tagErotic HorrorOne Hell of a Trick

One Hell of a Trick


I was bound, a cord tied around my knees and pulled tight behind my back -- holding my legs apart and tight to my belly.

My God, I was an April fool alright, a real fool to get stuck in this situation. It had seemed like such a fun prank, especially after the two jugs of beer and five shots of tequila I'd downed at Stella's birthday party.

"So Stella, how is it, having your birthday on all fool's day?" I said.

She mock growled, "Well, it doesn't get old at all, having idiots like you remind me of it, every damn year."

About a dozen of us crowded into the living room or our rented house, getting drunker by the minute, celebrating Stella's birthday and the fact that we'd just finished our last Easter exam at college. I don't know who came up with the prank, but everyone thought it was a good idea.

"Yeah, it'll be like when we were kids, it'll be a right laugh," I said.

Run-away-knock, of all things -- I mean, we were in college, too old for shit like this. But out we went into the chilly spring night and started pranking our neighbours, ringing door bells and pounding on door knockers and then running away to hide and watch as the door was opened. We got giddier the more we did it, I was with Stella and Kate, the three of us so drunk and giddy we had to hold each other up. We were making our way up Paradise Lane, doorbell by doorbell when Kate pointed to the big house at the end, just visible behind a large overgrown hedge and a tumbledown wall. It was an old house, there for years before this part of town had been developed, it looked out of place in this suburb of neat boxy houses.

"Let's do that one, they say a witch or something lives there, or something, a witch, you know?" said Kate.

Stella and I followed her to the end of the road, through the rusty gates, along an avenue, over hung with trees that met in the middle, making a tunnel, making the avenue even darker.

"Oh, come on, let's go back", I said. "This place must be abandoned, no one lives here, I'll bet."

But the other two ignored me and carried on up the dark avenue until it opened out to a cobbled courtyard, and revealed a huge old manor house with a massive oak front door. Suddenly this wasn't fun anymore. I looked at the other two and I saw the giddiness had worn off them as well, but somehow, somehow, I just couldn't help myself and almost against my will, my hand rose, made a fist and began hammering on the door. That was the part where we were supposed to run away and hide, that was supposed to be the fun part of the April Fools prank, but my legs were frozen to the spot and as the heavy door creaked open slowly, revealing a small old lady, the three of us just stood, dumb and staring and not moving.

"Well, well, what has the fool's night brought to my door this year?" said the old woman. She stepped out of the doorway and touched Stella on the forehead with one bony finger, "no, not you, I think." Stella just stood there, statue like.

She shuffled to Kate and did the same thing, "Oh dear, another one who is not ready. No, my dear, you'll not do for the Master either."

She stepped to me, extended that skeletal finger, touched my forehead and smiled, "Ah, now -- here is a ripe one."

And now, here I was -- trussed in a pitch black room and I couldn't see him, but I could hear him breathing and feel the mattress move as he knelt on it, he grunted slightly and I felt his hot wet thing butt up against my flesh. I cried out, told him to stop, but he ignored me. I wasn't a virgin, I knew a cock when I felt it, and this one felt big. He pushed against me and grunted again. Hard, cold Fingers parted my lips and the thing was right up against my slit. He leaned on my thighs forcing my legs further apart, forcing the breath out of my lungs and pushing, pushing, until he forced himself inside me. My flesh burned as it stretched around him, the soft membranes inside felt torn and tortured as he relentlessly pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside me, I was sure he'd torn me, injured me and I screamed again, in pain and panic as the thing grew hotter and began to pulse inside me, growing bigger still.

I feared he was going to tear me in two. I'd never felt pain like it, my body began to pant without me telling it to, panting with the effort of accommodating that thing inside it. The pain and the fear and visceral reaction to being physically damaged melded into some kind of animal response and a sound escaped me, like a keen or a whimper, certainly nothing like any sound I'd ever made before.

Eventually, I felt a sharp jab deep inside and knew he'd forced his thing as far into my body as it would go, he pulled out slightly and started to thrust, quickly and forcefully, driving me down into the soft mattress in an ever increasing rhythm. I thought he would kill me, I thought he was going to fuck me to death, but then he jerked, gripped my shoulders and came. His orgasm lasted for ever, I felt his cock jerk and pulse, jerk and pulse, as it spat its load inside me and I wondered how much of the stuff there was. It burned as it saturated me. He pulled out, his softening cock scratching and burning me all the way out, it emerged with a wet, fleshy, popping noise accompanied by a stream of hot, burning cum that oozed out of me and down the crack of my ass.

