tagSci-Fi & FantasyOne Hell of a Haunting

One Hell of a Haunting


Note from the Author:

This story is an original. Except for the use of Hell and other Michigan cities, it's completely fictitious. There is little sex in the story, so if that's what you are looking for you might want to move on.


"Okay Molly, now close your eyes," Drew said as he turned his car into the long driveway of their new home. As he approached the front of the house he reminded his wife of twenty-five years, "now remember, it's a fixer-upper, but we got it for pennies on the dollar."

He stopped the car, gravel settling with the weight of his tires. "Okay, you can open your eyes now, dear."

The house itself, set back off the dirt road. A tree lined gravel path led to the house. It was a gloomy day, which made the property seem like that of an old black and white movie set. All that was missing was the spooky music to really set the scene, as Molly opened her eyes and looked around.

"Holy shit! Drew, what have you gotten us into?" she asked shocked at the condition of the house and its surroundings.

The property, located in a town known as Hell in Southeastern Michigan, had contained a thriving barn and a nice, large country home at one time until the mysterious death of the owner. His wife and young children had trouble keeping up with things and eventually sold the place. The second owner as well as his family lived a short life there and perished after only ten years of residency. After that the property began to deteriorate. Vandals came and went, destroying much of the house. Eventually, enough damage had been done that it was soon boarded up, the dilapidated barn barely standing itself.

It had been about ten years after the second tenant's death that the land was bought by a young couple, just starting a family. The wife wanted her children to learn the ways of long ago; in hopes they would be grateful for what they now have.

The couple lived there and began remodeling the house into a nice living space, but the renovations hadn't been completed because the wife and children didn't want to stay there anymore. "It's haunted, I'm telling you. I refuse to spend one more night in that old house," she told her husband and by the time he returned from work the following day their belongings had been packed and she was waiting in the driveway for him. "I don't care if you sell it or just chalk it up as a loss, I'm not staying here another minute."

The family packed up and moved out, heading for a town far away from Hell. The property went on the market again and even though the price had been reduced several times it still took five years to sell.

Drew circled the advertisement in the local paper and soon purchased it. "Can you tell me why it had been on the market for so long?" Drew asked the real estate agent.

"Well it has been reported that the house is haunted. I've been in there several times and nothing has happened to me," the agent offered the information hesitantly.

"Okay, that's fine. You never know when that might come in handy," he added as he reached for a pen to write a check for the down payment.

The main frame of the barn remained intact, however there were boards missing from the sides, one of the doors in the front had rotted and was hanging by one very rusty hinge and the roof had partially collapsed, but all of this could be repaired with the right materials. The house itself looked run down on the outside, with boarded up windows and doors, but on the inside, a two-story dwelling with what smelled like fresh paint, looked quite cheerful.

The realtors had come in and fixed some things to prepare for the sale. Molly was beginning to like it now that she was inside. "This is actually quite nice, Drew," she commented in an arrogant tone as if she was surprised that he would choose something so nice for her, considering things haven't been going that well for them.

Their relationship had become rocky after their twenty-five years of marriage. She knew he wasn't having an affair because she kept close tabs on him so much, but something had changed with him. He had become distant. He blamed it on the stress of work and life in the big city. Sometimes she wondered.

Drew grew up in a small town and after college when he met Molly, he moved to the city to be closer to her. They married and started a family and Drew, not wanting to hear any complaints decided it would be good for his children to grow up with more opportunities than what he had as a child so he bought a home in Flint.

After the children had grown and moved out of the house things changed dramatically. He still loved his wife but he couldn't stand to live with her anymore. A divorce was out of the question for him. "She's not getting any of my hard earned money after treating me the way she has for so long," he'd always say.

His family knew his feelings towards Molly and wondered why he was buying a new home with her and so far away from civilization, as his sister put it. Drew had a plan. He knew the house was thought to be haunted and he took a chance that would come to be true so he could deliver his plan.

