tagLoving WivesOne Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 03

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 03


Introducing Mickey and Ellen Campbell. For those who wrote after enjoying part 1 and 2, This is a continuation of the story. It takes a little turn here. Tell me how you like it. For those who wrote criticizing the content of the story and the actions of the characters, read something else.

* * * * *

It had been a long, hard week on the road. Even though my home-based business usually gave me the best of both worlds, it still required me to leave home occasionally and contact potential customers in other cities. I knew that Mac would do his part to keep Rose at the peak of her re-discovered interest in sex, so I knew she wouldn't suffer from a lack of consortium.

"I'm home," I shouted gleefully as I dropped my suitcase and whipped off my tie. There was no response at first, although I could hear a rhythmic thumping sound coming from the bedroom wing of our house. I picked up my suitcase and started down the long hallway before I got a response.

"We're back here," I heard Rose call out from our bedroom. I wasn't surprised, assuming that Mac was giving Rose one of his famous mid-afternoon fucks, so I continued down the hallway until I reached the open door into our bedroom.

What a lovely surprise! A set of hairy male legs were visible, drawn up to near vertical beneath a tight, heart-shaped ass that was busy posting up and down on a thick cock coated with the juices of the pussy wrapped tightly around it, but it wasn't Rose's and it didn't slow down despite my entrance. At just that moment, the owner of the pummeling ass emitted a prolonged groan. She released my wife's tits, which had been tightly clutched in her hands and leaned back against the upraised thighs. She was shuddering with relief as her orgasm peaked and she made a final bone jarring descent on the hardness filling her.

I didn't recognize her and was no doubt looking rather shocked. Rose, still sitting on a face beneath her turned her head and smiled.

"This is Ellen," she said as though introducing a lady who had just stopped in for afternoon tea. "And this," she added pointing down to the thick brown thatch of hair barely visible between her thighs, "is her son, Mickey." Rose got to her knees, lifting her sodden pussy from a face wet with her juices and I realized it was our paperboy who I recalled had just graduated from high school. Neither Rose, nor Helen appeared surprised at my presence, and Mickey looked just disappointed as Rose lifted one leg over him and edged over to the side of the bed so she could stand.

"Don't go away, and don't lose that thought," she admonished the young man who was wiping her juices from his face with one hand. "We just need to take a break and tell my husband what's going on." Turning to Helen, she lifted one hand in introduction and said, "Earl, meet Ellen Campbell." Turning slightly, she lifted the other hand and said, "and obviously then, this would be Mickey Campbell who I'm sure you know, although perhaps not by name."

I did recognize Mickey and smiled at him. Ellen was struggling to unhook herself from the long, thick cock impaling her. I could see her disappointment but she gave me a bright smile as I waved at her not to get up. Reluctantly she dismounted and said, "I have to get up anyway. I need a shower after that." Clutching her pussy with one hand, she got to her feet and went into our oversized shower barely able to contain the flood of semen that had already started to trickle down firm thighs.

Mickey hurriedly got off his back and stood up, A shy grin was on his face as he offered his hand to shake mine and he followed his mother into our bath. Rose, abandoned, smiled at me.

"I guess you're wondering how this started," she said with obvious relish. "I'll tell you as soon as I get my own shower."

I was able to nod as I studied my wife's body, obviously thoroughly clutched and squeezed in all the appropriate places. Her own pussy was a sodden mass due in part to Mickey's interest and hunger.

I had enough time to put my clothes and suitcase away before the threesome returned to our bedroom. They had taken advantage of the robes we kept in the dressing room, enroute from the bath. They started to sit on the bed before Rose suggested moving the conversation to the family room where it would be more comfortable.

"Mac was busy most of this week while you were gone and we only had time for a couple of quickies, so I was pretty horny," Rose began. We had seated ourselves on the couches that faced each other in what had become our usual arrangement, something we had decided after I realized how much I enjoyed watching Mac fondle and kiss Rose before we all adjourned to the bedroom. Now, with Ellen and Mickey on one, and Rose and I on the other, I had a better view of the mother and her child. Mickey was a well-proportioned young man with bright blue eyes. His smile mirrored that of his mother who appeared to be almost as tall as her son. I hadn't met Ellen before although Rose had mentioned her in the past. Seeing her now gave me a much better appreciation of this lady. Her blue eyes mirrored her son's, although her hair was a beautiful carrot colored red, hanging to her shoulders. My attention however was held by her perfectly developed breasts. Because it had no tie, she had pulled the robe together as much as possible, but now as she leaned forward, it fell open, giving me a delightful view. She caught my admiring smile and then sat back closing the gap, but retaining the smile. She obviously knew I was already an admirer.

My attention had been distracted, and I managed to check back in just as Rose was describing how she had come to be entranced by young Mickey.

"He was collecting for the paper the night you had to leave. I had just had my bath and was still in my gown when he came to the door. I opened it before I thought of how I was dressed."

