beyond the village…” The tan-skinned girl was dragging her bare foot sheepishly on the dusty ground. She nervously brushed a delicate hand through her dark hair, green eyes glinting mischievously.


“I…I think I’d really like to get to know you better…” she purred, shifting her burlap dress ‘accidentally’ exposing the sweep of her cleavage created between grape-fruit sized tits. Yes, he’d chosen well. He could smell which ones were the most fertile. It was another, subtle mutation he had. He needed the most fecund women for his purpose; he had to get the most out of every village he passed through, because it was unlikely he would ever be welcome there again after he sated his burning hunger. His cock jerked against the zipper of his jeans. It had been far, far too long. Just a few more hours, and he would be fulfilled.

There was more small talk, but it was inconsequential to them both. She knew that he knew that her chatter was just an annoying prelude to the inevitable. He gazed deeply into her eyes; taking a risk and using a telepathic signal to instantly boost the smoldering fires of lust that simmered beneath the surface of her nervous exterior. With a throaty snarl; her lips devoured his.

He tried not to think of her as a sex-object. He tried not to dismiss her to the category of a mere food-source. But that was the truth of the matter, he would have to enjoy her while he could. With practiced grace, his pants were discarded, and a massive cock, the likes of which the girl had never hoped could exist pressed urgently into the smooth skin below her navel.

First, he preferred to bring his prey to orgasm with his mouth and tongue. That way, his unique sense of smell could fully savor her special aroma. To Dick, all women exuded a sweet, distinctive flavor. For some reason, the olfactory sensors of his brain detected a vast array of exotic tastes from the normal odor of the female sex. This one, this dark-haired beauty tasted like vanilla as his tongue surged within the moistening folds of her womanhood. The sweeter the aroma, the more fertile the woman. That was what Dick needed; he had to have the most fertile ones to sate his dire need.

She was as good as most girls he’d encountered around her age; and he eagerly embraced the animal instincts that took over when he prepared a woman to feed upon. She moaned and bucked her hips, entwining her toned legs around his shoulders. Now was the time for him to pull out all the stops; he focused all his telepathic powers; as strongly as he could. Now that his agile tongue was directly fondling her swollen clit, he could afford to use his full powers, and bury the girl’s mind in a gurgling pool of intense lust.

Like most women, she merely assumed he was an exceptionally skilled lover, which he was, in fact. Soon, her cries were somewhere between yelps of shock and groans of erotic delight. Her brain was humming with waves of erotic stimulation, greater by far than anything she had, or most likely would experience.

He never neglected their tits; Dick had studied the ancient systems of bra-size, from old Victoria’s Secret magazines and such. This one, this dark-haired beauty was a 34-C; an excellent bust for a girl her size. His hands had years of experience stimulating tits of all sizes with the practiced efficiency of a life-long lothario. None of his customers doubted that his hands were expert at coaxing machines to proper function, so much more so were the skills of those hands at coaxing orgasms from his women; because his life depended on it.

She was ready for his cock, at long last. The tonguing was important, though. The first orgasm he gave a woman was the most crucial. Dick found that if he gave a woman more sensual pleasure than any man before, she would be far less likely to become enraged at what came later. Few indeed could hate him, after the orgasm he gave to her caused her to fall unconscious from bliss.

He hoped that her howls of delight wouldn’t alert the neighbors. That was a problem Dick hadn’t completely solved yet. His lance of manmeat thrusted within the well-greased haven of her fragrant sex. It swelled like a massive salami inside her, and the dark-haired beauty seemed to be weeping with pleasure. His cock sometimes seemed to have a mind of its own, seeking out moist cunts like iron filings to a magnet. He tried to wrap his mouth around her own, their tongues wrestling as they rolled upon the dry mat in this shack. He needed to find some way to keep his women from making so much noise; discovery could be dangerous in some areas. Oh well, he’d worry about that problem later.

Some have said that sex is a male sport, due to the relative ease of the male orgasm; but not with Dick. His powers combined in a woman’s body; causing a chain reaction of sexual climax as one orgasm blended with the next and provided stimulation for the next two.

