On the Road for the Job Ch. 02

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Wrestling the Girlfriend, thought she was getting in shape.
2.2k words

Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 08/30/2023
Created 10/06/2012
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Not long after my work trip adventure with young Dave I reconnected with a former girlfriend. Like all relationships things were great for Jodie and me at the start. And like most relationships once you get to know someone it's not as great as the initial few weeks were. But for a while it was fun.

This time around I knew I wasn't going to dive in all the way like the first time and then have it blow up. Jodie didn't seem to object or want to rush full speed so things went well for about 6 weeks.

As in the past it all started well and just after the New Year Jodie and I had joined a health club, two for one membership like they all have in January. Our slow roll pace seemed to be avoiding the troubles we had in the past. So this one Friday night I went over to her place and Jodie told me she wondered who was getting into better shape. I looked at her and said "After a month? It's a gym not a magic lamp."

She laughed and said "I'll bet I'm stronger than you already." Well now it was my turn to laugh. Then Jodie came back with "So Trent how about we wrestle and see who laughs then?"

This came as a real surprise since Jodie, who wasn't very athletic, had never expressed any interest in wrestling, other than as a spectator. Nor had I ever mentioned my thing for wrestling women, the most we ever did was roll around for control of the TV remote. But if nothing else we could see who was in better shape. Now I'm a big guy 6-1 tall, 240 pounds who likes big women and Jodie at 6 feet tall and 325 pounds certainly is that. Although Jodie has never demonstrated much athletic ability, but for wrestling at her size I figured she might not need much.

It appeared Jodie had given this some thought when she handed me a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to change into for our match. Returning from changing in separate rooms there I stood in a pair of blue gym shorts with white stripes and t-shirt of the same design and there was Jodie in a contrasting outfit, white with blue stripes. We agreed there would be no punching, biting or low blows and we would go one fall to a submission.

After clearing the center of the living room I slowly moved across the room towards my girlfriend. Jodie came at me and we grabbed each other at the shoulders. I pushed her back a couple of steps then she braced her big legs and we stayed there for a while. I broke free and went for a headlock but the force of Jodie's weight made me slip and she ended up wrapping her meaty arms around me from behind.

After she found that that she didn't have the arm strength to squeeze me to any advantage Jodie tried to lift me off the floor twice but did not succeed until she wisely squatted and used her legs. She seemed so pleased that she had gotten me off the floor, if only slightly and for a few seconds, that when my feet hit the floor I easily pulled her hands apart. But before I could move away Jodie thrust her big belly forward into me, sending me stumbling forward onto the couch.

As I steadied myself I was just able to side step Jodie as she charged head down, at me and crashed into the couch, which slammed into the wall. As I back peddled to the opposite side of the room while Jodie got to her feet I thought, if that's the way she wants to play it.

Once on her feet Jodie charged me again, this time running straight up. I took a couple of steps and lowering my shoulder met her square in the chest. I went back a step or two and saw Jodie reeling backwards, arms flailing, trying to catch her balance. Then her legs kicked out in front of her and she crashed to the floor on her big butt.

I waited until Jodie bounced to a stop then grabbed her left foot pulling her leg straight up and twisted. I didn't put on much pressure but enough to hold her in place as she squirmed on her back. I tried to pull Jodie to the center of the room but the combination of her twisting around and her considerable weight made me abandon that idea.

While I considered my next move Jodie made hers. Swinging her right leg she hit my ankles causing my legs to go out from under me and hit the floor. I got to my hands and knees as quickly as I could but before I could get anywhere Jodie jumped on my back. I managed to move a couple of feet forward with her sitting on top of me but I could not topple her off. Jodie wrapped her legs around me so I stopped and thought about how to counter her. I had no real options once Jodie began to bounce on my back. I held steady three times but the force of her 325 pounds coming down on me the fourth time made my arms give out and I flattened on the floor with Jodie still on top of me.

As Jodie maneuvered on top of me I managed to roll onto my back. As she started to move forward I realized that I didn't want Jodie's jumbo ass to end up on my head so I swung my legs up and caught enough of her shoulders to knock her over to one side. This allowed me to roll and crawl out from under her and now it was Jodie on her hands and knees.

So before she could get to her feet I lunged on top of her, sprawling across her wide back. I got my right arm around her head and we held this position for a while, both of us getting our breath. Using her powerful legs, Jodie then began to push to stand up taking me with, so I slid back to plant my feet on the floor and pushed forward. This pitched Jodie forward and she flattened under me. Butt to butt I quickly spun around facing her feet and grabbing her legs pulled them back in a Boston Crab.

