tagRomanceOne Last Time

One Last Time


As the sunset of the beach in Wikki, Savannah and Marcus walked to their favorite Restaurant and sat at the same table, In a cozy corner next to the fireplace. Nearby, a trio performed a Spanish "Bolere." A small candle illuminated the table, covered with a silk cloth embroidered with Mexican adornments, where they sat to savor the, Complimentary tortilla chips, Salsa and they order frozen Margaritas.

"You haven't changed a bit, " Marcus said to Savannah.

"But, You Have. You've grown to become a very handsome man.

I bet women loose their heads over you." Savannah Said.

" Look around," Marcus replied. "Everyone's eyes are focused on you." (Marcus Smiled as Savannah was blushing)

"Is there a special lady in your?" Savannah asked Marcus.

"No, not yet. I've been involved in romantic relationships in the past, but none ever materialized," Marcus added.

As they talked, They gazed intensely at each other's eyes.....

......... Two decades earlier, Savannah and Marcus lived across the street from each other in Hawai'i. Marcus loved Savannah sexy, seductive voice. Savannah was the covetousness of women who emulated her looks--the lustful fantasies of the men who yearned for, but couldn't have Savannah. Savannah's Long hair, gorgeous body, Hazel eyes, and tanned skin, soft and delicate as a rose petals, made Savannah a goddess of desire.

Back then Savannah was 35, divorced, and a daughter.

Marcus was only 19! Marcus's childhood crush with Savannah

ended after she married a Diplomat and left for Paris where her husband was appointed to an embassy post. Marcus moved from Hawai'i to the beaches of Cheyenne where Marcus moved and lived in different city until setting in Huntington beach. Marcus never forgot Savannah, and often wondered what her reaction would have been had Marcus declared his puppy love for her...

"I needed a vacation, so I came to Huntington beach, " Savannah Said. "My husband died recently and, after our friend Michael told me that you lived here, I decided that I wanted to see you. I glad that we're having dinner tonight,"

Savannah added.

Savannah amazed me. After all these years, she remained a sexie, feminine woman who still walked with the same grace and sensuality as she did twenty years ago when she was a young, single mother. "I'm honored with your company," Marcus told her.

Savannah didn't say a word, she just smiled. The trio then started playing "Sabor A., MI," a Spanish tune that gets lovers in the mood for romance. "I'd like to dance," Savannah said.

They got up from there table, Walked to the dance floor and started dancing, keeping a normal distance between their bodies.

Marcus ogled at the beauty of her eyes as Savannah peered at he's lips. Savannah then placed her on Marcus's right shoulder.

Suddenly, he felt her lips--soft, moist, like a flower wet with morning dew -- caressing and kissing his neck. Savannah pecks sent waves of chills across his body. Marcus moved his head back and looked into Savannah's eyes, by now wild with desire.

Savannah's mouth, half open, hungered for mine.

They lounged forward, and their lips interlocked with the ferocious intensity of a volcano erupting after years of dormancy.

"Let's Go! Savannah commanded.

They canceled their meal, left the restaurant and, by the time they reached his apartment, they were ripping off each others clothes like two hungry hyenas dismembering their kill. They slipped into bed and made love all night.

The first Sudan rays of the new day filtered through Marc bedroom window as they held each other's naked bodies.

They lit up a cigarette and drank some Champaign.

" I always knew," Savannah said.

"knew what?" Marcus said.

"As a child, you desired me. I want you to know that I also longed for you."

For a short moment, Marcus fondness for her turned to hate and, in a fit of anger, Marcus reproached Savannah silence. "All those years wanting your love, and you didn't even have the honesty to share your feelings with me!" Marcus Yelled. "How could you---" You were only a child!" Our relationship then, would have been wrong, immoral. I had to wait for you to become the man who to night's make love to me like no other man ever has.

I even married someone I didn't love just to get away from you, knowing that you'd soon be too irresistible for me.

I've suffered a lot, " Savannah screamed!!

Marcus felt the warmth of her tears dampening on his bare chest as Savannah cried inconsolably. "I'm sorry," Marcus said, begging her forgiveness, realizing the pain Savannah endured while waiting for the right moment to consummate her dreams. They embraced and made love one more time. One last time!

Later, that morning, Marcus drove Savannah to the air so Savannah could catch her flight back to Hawai'i. After a passionate, farewell kiss, Savannah boarded the sliver bird which soon took off into the blue sky, Marcus never saw Savannah again. Marcus met someone else, got married, and started a family. Savannah in return, was fortunate to enjoy the reverence of becoming a grandmother several times.

Last year, their friend Michael wrote Marcus a letter telling him that Savannah had died after suffering a stroke. She still lived in the same apartment complex where they met. In his letter, Michael wrote that "moments before dying, Savannah looked toward her bedroom window, the one facing your old apartment, Savannah smiled, and blew a kiss."

Michael didn't know why, and he never will. As an eternal tribute to a special part of Marcus past, That'll be a secret that Savannah and him will share forever. In the epilogue of her humanity, Savannah proved that true feelings never die.

Savannah was there for Marcus one more time, One last time!!

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