She collapsed with a shudder, fainting from the pleasure. Dick noticed with some delight that his entire pelvis was covered in the slippery wetness of her womanly cum, as it had spurted relentlessly from her slit. His brain sensed strange tastes and smells from a woman’s cunt, and Dick had several minutes of delight as he breathed in her aroma, licking her outer folds clean. *SLURP*…*SLLLPLE*

Oooh…Yes! His sensitive tongue probed the moist, inner walls of her sex, searching….seeking…tasting…and there it was! The unique, tangy flavor that told him in no uncertain terms that she had been impregnated! YES!! She would be ready by tomorrow. It had been far, far too long since his last feeding; his stores were low, but he suspected this dark-haired beauty would replenish his stockpiles enough to make it to the next town. Dick cuddled her sleeping form against his, playing the part of a concerned lover as he too drifted into sleep.

Well, the engine was fixed now, but as usual Dick decided to hang around for a few more hours at least, ostensibly to make sure his modifications worked, and to see if any other machines needed his skilled hands. The real reason of course, was to see if he might not be able to score twice in the same village. The dark-haired girl had left in the morning; he made a point not to remember her name. Naming his women would make the inevitable separation more difficult. He scanned the dusty village, hand above his eyes to block out the glare of the sun.

But he smelled her before his eyes saw her. An intoxicating wave of lavender honeysuckle assaulted him. So strong! He had almost never encountered a woman with such a powerful odor! He sniffed again; wherever she was, she must be fertile enough to carry a litter of young! Where….Aha! There!

Of course! It made perfect sense! The woman his specialized senses had detected was enormously pregnant! He realized that he had never actually had a girl that was noticeably pregnant by someone else. She was a tall, freckled redhead; abdomen dominated by a vast belly that seemed large enough to contain the V-8 engine he had just finished repairing! She had a robust, powerful frame. The kind of body that would enable her to work long hours for village and family, with the sort of wide hips that would allow her to birth a good portion of that village’s population. She was so fit and hearty, that her massively pregnant womb hardly seemed to burden her at all.

Dick stopped short, he grunted in shock, eyes wide and mouth drooping open. He was awed by the thick sweetness of her scent! His specialized senses were overloaded by the ripe fertility wafting from her cunt. She was the sort of woman that could breed one of the vast, farming families of legend; easily more than a dozen children could emerge from between her powerful thighs during the totality of her childbearing years. His unique fertility sense let him determine the childbearing potential of any woman if he could taste her cunt. The dark-haired girl, though she was younger, would have no more than six children, ever. But this one…even without tasting her sex, he could smell the enormity of her potential! She did not have the pampered, classical beauty that most men preferred, but Dick didn’t care. He needed the fertile ones, and she was perfect!

The basket of laundry was taken from her hand as she placed it on the ground for a moment.

“Let me help you with that.” Said Dick.

“I didn’t ask for, and I don’t need your help, stranger.” She replied gruffly.

“I insist. I’m here to work, after all.” Carrying the basket, he followed her. It was risky beyond belief, but he had to risk the wrath of her husband; he had never encountered such a perfect woman. Dick had to stop himself from bending down and sniffing her ass like a dog; what a wonderful scent!

“Every man suddenly thinks I’m helpless just because my husband died! I am not an invalid!” wh-what? N-no husband!? His cock leaped within his pants, and he hoped she didn’t notice. There was no choice now; he decided to attempt a risky strategy to stimulate her desire.

He smiled cheerfully; while focusing his telepathic powers in a single, awesome blast. Her mind would be deluged with an awesome flood of sexual desire for a moment; capturing her attention. Then, he delivered a smaller, slower flow of stimulation. She should become extremely attracted to him, without realizing that Dick had powers of telepathic mind control. She paused for a moment, cocked her head in curiosity, and then continued her confident stride.

“Well come along then and make yourself useful.” Dick grinned happily as he followed.

In his dreams, it was women like her that he saw. Women with vast, swollen breasts the size of ripe cantaloupes. Somewhere out there, Dick knew there was some woman; probably a mutant that could feed him forever. Every other woman could never last through more than a week of his feeding. But why hadn’t he ever thought about seeking out pregnant ones before!? His fertility sense told him that a pregnant woman would be so easy to prepare…so easy! And this one was fecund enough to produce a horde of offspring still! He could tell with certainty how many children she could bear as soon as he had a chance to taste the tender folds of her cunt. And he believed he would soon do so.

As they chatted innocently, the honeysuckle sweetness of her aroma seemed to intensify, and soon they had reached the modest hovel where she dwelt. Dick suspected that she was one of those pregnant women with a powerful, hormonal proclivity for sex that resulted in great frustration from the loss of her husband. He took a chance once inside.

