tagGroup SexOne Life 2 Live Pt. 02

One Life 2 Live Pt. 02


Chapter 1:

It was Saturday morning and a confused Toby sat in his basement alone and wondered what could have happen last night with Miranda. Toby was pleased with Miranda's performance last night but wish he could have fucked her. Instead, minutes after he ejaculated, Toby transformed into his former self.

"You down here Toby?" called out Marty.

"Down here you guys," Toby shouted back.

Marty and Josh entered the basement and greeted Toby.

"Man Toby. You're sister is getting hotter and hotter everyday," gushed Josh.

"That's nice...But I don't care right now. All I care about is trying to figure out what could have happen to reserve my transformation," Toby said as his chubby hands held up his frown face.

"I still can't believe it actually worked," said Marty amazed. "You were the first one out of us to score with a chick. Miranda I might add. She has some really big tits. How did they feel Toby? Did they taste good? Does she have milk?"

"Oh boy! She tasted real good. Huge nipples that my mouth justs couldn't get enough of. I didn't go all the way with Miranda but the next time I see her...It will happen," Toby promised.

"You lucky bastard," smudged Josh.

"You would think for being so smart Toby that you knew there must have been a weakness or a flaw somewhere in your transformation. Re-trace your steps, what you ate, what you drink, what you did. Everything," Marty said.

"You're right. Something had to have triggered my transformation to reserve. But what?" Toby pondered.

"Was it something Miranda had on? Did she smell a weird way? Did she do something that could have caused it?" Marty questioned.

"Well...She looked good in what she had on, but better topless," joked Toby. "She smelled like flowers blossoming in the springtime. Couldn't have been her per say. But I think I might know what could have happen. Maybe when I ejaculated, the chemicals from Tommy's DNA left my body and transformed me back to this?" Toby explained.

"So you think it was when you came. Yeah, that's got to be it!" said Josh backing up Toby's theory.

"No doubt that it was. As soon as I ejaculated, I transformed back to my original self within minutes. I don't have anymore serum or as I like to call it...The Hicks. Somehow I have to get more of Tommy's DNA. And you guys are going to help me," Toby said as he smiled devilishly at his two best friends, whom looked at each other with worried expressions.

Chapter 2:

Toby, Marty, and Josh headed to the mall for some information. The word going around the mall is that a secret rave party will happen tonight at Hollow's Creek and Tommy Hicks would host it.

"This is perfect you guys. Tommy will be there and we all know about his appetite for sex. So he might be getting some tonight," Toby said.

Just as Toby, Josh, and Marty headed out the mall, the voluptuous Miranda Brown walked up to them.

"Are you Toby?" Miranda asked.

"Ummmm yes!" Toby answered.

"I'm Miranda Brown and I met your cousin Jordan last night. I wanted to know how I could reach him and will he be at the rave tonight? We have some unfinished business to attend too if you know what I mean but looking at you, I don't think you do," Miranda said.

Josh and Marty couldn't lift their eyes from Miranda's beautiful chest.

"Excuse me perverts!" Miranda snapped at them. "So is your cousin around?"

"Um...um...yeah! He had to go back home for a family emergency but he should be back. Why don't you give me your number and I'll make sure he calls you?" Toby suggested.

"Well, I don't usually or should I say, never give my number out to dorks but since I like your cousin, I'm trusting you with my number and I better not be hearing any phone calls from you and your geek squad. Understand me? As soon as he gets this number, erase it from your fucking memories," Miranda warned Toby, Josh, and Marty in a vicious tone.

"Yes ma'am!" Toby, Marty, and Josh answered in sync.

Miranda gave Toby her number and walked away before anyone popular to see her chatting to him.

"Man! When you turn back into Jordan. Please fuck her hard for us," requested Josh.

"Fuck her in the ass while you're at it," Marty suggested viciously. "Make her scream out our names."

"Your names?" Toby said surprised.

"I meant your name," Marty rephrased.

Nighttime fell quickly and the gathering of the cool people took place at Hollow's Creek. Dozen of vehicles were parked in different areas of the private park. Drugs, alcohol, and other hazardous things were given amongst the people.

Toby, Josh, and Marty make it into Hollow's Creek by taking the dangerous and dark back roads.

"I'm never doing that shit again," said a frighten Josh.

"All right guys. We split up and search for Tommy without being busted. Half if not all of these morons are stoned and drunk out their minds," said Toby.

The trio spit up and it didn't take Toby long to spot Tommy as he whispered and groped on a hot blond.

"Hey! I know her!" Toby said surprised. "She's on the band team. But why is she here? And where did she get those breasts!"

