One Blissful Night


"Hi, Billy," she whispered, giving me a little smile.

I sighed. "Look, Hannah—"

"Don't, Billy," she said quickly, looking nervous. Her eyes swelled a little as she held back tears. "I know what you're gonna say, so don't. It's no big deal."

I blinked, astounded at her words. "'It's no big deal?'" I echoed, dumbfounded. "Jesus Christ, Hannah! Until less than an hour ago, you were a virgin!"

Hannah blinked profusely, looking down at her bowl of sunflower seeds. Tears dribbled down her cheeks. "I know," she said. She lifted her face, giving me a look that would make Hitler weep. "It felt really good," she said with a shuddering laugh. Her lips quivered.

I approached Hannah, and she watched me, staring with those wide brown doe-eyes, as I knelt before her. I took her trembling hands in mine. "That's not the point," I said. "Hannah, baby . . . why . . . why me? Why like this?"

She slowly shook her head, her eyes never leaving mine as they burned into my soul. "I don't know," she said in a choked, little-girl voice. "I-I guess . . . I mean, ever since puberty . . ." she paused, sucking her lips as she thought. "I used to watch you do yard work, and play soccer, and I'd hear all the girls talk about what a hunk you are, and . . . I mean, you were always around, and . . . and . . . ." she huffed, sniffled, pursing her lips.

I was quiet, massaging her hands. My guilt was fading, replaced by the acceptance that Hannah had, in a roundabout way, wanted to do what we did. Maybe she had not planned it like this, but it had obviously been on her mind.

"I used to . . . fantasize about you," she said with an uneasy smile. "I'd make up all these little scenarios in my head. God, if you only knew how many times we've made love in my dreams. I'd get jealous when you went out with other girls, and . . . and when I started dating, I just . . . I kept thinking about you, and how I couldn't think of anyone else in the world I'd wanna give it up to." She sniffed again, shrugged. "'Cept maybe Brad Pitt," she added with a smile.

I couldn't help but laugh. The tension was fading as we talked about it. "All this time," I said, looking to her hands as I rubbed them with my fingers. "I always thought—"

"Yeah, I know, that's what everybody thinks," she said with a rueful laugh. "Hannah the slut. Hannah, who fucks a different guy every night of the week. Just 'cause I flirt a lot and go out a lot, people just assume I'm this big ho. I mean, sure, I've given lots of blow jobs, but . . ." she suddenly blushed.

"Hannah, I don't think you're a slut," I said.

She gazed into my eyes. "Wanna know why I stayed home tonight?"

I studied her beautiful face. "Why?"

My sister lifted her face, staring at the ceiling a moment. She sniffed. "There's this guy – Joe – I've been seeing," she said. "He's older, and, uh . . . married." She laughed in self-admonishment, looking back down at me. "I met him at Starbuck's, and we just . . . hit it off. I thought it was kind'a hot to be the 'other woman,' you know? And at first, he was just happy to do oral stuff. But Joe started saying we should go all the way. He pretty much figured out I was a virgin, and he said he'd be real gentle, and make it nice for me . . . ."

My sister squeezed her eyes shut a moment, making a few more tears dribble out. Automatically, I reached up and wiped them away. Hannah shuddered, breathing out. She smiled fondly upon me.

"It was supposed to be tonight," she continued. "He had it all planned out. Nice hotel room, champagne, roses, candlelight . . . but I couldn't do it. I mean . . . I just had this feeling. Like, I'd go through with it, and it would be as good as he said it would be . . . ."

I nodded. "But that would be it," I finished for her. "He'd probably never call you again."

Hannah nodded, swallowed her tears. "Yeah. And I'd be stuck with giving up my cherry to an older married guy I'd never see again."

"That's why you turned off your phone," I said, understanding.

Hannah squeezed my hands, her eyes glittering as she looked upon me. "We were supposed to meet at six," she said. "Have dinner first, then . . . then, you know . . ." She breathed in heavily, let it out. "I just couldn't do it. I wanted to . . . God, I wanted to! I was so freakin' horny all day! But I started thinking about it, and . . . I mean, he only wanted me 'cause I'm eighteen and a virgin. I didn't wanna get popped like that. I wanted to do it with someone I could still be with afterward."

I stared back. "So, when I came home . . . ."

