tagInterracial LoveOn-the-side Pleasure Ch. 02

On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 02


The phone rang on Monday morning and Jamie expected it to be Nita. He answered the phone.

"Hi Jamie. It's Eldora." Said a voice with a Latino accent. Eldora? He wondered what she wanted.

"Hi Eldora, how are you?" he asked, figuring she wanted his wife. They made small talk for about 30 seconds. Eldora was shy -- not as shy as Nita, but nearly. So she quickly got to the point.

"Jamie, I want you to come and meet with me at 11:30 today at my apartment. I want to talk to you." She stated. He frowned. What could this be about?

"What for?" he asked. "I'm actually pretty busy today."

"I know about you and Nita." She said.

His heart dropped. Not only was the fun over, but he was ruined! He went into panic mode for a second, before calming down.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He scoffed.

"I'm at work," she replied, "so I don't have time to discuss this with you now. Just be at my apartment at 11:30."

And with that, she hung up. Jamie was left staring at the phone. He didn't have a choice.

At precisely 11:25 he pulled into the parking lot of Eldora's apartment building. He was quite nervous, having no idea how bad things could get with this meeting! He had been lining up his excuses all morning, but needed to find out what she knew first. How certain was she? "Deny, deny, deny" - that would be his mantra.

He went up the elevator and then walked down the hall to her door. She did not answer his knock, so he waited, leaning on the door. At 11:35, Eldora emerged from the elevator. She did not smile at him when she said her greeting. Not good.

She was wearing black pants and a red sweater. Her long, curly hair was down over her shoulders.

Inside her apartment, she had him sit, and she was kind enough to get him a glass of water. Was that a good sign? He sat at one end of the couch as she sat down on the other end. His heart was pounding like crazy.

"You and Nita are having an affair." She said.

"Why the hell would you say that?" he asked.

"Don't bother to deny it. I went downstairs on Saturday and listened at the bathroom door. I could hear you two in there quite clearly."

That shut him up. What could he say to that? His heart was pounding. He was in full panic again.

"Quite clearly." Eldora repeated.

He looked crestfallen, shoulders slumping.

"Oh no." he said. So he WAS having an affair!

"How can you do that to Jennifer, Jamie? Do you know what this would do to her family and our group of friends? To Nita's husband?" she scolded. All he could do was nod.

"I don't have to tell anyone." She said. He looked up, hope in his eyes. Now is when she will tell him the affair has to stop, though. The fun truly was over. "But you have to do something for me."

"What?" He asked, eager to make this right. Eldora just looked at him silently. Coldly. When she spoke, she said three words.

"Make it two." Eldora said. He stared at her, not sure about what she meant.

"Huh?" He grunted. She stood up, and began undoing the button on her black pants and pulling down the zipper.

"Make it two affairs, instead of one, or I will tell." She said, pushing down her pants and revealing black skimpy panties. He had to keep his jaw from dropping stupidly as she pushed her pants right down to her ankles and stepped out of them, pushing her socks off as well.

Eldora was nervous as hell, her heart pounding. This was by far and away the most courageous thing she has ever done in her life -- she is very submissive normally. She had spent all of Sunday figuring out what she would do with her newfound knowledge, but the bottom line is -- she was horny. Has been for several years now -- since her last child was born. She was in her sexual peak, yet she was only having sex every four or five months! She rightfully figured that this was an opportunity to get some sex from an attractive man without ever getting caught. Her pussy was buzzing all night just thinking about her decision. She could be in charge. She could fulfill her craziest fantasies. Nobody would know!

She sat on the far end of the couch and swung her legs up onto it so that she was facing him. She opened her legs and reached between them. He watched as she slowly moved her panties to one side, revealing the black curls of her pubic hair, followed by the two swollen lips of her quivering pussy. His heart soared with desire.

"Lick me." She asked, for some reason still nervous that it would not succeed -- yet outwardly she was calm and in full control. Jamie raised his eyebrows.

"All you had to do was ask!" he said, smiling. He crawled forward, grabbing her bare foot and holding it up in the air. His fear had completely left him. He was back in control...to an extent. His cock, after all, was bulging in his jeans!

