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The Birthday Gift



I will be the first person to tell you that I don't like going to parties where I don't know anyone on the guest list. Unfortunately for me, I had to have such a party right here at my house. My wife and I had recently moved to the Chicago area from Los Angeles due to a promotion that she got at work and she was having the whole office over for a cocktail party.

My wife Lisa is a tall, slender blonde with brown eyes and cute little dimples when she smiles. We met in high school and got married just after we finished college. Our relationship had been pretty good for years, sure there were some bumps along the way but nothing major. I had no complaints about our sex life, though things had slowed quite a bit lately due to the move and the pressures of her new position at work.

One thing I did enjoy about cocktail parties was it gave me an excuse to dress up like Don Draper or James Bond for a little while. As a freelance writer, my normal work clothes consist of a t-shirt and jeans so it's fun to dress up now and then. I checked myself out in the mirror, even for a guy turning 40 in a few weeks I thought I looked pretty good, great genes made me 6'6" and hard work at the gym kept me in shape.

I went downstairs and found my wife hard at work, making sure everything was set for the party. She was wearing a sexy, yet elegant black lace A-line dress that ended just above her knees. The plunging neckline showed off her ample 36Cs nicely and I couldn't help but check her out.

"Wow, you look amazing," I said as I took her in from head to toe then reached out for a crab puff.

"Thank you," she said as she slapped my hand away from the tray. "Those are for the guests."

"Aren't you going to mention how good I look in this suit?" I grinned.

"What are you, a girl?" she smiled as she stopped long enough to actually take a look before saying, "You look very nice, dear."

"Was that so hard?" I chuckled causing Lisa to roll her eyes.

"Please be on your best behavior tonight, I have to work with these people," she said as she went down the checklist on her iPhone of all the things that needed to be done for the party.

"Right, talk about politics, religion, and sex, got it," I grinned.

"Why do I even try?" Lisa sighed as she saw me eyeing the crab puffs. "Go ahead, you can have one, and talk about sports, this is Chicago."

"Got it," I smiled as she handed me a crab puff, gave me a kiss and then disappeared into the living room.

As the guests started to arrive I was introduced to so many people it was making my head spin. I am never great with remembering names and meeting so many people at one time was pure overload. I figured all I needed to remember was that my wife's boss was named Tom and his wife was named Marissa. He had a weak jawline and a weak handshake but she was a looker, a tall blonde with piercing blue eyes.

My wife had hit it right on the head, the small talk in this Chicago suburb was all about sports. Everyone had an opinion on why the Bears sucked and why the Cubs were the best team in all of baseball. The conversation was so mind-numbingly boring that I could barely stand it. At least the crab puffs were good.

After one junior executive opined philosophical for a good 10 minutes on Jake Arrieta's beard, I knew I needed a little break from the party so I slipped off into my office/library where I treated myself by pouring myself a glass of 18-year-old Bushmills Irish Whiskey into a glass. I sat down in one of the oversize leather chairs and closed my eyes for a moment to decompress.

"I see you're hiding the good stuff in here," said a female voice, breaking the silence. I looked up and saw a stunningly beautiful brunette in a little black dress and heels standing in front of me.

"Guilty," I smiled. "May I pour you one?"

"Sure," she smiled warmly. "By the way, I'm Natalia, Lisa's assistant," she said holding out her hand as I stood up.

"Very nice to meet you, I'm Scott," I smiled as I took her hand, leaned down and kissed it softly. Natalia was around 25 years old and 5'5" tall though she stood closer to 5'9" in the black leather Jimmy Choo's she was wearing. She had an amazing hourglass figure, her 38Ds were barely contained by her dress and her slim, shapely legs were perfection. The most stunning thing about her, though, was her grey-blue eyes that appeared to stop time when you looked into them.

"Not much of a party guy?" Natalia asked with a smile as I poured her a glass of the Bushmills.

"I don't mind parties, I just hate meeting tons of new people at once and having to make small talk," I smiled. "Do you want ice?"

"And ruin a perfectly good whiskey?" she smiled. "Just a splash of water, please"

"A girl after my own heart," I said in a bad Irish accent and smiled, putting just a couple drops of water into her glass and handing it to her.

"Thank you, sir," she grinned. "How about those Cubbies?"

"Fuck the Cubs," I chuckled and held out my glass.

