tagErotic HorrorOne Lonely Night - Not My Time Yet

One Lonely Night - Not My Time Yet


It was a cold Halloween night in those dark woods. I could hear small rodents moving about on the grounds. My friends and I were meeting out here to drink and to kick off Satan's legacy. His reign off terror was just beginning.

Thus far I am the only one to show up Jason told me he would come early to help set up things for the party. A little after I had shown up Jason pulled into the woods in his big black truck.

He looked scarier than he usually does. He wore all black from head to toe. His jet black, long hair partially covered Joey Jordison mask.

I was always jealous because he got one before me. His black makeup was running beneath his mask. He helped me set up the radio and drinks just as everyone was showing up.

I was hoping this year the party would be completely different than the one from last year. Last year multiple demons paraded on our party grounds. They were weaving in and out of bodies, stealing souls. I still hear the screams in my mind.

The horror I have seen before doesn't compare with the horror I witnessed that night. Hundreds of images were burned into my mind that night. The faces of all my friends melting reminded me of the decapitation of my father before me.

It was horrible the demons standing around after they finished with my friends. They looked different from when they came for my father.

Their black body structure made their black glassy eyes shine. The creatures stood about eight feet tall. I could tell they went through a lot of wars because their bodies had thousands of scratches and scars on them.

Their flaccid penises lay down alongside their scarred legs. Their abdomens were burning with blood gracing the presence of their skin. Blood and skin fell beneath their nails.

It appeared they begged for more. Their long black hair surpassed their lower back flowing down to their knees. The creatures tormented within themselves; they curled up with their hair covering them, desperation in their eyes.

I sat there watching, and then one stepped up to me. The demon appeared to be their leader, he stood over me and said, "It is not your time.|" Then he vanished leaving me to deal with the nothing.

I let go of the words that maculate demon whispered that night. I figured it wasn't my time to die yet that is why it must have said those words to me.

Then later that year the same demon came upon my soul and repeated the horror filled phrase. I kept struggling with myself wondering if I should let it go.

The demon inside me tortured my thoughts provoking the essence of evil. My mom died the night that demon revisited me. It was a hard thing to deal with.

The problem within me kept growing stronger everyday. Not knowing if I should let it go or keep the pain inside. The grief I felt for my family and friends was unbearable. I cry myself to sleep sometimes trying to forget it. I just have a new way to deal with the problem. Should I grieve or should I suffer?

I talked about my life with a few of my friends after my mom died. They thought that I should seek professional help. I didn't want that because I don't trust anyone. No-one can help me with my problem.

At least that was my mentality until I talked to Jason; Jason is a lot weirder than I am. Jason's advice for me was suicide, the ultimate "let go".

Jason stated, "There is nothing better than a lifelong journey through Hell, doing this will insure your place on Lucifer's throne, the one place, the only place that will ever feel like home."

So I decided I would wait for the New Year, and then I would commit my crime. That would be my solution to life's hatred that fills me.

I decided to let go of the memories of my family and friends' deaths. The grief was unbearable so I decided to let it go and free myself from it.

Still struggling with the thoughts from the demented demon I prepared my work table, where I slowly tied the noose and sharpened the blades.

I stood on the stool and put the noose around my neck. This bloody chamber has become my home.

With the rats running around on the floor and glass that had been shattered was scattered about underneath them. The walls were dark with blood stains running down them.

This moment was my attempt to forget the memories completely. I pulled the rope tight then slit my wrist allowing them to shed blood all over the demented chamber. I watched the blood drain a little before I kicked the stool out from under me and said "Goodbye, this is my time to die."

After I died I took a journey through Hell, greeting lost souls as they came. I witnessed a demon raping a young woman. Tying her up and dangling her from the roof. He slid a blade into her vagina and drank the immense amount of blood that poured out.

Her body trembled in fear as he caressed her breast. He began whispering something in another language I couldn't understand. Then he started shoving different things into her vagina providing some sort of demented pleasure. It was almost erotic watching her die again and again.

After my walk down that disgusting hallway I ran into Jason. I had always wondered why he made it out of those woods alive that Halloween night.

Jason is really one of Lucifer's henchmen, a true follower of Baal. The wondrous affect Jason put in my life; persuading me to commit suicide was a joyous event.

I would die over and over again gaining his respect and filling that void that was once in my life. After we caught up with each other we worked together and fulfilled one last task for our father.

We went back to Earth and joined a few old friends that hadn't gone beyond yet this Halloween night. The horror that bled through their eyes was tremendous. They screamed in vain as we stepped close.

About to perform our last task we decided something. We are going for the new, something to live for, and something to die with.

We grabbed the next victim and whispered unto his soul; an immense feeling ending it all but starting the new.

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