On Three


I can't imagine an officer, at least one like me, ending up in a situation like this. It was humiliating...and strangely erotic. There I was, tied to a beautiful woman, both of us down to our unmentionables, while she rode me like a two-bit stripper and I tried my best not to embarrass myself by losing it right in my boxers.

Oh, right, you probably wanna know how this thing started. Well, a few weeks ago we got a kid fresh out of the academy -- Julie Sanders. There were two good things about Julie's arrival: For one, I wasn't the kid on the force anymore, and two, I now had the finest looking partner at the station. My old partner had retired a week before Julie got here. Although he was a salty cop, I didn't learn much from him as I was a goof-off and he had stopped giving a shit by that point. I can't blame him. There's not much to do in this town except keep the kids from spitting on the sidewalk. That's why I'm about as competent as Barney fuckin' Fife and I still have a job.

That's where Julie and me, Frank Grimes, are different. For me, the force is a way of putting a TV dinner on the table, for her, it's a way of life. Julie doesn't belong in this town, she should be out cracking some dirtbags' skulls down in the city. She was serious about this whole thing -- even what little paperwork I had to do she finished for me in a quarter the time. Now there wasn't a whole lot to do except daydream about how much I wanted her. She was feisty, a really sharp girl. Not to mention that whatever that karate shit she did every day kept her so fit. I could tell even with the modest uniform.

I don't know what she would see in a fuck-up like me, though. The one time I made a move went something like this:

"Hey, Julie, do you wanna grab a cup of coffee at lunch?"

"What's that, Frank?"

"Oh, uh, I just asked if you could grab me a cup of coffee at lunch...you know, if you're going down to Starbucks?"

Anyway, enough about all that bullshit. We got a call one day to this mansion by the hills. There's a few of them there, mostly summer homes for middle-aged lawyers and middle-tier businessmen. Apparently, there was a break-and-enter at one and the alarm went off, but no call to the station. The owners were probably away. We walked up and rang the bell, figuring the cat had set off the alarm. No reply. After trying that for a few minutes, we decided to break open the door.

"Police, open up!" Julie yelled. No response once again, so she kicked the door in. Neither of us expected what happened next. As we walked in, fully prepared for an empty house, a shot ricocheted off the floor right next to my feet. We both gasped a little bit, then drew our weapons.

"Put your guns down," came a voice from inside the parlor we were standing in. I looked to my right as some skinhead-looking thug pointed a pistol at us. As we spun to face him, another shot ricocheted off the floor. I jumped and my gun flew from my hand. Well, I can't say I expected any better of myself. At least Julie knew how to keep her cool, I thought. It didn't matter, though.

"Well, since one of you has already done as I asked, how about you as well, little lady." Julie's expression of exasperation turned to one of determination as she stared the thug down. She was too proud to give it up,even though these were probably small time out-of-towners with balls too big for their brains looking to get away with some jewelry and a big screen TV.

"Look, I've got my boys up there ready to shoot, but I don't wanna have to kill nobody." Finally, she set her gun on the floor and kicked it away.

"Well, well, looky here. We've got a couple of cops and nothing to do with them," the thug said as his "boys" stepped down from the balcony and picked up our guns. "Hey, all that stuff you got...those badges and uniforms might come in handy. Why don't you take 'em off?"

"You can't be serious." Julie said almost timidly. Actually having to pull a gun was a new experience for both of us. Now this was getting ridiculous, like something you see in a movie. But I didn't give a shit at this point, I just wanted to get out alive. I was out of my shirt and jacket and lowering my pants when I looked over and saw Julie still fully clothed with a sheepish look on her face.

"Come on, let's just get our asses home in one piece," I whispered to her.

"We can remove your uniform for you, if you'd prefer," the thug said. At that, she threw off her jacket and quickly unbuttoned her shirt and threw it off as well. Her pants came next as they slithered down her toned legs.

"Now let's get you two tied up." One of the burglars pulled a few lengths of rope from the fancy curtains while the other one brought a chair out to us. "You, sit down."

