tagGroup SexOne Dark Night

One Dark Night


"What do you want for your birthday?" Wendy asked. It was a hard question to answer, we had everything we wanted, "You know what I want, I want to watch you, how about it?" I replied, "it would be a super birthday present - let's do it before we are too old."

"But I only want you," she protested, "and you would change you mind afterwards."

"Chicken chicken chicken," I taunted, "that's a cop out, you are just dumping it back on me because so that you won't have to accept that I love you enough-I will just have to tie you down and make you, you won't get chance to refuse me then."

"You would not do that because you are the chicken" she retorted and turned over and went to sleep.

My birthday came closer. A week before I went out for a beer with three of my old friends. We discussed our partners and sexual preferences one or two confessed that they had the same ambition as I did, one even claimed that he had seen it happen. I quizzed him on how he managed to persuade his partner. It came down to three basic options - she either had to be already enthusiastic or drunk at the time or forcibly taken, with the willing participation of the husband. That was it, I had an idea. I put it to them. Everyone agreed to participate. I wanted to agree a time but they insisted that they work out the details themselves so I would not know what was going to happen. I could hardly wait.

"Let's just have a quiet night in for my birthday" I suggested the following morning, "We could do something special." She agreed, nor guessing what she was letting herself in for. My birthday came at last. It was a Saturday and I encouraged Wendy to rest. I cooked a nice, but light and early supper and we started to watch a video. It contained a lot of bondage, I could see that she found it interesting. I kissed her and started to play with her tits, she pushed me away. "Naughty" I caught and held her hand, "we will have to tie you down if you don't behave,"

"You and whose army?" she retorted playfully. "The army will be round later," I told her with a giggle. She never suspected a thing. "Oh goody I hope that there are a lot of them, when will they be here?"

"When you are ready" I replied.

I kissed her and gradually I got her stripped off and carried her to the bedroom. On the way I turned the living room lights off and on and off again. "What are you doing?"

"Signalling the troops of course."

"I hope that there are a lot of them" she said. She still had no idea what was about to happen.

In the bedroom I laid her naked on the bed. I tweaked her nipples. She tried to push my hand away. "If you are naughty I will have to tie you down." I got up and positioned her on the bed spread eagle fashion and quickly fastened on the wrist and ankle straps which I had prepared earlier. "I think that I will have to make sure that you cannot see what I am doing" and I placed a large padded blindfold over her eyes. "Help, Help" she called out mockingly and not loud enough for anyone to hear. "HELP HELP" she called out a bit louder than before. "I cannot have you disturbing the neighbours like this" and I located the ball gag, "Open wide" in it went and I fastened it with a buckle behind her head. I flicked the light switch again, but this time she could not see it. "What are you going to do now?" I asked her, "You cannot escape."

"Mmmm mmmm mm."

"I will just tighten these straps a little bit." There was no way she could escape now. "Are you ready for the troops?."


"is that a yes?."

"MMM" with a nodding of her head.

I flicked the light switch one last time and counted to thirty, which was the time I had paced out earlier that it would take from the parking place to our front porch. I licked her nipples, "are you ready for the troops to arrive?" Ten Eleven Twelve, "they will be here any minute," Thirteen fourteen fifteen, sixteen, "I will let them fuck you," Seventeen eighteen, I licked her clit, "do you want to be fucked by three randy sex starved soldiers?"

"mmm mmmmmm" twenty five twenty six DING DONG. She tried to sit up "mmm mm mmmm."

"Relax and don't go anywhere, I will let them in." DING DONG.

I went to the door. "Is she ready?" one of them asked. "Yes and she said that she wants a lot of you." They came in, David said, "I managed to round up a few more volunteers."

"Oh shit," I thought, "there are six, she will never manage them all." They marched into the bedroom. "Hello Wendy, fancy seeing you like this all ready for us, Come on guys let's strip for action, Wendy is ready."

They all stripped and started playing with her. She struggled and squealed into the gag but had no chance of getting loose. She had hands all over her. They squeezed and fondled her tits and rubbed up the inside of her legs. She was getting aroused. "I am going to watch while they fuck you, do you want to play?"