Molly grew up in the city and although she enjoyed going to the country for picnics as a child she never thought of herself as a country sort of girl. She loved the fast pace, the hustle and bustle of the crowds. And the shopping, we can't forget the shopping. That was her favorite past time. When the children were small she'd be heading to the biggest mall around for one thing or another. Drew said he should have taken stock in the stores at Lakeside mall. Molly had no problem spending Drew's hard earned money every weekend.

Molly agreed to the move knowing Hell wasn't that far from Ann Arbor, or even Novi for that matter; two bigger cities where she could get her fill of the hustle and bustle. It didn't matter much anyway because Drew had made this choice without her even knowing about it until the day the realtor came and put the for sale sign on their front lawn.

Molly knew she didn't have a say in the matter and after her prolonged tantrum she decided she wasn't ready to give up the comfortable life she had with Drew. She was never in need of money and Drew never asked her to go out and get a job. She had it made. Or so she thought.

Back in Hell, Drew and Molly began the grueling task of unpacking their belongings that had been delivered by the moving company. Molly started in the kitchen while Drew started with the big appliances. Within a week everything was in place and Molly actually began to relax a tad.

Living in the city she'd always been so high strung, barking at everything Drew did that she didn't like and that was the main thing that caused the distance between them. He had grown tired of her bickering about the smallest of things. For example, a pair of socks left on the floor after he changed from his work clothes, or a dirty plate left in the sink after a midnight snack. These things would drive her ballistic and then the nagging would start. She wouldn't ease up on him until he would get mad enough and go to bed. These outbreaks were a daily event.

"Would you give me a break? I work all day sometimes a double shift so you can have the luxuries you are accustomed to. When I get home I am dog tired, the last thing on my mind is if I picked up my socks and put them in the hamper, or if I got the dish from the sink into the dishwasher. Now stop the bitching, will you? I could use some peace and quiet for a change."

"You don't understand, you'll never understand. I work hard to keep this house running smoothly," was Molly's response.

"Work hard? Hell, you never worked hard a day in your life. I don't think you know what hard work is!" Drew stormed back at her. "Everything you have was given to you, you never had to work for anything. I don't consider keeping a house clean or running errands hard work. I'd like to see you survive a day in my line of work. Actually I don't think you would last five minutes, bitch. So don't stand there and tell me you work hard. I've had enough for tonight, I'm going to bed."

This was one of biggest issues with him. Molly felt no one in the world worked harder than she did and she expected everything to be as perfect at the end of the day as she had made it during the day. Drew knew that would never happen.

The sex between them had lessened some over the years, but Molly loved her orgasms and knew, even after an argument, how to push Drew's buttons. Because of her love of shopping, Molly had an extensive wardrobe and much of that was lingerie. After a fight and Drew storming off to bed, she would wait for him to calm a bit then she would go up to the bathroom and shower then slip into one of her sexy camisoles and snuggle beside her husband.

He would stir when the mattress shifted and catch a whiff of her perfume. She knew which ones turned him on the most and would splash some on after her shower if she were particularly horny that evening.

Molly, five foot seven inches with long, thick brunette flocks had kept her figure even after the children had grown. She had enough time on her hands to get to the gym a couple times each week for her regular workout. Drew had many complaints about his wife, but her figure wasn't one of them. She still turned him on, even though he was mad as hell at her after a heated argument or a rough nagging session. When he was irate with her the sex was rough, but she didn't seem to mind and it relaxed them both. When morning came they were all lovey dovey again, if only for a few moments.

Even after the great sex, Drew was still planning her demise. Although he wondered if the realtor was telling the truth about the house being haunted, because he hadn't seen nor heard anything out of the ordinary. He put those thoughts in the back of his mind for the time being to concentrate of finishing the renovations that had ceased so many years ago.

The kitchen still needed light fixtures and the living room needed a new floor. The front of the house would have to wait and probably become a summer project due to the change in weather; besides, with today being Halloween, Drew thought it fitting to have the front appear dilapidated.