He kissed her big toe, and bolts of pleasure shot up her body and she gasped. If his lips on her toe did that to her, imagine what they would do in other areas! He kissed her instep, and over her ankle. He looked up long, pale-brown, sexy leg to her crotch. Her panties were back over her pussy. He had to see it again. He kissed her smooth leg until he reached her knee. She rested her other foot on his shoulder as he began kissing up the inside of her thigh. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he kissed higher and higher up her leg.

More bolts of electricity shot up her body when he kissed her pussy right over the thin, wet material of her panties.

"Ohhhhh..." Eldora sighed, reaching between her legs and holding the back of Jamie's head. He kissed it again, this time making sure to pull her pussy lips out a little bit, along with the material that covered them. She sighed again, her fingers running through his hair. He reached up and slowly pushed the crotch of her black panties to one side, gradually exposing the black curls of her pubic hair and then -- the dark, swollen lips of her pussy. Eldora's pussy! They were pressed tightly together and he couldn't wait to part them with his tongue. He kissed them first, watching them quiver at his touch. He could taste her delicious juices on his lips after kissing her.

"Unh!" she sucked in her breath as bolts of pleasure shot up her tiny body. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her sensitive slit up to the top. Her heart was pounding -- that felt so good! Her husband hadn't ventured down there in several years! She could feel every inch of her pussy lips as Jamie's tongue slowly ran along them. When he reached the top, his tongue teasingly tickled over her clitoris.

His breathing grew labored as his arousal increased. Placing his mouth over his wife's friend's pussy, he slipped his tongue as far inside as it would go. "Ohhh!" she squealed, shuddering. She placed her bare feet on his shoulders as his tongue wiggled around inside her. He slid his hands under her ass, still holding the crotch of her panties to one side with his thumb as his hands felt her naked skinny ass. He ran his tongue along the roof of her snatch, gathering her nectar and pulling it into his mouth. Kissing her slit again, he slowly ran his tongue back up her swollen lips to her clit and sucked the tiny button into his mouth. He ran his tongue back and forth across the little nub as she began to subtly buck into his face.

Her heart was pounding like crazy, and she could feel an orgasm rapidly approach. An orgasm! She couldn't be happier with the decision that she made -- blackmailing Jamie was brilliant!

He released her clit and sucked her swollen pussy lips into his mouth, holding them trapped. He ran his tongue up and down them, still sucking them into his mouth. The tingles that were flowing up her body were becoming more intense, and she began to hump her hips up into his face. She was losing it.

He released the lips of Eldora's cunt, watching them slowly withdraw back towards her body. He quickly teased his tongue over her clit. She gasped. He sucked her nub back into his mouth and rapidly lashed his tongue back and forth across it. She began to moan and buck into his face.

"OHHHH GAWD!" she cried, cumming. Her heels were digging into his upper back as all of her muscles grew tense. The inner walls of her vagina were convulsing as she had the most violent orgasm of her life. He got her off so quickly! She pushed his head away from her crotch with such force he was nearly upright on his knees. Eldora snapped her legs shut, still wincing as she tried to recover. She was gasping for breath, eyes closed as she desperately tried to recover.

He watched her chest heave as she tried to catch her breath. She had pretty big tits for such a small lady. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Let's go to the bedroom." She ordered, her accent apparent as she tried to regain control of the situation. She failed, as the big man stood up and slid one arm under her back and the other under her legs, lifting her up easily. A smile snuck onto her face and she fought to get rid of it. Her pussy was tingling uncontrollably -- she was dying to have something inside of it! She hadn't been carried to her bed since she was first married over 10 years ago!

He walked into her bedroom and laid her down on the bed that she shared nightly with her husband. He was about to get on top of her when she stopped him.

"Take off your clothes." She ordered. He complied, standing up and pulling his shirt over his head and off. Eldora sat up on the side of the bed as Jamie pushed his jeans down to his feet and kicked them and his socks off. Her eyes were locked onto that bulge in his underwear. It looked pretty long and thick! Her guess was confirmed when he pushed his underwear down to his ankles and stepped out of them. His hard cock was free, and she felt her pussy moisten even further at the sight. He stood right in front of her and she hesitantly reached forward.

