One Fine Day

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Brian enjoys his 50th birthday.
5.9k words
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Brian struggled to awake. One eye half opened, another half closed. He looked at the clock near his was way earlier than he was supposed to get up.

As he awoke and slowly came to consciousness he felt a tingling sensation on his already hard cock. It felt warm, yet wet. An amazing, swirling sensation, as the warmth and the wetness moved slowly up and down the head and the shaft. Was he dreaming? When he rubbed his eyes and swept the sleep out, he could tell he was not dreaming. The feeling was real and it was fantastic.

Brian peered down and saw a wonderful sight. The sight that everyman should have the privilege of seeing first thing every morning. Lying there next to Brian was his wife, Antonella. The base of his cock was wrapped in her small fist and her warm, wet mouth engulfed the head. It was the greatest wake up call ever. One you never want to hit snooze on.

Brian couldn't believe the sight and slightly arched his head to get a better view. As he moved, Antonella's eyes darted up and made contact with his. She took one long deep suck before removing his cock from her mouth. A small string of saliva streamed from her tongue to his cock.

"Happy birthday baby", she cooed before going back to sucking his cock hard and deep.

Yes, today was Brian's 50th birthday. And if the start was any indication of what was to come, this was going to be his best birthday ever.

Going back to watching his lovely wife's head bob up and down, Brian took a gaze at the rest of her beautiful body. She was just about 25 years younger than he was with a slim body, barely weighing 100 pounds. Although she was very tiny, standing at about 5 foot 3 inches tall, her tits were big for such a petite woman. They were a perky and firm pair of 32C's as they dangled from her body, the nipples almost touching the bed. Her sweet heart shaped ass was pointed to the sky and Brian had thoughts of keeping her in that position, so he could fuck her in some hard and fast doggie action.

Antonella was dressed in nothing, but a pair of white thigh high stockings with pink bows on the back of the thigh. A pair of pink, patent leather, 5 inch high heel pumps completed the outfit. Her body was leaning across his, and there bodies were positioned in a letter T. She was on her knees with her legs spread wide, continuing to give him a magical blowjob. With one hand firmly wrapped around his cock, her spare hand was placed between her thighs, as she fingered herself while simultaneously jerking and sucking his cock.

Not only was he receiving some mindblowing head, which was Antonella greatest skill, but also she was dressed in Brian's favorite piece of clothing to see his wife in. It was the best birthday present ever. He just laid back and enjoyed the view.

"You know if you keep that up, I'm going to cum."

Antonella laughed and smiled with her lips still wrapped around his cock, "It's your birthday, you can do anything you want."


"Any..." pausing to lick his cock seductively "...thing"

Brian gasped as his wonderful wife continued to work his cock over with a coating of her saliva.

"If that's the case, then I think I want to fuck you in the ass."

Antonella smiled and slapped her ass to let him know she meant anything.

Brian grabbed her by her arm and helped her lean on her side next to him. "You get to be the little spoon".

She reached into the nightstand next to the bed and opened up the drawer. She took out some lube and handed it to her husband. Brian rubbed some on his fingers and made his way to her glory hole. He rubbed slowly around her asshole at first and then stuck his finger slowly inside her, opening her up slowly. As he worked his finger in and out of her tight asshole, Antonella was busy jerking his cock making sure it remained hard and ready.

Soon enough, her backside was ready for entrance and Brian eased his cock in. He worked his cock slowly in and out, as Antonella grimaced in slight pain.

"I'm going to fuck your ass hard and fast. Then I'm going to cum in your mouth."

"Give it to me baby."

And that was his cue. He rapidly increased his pace and started pounding his cock deep into her asshole. His body slapped into her ass with each thrust. Brian reached around and grabbed hold of her tits and used her body as leverage as he continued pounding into her ass.

"Talk dirty to me. Tell me how much you like it."

"Oh yea, fuck me baby...Fuck my ass...Give me that hard cock deep in my ass."

Brian's mind went wild as his wife's nasty words came out of her dirty mouth.

"Yes, baby. Tell me how much you like it."

"I love it...Fuck my ass harder"

"Oh, shit. I'm going to cum."

"Cum for me. I want to taste your cum."