I was so shocked by the whole episode, I think I passed out. When I came too in the dark room, I tried to free myself, but to no avail. My legs had gone numb and every muscle in my body ached from being confined. My vulva and vagina burned and throbbed, but not with pleasure, I couldn't remember ever being this sore, even after I'd done it the first time with Bill Murphy behind the bike shed at school, a bit of a sting was all I remember.

I think I cried then. Sometime later he reappeared and raped me again. "For God's sake, please stop, you're hurting me, please." I said, but he had no interest in listening to me. It was worse the second time, his hard cock seemed to rasp at my soft flesh as he pulled and pushed it in and out of me until he ejaculated again. After the second time, he untied me and after lying still for a while, I was brave enough to get off the bed and feel my way to the wall of the room. I found a light switch and flicked it on.

The first thing I noticed was the mess of blood and cum on my thighs. It was still trickling out of me, a creamy stream of blood stained horror. I burned inside and my legs wobbled. I found a door, it opened onto a bathroom and I used the toilet, whimpering as my own pee seared the torn bits of me it touched. The last thing I wanted was to get into the shower. But I did and I scrubbed and scrubbed, trying to rid myself of the bastard's seed and his peculiar mineral-like scent. At the back of my mind was the sure knowledge that I was scrubbing away any evidence he'd left on me and in me, but I didn't care, I wanted to be clean, needed to be clean.

There was a table in the room, covered with platters of food -- fruit, bread, cheese and cold meat. I ate well. I was ravenous in fact, like I hadn't eaten for days. I surprised myself by falling asleep, but I woke several times with a scream, imagining the man, the bastard rapist standing over me.

Nothing happened for the remainder of the day, or what I took to be a day in that strange room. The only door off the bedroom was the one that led to the bathroom and I couldn't figure out how he had gotten in, or how I might escape. There was no window either, but otherwise, it looked like a large, luxurious bedroom in a large old house. High ceiling with ornate coving, an expensive looking rug on the highly polished herringbone wooden floor. The bed was huge, an antique four poster, marred only by the stains on the bedspread, the proof of my assault.

I cried and I rocked myself. I panicked and paced and I never felt as terrified. I had no idea of the time, I had no idea when or if he'd come back.

He did come back, later that night. The room once again dark and I was once again bound, I didn't remember being tied up, but tied up I was, this time I was face down on some kind of padded platform, held by a ring around the neck and waist, my legs spread wide, tied and immovable, I sobbed. I was already torn and damaged inside, still bleeding and he was going to fuck me again with that weird, massive cock. I struggled and bucked in the darkness, but it made no difference.

I sensed him stepping up behind me in the absolute blackness and screamed as he gripped my hips with huge, hard hands and plunged himself deep inside me, awakening the raw wounds with a fresh assault. I passed out as he thrust and only woke when he was finished, his cum, a cold sticky mess between my legs. I was still bound there and I wept because I knew by now that meant he'd be back for round two.

The second time, I didn't pass out, but I dearly wished I could have. It felt as though his cock was even bigger. He grunted and huffed as he pushed it inside me. I juddered as it pulsed and its heat stretched me tight around it. I panted as he forced that thing inside me, figuring this time he really would kill me with it, but again, my body stretched and accommodated him, he lunged and pushed and then the pushing became rhythmic as he rode me for his pleasure. He roared as he came and again it seemed to take a long time for him to come. He pulled out slowly, even soft, that cock was a tight fit and I screamed as his hot thing scratched and burned me on its way out. Another dribble of cum ran out of me. I waited for him to untie me, like he had the first night, but he didn't and I howled as I realise he meant to come back a third time.

And that was my life for the next... three weeks, as close as I could judge it, there was no way to tell time in that place. He would come every second or third night, rape me twice or three times and leave again. I was always tied down for it, could never remember being tied down and I could never see him. It always hurt and I always bled afterwards. The second week I was brave enough to explore my body with my fingers, my snatch seemed to have stretched and gaped. I sobbed that night, hard, wondering if my body was ruined forever, if I'd need surgery, if I would ever be allowed to go.