I knew that Jodie had too much power in her legs for this to make her submit but she was tiring and I knew her struggling in this hold would wear her down more. After a couple of minutes I decided to go for the finish. I eased up and was able to twist Jodie over onto her back without releasing her feet. Then I pushed her feet forward until they were over her head and she was bent in half.

I was straddling her legs and sat down on the backs of her thighs as her knees hovered over her chest. I knew she didn't have the arm strength to throw me off and she was stuck in this hold. I asked if she wanted to give up but she said no, so I reached back with my right hand and gave her a hard smack on her fat ass. This gave her cause to think and after asking and smacking a half a dozen times she finally realized it was over and conceded the match.

So I slid off to one side and let Jodie's legs ease to the floor. Then kneeling next to her I said, "I congratulate you on being a worthy and competitive opponent."

With that I leaned down to kiss her and as we did our usual tongue dance I slid my hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. When our lips parted Jodie smiled and said, "Well to the victor goes the pussy, let's get to the bed and get the real action going."

With that I got to my feet, pulled Jodie up from the floor and made our way to the bedroom. We helped each other out of our sweaty contrasting outfits and finally with us both naked I laid her down on the bed and slid between her thick legs to go down on her.

Jodie had her own alternate plan, "We'd both be better off if you'd climb on and let me get some of that boner you've been poking me in the ass with while you're doing that." It takes a big woman to want to have a man my size on top of her in a 69, and this was an opportunity not to be passed up.

Jodie was doing her most excellent job of sucking my nine inches. I must not have lost my touch as Jodie had her feet planted firmly on the bed and would raise her big butt up, taking me with her while shaking and then drop it down a half dozen times. I think my running my thumb up the back of her meaty thigh while pausing to nibble on the inside of the other thigh contributed to her motions.

There came a point where after just about deep throating my cock, oh yes she has skills, Jodie needed to come up for air and I made the executive decision to thank her for the blowjob and stick my dick in the pussy that I'd been working on to get hot and wet.

So I slid off to my left and quickly spun around to get between Jodie's legs then slipped my hard cock into her hot, wet and ready pussy.

As the saying goes 'the more cushion, the more pushin' and with Jodie's huge ass I was quickly fucking her good and hard and she was giving it right back to me. I had my arms wrapped around her thighs and thought I was pulling her ass off the floor but what was happening was her fat ass was rebounding off the bed as I came up after our bellies bounced off each other on my way down.

Eventually I did manage to fold Jodie's legs up so her knees were over her chest and the bottoms of her feet were facing the ceiling and pumped my cock in and out of her pussy while my belly slapped against the backs of her thick thighs. That we were both still sweating made for some amplified sound, I think it was even as to who enjoyed that more.

In the interest of heating up the action I did my best to give both sides of Jodie's fat ass a good hard slap every now and then to keep her going and damn she was going strong. I even impressed myself with my stamina and ability to hold back so when Jodie looked up at me and said, "Oh fuck this is awesome but Trent is there any way I can beg you to pound that big dong in me doggy style?"

"Of course, my dear, I aim to please." I replied and I sat back on my legs while Jodie flipped herself over steadying herself on her hands and knees.

As I looked at the big wide white flat ass I've known so well it still gives me pause to remember just how much there is there to deal with. So I lined up behind Jodie's massive ass and after catching my breath I took my cock in my hand and slipped it into her familiar pussy. Wasting no time as Jodie was overheated and I was hard and ready I did my best to pump my dick into her, banging against that big butt while and alternately slapping one cheek or the other.

Finally I reached my point of no return, I hugged Jodie around her generous waist, slammed against that big fat ass and drove my cock to the balls into her pussy before I shot my load. The big girl gave out a groan, as did I, and pitched forward face down on the bed. The feeling of cool air on my cock felt good after it being in Jodie's mouth and pussy for such a long stretch.

Jodie seemed tired but not too out of breath so I gently lowered myself onto her back and just laid on top her rubbing her shoulders. She turned her head slightly to the right and said, "Oh Trent if the wrestling hadn't been enough that was the perfect good hard fuck that makes me smile inside and out."

"It was good on this side too." I replied.

Then she said, "Let me catch my breath and we'll take a nice long hot bath together then we can get back for round two. You could give a girl another good hard fuck and come back strong because I need it up the ass like you can't imagine."

I just snuggled on top of Jodie's big body and said, "Let me know when you're ready because I'm on board with all of that."

And that's how things went, a good soaking in the tub and one big but fuck that followed. I see great potential in out slow roll relationship.

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