" it comes." Brian moaned as he pulled his cock out of her ass. With the swiftness of a cat, Antonella turned around and shoved his cock into her mouth. "Oh, fuck...fuck...ahhhhhhhh" he screamed as he let out a tidal wave of cum into his wife's warm open mouth.

Antonella sucked down every drop and continued to suck until his cock became soft in her mouth.

"Oh my god. That was incredible. That was the best birthday gift ever."

"Who said that was it? Now get washed up. I made breakfast."

With that, Antonella got up and walked out with cum still on her lips. Her pink heels clicked against the hardwood floor. Brian couldn't imagine what his wife had in store for him, but he got up and washed up as told.

Brian dried himself off and got dressed: A designer three-piece suit with shoes that cost more than some people make a week. He walked into the kitchen to find his wife still naked except for the stockings and heels. She had prepared a fabulous breakfast for him: Pancakes, French toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, home fries, some sliced up fruit, and a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. It was way more than any man could eat in one sitting, but that wasn't the point.

They sat down and ate what they're stomach's could hold. Drinking the remainder of his glass of orange juice, Brian wiped his mouth and thanked his wife for the great meal and the fantastic morning fuck.

"Would you like another blowjob before work?

Brian smiled thinking how lucky he was to have such a willing wife, "I would, but my balls are drained from before. I don't think I could even get it up."

"You sure?"

He was lying to his wife. He could get hard again if he wanted to. He was blessed with an unusual gift -- he could get hard and cum up to four times a day. And he had the sex drive of a sex addict to match. But he wanted to save his next load for later. He was meeting his mistress for lunch after all and didn't want to overwork himself so early in the day.

"Yea, why don't we save it for later. When I come home from work, you can surprise me."

"Oh, I already have something planned."

He gave his wife a deep, passionate kiss before he left for work.

It was a beautiful day outside. Just like in the cartoons that Brian watched growing up. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Birds were chirping. A light breeze and no humidity made for the perfect weather combination.

The drive to work was usually horrific for Brian. But continuing this perfect day, there was none this particular morning allowing Brian to cruise at a bolstering 80 and get to work early for a change. Not that being punctual mattered.

Brian was the founder and CEO at a major import/export company that dealt mainly with Mexico and South America. Even though you would have never heard the name, the company was a multi-million dollar business mainly due to Brian's selling abilities and vast contacts. He earned a very high compensation, thus explaining why a middle-aged man was married to a woman twenty-five years younger.

Since the business dealt with many Latino people, the majority of the racial background of the employees was from that race. And if you were like Brian, you'd love to work there for that simple fact. He always had a soft spot for the lovely Latino woman, or rather a hard spot.

This included his personal executive assistant, Mindy. She was a sexy 23-year-old sexpot standing about 5 feet 1 without heels; although she always wore them...and they were usually of the 4 ½ inch and slutty variety. Mindy barely weighed 90 pounds, but she had the most luscious lips and such an exquisite body: Perfect 32B tits and a sweet round ass with all the right curves. Brian hired her primarily for her looks. You would too, if you saw her.

"Good morning, Mindy." Brian said as he walked into his corner office.

"Good morning, Brian." Mindy said in her sexy Latin accent.

As Brian placed his briefcase on the floor and turned on his computer, he unbuttoned his suit jacket and placed it on the back of his leather swivel chair. He was about to sit down when Mindy walked in with a card.

"Happy birthday, Brian. I got you a card."

"You didn't have to get me anything Mindy. But thank you for remembering."

She stood there standing in front of his desk as Brian reached for the card. As he did he took a peek at his sexy assistant. She was dressed in a pinstripe skirt suit with black thigh high stockings (the ones with the seams down the back) and black Louboutin pumps (with the red bottoms really standing out in her all black outfit). Her skirt stopped just short of her knee and she didn't wear a blouse underneath, giving Brian a perfect view of her picture perfect cleavage. Standing there, she looked like the epitome of the naughty secretary.

Brian opened up the card and read the outside cover, which had one of those fancy birthday poems. As he flipped open the card, he found a little handmade coupon stuffed in between the card.

The card read, "Good for one free blowjob."

"I thought you might like it."

"I love it. But only one?"

"No read the fine print"

Brian glanced back down. Surely enough, there was a fine print...and it said, "per day".

Brian smirked. "Can I use the coupon now?"