By the third week, the pounding he gave me didn't hurt as much, my body had grown used to it, had altered and stretched enough to accommodate that massive thing without pain and I no longer bled. I tried to think about what I knew of him, like I was cataloguing details for the police statement I'd make if I ever got out of this place, but all I knew was that he was big, huge even, powerfully built and had a strange scent. And a huge cock. He never uttered a word, he would enter the room, then enter me and leave. Sometimes he grunted with the effort of his fucking, but usually he was silent. I couldn't remember how I had come to be in this room. I slept when I was tired, ate when I was hungry and fretted, waiting for the next assault to come. Sometimes, it seemed that a lot of time had passed between his visits, sometimes it seemed to be more frequent. By the end of the third week I was feeling nauseous periodically and with a sinking feeling, I wondered if I was pregnant.

I didn't have to wonder long, soon, within days, my breasts were heavy and my belly was growing almost visibly. My rapist stopped his visits and I spent my time eating and sleeping. I was ravenous, I couldn't eat enough to keep up with my own appetite. I spent a lot of time in a sort of daze, trying not think about the squirming, hyperactive thing that grew inside me now.

I didn't have to put up with it for long -- in what seemed like an astonishingly short time, my belly was a massive thing, my breasts started to leak milk and then one night, or day, hard to tell in that place, I started contracting.

I squatted on the floor of the room and in between frighteningly powerful contractions I wept and sobbed and screamed, I was terrified and in pain and all alone as I pushed the thing out of me, it came in a flood of fluid and blood, and I just knew that my body had torn to let it out. It was huge, bigger than a new-born should be. It was covered with shiny black scales and it hands were long fingered clawed things. It was a boy, it's penis as scaled as the rest of it. It wailed, sat up and then began to pull on its own umbilical cord.

I watched it, unable to move as it pulled and jerked the cord, then I screamed as the after birth came away. The creature, my child, opened its mouth, revealing sharp little teeth and began to devour its own placenta. It was like a car crash, I couldn't look away. When it had finished, little strips of flesh hung from the corners of its mouth and what was left of its cord began to shrivel and retract into its body. It began to look around. Before I knew what was happening, it had clawed its way up my body and taken my nipple in its mouth. I tried to push it off, but it was latched on there so tightly that I knew, if I tried to pull it off, it would take some of my breast with it. I lay still for a while and then wobbled into the shower, monstrous baby still attached and suckling lustily. A dribble of pink tinted milk leaked from the other breast, I was no expert on childbirth and breast feeding, but I knew that my milk shouldn't be pink. Once I was dry I staggered back to the bed and I think I entered a kind of stupefied waking coma. Every so often, the baby would transfer to the other breast, every so often I would get up and eat something, but no thoughts crossed my minds, except the one that I had finally gone mad.

Later, in the darkened room, the rapist came back. I wasn't bound, I suppose he knew by now that I was subdued and wouldn't fight or struggle. He snapped something heavy to my wrist and then pushed me onto my back, the creature-baby still attached to my breast. He used his knees to spread my legs and entered me with a hard thrust that made me jerk and scream. He bent down and took my spare breast in his mouth and suckled while he raped me, while he spilled another load of his seed into me. I hardly cared. This time though, once he had finished raping me, he stood there, in the dark and said, "Whennnn you haaave deliverrrrred a ferrrtile femmmale, you will earn yourrrrr fffreedommm."

I trembled, his voice was deep and sounded as though it came from a mouth not used to making words. The words themselves were drawn out sounds, carefully made so that I would understand.

He came back a few hours later and kept coming until my belly grew again. The thing he had clasped to my wrist turned out to be a heavy gold bangle, try as I might, I couldn't get it off, it was too tight to go over my hand and I couldn't see how it opened. One night he came and took the baby away. Though it could hardly be called a baby anymore, it was about the size of an eight year old. A few nights after that I had the second baby, another boy, latched on and suckling. This one was smaller and not as heavily scaled. But it was just as monstrous. It grew as fast as its brother had and when its father returned to rape me again it watched with interest. The rapist clasped a second gold bangle to my wrist.