He held still as Eldora's fingers wrapped around the hard shaft of his thick pole. Her eyes were locked right on his cock. The two of them watched her hand slowly stroke up and down his member. She used to give her husband blowjobs quite a bit, but even those haven't been too frequent of late. She didn't really like giving them, but with this new cock in her hand she found herself drawn to do that very thing.

Heart pounding, she leaned forward and brought his cock down to her mouth. She slipped her lips over the head and he moaned in appreciation. She slowly ran her lips down the shaft of his member until they reached the base. She could deep throat! Her fingers began to play with his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his rod. He pushed her hair back from her face so he could watch her suck on his manhood.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' the sucking noises could be heard outside the bedroom as Eldora bobbed her head back and forth. Her lips left behind a trail of saliva on his shaft every time she withdrew. She sucked harder, and the slurping noises grew even louder. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' she gobbled on his dick hungrily. He closed his eyes for a moment. She was truly an expert! Her lips were gliding along his stiff pole like a pussy! He opened his eyes to see that Eldora was looking up at him while giving him head. He could see lust in those dark-hazel eyes of hers. She buried his cock in her mouth all the way and held it there, still looking up at him. He could hear her breathing through her nose, her mouth was right around his base and his cock was against her throat. She was sucking on him gently.

He reached down her back and began to pull up her red sweater. She pulled his penis out of her mouth and raised her arms, allowing him to pull her shirt over her head and off. Her tits were straining against a black bra. She had huge tits for such a small woman!

She eagerly stuffed his cock back into her mouth, getting into a fast rhythm right away. Her bra straps were falling down her shoulders and it looked incredibly sexy. He had to fuck her. Lifting up her chin, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and gently pushed her back on the bed.

Jamie grabbed the waistband of her panties and Eldora raised her ass up off the bed, allowing him to roll them down her legs to her knees. The black triangle of her bush became exposed, and as he rolled the dainty things further down her legs he could see the swollen lips of her pussy. She pulled her feet out of them one by one and kept them in the air, spreading them apart.

"Lick me again." She ordered sexily, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of fucking her just yet.

He dove between her thighs and she squealed with delight as he jammed his tongue into her steamy hole. He placed his hands on the back of her legs and pushed them so that her knees were touching her breasts, forcing her to give her wonderful pussy to him. He pulled his tongue out of her tasty hole and slowly licked from the bottom of those swollen, sensitive lips up to the top. When he reached her clit his tongue gave a little wiggle over it, causing her to gasp and wriggle beneath him. He repeated the move, but this time started lower. His tongue did not touch her asshole, but it slowly ran up the skin that was between her asshole and her slit. It continued on up her slit to the top, again nudging her clit.

Eldora quivered. This was even better than the first time! His tongue nearly touched her asshole! That thought set her off. It would not be long before she would have to cum. Still pressing her legs against her tits, he again licked at the skin between her asshole and clit, ever so slowly. When he reached her slit, his tongue continued upward, just barely penetrating her pussy on the way. When he reached her clit again, he sucked it into her mouth.

"OHH!" she gasped, bucking into his face a little. He released her sensitive button and went back down. This time, before he started a thought popped into his brain. He had not yet kissed Eldora. He has never kissed Eldora on the lips -- not even a friendly one at functions! He had the opportunity to actually lick a woman's asshole before he even kissed her! This was too good to pass up -- she was the one that instigated this. Hell, she blackmailed him! What was she gonna do -- kick him out? No way!

He kissed each of her ass cheeks. He could clearly see the tight little anus. Jamie stuck his tongue out and slowly ran the tip around the rim of Eldora's asshole.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed, but her eyes widened in surprise. What was he doing? It felt so good! The tingling sensation spread from her pussy to her ass.

He pushed the tip of his tongue inside her tight hole before licking back up towards her slit. He slipped his tongue into her hot cunt. Her juices were flowing even more freely now, and he drank her nectar hungrily. He slowly teased his tongue back down the skin between her treasure and her bum, licking right past her asshole a little. He then circled the rim of her asshole again and he could hear her suck in her breath. He pushed his tongue back inside her asshole, this time getting it further in. He thrust his tongue in and out of her dirty little hole, and tingles of pleasure shot up her body.

Suddenly, he withdrew his tongue and clamped his mouth around her clitoris.