My sister nodded, smiling again. "I mean, I really didn't plan it this way, but . . . well, it's always been in the back of my mind. You know my friend Michelle?"

I nodded. Michelle was a slightly chubby, freckled brunette with long, thick brown hair and a cute face.

"She's been messing around with her brother for a while," said Hannah. "The first time she did anything, it was with him. I always wondered why they were so close. When she told me that – and I've never told anybody else – I just started thinking about you and me. We've always been close, too. And all those times I watched you . . . like I said, I guess it's always been in the back of my mind."

She suddenly laughed, smiling affectionately. "So tonight, when you came home, and you were so pissed about Sandra . . . I really didn't think I'd do more than give you a blow job," she said. She blushed. "I mean, at first, I just felt bad for you. You were so angry, and frustrated about it, and . . . and to be honest, I needed something to tide me over. And there you were, all hard and . . . holy shit, it was so big, I just couldn't help it."

Despite myself, I smiled, laughing softly. I looked down, noting how smooth and perfect her tanned legs were.

"Did you like it, Billy?" she suddenly asked.

I lifted my head, giving her a surprised look. "What?"

She worked her lips, making them pout. "Did you like it?" she asked again.

I sighed. "Oh, Hannah . . . it was . . . amazing," I said. "Why would you even ask?"

She blushed, smiling broadly. "Really?"

I nodded. "How do you feel?" I asked her. "I mean, you know . . . down there."

Hannah shrugged. "Kind'a sore," she said. "It doesn't hurt, it's just . . . like, raw or something. It's all puffy and swollen, but I think that's normal. I'm okay."

I hung my head, conflicted in my feelings. On the one hand, I felt a strange sense of pride for having been the one man my sister had chosen to give herself to. On the other hand, I understood that it had been fundamentally wrong, no matter how good it had felt.

"Hannah," I said, looking down. "I don't know what to make of all this. I mean, I love you, baby, and I always will—"

"I love you, too, Billy," she said quickly, making me look up. Her face glowed sweetly.

"—but you're my sister," I said meaningfully.

Hannah nodded. "I know," she said. "And I know that, as much as I wish we could be together, we can't. Not like, forever. But . . . Billy, I just want you to know that . . . what happened between us . . . I'll never regret it. I can't think of any other man I'd want to be my first. You've always been so good to me. And at least, I can say that the man I gave my virginity to will always love me, and be there for me."

I smiled suddenly. My sister's strange logic made sense. "You don't have to worry about that," I said. I lifted up, and she eagerly met my kiss. And it wasn't just a little peck, either. Hannah moaned, parting her lips, slipping her tongue in my mouth. She sighed deeply, sucking my lips, chased after me as I pulled back.

"Careful," she said heatedly. She smiled sexily. "You're gonna get me all hot again."

I felt a stirring in my groin, and my libido intruded upon my rational mind. My eyes wandered over my sister's slender body. "Would that be so bad?"

Hannah swooned, giving me an impassioned look. Her hands slipped from mine and cupped my face. Her lips pouted. "Billy, don't tease me," she pleaded softly.

I stared into her eyes, took the bowl away from her lap. My sister breathed in sharply, her arousal spiking again. "B-Billy," she stammered. She looked down, seeing that her beautiful, nearly-platinum pussy was revealed to me. I looked as well. Her pussy was swollen, red, puffy, her clit thick and poking out from beneath it's hood. Wispy hair surrounded her sex, so soft and ethereal, almost pure white as it extended down to her perineum. I had never seen a pussy so blonde. The aroma of soap mingled with the sharp essence of her arousal.

I looked back up to my sister's face as I slipped my hands to her firm cheeks, pulling her to the edge of the couch. Willingly, Hannah scooted forward, staring at me, letting out small gasps. She uncurled her legs, spreading them wide as her perfect little ass was poised at the edge of the couch. She leaned back on her arms, her legs hovering in the air.

"Do you want me to—" I began.

"Yes!" moaned my sister desperately. "P-please."

I smiled, lowered my head. I inspected my sister's sweet, fragrant cunt. Her inner lips had swelled, slipping past her swollen vulvae, so pink and tender and wet. Her anus was as smooth and pink as her pussy, evidence that she retained her virginity there. I sighed, incredibly turned on. I realized that I was about to go down on my own sister, and as perverted as the idea was, it turned me on immensely.