I did as instructed and sat in the chair. "Good, now you sit in his lap." Julie scowled as she walked up to me. One of the burglars hit her on the back with the butt of his gun so she fell onto my lap. My hands were locked in my own cuffs -- the same happened to her. They tied our midsections together and to the chair with the length of the ropes. As they cinched each one, it drew our bodies together and drove her crotch into mine.

"Let's finish this job." The burglars walked off. I shut my eyes hard and opened them, expecting to wake up in my bed. But no, here I was strapped to the object of my desire, both of us in our underwear. I wished this were a dream -- then I couldn't be held accountable for my actions. She had a maroon set of bra and panties on along with elegant black stockings. I tried not to stare, but the ropes held her chest damn close to eye level.

"Do you always wear this to work?" I blurted out.

"No, I have a date tonight and -- dammit, Frank! This isn't the time to be interrogating me about my underwear! We need to find a way to call for help."

"No one within miles, screaming ain't gonna do anything."

"Well, maybe now that those goons are gone, we can find a way to get loose."

I sure hoped so...kind of. I wasn't really sure what to think at this point. There was, of course, no way to ignore what was sitting in my lap. This hot little half-naked number with her cleavage pressing against my neck and pussy right on top of little Frank. Just being so close to her was arousing. I could feel myself swelling underneath her and bit my tongue, hoping to keep it under control. Fortunately, I managed to restrain myself before things went too far. I knew I couldn't hold out for long though. My last girlfriend broke up with me almost a year ago and I had been dating Rosie Palms ever since, and even she didn't satisfy me too much lately.

"Look, the kitchen's over there," she motioned to an open door, "we can get a knife from there to cut these ropes."

"All right."

"My feet can just barely touch the floor. Can yours?"


"Okay, we can nudge the chair over there together. On three, you push back and I'll push forward. Ready, one, two, three!"

We pushed together and the chair slid back almost half an inch. She thrust her hips straight into mine as we moved. God, this felt like a lapdance, one where the stripper would slap you if you enjoyed it. I turned my head to see that the kitchen looked a million miles away. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"One, two, three." With each thrust, my erection grew and there was nothing I could do to stop it. We were barely a quarter of the way there by the time I was fully hard. Who the fuck needs such a big house anyway?

"Um, Frank, I can feel something. Is that--"

"Dammit, Julie. You can't expect a guy to be tied to a gorgeous woman with her writhing on his lap and for him not to react!"

"Oh...sorry, it's just that, well, it's a bit--"

"You'll just have to deal with it until we get loose. I'm sorry, but that's how it is."

Her cheeks began to turn a little red at my statement of frustration. Every time we moved the damn chair it was "One, two, three" and she'd push that pussy of hers, in those tight little maroon panties, right into my cock. My dick began to throb by the time we were halfway there. I felt a few drops squeeze out of my head and soak into my boxers. I hoped she didn't feel that. Dammit, Frank, why'd you have to pick this week to go out and get drunk every night. So drunk you couldn't even get it up to whack off.

"One, two, three," thrust! My member throbbed against her pussy even harder. I felt my balls begin to tighten. Oh great, I could feel an orgasm building. I tried just ignoring it for a few steps, but to no avail. The cold air had made Julie's nipples erect, and she pushed her pert breasts right into me every time we moved the chair. I kept getting hornier and hornier, in a way, wishing I could release right there to avoid any future temptation. I let out a little yelp of arousal as her hips ground against mine again.

"Frank, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

On the next push, I involuntarily let out a more obviously sexual grunt.

"Are you going to, uh...."

"Sorry, can't help it," I said through gritted teeth.

"Ugh, Frank! Okay, maybe we should stop and rest for a second," she said and looked away, getting even redder as she mouthed "Gross." For a girl who tried to be tough-as-nails, I knew she was a little innocent and naïve off the job. I would have put money on this being the first time in a long while she had worn something sexy, even if it was under her uniform.