Sometimes he flipped me over and held me up by the hips as he penetrated me, sometimes he lay on top of me, sometimes he pulled me to the edge of the bed and drove himself into me while he stood. I cared little. I no longer dreaded his cock, my body had stretched beyond belief, where I was once tight, I now gaped and sagged. My breasts were huge pendulous things, constantly full of milk, my belly a saggy baggy thing, waiting for the next baby to stretch it again.

Before long it was stretching again and as before, he came and took the baby from my breast a few days before the new one forced its way out of my body. The third one was also a boy, I cried as it crawled up my body and took my swollen breast in its mouth and started suckling. When he came to impregnate me again, he put another of his bangles on my wrist, I lay there, the creature that had crawled out of my womb sucked at one breast, the creature intent on putting another baby in my womb suckled the other and I closed my eyes and tried my best to lose my reason.

Weirdly, I longed to become pregnant again, because at least that meant he would leave me alone for a time. It didn't take long and the fourth was a girl, I was overjoyed, thinking that finally I'd be released from this prison of perpetual rape and torment. She was as large as her bothers had been and as heavily scaled. She suckled and grew as I sat and ate or slept or showered or simply sat and stared into space.

It occurred to me that much more time had passed after this birth than the others and I still had not been visited by the rapist again. The baby at my breast grew incredibly fast. Before long she was as big as an eight year old and starting to babble. Despite myself, I started to babble back and she began to talk. She explored the room and sampled the food, her long tongue flicking out to taste everything before she put it in her mouth. She ate an enormous amount, but more always appeared in the night. Soon she was suckling less and less and my breasts began to dry up and shrink back. I passed the days by telling the girl stories and teaching her how to count and spell.

One day, he reappeared, called to the girl, and disappeared with her. I had been terrified of her and repulsed by her, but now that she was gone, I missed her. I felt as alone as ever. A while after that, he appeared and allowed me to see him, for the first time. I wish he hadn't. I screamed, though at that stage, I don't know how I had a scream left in me.

He was completely scaled with shiny black ovoid scales, even his eyelids were scaled. And his eyes, my God, they were completely black, no whites showed at all. His head had no hair, just a ridge of raised scales down the middle like a Mohawk that continued down his spine. He was over seven feet tall and heavily muscled with a broad chest and heavy thighs, when I saw what hung between his thighs I screamed again. I watched as it grew erect, a penis as big as my arm with a round purple head bigger than my fist. It pulsed and throbbed as it grew, tiny scales stood out along its length and a thick pulsing vein ran the length of the underside of it. Pre-cum began to seep from the slit and I whimpered.

He grinned at me, and extended a long thin tongue, "Youuu havvve donnne welllll. Theee sssservant wasss righttt to bring youuuu to meee, sssso verrry fertile, sssuch a gooood Mamaaa. Nowww isss theee timmme forrrr theee rewarrrd."

I shrank back, but he was relentless, there was no point in fighting such a huge creature as he, but I struggled, I really did. He pulled me to the end of the bed, so that my ass hung over it and I braced myself to be impaled by that horror show cock again, but instead he crouched down and put his head between my legs. The black tongue flicked out and snaked its way up my body, curling over itself and finally coming to a halt on my left breast, where it curled around my nipple and squeezed, lightly, but rhythmically. It stretched across my body and did the same to the other breast, it wasn't unpleasant, but I was shocked when both nipples hardened and the squeezing tongue caused a sliver of pleasure to run down my body and land in my belly, when it lodged.

While his tongue was busy, he began to nibble at my inner thighs with those strange, cold scaled lips, the nibbling distracted me and I hardly noticed when he pushed my legs apart and brought his mouth to my vulva. The dry, cool, scaled lips kneading the flesh of my outer lips. I squirmed away, but he held me fast with his hands. The cool slender tongue unwound itself from my nipples and retracted to his mouth, he used it to part my lips and find my clit, where it flicked and squeezed relentlessly until that too became to harden and send pleasure signals out to the rest of my body, forcing the terror to abate and subside. I'd never felt anything like it, that quick flick of the tongue, but I liked it and I found I had no choice but to allow my body to accept this new sensation.

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