The girl Toby was referring to was named Emma Towns. Emma was a member of the high school band. With her hair up, no make-up, and her glasses on, she looked like a total dork. Somehow Tommy had gotten Emma all cleaned up and looking sexy as hell. Her blond hair rested upon her slender shoulders. Emma stood 5'9 thanks to her long, slender legs that Toby has viewed for the first time. Her waist was slim and she didn't have much of an ass. What she obviously lacked in the ass department, her heavy chest picked up. Toby didn't know how big Emma's tits were because she never wore anything to show or reveal them. Emma wore a baby-blue tube top, which the tops of her gorgeous mounds were overflowing.

Toby watched as Tommy kept whispering things in Emma's ear, while he held a joint for her to smoke. Tommy took Emma by the hand and led her to a nearby Van.

"Bingo!" said Toby.

Toby quickly crawled over to the front of the van. Tommy and Emma had just stepped into the van from the side doors. Toby grabbed the passenger side doorknob and found it to be unlocked.

"Yes! Toby said excited.

Toby stayed low and kept his eyes on Tommy and Emma.

Chapter 3:

Emma had kicked off her shoes and sat on her bare feet. Her back faced Toby and Toby had to watch Tommy grin from ear to ear as he slowly lifted Emma's tube top off her body and out trembled and flopped a massive set of double D breasts.

Toby felt his little cock starting to rise. Emma's breasts were so large, that they spilled out from her sides.

"I'm going to love this love," gushed Tommy as he buried his face into Emma's chest.

Toby had to endure the sounds of Tommy sucking and slurping his band mate's chest like a newborn baby. Tommy laid Emma down on her back, with his mouth still roaming over her huge mountain peeks. Toby's eyes bulged as he saw Emma's giant pale jugs for the first time. The tops of her tits were covered with freckles to match her face. Her areolas were bright pink and glistened in Tommy's saliva. Her nipples looked to have been a lighter pink but Tommy sucked on them so hard, that they started to turn red.

Toby's cock grew to its' maximum of 6-inches. Just hearing Emma's moans and Tommy's tit munching made Toby hard. But now he got the great pleasure of watching Tommy squeeze, maul, and shack Emma's tits all over her chest while sucking madly on them.

Tommy moved one of his hands into Emma's tight shorts. He buried his fingers inside her bald cunt and rapidly fingered her.

"Ohhhh girl! Your pussy is so fucking wet. And these titties! Hmmm!" moaned Tommy as he captured a good portion of Emma's left breast between his lips and sucked on it.

"Lucky fucker," Toby said quietly.

Toby reached into his pants and jerked his cock slowly. He didn't want to go too fast, he didn't have to moan and end up being busted.

Tommy sucked Emma's knockers for another five minutes. By then, Emma had her first orgasm of the night and creamed her panties. Tommy's fingers felt her warm cum pouring from between her swollen labia.

Tommy stood up and ripped off his shirt while Emma worked the zipper to his jeans. Tommy's hands returned to fondling Emma's oversized breasts as she finally removed his boxers; out sprang his massive cock and poked Emma right in the face.

"Oh gosh! You're so big!" moaned Emma.

Without hesitation, Emma engulfed 5-inches of Tommy's dick into her mouth.

"Ohhhh! Good girl. That's it. Suck Tommy's dick like a good little bitch," teased Tommy as he grabbed the back of Emma's head and shoved her mouth down over more of his cock.

Emma gagged and coughed. Massive amount of saliva poured out of her mouth. Emma cupped Tommy's enormous balls and squeezed them.

"I want to eat your pussy bitch. Lets 69," Tommy demanded.

Tommy lay down on the van floor and Emma mounted him with her wet cunt on his mouth.

Toby's cock nearly explored when he saw the full size of Emma's huge tits as she mounted Tommy's face. Her breasts hung down and jutted from her chest like cones. Emma lay on top of Tommy, with her big tits hitting his stomach and upper thighs first. Tommy's huge cock pointed straight up to the ceiling and Emma licked and sucked on it like a starving woman.

Toby held his hand over his mouth while he ejaculated. His hot cum soaked the front of his underwear and jeans.

"Oh god!" Toby moaned quietly as he continued to watch Tommy and Emma suck each other.

After 5 minutes of eating Emma's pussy, Tommy's cock became extremely hard and his giant balls were ready to release some tension. Tommy pushed Emma off him and got between her legs. He placed Emma's long legs on his shoulders and bent down on her, forcing her knees and breasts to touch. Tommy immediately impaled his throbbing dick inside Emma soaked cream pie.