Drew made a list of supplies to get at the local hardware store in the morning and planned to begin the tasks first thing, but Molly had other plans. She hated Halloween, always has. So while Drew stood at the door waiting for trick-or-treaters she started in the kitchen. She didn't like the tile behind the sink and with hammer and chisel in hand she gave one firm 'whack' and the tile crumbled onto the counter.

"What the hell was that? Oh don't tell me they are at it again. When will these people realize they shouldn't mess with MY house?" ghost Fred said as he floated through the air in the direction of the kitchen. "Well now, what do we have here? New tenants to scare off! I wish the message would just get around and they would all leave me alone," he thought to himself as he made his presence known by grabbing the hammer and chisel from the counter when Molly bent down to pick up some cracked pieces that had fallen to the floor.

Righting herself, Molly reached for the tools she was using, but they weren't there. She looked around the counter and under the rubble of the tile only to find nothing but more rubble. "Oh come on now," she huffed, irritated by the fact that she couldn't place the missing tools. "What the hell is going on here?" she mumbled to herself as she stormed into the living room to ask Drew if he came to get them without her knowing.

"Tools? I have no idea what you are talking about, Molly. I haven't left this door in over an hour. What the hell are you doing in the kitchen at this hour anyway? What's so important that it can't wait 'til morning?"

As Molly turned and stormed back into the kitchen Drew exhaled a deep breath, "It's about time they showed up. I was beginning to think that sales guy was being a shyster and there is something else wrong with this house he didn't want me to know about until after I had signed the papers and closed the deal," he mumbled to himself then gave a sinister grin toward the kitchen that was meant for his wife.

Returning to the kitchen Molly walked back to the counter she where she had been working and there before her very eyes lay the hammer and chisel, right where she thought she had placed them before bending to the floor. "This is too weird. I must be getting tired," she mumbled as she cleaned up the mess she made on the counter. She wiped it down with disinfectant spray and tossed the shards of tile into the garbage can before heading to the bathroom upstairs for a relaxing bath.

Drew emptied the few remaining candy bars from the bowl of candy into a youngsters bag, said Happy Halloween and then closed and locked the front door. He walked into the kitchen to place the bowl in the sink for his wife to get later, not thinking it would start another nag session, but he was tired and just wanted to go to bed.

"Oh Fred, darling, it's Sadie. Are you here?"

"Sadie? Oh Sadie is it really you? Oh how I have missed you. Come here love," Fred said to his wife, now a ghost herself.

Fred hugged his wife close, feeling her spirit melt with his. Before Sadie arrived Fred felt incomplete and appeared to the invaders of his home as a fog, a cloud so to speak, but now that his wife was with him again, he felt complete. Now they both appear as regular people, except that you can see through them and they can see each other the way each looked before their death.

"Oh Sadie, you feel so wonderful. I've been waiting for you to join me. I could hardly believe our house was gone when I got here and now THIS! These people are destroying everything I've worked so hard to build for us."

"Well, now that I'm here, WE won't let that happen. Together we will scare them off and continue doing so until they get the message."

"I knew I could count on you to help me, but for now I want to welcome you back home properly," Fred said as he guided Sadie to Drew's bed.

Drew walked back to the living room to turn off the lights and heard a noise coming from the bathroom, then another noise coming from his bedroom. Knowing his wife couldn't get from one room to another that quickly he thought it must be the ghosts the realtor was speaking of. He quickly flicked the switches and ran up the stairs in hopes of seeing something besides his wife.

He took the stairs two at a time at the beginning but as he neared he top his pace slowed considerably as he tiptoed up the three remaining steps and down the hall to his room. Slowly, he peeked around the corner of the doorway and froze in amazement. He wasn't afraid, just shocked he could actually see them, the ghosts of Fred and Sadie, right there on his bed.

He just stood frozen in amazement at the love and tenderness they showed toward each other. "Oh how cool is this? I never believed in ghosts before this and to actually see that they are having sex. Amazing, truly amazing!" he thought to himself as he watched the long lost love return right before his eyes.