Fuck it, I'm a perv, I thought, and pressed my mouth to my sister's sweet, warm, succulent pussy. I moaned as I tasted her, sucking her wet lips, lapping up and down her slick cunt.

"Oh, God!" cried Hannah, placing a hand behind my head. "Oh, Billy, don't stop! Please, oh fucking hell don't stop!"

I groaned into my sister's pussy, loving the feel of her soft, wispy pubes against my cheeks and nose. I sucked eagerly, wetly, shaking my head back and forth. Hannah pushed her cunt against my mouth, giggling and sighing with pleasure as I serviced her. She rolled her hips, giving herself fully to me.

I slipped my mouth up to her clit, sucked it between my lips, nursing it, gently chewing upon it. Hannah tensed, gasped, and shrieked enjoyably. "Oh, yes! Mmmm . . . Ohyesohyesohyes!" she panted hotly, humping my mouth. "Do it, Billy! Make me cum! Oh, Goddddd . . . ."

I sucked and slurped, pushed and pulled, digging deep in her tight tunnel with my tongue, drawing her lips into my mouth, lashing at her clit and sucking it hard. Hannah convulsed, crying out as her first orgasm overcame her. She bucked her hips, her juicy cunt literally spurting in my mouth. I devoured her tangy fluid, swallowing it down lovingly. Damn, she tasted so good!

I kept sucking her, making my sister shake and wince. She tried to push me away from her sensitive clit, but I maintained my lip-lock on her drenched cunt, sucking her hard. Hannah screamed, falling back against the couch, planting her little feet on the cushions and lifting her hips, mashing her pussy against my mouth. My sister came again and again, until she was writhing incoherently beneath me, her pussy literally flowing. Her inner thighs, the cheeks of her ass, as well as my chin and lips, were soaked with her sweet cum.

Hannah heaved, breasts rising and falling. At some point between orgasms, she had torn off her garment and was now totally naked beneath me. Her thick puffies glowed a dark pink, her nipples incredibly erect and jutting up almost half an inch. I moved up over her body, sucking one of those sweet mounds into my mouth, lavishing her nipple with my tongue. Hannah cooed, her body shaking under me.

"Fuck me again, Billy," she gasped, rolling her hips urgently. She slid her hands down my body and pushed my shorts off my hips. My cock sprang out, instantly seeking the source of her heat. "Oh, God, please do it to me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me all night."

I moaned, and kissed my sister deeply as I slid my stiff cock inside her. We both moaned at the sensation of my cock swallowed up in her tight, spasming tunnel. Hannah sucked desperately on my tongue and lips, devouring her own cum, then moved to my chin and neck as I plunged again and again inside her. My sister wrapped her legs around me, locking her ankles, and bucked back against my thrusts, fucking me as eagerly as I fucked her. We both gasped and moaned, sharing kisses now and then as we made love.

Hannah winced, her pussy squeezing tight around my dick, then cried out as she came yet again, shuddering under me. Her cunt spasmed, soaking my dick, her juices flowing out to saturate my pubic hair and balls as they smacked against her ass. I was incredibly turned on, and fucked her harder through her orgasm, even though she was so tight that I could barely move inside her.

"Oh, God, Billy!" cried Hannah as I pounded her. Her penny-colored eyes glowed as she stared up at me, caressing my face lovingly with her hands. "I wanna feel it! Cum inside me! Please! Oh, God, please!"

I groaned loudly, my body shaking. I thrust hard, mashing my pubis against hers, watching her puffy blonde-haired lips stretched wide around my cock. The contrast of her incredibly light-toned pubes against my darker hair was erotic, as well as the sight of her glowing pink clit hovering above the shaft of my thrusting cock. Hannah's eagerness, her moans, her cries, her tight, wet pussy . . . it was all too much.

"Oh, Jesus!" I cried, arching my back, driving deep inside her. Realizing I was about to cum, Hannah gasped loudly, clutching my ass in her hands, digging her fingers into my cheeks.

"Don't stop, Billy! Don't stop! Uhmmmm . . . ."

I let out a long, satisfied sigh as I ejaculated inside my sister's tight, sucking pussy, filling her womb with gouts of sperm. I kept pumping, spurting over and over, and Hannah stared up at me, her eyes flying open wide as she felt the pulses of my dick and the heat of my cum filling her.

"Ahh! Oh, Billy! Ohmigod! I feel it! It's so hot! Ohmmmmaaaahhhhh!!!!"

