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On Top


Her hair was lank. It hung in curtains around her face and trailed dismally over his chest. She wriggled. Her hands were flat against his firm muscles. She flexed her fingers and felt the skin pucker under her nails. She was so full, the hardness so deep into her being, that every small movement magnified into a groan of inner pressure. She pushed harder with her hips, twisted them, grinding and pressing her stiff clit into his pelvis. Exhaustion ran through her in waves. Her arms shook, her legs ached, and she would end it now, explode upon him if he would let her.

She leaned forward to relieve the growing frustration just a small bit, felt her nipples brush his chest hair and the feeling made her moan. He bucked and sent waves of sensation rippling through her. Thrill and need, delight and ache. There was a bruised feeling so high up that she knew she will have pangs of remembrance for days after this. She moaned with anguish and delight.

He bucked again and again. Her hair slid up onto his shoulder and covered the sides of his face so that they became lovers hidden away from the world. Two children in a play fort made of covers and secrets. Another forceful push from him and this time she shrieked "Oh. I can't hold it. Oh please."

Her thighs were shaking and tremors ripped through her arms. Her breasts shook, swaying in time to a rhythm she felt pounding in her groin. Perspiration trickled down her spine and pooled in the hollow made by her raised buttocks. She felt her juices running out over his pole and wondered how she had any left. Bizarrely, she wondered about them trailing down over his balls and if he would make her lick them clean when he finished with her here. She moaned at the thought.

He will grab her hair and yank her head to his throbbing cock. He'll tell her to lick it clean, make her take it in her mouth and he'll pull her all the way onto it. Then pull her head away and force her to his balls, telling her to lick them good. She'll lap at them until every drop of her has been taken off. She'll use her tongue to pull and tug at them, make them bounce and tense. She'll think of them full and needing release. When he shoves her mouth onto his hard pole again, she'll do everything to get at that store of jism.

Her thoughts were making her shake harder than ever. Moans were being forced from her throat with or without the rod impaling her thrusting upward. Every upward jolt, though, pushed an extra moan past her constricted throat and met a flood of liquid gushing down through her flowering sex.

"Please," she whispered in a hoarse voice that no longer sounded like her own. "I can't stop it." The shudders were wracking her frame, her head was about to burst.

His hands grabbed the cord tied around her wrists and jerked it over his head. She fell forward onto his chest, her mouth inches from his and he closed that gap. Kissed her hard. Crushed her lips against his teeth. Turned his cheek so her head fell next to his and spoke into her ear. It made her jump and his hard length sank deeper into her, making her groan so loudly she could barely hear him.

"Is this what you wanted?"

Shivers met every syllable. Her organs melted and her flesh drew away from her, reaching out for him. Yes. This is what she wanted. What she'd asked for.

He had been giving her a choice. Toying with her. His torment of her building with each session. Since the very first time he'd tied her and held her inches from orgasm for so long she'd screamed and babbled at him. Even reared up in anger and frustration. He'd held her until the agony passed, then made her climax in an earthshattering moment that broke her inside. Freed her from the convention she'd lived her life by. When she'd stopped screaming and wound down into a gasping, sobbing kind of breathless heap, he'd asked her how she wanted to cum next. She hadn't been able to think then, so he offered her several choices and she remembers saying "Yes, please," to each and every one. He made her pick one first, then made her orgasm each of the ways she'd said yes to.

After that first time with her hands bound, he'd tied her every session and tormented her into submission before making her cum in ways that left her shaken and lost within herself. Then he'd gone on each time to ask her how she wanted her next orgasm. That was months past and she was only now able to tell him what she wanted next.

This night, gasping and reeling, she'd mentioned the one thing he hadn't given her. The one way she'd always needed before him. On top. The only way she'd ever cum before him. Sitting on top, impaling herself and riding it with grinding motions that made her feel so delicious. Gave her sensations stabbing through her groin. Bouncing and playing, pushing her tits out and seeing the boy's eyes pop out in joy.

"How will you cum next?" His words had slipped into her weariness and triggered the thought she'd had only days before.

"On top." She'd blurted.

"On top." The way she'd always been before him. Riding free and easy and taking her orgasm when she wanted. A nice, gentle climax that began as a small glow and flared into a sweet fire. A chorus of song that would leave her wanting more. Leave her with a burning afterward that she would keep with her for hours. A delicious warmth that she could hold and sleep within. Often, the man would hold on and she'd have several rising tide like blossomings that might even become waves lapping at her. Depending how far aflame the man would have gotten her before she traced the hairline with her delicate fingers, reached up, grabbed and mounted. Depending how much a stallion the man was, how hard the cock or how full the ministrations had been in prologue.

"On top" meant something different with him. He untied her ankles from the bed, raised her legs and impaled himself deep in her. She gasped. Already fatigued from the hours of torment, she was putty. He reached over her head and freed her hands from the headboard while still keeping them bound to each other, he pushed her knee and rolled her over onto him. His hands shoved her tall above him and it sent his shaft completely in her. She had just strength enough for a surprised "Oh" burst from her very heart before he set her hands on his broad chest and bucked her. Banged her open battered sex.

Her hair draped around her face and hung down, covering the two of them. She tried to ride, to take control, take over the pace just like all the other times, but she knew in her soul that there was no comparison. The orgasm he'd forced upon her after breaking through her barriers this time had shattered her bones. She had nothing left to keep from him. This was a pale attempt to bring herself closer to the wan woman she'd been before him. The flare of colors he gave her with every thrust into her life forced her further from the person she'd always believed herself to be.

She dropped. Felt herself give in completely and his impossibly hard pole reached further inside her than she'd ever felt before. She saw her life the same way. He was that hard length, shoving itself further and further into her days, making her want more and more, bringing her new sensations, new feelings with every thrust. She was able to do little more than stay and let him have everything he'll take.

She felt herself go completely limp and feared that she had fainted. Checked herself mentally and realized that she'd merely given herself completely to him. He could claim her now. Take his mastery, whatever he wanted and all he would. That he could leave whatever huddled remains he would not have behind him when he goes. And she would give it all.

With that, he rolled to the side, clasping her to him, buried to the hilt. He sat on the edge of the bed, bounced her there, eliciting vague screams of delight or delirium or pain or need. He rose and slammed her into the wall. The hard surface on her back shoved him into her deeper than her imagination allowed and she hadn't even a scream to describe the feeling. As he pounded her, she came in a far away place that shook her every nerve. And he answered. The jets of hot magma spewed out of him. She felt him jerking and jolting. She was so completely out of control that her body spasmed of its own accord, yanking more from him, making him pump himself dry.

He was still hard inside her as he laid her softly upon the gentle covers and turned their bodies so they could sleep a dreamless night.

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