Drew could see the movements of the figures on his mattress and faintly hear sounds, but not as if they were actually speaking like you and I, even though he could see that their mouths were moving as though speaking to each other.

"Oh God! Fred, that feels so wonderful, I don't ever want to let you go again," Sadie said as Fred pulled her close and kissed her lips tenderly, yet with a passion he was glad he could show once again.

Fred floated off Sadie and began to remove her dress, then her undergarments and tossed them to the floor before he removed his own clothing; his denim overalls lay stiff beside the bed. He floated back down to his wife and caressed her breasts before taking each separately into his mouth and suckling gently, teasing the nipple just the way she'd always liked it.

"Oh Fred! You little devil!" Sadie exclaimed as she felt his member press against her thigh. "I can't believe that after all this time you still got it in you to do that! Let me feel it? I want it inside me. Please, Fred, fuck me!" she pleaded.

"Are you sure that after all this time you can handle it?" he said with a chuckle.

"Well actually I can and to show you, after you fuck me I want to make love to you, just the way I did the night before your accident." Sadie said, a lusting tone in her voice.

Drew watched as the mattress shifted when Fred removed Sadie's clothing. He could see the clothing pile on the floor beside the bed. He heard a soft thud as Fred's overalls settled in the pile. He could make out a grayish outline of the husband and wife and a lighter shade of gray for their body parts as they moved about changing to different positions for the different sexual acts.

"What the fuck is wrong with you man?" Drew thought to himself as he felt the growing member in his own jeans. "They are ghosts! I can't believe I'm letting ghosts get me aroused like this," he thought to himself as he walked away to check on his wife, hoping she was still in the bath and not wanting her to see the events taking place in their bed at the moment.

When Drew returned from the bathroom the ghosts were gone. The pile of clothing beside the bed was gone as well. He looked all around for them, but they were nowhere to be found. "I hope the two of you had fun on my mattress," Drew said as he flipped the covers off slightly and crawled into bed. As he closed his eyes he felt a warm glow above him, he smiled and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep quickly.

"Well he seems like a nice young man," Sadie said to Fred, holding his hand as they floated out of the room and down the hall.

"I don't think he's the one we have to be concerned about," Fred said as they settled on the sofa to cuddle more and then continued, "It's his wife! She's the one evoking chaos here. I caught her earlier tearing down the tile I carved by hand for the back splash behind the sink. Oh, and you should hear how she speaks to that poor guy. I felt sorry for him earlier when she was nagging him about our house and when things would get done. They just moved in this morning and she already wants to make changes and wants them fixed immediately," Fred said.

"Well, I blame that on living in the big city. It can make a person cold and heartless," Sadie replied looking up towards the bathroom, seeing the door open and Molly emerge with only a towel rapped around her wet hair.

"Well, will you join me for a moon lit stroll, my sweet?" Fred asked Sadie as he floated from the sofa after hearing the bedroom door close upstairs.

"Oh that sounds wonderful, darling. It's a beautiful night for a stroll around our property. Later we can discuss what to do about the intruders."

Molly slid in bed beside her sleeping husband and although she was looking forward to a sexual release tonight she hated to awaken him, partly because she knew he had a long day, but mostly because she didn't want to listen to his complaints about how tired he is the next day.

The morning sun awakened Molly and Drew as Fred and Sadie plotted their revenge.

"Good morning Molly, did you sleep well?" Drew asked as he grabbed his robe and walked to the door.

"It was okay I suppose, but I kept hearing noises all night."

"Well, you have to keep in mind that this is an old house and it will make noises occasionally. It's probably just settling into the ground," Drew explained, knowing that wasn't what she had heard, but not letting on about the ghosts.

Drew proceeded downstairs to make a pot of coffee while Molly dressed and met him in the kitchen. "So what's your plan for the day, Drew?" she asked walking to the fridge pausing to pull a piece of broken tile from her foot. She glanced at the work she had started last night, only to find most of the tile back on the wall. "What the hell? Why did you put that hideous tile back up there?" her nagging starting already and she hasn't even had her morning coffee yet.

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