"Ahhhhh!" Emma immediately screamed as she felt the huge cock force its way between her tender cunt lips.

Tommy pounded Emma's pussy ruthlessly. 5-inches of his cock stayed on the outside of Emma's pussy while the rest plowed deep into her belly. Emma felt the huge cock practically rearranging her organs. Her bare toes curled and stretched out while her huge knockers jiggled and wobbled against her knees.

Toby just watched and stared at the visions that he was doing that to Miranda. And of course, he wouldn't mind fucking his band mate Emma too.

Tommy let Emma's legs fall to his sides and begin fucking her missionary style. Emma's sweaty tits squished up against Tommy's board chest and their nipples rubbed up against each other's flesh.

The windows fogged up and the van rocked from side to side. The sounds of moans, cries, and grunts could be heard 10 feet from the van.

"Oh god I'm going to cum. Ohhhh god!" cried Emma as her legs reached high into the air and her long toes stretched out.

Her pussy swallowed up all it could of Tommy's large prick and started spilling cum. Emma's face when from a pale white to a flushed red as she let out a long silence moan as she came.

Tommy continued to ram his hard cock inside Emma's cumming pussy. With all his might, he tried to force his entire cock between her wet tight pussy lips. Tommy was balls-deep inside Emma and held his huge cock inside her warm cunt.

"Ohhh fuck! Ughhhh!" grunted Tommy as he pulled his long thick member from Emma's creamy cunt and jerked it over her huge tits that jiggled like a bowl of jell-o.

An enormous blast of cum spurted in Emma's face and some flew off and hit the backseat of the passenger seat. Tommy pressed his cock right into one of Emma's big boobs and unloaded the rest of his thick cum.

Tommy felt weaken after cumming. He squeezed and slapped around Emma's jiggling jugs, while he wiped his cum-covered cock off on her mouth.

Toby's mind was boggled as he witnessed his first real life sex show. He was also memorized by the wobbling of Emma's melons as Tommy slapped them around on her chest.

"Get your ass cleaned up and get the fuck out of my van," snored Tommy at Emma.

Tommy pushed a naked and high Emma out of his van and threw her clothes onto her. Toby couldn't waste another minute and quickly scooped up the cum trail that was left on the backseat of the passenger seat. Then Toby quietly opened the passenger door and escaped from the van.

Toby paged Marty and Josh and told them his mission was complete. Now it was onto his new mission. To become Jordan once again and fuck Miranda Brown.

Chapter 4:

The night was still young and Toby was hard at work making the growth serum, or as he called it the Hicks.

"Finished!" Toby said out loud to Marty and Josh. "Since I already knew how I created the serum, it didn't take me long to make more."

Toby sucked up the Hicks inside a needle. He injected the needle into his arm.

"Ouch!" said Josh. "I can feel the needle going into me."

"I better not use it all. No telling when I'll be able to get some more of Tommy's semen," said Toby as he pulled the needle from his arm. "Now give it a second and I should be changing in no time."

"Do you do a transformation like Superman or the Incredible Hulk?" asked Marty.

"I don't go into any phone booths. I change wherever I..." Toby's sentence trailed off as his body started undergoing the transformation.

"Whoa!" said Josh amazed.

Toby grew taller and muscular, which tore and ripped him out of his old clothes. His hair turned messy blond, his face got cuter, and his cock got thicker and longer. And he wasn't even hard. Toby had completely transformed back in Jordan.

"DAMN! I wish I had a penis like that," said Josh.

"Well you two get the hell out of here so I can a least put some clothes on. God!" yelled Toby as Jordan.

Jordan had gotten dressed in a pair of navy blue jeans and a white tee. In order not to be caught by his parents and sister, Jordan left out the house through the basement window. He quickly jumped in his car and phoned up Miranda. Miranda of course, was happy to hear from him. She invited Jordan to her house and Jordan gladly excepted.

Chapter 5:

Jordan arrived at Miranda's house. He got out of his car and walked up to the door. As soon as he knocked once, Miranda answered it wearing only an oversized tee shirt and her enormous mounds jutted from her chest.

"Long time no see," Miranda said as she smiled.

"Yes it has been," answered Jordan as his eyes kept trailing from her breasts to her face. "Even thought it was just last night."

"Ha ha ha! I know hon. But it still felt like forever since you decided to run off last night," Miranda said. "Well come on in. There is someone I would like for you to meet."

"Your parents!" Jordan said shockingly.

"No silly. My best friend Mona. Mona. This is the lovely hunk I was telling you about," Miranda said.

"Wow girl! He is fine," Mona Robinson answered.