"mmm" with a gentle nod. "mmm mmmm?"

"Was that how many?" she nodded. "There are twelve plus me darling, where would you like them, oh well never mind, we will let them decide" One took up position with his mouth over her cunt and one on each tit. They licked and sucked and I could tell she was getting close. I tapped them on the shoulder.

Then someone called out "One!." They had drawn lots while they were waiting outside. Number one entered her and started humping her. He did not last long and gasped as he squirted a river of cream into my wife.

"Two!" and in a trice another was there. He was bigger and took longer deeper strokes. She began to rise her hips to meet his thrusts. Suddenly he grunted and he too shot his spunk into my wife.

"Three!" and three was there in an instant. This time she was ready and grunted in rhythm. I could tell she was coming as she squealed into the gag. He matched her and splattered her insides with his load.

"Four!." She was laying there motionless as he entered her. She moved with his thrusts but her by now dripping wet cunt was too much for him and he too let his seed go deep into my Wendy's cunt.

"Five!" called David, who seemed to have taken command. "Hold it, lets untie her legs first." They unclipped the straps from the ankle cuffs and pushed her knees towards her chest. David produced some KY and rubbed it on he tight virgin asshole. A river of spunk ran out of her cunt and collected in her ass. "in you go number Five."

"MMMMMMMM" she almost screamed. He pushed it in gently all the way. He pumped gently and after a few minutes he gasped as he could not hold back. A little drop of white liquid appeared as he pulled out.

"Six!" was there like a shot. God he was big. Fully nine inches with thickness to match. "Hold her legs open" commanded David and number six pushed his bulk into her cunt. "MM MM MM" He only just squeezed it in and started to jackhammer into her. He went in hard and fast. She struggled but they held her legs and it was useless. She screamed with a mouth wide open as he came inside her. She lay there after the most thorough fucking of her life. David nudged me, "Fuck her! He commanded. I pushed my cock into my wife. It was dripping wet and number six had certainly stretched her. I pumped into her, "I am going fill your dripping cunt" I whispered in her ear. I was right, suddenly I was pumping and thrusting as I came in a great gush as I felt my own spunk splatter inside her already full vagina.

I slipped out and dismounted. I felt strong arms assist me and guide me into a chair at the end of the bed. Someone put handcuffs on me and now I also could not go anywhere. "shall we finish her off?" David asked I looked at him quizzically. He clicked his fingers and they re-tied Wendy's ankles. David motioned to a large bag. It was brought over to him and he produced a large vibrator from it. He started it up and applied it to her clit. She nearly lifted a foot from the bed. Hands pounced to hold her down. She bucked and heaved as she neared orgasm. She bit hard on the gag and squealed a muffled scream into it. David took no notice and kept on applying the vibrator. She tugged against the straps but it was useless. I could hear her begging them to stop, but a heavy hand was placed on my shoulder. Then her whimpers changed note and tempo and became rhythmic again. She was raising her buttocks and moaning. "mmmm mmmm"

"She wants more" I blurted out. I think David already knew. He turned up the power and in a few seconds she was bucking and writhing wildly. Then one muffled scream and she relaxed. "Good girl" said David. He removed her gag and blindfold, but left her tied.

"What would you like now?" He asked her, "any more filling?."

"Can I rest now please" she replied. "You cannot disappoint the rest of the brigade" he said.

"One!" The other five now lined up to fuck her in rapid succession for a second time. I was powerless to do anything but watch as the last four cocks plundered my wife's cunt. They untied my Wendy and got her a drink. "There are still two cocks for you to satisfy" David informed her, "You will have to suck them" numbers Five and Six stepped forward. Wendy took them one at a time and they shot their spunk into her mouth. There was a lot of it, especially number Six who seemed to keep on pumping as David held her head, Swallow" snapped David and he held her nose to compel her to drink their come and lick the remainder off their cocks.

Wendy sat on the edge of the bed exhausted. I got up and kissed her. "Thank you darling."

"You raped me" she said playfully. "It was nice."

"It was Steve's birthday present from us," David informed her, "have you decided what you are going to give him?."

"Yes" said Wendy, but it will take me a month to get my strength back first."

I can hardly wait.

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