Coming up behind her, he reached his hand beneath the drab, tan-colored fabric to caress the bulging swell of her swollen belly. She gasped in delight as he rubbed the tenderness of her outward-thrusting navel. He ran his hands along the soft sphere, feeling the kicking of her twins within her. She pressed back against him, rubbing her ass against his crotch, succumbing suddenly to what she thought were her own sexual urges. After all, what could go wrong? Not like he could get her pregnant! If she only knew…

She did not resist as he guided her gently to the ground, finally having the chance to bury his face in her sweet pussy, relishing the heady scent. Bringing the redhead to her first orgasm was more difficult than Dick suspected, not because she wasn’t enjoying the probing expertise of his tongue, but rather due to the rebellious throbbing of his own cock within his pants distracting him. His cock inflated far larger than what a normal man his size should be capable of, as if it were sensing the ripeness of bare pussy. Curiously, he tested the moistening folds of her gushing womanhood…testing…His tongue leaped out of her in shock!

20! His fertility sense told him that if she were kept healthy and well-fed, this glorious cunt before him could grind out 20 offspring! Wait…yes…as he thought; she was already pregnant with twins, that meant that she could bear a total of 22! Never had he seen a woman more fertile! Not in a thousand miles of wanderings! She could provide him with more nourishment than he ever believed possible! He pressed his face and tongue deeper into her crotch, amidst her wild howls of rapturous pleasure, every inch of his skin was covered in goosebumps from the awesome delight her cunt-scent gave him.

He knew she was ready for his cock, but the taste of her sex was so intoxicating, that he was torn for a moment. He reveled in the tangy flavor, a sure sign of pregnancy. Still, he was hungry, and he could not prepare her for feeding without his cock. Almost reluctantly, he turned her over, bracing her on his lap as he plunged his thrusting cock 10 inches into her dripping snatch.

Pure instinct dominated reason; it was not just the pleasure, it was not just the timeless instinct to pass on his genes that propelled him, body and cock to slam her willing pussy. His feeding instinct combined with his lusts coaxing a lecherous inferno stronger than any sense of reason or propriety.

He could hear her begging him to go faster, begging for the joy to never end, even as he stretched her slippery depths far beyond what her husband ever dreamed of doing. In moments, he was blowing his load into her, spurts of his very special cum spewing forth into her pulsing womb. Yes, the mixture of hormones and mutagens that his cum contained should act even faster on a woman already pregnant! He licked his lips in anticipation.

It would take his mutant cock only minutes to recover, but in the meantime, he resumed sucking her outer folds, ignoring the taste of his own cum, as he savored her sex. Again the noise! Her howls were more harsh than a rutting tabby cat as the cascade of orgasms wracked her pregnant frame. It was all he could do to lap up every sweet drop of her woman cum as it boiled from the depths of her pussy, the taste heavenly.

It began. He was correct. Far faster than ever before! The ‘cocktail’ of potent stimulants and hormones in his semen had reacted to her pregnancy faster than he had ever experienced with a normal woman. She clutched her naked, freckled tits, as they reddened. She moaned with fiery passion as the growth began. Yes…Yes! Dick had never been able to see the breast-growth, usually it was too slow, but within minutes, he could observe the bulging creep as naked titflesh blossomed like rising bread-dough. Oh yes, her nipples were hardening! His insides churned with anticipation, it was time! Almost time! Her hands became completely submerged in the jiggling terrain of gargantuan boobs, as she caressed and kneaded the growing flesh. Even a legendary G-cup bra made by the ancients could barely contain her swelling lushness.

Her moanings and churnings upon the floor of her hut prevented him from hearing what occurred behind him. He was never entirely sure what the sensations of breast-growth was like, but from watching the redhead, Dick assumed the experience felt like jolts from her tits going straight to her pussy. She was almost ready! Soon, very soon!! And then…the smell…

“Dick, I…I..” it was her! The dark-haired girl! She had sought him out; she must be prepared now! What would she do upon seeing him with another woman! He hoped that the natural lust women in her condition felt would save him. Her eyes had a pensive, nervous quality, but it was hard to pay attention to them, since her tits had grown so impossibly huge.

She had frantically attempted to cover her bosom with the torn remains of her burlap dress, but the swaying globes had blossomed from mere C-cups to something slightly larger than most watermelons. Yes, her natural, vanilla scent was more pronounced. Was she ready! Was sh-….YES!! HE SAW IT! Though she tried to cover her saucer-sized aureoles, Dick could see the first ivory droplets beginning to drip!

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