Mona was Africa American, like Miranda. She wasn't as pretty as Miranda, nor as slim. Mona was a thick girl and really thick in all the right places. She had large lips like Miranda and long black hair that was braided. What Jordan noticed the most about Mona, was of course, her gigantic chest. Mona's tits looked 2 times or even 4 times larger then Miranda's. Mona showed them off nicely in a spandex top, which her massive breasts stretched to the limits.

"I think he has a thing for large-breasted women," Miranda said as she grabbed the large dent at Jordan's crotch.

"Then we got plenty of breasts just for him," Mona said as she reached down and rubbed at Jordan's crotch too.

The best friends led Jordan upstairs to Miranda's bedroom. They wasted no time in taking off all of Jordan's clothes except for his white socks.

"Hmmmm damn! He's not even at his full size yet is he?" Mona gasped at Jordan's long naked cock.

"It gets bigger then that girl," Miranda answered. "Way bigger."

The girls pushed Jordan onto the bed and began undressing themselves. Miranda lifted her tee shirt over her head and revealed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her massive chocolate mammaries jiggled when she lifted up her shirt and tossed it to the floor. All Miranda had on now were her silk, see-thru panties.

Mona pulled off her sweat pants. Her legs were long and thighs were fat. Next, Mona struggled to get her spandex top off.

"Miranda? Could you help me get my top off," Mona asked.

"Sure thing girl," Miranda agreed.

Miranda got behind Mona and lifted her spandex top from the bottom. She pulled the top outwards, which allowed the heavy round bottoms of Mona's breasts to be exposed. As the top got higher up her chest, her dark pancake sized areolas, topped with chocolate nipples sticking out like Hershey Kisses.

Jordan's cock grew with the slow rise of Mona's top until Miranda had finally gotten the top of Mona's head and onto the floor.

"You like her tits? I know hers are way bigger then mines. Her bra size is a 42FF! Can you believe that?" Miranda asked Jordan.

Jordan's mind nearly explored when Miranda told him Mona's bra size.

"Un...un...unbelievable!" Jordan finally answered after being shocked.

Miranda moved to one side of Jordan while Mona was on the other side. Both girls kneeled down on the side of his legs. Miranda's massive 34E cups rested on one thigh, while Mona's heavy 42FF knockers, rested and squished the other thigh.

"Oh my god! His cock is just growing," gasped Mona.

Miranda grabbed the base of Jordan's cock and began sucking the top of his cock. Mona watched intensely as Miranda bobbed her mouth up and down the juicy thick dick.

"Hmmm. I want some," begged Mona.

Miranda slowly pulled Jordan's dick from her juicy lips. The top of his prick glistened in Miranda's saliva. Mona wasted no time in sucking the top of his cock.

Miranda meanwhile, grabbed Jordan's large balls and slapped them.

"Damn! These things jiggle like small titties," Miranda said.

Miranda sucked one of Jordan's massive balls between her lips. Her tongue explored his testicle while inside her mouth. Mona moved her lips down Jordan's cock. Slowly taking more and more of this prick between her lips.

Jordan became horny as hell as these two large-breasted ladies slobbered down his knob. Miranda alternated from testicle to testicle. She gave both large balls long hard sucks and made a loud pop when she released one from her lips.

Mona had her lips nearly to the base of Jordan's dick.

"Oh girl! Don't choke," Miranda teased.

Mona sucked and savored Jordan's juicy big dick in her mouth. Her loud moans and sucking noises turned Jordan on more. His cock extended one inch. Mona slowly eased the cock from her mouth and jerked it.

"Damn this is a big dick! I didn't think a white boy could have such a large cock," Mona said.

Miranda trailed her tongue under Jordan's heavy balls and jiggled his nutsack with the tip of her tongue.

"Girl! You have to taste these big balls," Miranda gloated.

"Don't mind if I do," Mona accepted.

Now each girl had their mouths glued to one of Jordan's large testicles. The girls sucked his balls so hard, they nearly sucked the skin off them. They pulled and stretched his balls outwards with their large lips. Both girls released his balls and watched them bounce up and down in their saliva.

Of course, Jordan was about to pass out from the hot double blowjob he was getting. He never thought in his wildest dreams as Toby, that two-stacked girls, who be sucking his cock and balls at the same time.

Jordan looked down and saw Miranda and Mona double tonguing his massive expanded cockhead. His cockhead was the size of a peach. The girls double sucked his cock up and down. They trailed their tongues up and down his slick shaft and then covered their side of his cock with their mouths. Sucking and slurping noises filled the room. The woman's large breasts rolled, jiggled, and expanded across Jordan's wet thighs, their rock-hard nipples piercing his skin.

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