Brian handed Mindy the coupon and she gladly accepted it. She walked over to the door and closed it and locked it. At least she thought she locked it.

Making her way back towards Brian, who was still sitting in his chair behind his desk, she started to sing him the "Happy Birthday" song, while slowly and erotically unbuttoning her suit jacket. She revealed that she was not wearing a bra underneath her jacket and those perfect tits bounced for the birthday boy.

"Happy birthday, dear Brian. Happy birthday to you." She sang as she hiked up her skirt and kneeled in front of him. She was also not wearing any panties and her stockings and garters came into full view.

She continued to sing the same words repeatedly as she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down along with his boxers until they were all around his ankles.

His rock hard cock was already smiling at her after her sweet serenade and tease.

She grabbed hold of his cock and finished singing "Happy birthday to you" one last time before leaning over and licking the tip with her tongue. A few drops of pre-cum oozed out onto her lips as she worked her tongue around his cock head and down his shaft to his balls. She licked and sucked on each testicle, while jerking his cock with a firm grip.

Now it was finally time to use the coupon as Mindy opened her mouth wide and placed his cock deep down her throat. She shoved as much as she could possibly fit and sucked on it hard for a few seconds before releasing it. Working into a rhythm she bobbed her head up and down at a nice, smooth pace. Brian leaned back and rested his head against the back of his chair. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of Mindy's hot luscious lips wrapped around her cock.

"Oh, fuck Mindy. That feels so good."

"You like how I suck your big cock?" Mindy responded in between sucks.

"Oh...fuck yes. Mmmm...does that coupon also include swallowing?"

Mindy nodded her head approvingly without taking his cock out of her mouth.

"It also comes with one pussy pounding in the position of your choice." She replied as she stood up and removed her suit jacket and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the fall.

"Why don't you turn around? I want to see that ass of yours."

Mindy turned around and leaned over. She reached around and grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and spread them wide, giving Brian an excellent look at both her holes.

"Oh, yea. Now why don't you sit on my cock? Just like that. I want to see that ass bounce."

Mindy grabbed hold of his cock through her spread legs and eased it into her tight 23-year-old pussy. She slowly eased his cock in and out of her pussy until she was all the way down, balls touching her clit.

Her legs were inside of his, so she lifted each one up until they were on the other side of his legs. Her 4 1/2-inch pumps barely touched the floor as she leaned back and placed her hands on the chair's armrest. She looked back and smiled at her boss before using the armrest to lift herself off his thick cock and then allowed gravity to bring her pussy back down. She moaned in absolute delight and continued to bounce up and down hard, slamming her body into his cock each time.

All Brian could do was hold onto her slim waist and try and keep up with his bouncy assistant. Mindy was hell-bent on fucking him hard and making him cum. And she was screaming louder and louder and louder. Brian feared that someone would hear them, so he tried to cover her mouth. But it was useless.

The door to his office opened up and there stood another one of the executives, Catalina. She was another one of the sexy Latino women that worked in the office. She was a bit older and looked like she could be Mindy's mother. But in fact, she was only 33 years old and she looked magnificent for her age. Catalina was closer to 5 feet 3 inches without heels, but today she was wearing 3 ½ inch peep-toe pumps. Catalina worked out hard to stay around 100 pounds, while maintaining her voluptuous figure. She had some work done a few years back and was blessed with some button popping fake 34C breasts. She was dressed in a see-thru white blouse where you could see her black bra underneath. A silk pleated skirt that stopped just around her knee that showed off her tan, muscular legs completed her 'business appropriate' outfit.

Catalina cleared her throat and stared at the two of them disapprovingly.

Brian and Mindy stopped mid-fuck. They were both caught off guard and embarrassed. Mindy jumped off his cock and grabbed for her clothes, trying to cover herself up. Brian was more calm and restrained as he stood up, not bothering to hide his rock hard cock. It just simply pointed out freely and directly in Catalina's direction.

Mindy stopped and tried to explain.

"It's not what you think."

"This isn't what I think?"

Mindy tried to explain again, but she couldn't find the words.

"Mindy, I'm very upset at you." Said Catalina

Mindy's head went down, ashamed.

"I told you to wait for me to give Brian his birthday gift."

Brian's day was just getting better. Both Mindy and Catalina were smiling widely, and Mindy's clothes were already back on the floor.