I knew the robe Rose was describing. It was one of my favorites, and also that of Mac. While nearly opaque, if Rose was standing in the light, as she would have been after turning on the light on the porch to see who was at the door, it became almost transparent. It was also tight enough to give anyone an almost perfect outline of her figure, hugging and accentuating every curve.

"I invited him in and told him to sit down while I found my purse and got the money we owed him. He was telling me, as I looked for my purse, that he had graduated the previous Friday. When I found it, I began to write the check before he told me that he would have to give up his paper routes after the summer ended so he could devote all his time to going to the community college here. That surprised me a bit. I didn't think he was old enough and asked him how old he would be when he started. That's when he told me that he had just turned 18 the previous Saturday."

I smiled and congratulated him both on his plans and also his birthday, mentioning that this deserved a gift.

Rose laughed. "That's what got this started. I realized as I sat there under the overhead lights that I was in my gown, giving him the view you and Mac like so much. I must have blushed crimson, but I asked him what he would like as a birthday gift before I looked up and saw the bulge in his pants. He stood up and walked over to me, then took my hands and lifted me out of my chair. He told me that a kiss would be perfect. Honest, honey, I had no idea that he would want something like that from an old lady like me, but I decided that it was what I wanted too. He put his arms around me and pulled me so close I could feel his cock against my belly and it turned me to jelly. Then he gave me a kiss that you would have been proud of. All the hornies came out at once. I opened my mouth slightly and let him feel my tongue on his lips. He took it from there," she laughed.

"What a kisser he is. It felt like his tongue was on my tonsils, and it felt wonderful, especially when I felt one hand come up and cover my breast. I was really hot by that time and couldn't help but reach down to feel how big he was. That's when I found out there was a third stud in the neighborhood."

I looked over at Mickey and, although blushing brightly, he was smiling as he listened to my wife tell me how she had 'seduced' him.

"He's at least as big as Mac," she continued, "and it felt so good I knew I had to have him. So, as soon as he released me, I just kind of slid down to my knees and began unbuttoning his pants. When I got the zipper down, he pushed his pants and shorts down to his knees and gave me a good view of what he had. You know me, I can't resist a hard cock and his is beautiful. I could taste the pre-cum as soon as I could pull it down to my mouth, so I started sucked him." She giggled before adding, "it didn't take long. He shot his load before I could get him all the way into my mouth. I could tell he was embarrassed, so I just held him in there while I swallowed that load. Then I got up and told him not to feel bad. I wanted to give him more than that and suggested we go back to the bedroom."

"He stepped out of his pants and shorts, then took my hand as I led him back to the bedroom. He took his shoes off while I got out of my gown. I was laying back and thinking of how good this was going to feel when I felt him lay down between my legs and begin squeezing my tits. I couldn't believe he planned on doing some muff diving, but I decided that whatever he got would be my gift to him. So, although it surprised me when I felt his tongue going up my slit, I just opened wide and let him do what he seemed intent on doing. What I found out was that regardless of how well he kisses, he's even better at eating pussy."

I looked over to the opposite couch to see the reaction. Mickey was still blushing and his smile was even wider. Ellen was looking at her son with obvious pride and had put her arm over his shoulder. As I watched, the young man turned slightly toward his mother and his hand found it's way to his mother's thigh beneath the robe. As Rose continued, I saw that hand slide between the facings of his mother's robe and press tightly against her pussy with no apparent objections from her. Ellen was smiling and spreading her legs, giving her son complete access to her carrot colored muff. I watched as his middle finger disappeared into his mother's twat.

"I've never cum so hard since Mac fucked me the first time," Rose said, rubbing her breasts as she continued her story. She was watching Mickey who, by now, was slowly finger fucking his mother. "He ate my pussy for what seemed like hours. I couldn't tell because I was cumming so hard. Then he got on his knees and pulled me down the bed until his cock was against my pussy. He went in very easy because I was so wet, and it felt wonderful to feel that hard dick buried to the hilt in my cunt. He put his hands beneath my knees and lifted them until they were almost in my armpits before he really began fucking me. It was nice and slow and I must have had at least three orgasms as he fucked me and before he shot another load in my cunt. I told him to relax, but he just started all over again as soon as he had cooled off a bit. There's nothing better than a young lover and damn, he feels so good in my cunt. I wanted him to fuck me al night. "

I looked over again to the mother/son combination on our couch. Mickey has slid down until his head was even with his mother's chest. He had one breast in his mouth while he continued sawing at least three fingers of the other hand in and out of his mother's pussy. Ellen was clutching him tightly to her breast with two hands and groaning softly as her hips bucked against her son's hand in her crotch. She reached orgasm as we watched, and lay back against the arm of the couch as her son began lapping at the juices he had stirred from his mother's glistening pussy. Both hands were behind his head, pressing him deeper into the fire colored muff.

It was too much for Rose. As I watched, she got up from the couch and went over to where Mickey was delighting his mother. She knelt between his thighs and began unfastening the fly of his trousers he had put on following his shower. His swollen cock sprang free and I watched my wife's head drop down as her mouth opened to inhale that rigid rod.