"Fuck the Cubs," she smiled devilishly and clinked my glass and took a sip. "So how are you enjoying Chicago so far?"

"It's not bad, but I'll let you know after we survive our first winter," I said as I motioned for Natalia to take a seat in the other leather chair as I returned to my original location. "I have a feeling I'll be missing LA."

"Yeah, I'm a warm weather girl myself. I'd much rather be on a beach with a pina colada in my hand. Chicago winters do make you find new and creative ways to stay warm, though," she smiled and sipped her whiskey.

"True," I smiled back. "I hope Lisa isn't working you too hard, she can be a bit of a perfectionist."

"A bit of one?" Natalia giggled.

"I'm sure she'll calm down a bit once she's been here a while. I'm not sure how she puts in the number of hours that she does," I said as I sipped my whiskey. "I know I've been blessed to have a job where I can be my own boss. Growing up I got fired from more than a few jobs for telling the boss to get bent."

"Yeah, Lisa said you were a writer. What do you write?" Natalia asked as she crossed her slender legs and sat back in the big leather chair.

"Well, I've covered significant ground over the years. I started with local news and sports then moved to tech reporting. Right now I have my own niche blog and contribute to a few other sites under different pen names," I said and then finished my whiskey. I put the glass on the small table that sat between our two chairs as I tried not to stare at Natalia's long legs.

"That's a bit cryptic, Mr. Lawrie," Natalia smiled. "What are you hiding?" she asked playfully as she smiled wider and sipped her whiskey.

"Alright, if you must know, but this is just between you and me," I smiled and leaned in closer to Natalia. "I run the most popular Doctor Who fan blog on the Internet."

"You do not!" Natalia scowled as she leaned towards me and slapped me on the arm.

"It is true, I know it's not exactly the subject that will attract all the pretty, young ladies at a cocktail party," I smiled. Natalia sat there for a moment in the big, leather chair sizing me up. Her grey-blue eyes stared into mine as if she was trying to decide if I was being serious or not.

"Someone put you up to this, right?" she asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said.

"I took so much shit when that picture went around the office last year, who told you about it?" Natalia asked, sure I was having a joke at her expense.

"I have no idea what picture you're talking about, Natalia," I said. "Care to show me?"

"I don't think so," she said, her cheeks getting a bit red. "What planet is Doctor Who from?"

"Gallifrey, why do you ask?" I grinned.

"Ok, too easy, the actor that played the 3rd doctor?" she shot back.

"Jon Pertwee," I smiled enjoying Natalia's improvised trivia contest so I asked her a question of my own. "What episode was the first appearance of River Song?"

"That would be 'Silence in the Library,' the 8th episode of the 4th series of the new Doctor run," Natalia grinned as she finished her whiskey and put her glass down on the table next to mine.

"Very good," I smiled. "Believe me now?"

"Yes, I do," Natalia said as she reached into her small black clutch and pulled out her iPhone. She pulled up a picture and handed the phone to me. The picture was of her in a dress that looked like the Tardis, Doctor Who's time machine which looks like an old English police box for you non-fans, standing next to Tom Baker, one of the actors that played Doctor Who.

"You got to meet Tom Baker?" I asked with a grin. "He is so much fun, such a witty guy."

"Yes, he is," Natalia smiled wide. "Nobody in the office even knew who he was! They all just made fun of my dress and asked if I was on a date with my grandpa."

"For what it's worth, I think you rocked that dress," I smiled as I handed her phone back to her. "I'm surprised Lisa didn't mention to me that you were a Whovian."

"I'm sure she has no clue," Natalia laughed. "After I took so much crap about it last year I have steered clear of any nerd talk."

"I understand," I smiled warmly. "She used to make fun of my obsession with the show, and sci-fi in general, until my little blog started out-earning her corporate job."

"The nerds will always win," Natalia said as she stood up. "We should get back to the party, Lisa sent me to find you."

"If we must," I groaned as I stood up.

"I'm glad we had a chance to talk," Natalia said as she stowed her phone in her clutch.

"Same here," I smiled as Natalia twirled around and headed out of the room. She had an amazing ass that swayed with confidence as she walked. She must have sensed me checking her out because she turned around and gave me a smile as we rejoined the others.