Catalina walked over to Brian and grabbed hold of his still hard cock.

"Happy Birthday, Brian." Cataline said with a kiss, before making her way down on her knees. Catalina shoved his cock into her mouth as Mindy joined her on her knees in front of Brian. The two went back and forth shoving his cock into their mouths. Mindy went back to work on his cock, as Catalina removed her blouse and bra.

Brian took Catalina's hand and helped her stand up. They kissed deeply with heavy tongue action, as Mindy continued slobbering over his cock. Brian turned Catalina around and pushed her over his desk. He lifted up her loose fitting skirt above her waist and pushed aside her g-string panty. He rubbed her clit and shoved two fingers deep inside her...she was already nice and soaking wet.

Brian took his cock out of Mindy's mouth and made his way behind Catalina. He slapped her thick, fine ass before finding his way inside her sweet pussy. He slammed his cock all the way in as Catalina gasped in pleasure. Brian ordered Mindy to assume the same position next to Catalina, which she did so willingly.

"Why don't you give each other a kiss?"

The two lovely Latinas glanced back and smiled at him as they stuck out their tongues and kissed.

As they kissed, Brian grabbed hold of Catalina's waist and started to pound his cock hard into her pussy. Each thrust was met with screams and moans of pleasure from Catalina as Mindy encouraged them on.

"Yea, fuck her. Just like that. Just like that. Fuck her pussy."

Brian quickly jumped over behind Mindy and rammed his cock into her pussy just like he did to Catalina's. If it was even possible, he fucked Mindy even harder than Catalina. She screamed and moaned louder and louder, while Catalina sucked on her perfect brown nipples.

Living a personal fantasy, Brian jumped from Mindy's pussy to Catalina's pussy and back like he was playing two games of pinball at the same time.

He pulled back and he felt himself about to cum, but calmly held it in. Mindy and Catalina turned around and tasted themselves on his cock quickly, before Brian threw Catalina into his chair and then threw Mindy on top of her like they were two pancakes.

Catalina grabbed hold of Mindy as Brian reached down and lifted both of their legs up into the air and placed them across the armrests. Maneuvering himself into the perfect angle, he thrusted his cock deep inside Catalina's pussy and persisted to thrust deep into her pussy. His deep hard thrusts shook the chair and everything in it as his body slammed into both Catalina and Mindy with extreme force. As he fucked Catalina, he kissed and sucked on Mindy's face and tits.

After several minutes, he arched himself at a higher angle and stuffed his thick cock into Mindy's pussy. He thrusted into her without a care or concern and fucked her so hard that even Catalina felt it.

Sweat dripped from his forehead as he continued to expend great amounts of energy fucking these two women stacked on top of one another. He fucked until he felt the cum start to shoot up from his balls into his shaft. He quickly backed away as the two women on cue got out of the chair and took their places kneeling in front of his cock. Brian, remembering his coupon promise, shoved his cock inside Mindy's mouth as he began to shoot his second bucket load of cum this morning.

Mindy, cementing her assistant of the year award, took every drop in her mouth, but she didn't swallow...yet. She waited until Brian was done and then made her way over to Catalina. They swapped kissed again as cum slipped out of Mindy's mouth and into Catalina's mouth. Some drops streaked down both of their faces, giving them both the perfect porno money shot.

Exhausted and a sweaty mess, since he was still in his work clothes, Brian took a seat in his chair and tried to regain his composure. Catalina and Mindy got dressed and fixed themselves up before giving Brian another kiss and saying "happy birthday" one more time.

"Mindy, hold all my calls and cancel all my meetings. I'm going to go wash up and be back after lunch."

It was just a tick after 10am and Brian still hadn't turned his computer on.

Brian grabbed his briefcase and tried to calm down as much as possible, but he was sweating like he'd just been through a 12 round boxing match.

Making his way out unnoticed, he headed over to his "other" apartment. The one that his wife didn't know about, but his mistress did. On the way there, he called her up and told her to come earlier if she could, since he got out for lunch a little earlier today.

Now, I'm sure most of you are thinking this guy is such a piece of shit for cheating on his wife and his girlfriend. And you're right. But he didn't care...he couldn't be satisfied with just one matter how beautiful she was.