Hannah climaxed yet again, set off by the geyser-like surges of my semen inside her. We rocked together, sharing our orgasms to the fullest. I winced, enduring the intense sensation as my sister's cunt sucked hard on my cock, squeezing out every last little bit of juice. Our mingled cum oozed out around my dick, soaking her cheeks and dripping to the couch cushions beneath us.

Finally, my strength gave out, and I fell atop my sister. Hannah moaned, murmured in satisfaction beneath me, smoothing her legs up and down my thighs. She stroked my back, kissed me tenderly. I felt my consciousness fading.

"It's okay, baby," cooed Hannah, holding me tight. "Just stay inside me . . . stay inside me, big brother . . . ohhh, Goddddd . . . ."


I awoke the following morning with a serious sex hangover. I groaned slightly, rubbing my eyes, then rolled onto my side and looked into the angelic face of my sleeping sister. The aroma of sex was thick about us; Hannah and I had, indeed, made love all night. I was so literally drained that I wondered if my balls would ever recover.

Hannah looked so incredibly beautiful in the soft glow of the morning sun. The light tan of her skin made her body shimmer. The sheets barely covered her. I found myself drawn to her puffy, sand-dollar-sized nipples. I graced one with my fingertips, making Hannah jerk her arm in her sleep. I chuckled.

Hannah suddenly breathed in deeply, licked her lips, and smiled. Whatever she was dreaming, she liked it. I shared her smile, then leaned in and kissed her soft, sexy lips. My sister murmured, then moaned softly as she came awake. Like the most natural thing in the world, Hannah rolled onto her back, wrapping her arms around me as she smiled into my mouth. We kissed tenderly, lovingly.

My sister parted her legs, sliding them along the outsides of my thighs. My cock was hard and automatically sought out the moist heat of her sex. Hannah sighed passionately as she felt the head of my penis nudge her rapidly-swelling lips.

"Mmm, morning sex," she whispered.

I chuckled. "God, you're beautiful," I said.

My sister's eyes glittered as she smiled up at me. "So are you," she responded, then closed her eyes, hissing with pleasure as I slowly penetrated her. "Oh, God! Oh, Billy . . . we're not gonna . . . do this . . . all weekend, are we?"

I smiled, slowly thrusting in and out of her. "Yes, we are."

Hannah suddenly giggled, looking up at me again and smoothing her hands over my chest. She bit her lip sexily and started rocking her hips, fucking me back. "Good," she said, then sighed again.


I sometimes wonder if Mom ever caught on. Hannah and I had always been close, but after that fateful weekend, we became very close. We went out more often, held hands in public, kissed each other know and then on the lips, even in the company of our friends. Mom gave us interested, even concerned, looks from time to time, especially once Hannah and I started sitting side-by-side at the dinner table instead of across from one another.

But Mom never said anything. Maybe she didn't want to think her only children were engaged in an incestuous relationship, and didn't want to risk asking about it. Or maybe it just didn't bother her.

Hannah and I continued dating others, but on the weekends when Mom was out of town, Hannah and I reveled in our incestuous relationship. We remained naked almost the entire time, even when we went out to the pool in the back, and only paused in our lovemaking to eat and sleep.

Still, now and then, Hannah and I would find times during the week to indulge our seemingly boundless desire for each other. Blow jobs in my car, quickies behind the theater, an occasional tender coupling in my bed at night when Mom was asleep in her room. While we continued our relationships with others, neither Hannah nor I ever felt that we were cheating on our respective lovers. What my sister and I had was special.

Eventually, Hannah and I went our separate ways. I finally graduated, got a decent job, and moved in with Sandra (and I finally cured her of her hangup over giving head; she's quite good at it). We lived together for a year before I popped the question, and got married a couple of months after she got her master's degree. And Hannah, after dating throughout college, finally accepted a proposal from her boyfriend Joe. Hannah told me Joe reminds her of me in many ways.

Hannah and I talk a lot on the phone, and email each other almost daily. We share all the details of our lives with one another, and in our conversations, the sexual tension is noticeable. It's now been a good three years since the last time Hannah and I made love.

Christmas is coming. For the first time since I moved out, I and my wife, and Hannah and her fiancé, are all heading back to Mom's house for the holidays.

I can't wait to see my little sister again.


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