The rest gave me a chance to cool off, but there was no way my arousal would go away with Julie strapped to me. We were about three-quarters of the way to the kitchen when my predicament worsened. The constant shifting of our bodies had loosened the hole in my boxers. With one more mighty thrust, Julie had opened the hole far enough that my prick sprung free as she pulled her hips back and slapped against her pubic area. We both looked down to see the engorged reddish head pressed between her maroon panties and my stomach.

"Oops," she said in an uncharacteristically girlish voice. Back to her normal tone: "Fuck it, we're almost there, almost free. Just hold on."

"It's fine, you're right, just keep going." Honestly, I didn't care if she saw my dick -- she had already been feeling it for the last ten minutes. The only problem was that I was now rubbing right against her. The constant pressure had pushed her panties right into her snatch, so now on every thrust my dick would rub against the curves of her cloth-covered lips. When she slid back, my dick would rest against her panties and the very tip would throb against her stomach, a few inches below her belly button. Every movement of the chair was even better than the last as I became more and more aroused. I began to leak a little again. A few drops dribbled out onto her skin and ran down to soak into her panties. She peered down for a second, but then drove on. At this point, I was barely helping her to move the chair. She pushed on making little disgusted grunts half the time while I got closer and closer to cumming, sprinkling the waistband of her panties with precum. Every "One, two, three" brought me to the edge of release. I should have yelled "Stop!" before we got this close, but now I wanted to cum. It wouldn't be my fault, right? I felt my prick spasming, almost completely out of control. "One, two, three," the quick rub against her lips left me so close. Probably one or two more thrusts and I'd shoot all over her pretty panties and taut stomach. "One, two, three," oh so close this time. I felt myself leak again onto her. Just tell her to stop, I told myself. But I couldn't, I had lost all sense of dignity and restraint. I just wanted release, I wanted to see my seed spray all over that lithe body.

"One, two, three," and the next thrust bumped the chair against a counter top. "We made it," she said, bringing me out of my trance. I looked around and realized I hadn't even noticed we had made it to the kitchen. I sighed, half in relief and half in disappointment. Would cumming right on Julie have made this already awkward memory even more embarrassing? Would a little relief be so taboo? I mean, we were already rubbing against each other like teens in the back seat of a Volkswagen.

"Here's what we're gonna do. These ropes don't look to sturdy. So I'll hold this knife down to the counter and you rock the chair, very gently," she emphasized those last two words, "enough to cut through them, got it?"

"Yeah," I replied, still in a daze, but taken by Julie's resourcefulness. She lifted her arms and pulled a knife from the woodblock using the chains of her cuffs. Then she held it sturdy on the counter behind her with her cuffed hands.

"Okay, on three, you lean the chair until I say stop. One, two, three." I had to strain to lean the chair as my legs were bound at the ankles to the chair legs. I pushed it gently until, "Stop!"

Julie pulled the knife toward her and then tilted it down toward her back. "Push just a little more," so I did and she moved the knife back and forth with her fingers.

"Fuck!" She grumbled as I heard a tearing sound. The highest rope went loose and fell away. So did one of her bra cups. Her breasts bounced as the bra loosened and one strap fell from her shoulder, revealing her left tit. That rope must have been tied right near the clasp of her bra, I guess she cut through both by accident. I let go and the chair fell back to its upright position, causing Julie to drop the knife. I glanced down to see her pert little exposed tit and the nipple at the end that seemed to grow even more erect as the cold air hit it. My dick gave a twitch at the sight.

"Eyes up, Grimes!" she barked. "That knife is too short for these other ropes anyway. Tell me when I've got my fingers on a long knife." She groped around with her cuffed hands on the counter behind her. When her fingers hit one of the longer knives in the woodblock, I said: "That one looks good."

"I'm gonna use the counter to get some leverage again. Lean toward it again on one, two, three." I did as instructed again. Julie deftly maneuvered the knife so the blade tilted down past the counter top. I peered over to see her sawing away at the next rope, using the counter to apply extra force to the blade and her fingers to make a sawing motion. I was quite impressed by her dexterity. However, the up-and-down motion she was making with her arms drew my attention more. As she cut the rope, her breasts jiggled so deliciously, and her torn-up bra was struggling to stay on. The next rope snapped off and the bra slipped a little more. She winced as the final rope broke, cursing again under her breath as her cutting motion had shaken the intact strap off her shoulder. The bra fell off her chest and down her arm, resting on a cuffed wrist. I let go at the sight of her bare breasts.