"UNH!" Eldora groaned as bolts of electricity fired up her tiny body. Just like that, an orgasm exploded within her. He was unable to continue holding her legs up against her chest as she straightened her legs on either side of his head, muscles tensing. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing as she came and came. "Ohhh gawd..." she shuddered, face wincing. Her hands pushed his head away, unable to take anymore. Jamie still managed to quickly lean forward and briefly kiss the swollen lips of her cunt one more time.

He began to crawl up the bed, and Eldora spread her legs, feet in the air, waiting for him. She was still trying to regain control of her senses, but that didn't negate the fact that she needed to have this man inside her!

Jamie paused at those lovely tits of hers, straining to get out of her black bra. His cock was sticking straight up, just inches from her exposed, horny pussy as he leaned down and kissed the side of her breast just inside her cleavage. He slowly moved the cup of her bra down, gradually revealing her dark areola. They were surprisingly dark, as she had such fair skin. Her small nipple was fully erect, and he wrapped his lips around it and gently sucked. Eldora moaned, tingles flowing from her breast to her crotch and back again. He was reaching underneath her body and she arched her back up and allowed him to get his fingers on the snap of her bra. He undid it, and the bra loosened. He released her tit and helped her pull off her bra.

Eldora was now completely naked.

He grabbed her tits in both hands and buried his face between her beautiful cleavage. He wrapped his lips around one nipple before quickly moving over to the other one. He kissed and licked the underside of her breasts and teased his tongue all around her dark areolas. She ran her fingers through his hair, moaning. Her bare feet were running up and down his legs, each time they reached his ass she tried to pull him further up, urging him to stick his cock in her.

All Jamie thought about as he sucked on those tits were visions of staring at Eldora's cleavage over the past few years. When such a small, skinny lady wore shirts with low necks, and had surprisingly large breasts, you tend to remember every sighting like it was yesterday. And here he was, kissing and licking all around those wonderful mounds.

Both of them were breathing laboriously as he kissed up her chest to her neck. He kissed up her neck to her chin and her lips were searching for his. He was about to kiss her mouth when he suddenly remembered that they had yet to do that. She had sucked his cock. He had licked her pussy and her asshole...yet they still have not kissed! Ever! The whole idea was so...different. So wrong. He wanted inside her before they kissed. He pulled back, looking down on her, his cock at full attention just above her needy pussy.

Eldora reached down between their naked bodies and wrapped her slender fingers around his fat pole. She touched the head of it on her clit and she gasped as tingles of pleasure went up her body. She slowly ran the head of his manhood down the sensitive lips of her treasure until it reached the entrance to her body. She left him there, waiting. Wanting.

Jamie slowly pushed forward and the head of his penis squeezed between the lips of Eldora's hot vagina.

"Ohhhh..." they both moaned in unison as the top two inches of his cock forced its way inside her tight pussy. He was entering his wife's OTHER friend! He pulled back a little before pushing the rest of his hard, thick cock into this small woman's little cunt.

"UNH!" Eldora cried out, feeling his hot pole enter her all the way. Her twat was as tight and hot as they come -- every inch of him was being gripped tightly as if in a vacuum. He held himself deep inside her, watching the look of pleasure on her face. When she opened her eyes, Jamie finally kissed her. She opened her mouth and he was quick to send his tongue inside. She moaned with pleasure, sending her own tongue into his mouth as her hands caressed up and down his back. Her sensitive vagina felt his rigid member as he slowly eased it out of her inch by inch. He pushed it back inside, poking at the back of her cunt.

"Mmmph!" she moaned into his mouth when he entered her again. Having a new man inside of her felt incredible -- her pussy wasn't used to having such thickness in it. She shot her tongue far into his mouth as he gently made love to her on the bed she shared with her husband. She raised her feet in the air and they began to wave back and forth each time he entered her.

From the doorway, one could see this big 225-pound man completely covering this tiny 90-pound woman, her legs spread wide and her feet in the air. The two of them kissed like long lost lovers, the sounds of their lips smacking could be heard even outside the room, and they were breathing laboriously. Their tongues were dancing against each other. Eldora's little ass was bouncing off the bed, and she was humping her hips upwards, meeting each of his thrusts. She was urging him to go faster, loving how his organ felt gliding along the slick walls of her cunt.

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