The rest of the party was uneventful. I did my husbandly duties and smiled, made small talk and manned the bar to make drinks when needed. Natalia was helping my wife by serving h'orderves and getting drinks for people. More than a couple times, when someone mentioned the Cubs to me, Natalia showed up and quickly changed the topic of conversation. She'd give me a wink then disappear back into the crowd.

I was tidying up the bar as the last of the guests were heading out the door. My wife was saying her goodbyes and thanking them for coming to the party. I heard the door shut and a few moments later my wife appeared, she sat down on one of the bar stools and kicked off her heels.

"That was exhausting," she sighed.

"Need a drink?" I smiled.

"No, I'm just going to go up to bed," she said looking up at me with her brown eyes. "My feet are killing me."

"Alright, I'll be right up and you can thank me for being so charming tonight," I smiled.

"Not tonight," she groaned. "I'm way too tired, I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"You'd better," I grinned as I leaned over the bar and kissed her. "Go get some sleep, I'll clean up a bit more than I'll be up."

"Thanks," she smiled. "Good night."

"Good night," I said as I watched her disappear up the staircase. I knew she was tired from the party but it wasn't the first time she promised to make something up to me since we arrived in Chicago. The hours she was putting in at work were taking their toll and lately all she wanted to do was sleep on our big, king-sized bed and that was taking its toll on me. I figured I'd give it a few more weeks, hoping things would eventually level out at work for her.

As I put the bottles of booze back underneath the bar I couldn't help but think about Natalia. I smiled as I recalled our little question and answer session when she thought I was lying about the Doctor Who blog. It was nice to geek out with someone about the nerdy things I enjoyed, something I hadn't been able to do since I left Los Angeles.

The next morning I was up and making breakfast when Lisa came down in her purple knee-length robe. Her long, blonde hair looked like she just walked through a wind storm and her eyes were barely open.

"Goodmorning, sunshine," I smiled. "Coffee?"

"Oh, god, yes," she said in a groggy voice as she sat down at the kitchen table.

"Here you go," I said as I grabbed the freshly brewed pot of coffee and a mug and poured her a cup.

"Thanks," she smiled, taking a sip.

"Anytime, the party seemed to go off without a hitch," I said, moving back to the stovetop to finish the bacon and scrambled eggs.

"Yeah, thanks to Natalia," my wife said as she stretched her arms up over her head. "She was a dynamo."

"Yeah, I like her," I said as I plated the bacon, eggs and grabbed the toast out of the toaster.

"I'm sure you do," my wife rolled her eyes as I put her breakfast down in front of her.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I asked sarcastically.

"She's gorgeous," my wife said. "And stacked."

"So you think I base my decisions on looks alone?" I asked.

"No, but it's not like you two could have that much in common," my wife said as she sipped her coffee. "All she ever talks about is going to clubs and seeing bands I've never heard of."

"Maybe I'm just more hip than you," I teased her. I thought about telling her what Natalia and I talked about but decided against it.

"Not if you're still using the word 'hip' to mean cool," Lisa laughed.

"You might have a point, I am getting old," I smiled.

"I know, the big 4-0," she giggled. "We've got to make it one you won't forget."

"No parties," I said sternly. "Just a nice, quiet weekend away from everything. No work, no cell phones."

"I'm sorry I've been so busy lately," Lisa said as she looked at me across the table. "It'll get better, I promise."

"I know, don't worry about me," I said. "You don't need me stressing you out any more than you already are."

"Thanks," Lisa smiled. "So, what do you want for your birthday anyway?"

"Nothing that I can think of," I said as I sipped my coffee.

"You never make it easy," my wife said. "What do you get the man that has everything?"

"I'm sure whatever you get me will be fine," I said as I stood up and started clearing the table.

"You're cooking and cleaning?" my wife asked, surprised.

"I am," I grinned. "I know you had a long day yesterday."

"Thank you," Lisa said as she stood up and walked over to me as I rinsed the dishes off in the sink.

"You're welcome," I smiled. "Want to go upstairs?"

"Nope," my wife smiled as she dropped to her knees, grabbed onto my boxer shorts and pulled them down. Before I could say anything she was working my cock with her hands as she sucked my head into her warm, wet mouth getting me instantly hard.

"Fuck, I should cook and clean more often," I smiled as I looked down to watch her.

"Yes, you should," she giggled as she slowly jerked my cock with her hand. She looked up at me with her brown eyes, opened her mouth and guided my cock back inside.