However, this time, she had been able to move off of me a good bit after a few of the ropes were cut. This time, instead of us both falling back on the chair as one, I fell into the backrest and the ropes that kept Julie's ankles tied to the chair threw her forward right at me. Her torso slammed into mine, sending us reeling back as well as the chair. The chair fell backwards and took us with it. The back of the chair crushed my arms painfully, but it didn't seem to cause too much damage. I think I walked out of there with just bruises. Julie fell right on top of me, trapping me under her weight. Now that the ropes around our torsos had been cut, she could slide forward freely. Her uncovered breasts were now pressed into my face. We both cursed.

'Sorry," I said. The words were muffled by her chest. "I can try to lift us back up." She wriggled around in this uncomfortable position, causing her soft mounds to push into my mouth a bit as I spoke. My tongue darted out a tiny bit to taste her breast -- I hoped she would just think that was an innocent accident.

"All right, I'll slide back while you push up. One, two, three," I pushed with my arms and pulled up at my abdomen while she slid back into my lap. Holy fuck, lifting both our weights was quite a task. Guess that gym membership finally came in handy. My backward push-up/sit-up combo with Julie leaning backward lifted us to the point that the chair tilted forward again. It rocked toward the counter and it hit Julie in the back, but at least it kept us upright. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"At least we're outta that mess," I said.

"We still need to cut these ropes around our ankles." She looked over at the knife she had dropped earlier. "If I can slide off your lap, I bet I can use that knife to cut them. Hold your legs together."

I pushed my knees together and tucked them in as far as I could as she slid herself backwards, keeping her legs spread wide so she could fall off my lap. Her knees hit the floor next to the legs of the chair, her ankles still held in place. Falling to her knees threw her momentum forward, planting her torso right between my legs. She let out a gasp as the force took her by surprise, jerking her head forward. Her open mouth fell right onto my erection, the fall pushing the head and half the shaft right into her mouth. Christ, this is a cruel trick to be playing on me! I would've exploded right there down her throat if it hadn't been for the brief reprieve a minute earlier. The warmth and moistness of her mouth felt wonderful and reminded me of how much I needed to cum. A muffled yelp of surprise came from her mouth, but all I felt of it was the wonderful vibration of her tongue against my shaft. Another drop leaked out and she seemed to guzzle it by accident before she extricated my member from her mouth by leaning back. She turned a deep shade of red while my dick pulsated right in her face.

"Oh, God, I'm sorry," she said with that sheepish look on her face again, a thousand times over. She leaned back farther to grope for the knife. Gripping the knife in her palm, she brought it up to her left ankle. She had to thrust out her chest to be able to see where she was cutting as well as to reach her ankle. As she twisted to the left and thrust her chest, her right breast hit the underside of my shaft. When she began to cut the rope, making that familiar up-and-down motion, her tit would rub up and down the bottom of my erection. This only teased it -- the touch was too light to get me off. The rope broke and freed both our ankles from the right leg of the chair. She repeated the operation on the other side. As her breast pushed up and down my shaft again, I couldn't help but release a little more precum, which dripped down onto her tit.

Snap! The last rope was finally cut. We both stood up, sore from being trapped in such strange positions for the last however long it was. I couldn't help but stare at Julie's figure, clad only in panties, stockings, and the little droplets I had left on her. I twitched at the sight, releasing a little more fluid. My eyes flicked away from her for a second out of guilt. I knew how I must have looked, my dick hanging out shamefully, crying for more.

"Oh, thank God! Now let's find some clothes and maybe something that can break these cuffs."

As she said this, a voice shouted "Police!" Two guys from our station burst into the room with their guns out. Julie screamed and hid behind the chair while I stood staring at them like an idiot. So much for my career as a cop.

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This could just as easily have fit in humour, it's pretty funny at times.

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