That was enough for me! My own boner was threatening to tear a hole in my trousers and the sight of Ellen's big breasts wasn't helping. I pulled my trousers off over my shoes, and let her get a view of what I wanted to give her. She tore her interest in what her son was doing to her away for a moment, including how Rose was now bobbing up and down on Mickey's own long, thick endowment and licked her lips in response to the view. I got up, walked over to where Mickey had her stretched out on the couch and put my cock to her lips. With a smile, she reached around my hips and pulled me closer until she could reach the already leaking cock with her tongue.

"Oh, I love sucking cocks," she managed to say before I felt her lips close around my throbbing dick and felt her pulling me close enough to feed my entire length into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as I began pumping my cock back and forth, whether from enjoyment of what she was tasting or from what her son was doing to her, I wasn't sure. It made no difference. I knew she was a world class cock sucker and I wanted to see if she could handle the load of cum that was ready to blast a hole in the back of her throat. I almost didn't get to do it, because her mouth opened wider and she took my entire length into her sweet mouth. I could see the bulge in her throat as she went all the way down to my balls. That set me off and the first blast went directly into her throat before I could pull back enough to fill her mouth with my hot load. I watched her swallow rapidly as she sucked me dry. Her eyes were turned to mine and I could see her obvious enjoyment of the pleasure we were sharing before she let my still semi-rigid cock pull out, suddenly too super sensitive to enjoy more. Just then I saw her body tense and she began trembling as Mickey's own work paid off in the orgasm she was enjoying.

Rose didn't miss a drop of Mickey's cum when he felt his mother's orgasmic juices spray over his face and into his mouth. But Rose wasn't going to let him get away that easily and, even as he rolled over on his back, she followed his retreating cock, determined to have more of that young juice. Mickey actually started trying to push her away, but Rose was unrelenting, burying her face into his pubic pelt as she continued sucking up the last of his cum.

I think all of us had had as much as we could handle for the moment, except Mickey. Even as he pushed Rose away from his still rigid rod, he was groping her tits. Just a few minutes was all it took before he was behind her, her head still on the couch, pummeling her pussy with the energy of youth while his mother watched with a shy smile.

"Do her good, Mickey," she told him softly as the teenager reached beneath my wife's frame and found her swollen breasts. He hung on them tightly as he fucked her. It got to his mother too and the next thing I saw was her getting off the couch, rolling onto the floor beneath Rose and beginning to lap at the connection where her son's cock was stroking slowly in and out of my wife's pussy. Her finger's found Rose's clit and she began stroking it gently, using the cum still draining from Mickey's cock as a lubricant.

That sent Rose into orgasm immediately. I watched as her body shook from the sensations that were sending her on a long trip to paradise. Mickey must have sensed it too, because within minutes he was pummeling Rose's ass at a fantastic rate until with a final bone jarring thrust he sent his dick into the farthest reaches of my wife's vagina and groaned with satisfaction as another hot, thick load filled her to overflowing.

Even Ellen with her prodigious capacity for cum couldn't take all the lust that was flowing from my wife's cunt. I could see trickles escaping from both sides of the connection she had established at the juncture of Rose's cunt and her son's cock. I couldn't do a thing about it, regardless of how much I would have loved to slide into Ellen's exposed pussy. Her cock sucking talents had disarmed me regardless of how much I wanted to do her.

I offered her a hand up as she slid from beneath Rose's body. She took it and got gracefully to her feet before sitting down on the love seat next to me. Her robe was still unfastened, giving me a view of her world class tits once again. It gave my still depleted cock a slight rise, but not enough that I could do anything about it. She saw me looking though and gave me a shy smile as she sat down beside me. I put my arm over her shoulder, casually brushing my hand over her tit only to have her take it and hold it over that lovely orb. Turning her head, she looked at me closely before I accepted what I thought was an invitation and kissed her. Ellen was just as accomplished at kissing as she was at everything else I had seen today, and it turned into a long, drawn out tasting of each other which was very pleasant.

We were interrupted by Rose's low groan as her young lover dismounted. The flow of semen from her swollen pussy was almost too soon for her to catch, but she managed somehow and lifted the almost filled hand to her mouth, lapping it as though it had been a treat poured into the palm of her hand. Mickey had slid from her stretched pussy and now stood behind her, his cock at a 20 degree or so angle hanging down from the horizontal, but still remarkably rigid for a tool that had been given so much use during the time I had been home.

"That's what I meant," Rose managed to say as she got slowly up on shaky legs and smiled at her young lover. She took him in her arms and hugged him tightly. He seemed almost embarrassed now to have that hot body of hers pressing tightly against his.

She laughed when she saw how uncomfortable he was. "Don't worry Mickey, Earl doesn't bite and he knows all about my appetite for sex. He's got one of his own and I see he's already thinking about your mother, aren't you, dear?

* * * * *

To be continued in part 4. I find out that Mickey has a sister who is only slightly older and just as entranced with her father as Mickey is with his mother. Mac reappears with a surprise of his own.

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