"Fuck," I groaned as her soft lips moved up and down my shaft slowly. I reached out and put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. Lisa playfully flicked my sensitive cockhead with the tip of her tongue as she stared up into my eyes.

I grabbed her long blonde hair into my right hand and made a fist, giving her a makeshift ponytail. I playfully tugged back on her hair as her tongue corkscrewed around my bulging cockhead. I let out a moan as she took every inch of my cock into her mouth and held it there as she looked up into my eyes.

Lisa started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, she knew exactly how to get me off. She pulled at the belt holding her robe together and let her robe fall to the kitchen's wood floor unveiling her beautiful body wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties. As she kissed my cock from the head down to my balls I let out a long, deep moan. I watched her 36c breasts sway as she started going down on my again, this time with more earnest.

"Oh, fuck yes," I moaned as I pulled Lisa's hair back harder. She looked up at me with her smoldering brown eyes as she gripped my shaft harder with her soft lips. She moaned as she worked me over, sliding my manhood in and out of her mouth.

"I love your cock," my wife groaned as her eyes penetrated my gaze. Her hands working in unison stroking my throbbing 8" cock as she bit her lower lip and watched my face as she brought me closer to orgasm.

"That feels so good," I moaned low, grinning as I tugged her blonde hair back harder with my right hand.

"Show me," Lisa whimpered. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as her brown eyes locked on my eyes. Her hands were jerking my cock harder and faster as she sat on her knees waiting.

"Fuck," I groaned as I felt my balls swelling up. I couldn't hold back much longer, my sexy blonde wife looked so good on her knees with her mouth open as she awaited my load. As much as I tried I finally gave in and came hard all over Lisa's pretty face.

"Yes," she moaned as she looked up from her knees into my eyes. My cock continued to empty its load on her face and in her hair.

"Holy fuck," I moaned as I let go of her hair and steadied myself on the counter. "That was amazing."

"Thanks," my wife smiled, her face covered in my cum as she kneeled before me. "You deserved that and a lot more."

"You are the best," I smiled.

"Don't you forget it," she shot back. "Can you hand me a towel please?"

"Yeah," I grinned and handed her the dishtowel that was sitting on the counter. She used it to clean herself up before standing up and giving me a kiss.

"What can I do for you?" I smiled.

"Sadly, nothing right now," she frowned. "I am going to go take a shower then I have to run into the office for a bit."

"On a Saturday," I said, disappointed.

"Yes, I took off early yesterday to get ready for the party and still have some paperwork to finish up. It should only be for a couple of hours," she said as she put her robe back on.

"Alright," I said. I poured myself another coffee as Lisa went upstairs to shower and get dressed. I went into my office to check my email and saw the two whiskey glasses on the wet bar and smiled recalling my conversation with Natalia the night before.

Over the next couple of weeks, I did not see much of Lisa. By the time she'd get home from work she was exhausted and either went right up to bed or ended up falling asleep on the couch 5 minutes after I'd put on a movie or television show for us both to watch. I knew she loved her job, so I decided to be patient and let her try to get to a point where she could have both the job and a personal life outside of the office.

I thought it might help if my wife and I had something to do that couldn't be moved or rescheduled, forcing her to make the time to take a breather from work. I saw that the Los Angeles Kings were coming to town to play the Blackhawks in a few days and figured that would do the trick. Lisa's company was a sponsor of the Blackhawks so I was sure they'd have access to some decent seats.

I decided to give her a call at work to see how her day was going and to see if she'd have access to tickets to the game. I picked up my iPhone and initiated the call.

"Lisa Lawrie's office," came Natalia's cheery voice over the phone.

"Hello," I said playfully, "I need your help, there is a problem with the time-space continuum that threatens to destroy all mankind."

"We call that a Tuesday around here," Natalia laughed. "Hello, Mr. Lawrie, what can I do for you?"

"Please, call me Scott," I said. "Mr. Lawrie is my dad and I'm not big on formality."

"Hello, Scott," Natalia said. "What can I do for you?" I figured I was insane or reading way too much into the moment but the way she asked me that question sounded very flirtatious to me.

"I was just calling Lisa to see how her day was going, and to see if she'd be able to get us tickets for the Kings and Blackhawks game. I hope she's not working you too hard," I said with a smile.

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