tagErotic CouplingsOne Long Seductive Night

One Long Seductive Night


The scent of a home-cooked meal greeted Evelyn when she walked in the door, surprising her and her stomach. It tightened in anticipation for the promising flavors that should by all means accompany the smells. Before she could take off her coat, her husband Victor rounded the corner and greeted her with a long kiss.

"Well, this is a surprise," she said, after kissing him back and welcoming his warm embrace. "How did you manage to get home before me?" She sniffed the air and added, "and what in God's name are you cooking?"

Victor stepped back and as Evelyn unbuttoned her coat he began to list off the various foods he'd created and/or purchased. He took her coat, hung it up and then put her boots in the closet, before kissing her again. "I told you this morning that I wanted to make this Valentine's Day special. It's been a long time since I've been able to afford to pamper you."

Evelyn smiled softly and shook her head. "Well, if memory serves me right, I've not had a lot of money to my name either, meaning a card and a box of generic chocolate were as extravagant as I could afford. Besides, didn't we agree a long time ago, that Valentine's Day was more for the younger crowd?"

He chuckled. "Yes, we did. However, the kids are gone, off living their own lives and doing their own thing with their significant others and I think this year we need to start new traditions. And this year I'm in charge of Valentine's Day. You get to do it next year."

He cupped her elbow and led her past the kitchen, down the hall and across the threshold of their bedroom. "So to begin the evening I want you to take a bath. I've got the water ready and when it's time I'll come and get you."

Evelyn smiled. "You're sure you don't need any help?"


"And you don't care that all I got you for Valentine's Day is cheap chocolate and a cheesy card?"

Victor chuckled. "Nope -- next year though, I expect you to roll out the red carpet and woo me properly."

Evelyn laughed. "Red carpet it is," she said, before he kissed her once more and left her to strip off her work clothes.

After placing her clothes in the hamper, Evelyn walked into the bathroom and immediately surrounded by the pleasant scent of rose and jasmine. A candle, small in size, but rich in scent flickered in the corner of the room and the large spacious tub, that she often shared with her husband, was full of water that tried desperately to mix with an oil that she knew would match the scent of the candle.

Evelyn smiled as she brushed her hair before rolling and twisting the red locks into a loose bun, which she secured with a few pins to the top of her head. She stepped into the water, disturbing the oily surface as well as a few flower petals that her husband had sprinkled moments before she'd walked in the front door. "What a romantic," she whispered as she pressed her back against the tub's warmed marble surface. She closed her eyes, and forced her mind to respond to her current surroundings, not the hours she'd put in at work dealing with unsatisfied customers and hostile co-workers.

As she relaxed the sound of Mary Chapin Carpenter's haunting voice drifting through the house speakers. A smile formed on her lips because she knew how much her husband despised the soulful voice and the melodies of a forgotten age. Though he was in his fifties, he embraced the loud music of a generation many years younger than he. "Oh he's going all out," she thought before sliding deeper into the water and sighing softly.

Evelyn wasn't sure how long she'd been in the tub before she heard her husband's footsteps walking across the floor. She opened her eyes and saw his face. Desire was easy to read, as was love and devotion. The emotions he showed, mirrored her own. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked, before bending down to run a finger across her cheek.

"Very much," she confessed. Evelyn turned her head toward his palm and kissed his fingers. He teased her lips with the pad of his thumb and she opened her mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue across the edge of his flesh, allowing him to feel the heat of her breath caressing his skin. A soft groan escaped his lips as he pushed his finger between her lips and she sucked gently on the thick tip.

"Mmm... maybe later," he said, before pulling his thumb away and dragging his fingers down her neck, and across her wet shoulders.

Evelyn shivered as he touched her. She watched his eyes and took note of the hunger that grew with every inch of flesh that he caressed. Her nipples tightened as his hand drifted under the water and his nails dragged lazily against the top of her breasts. She swallowed the lump in her throat and unconsciously her legs opened. Victor smiled and leaned in to cover her lips with his. Their tongues danced as his fingers moved across first her right nipple, then her left. He teased each one with gentle twists, before gliding his palm further south, where he gently massaged her pussy lips and teased the opening of her sex.

"Tell me, Eve, do you want to come before dinner?"

Evelyn moaned softly, nodded her head and thrust her sex against his fingers. Victor chuckled, and slowly began to finger his wife. The water and oil lapped at his arm as he pumped his digits in and out of her Evelyn's sex. It splashed over the edge of the tub, leaving a slick mess on the floor, and Evelyn gripped the marble in hopes of keeping herself above water.

The feel of her husband stroking her insides, scratching at the fleshy walls of her pussy, and occasionally flicking her clit caused her to jerk haphazardly back and forth. Soon she was clawing at his arm, and begging him to fuck her harder. He pushed two more fingers into her slick hole and covered her mouth with his. As their tongues battled he fucked her with a rhythm that her body craved. When she came she was screaming into his mouth and he was aching to bury his cock in the depths of her sex.

Victor pressed his forehead against hers and sighed. "You need to dry off and get dressed for supper. I left your clothes out on the bed."

Evelyn sighed. "Okay," she whispered, before Victor pulled his fingers away and winked. She watched him through passion-laden eyes. When he was gone, she took another five minutes and used them to compose herself. She stepped out of the tub, patted herself dry and walked into their bedroom. Immediately her eyes went to the bed and soft laughter left her parted lips. "Oh my," she said as she walked over and lifted up one of the few pieces of lingerie that her husband and lay on the bed's comforter. "Someone went shopping today."

Evelyn couldn't help but giggle as she pulled on a pair of open crotch,red thongs. A red bow rested at the top of her sex and the ribbons brushed softly against her mound. The matching open cup mini dress had bows that sat on top of her breasts, and the front panels were held together by thin gold chains. The back of her new erotic evening wear criss-crossed and showed off her freckled skin and corded muscles. She slid on a pair of red stilettos, tied the ribbon around each ankle and left the bedroom, wearing a knowing smirk.

Victor was pouring wine into a goblet when Evelyn walked in. His jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide in their sockets as she stepped up to him and took the partially filled crystal from his hand. She sipped on the liquid, before spinning around to show her husband how well his purchase fit. "You know," she said, once she was facing him again, "this doesn't leave much to the imagination."

He grinned and flicked the bow that lay at the top of her right tit. "Who cares?" he asked, before turning away and taking a deep breath. Evelyn laughed, sipped more of her wine and waited for her husband to direct her in the evenings events.

"Here, you probably should wear this, while we eat," he said, handing her a small apron, that was covered in red and white hearts. "I know, cheesy."

"It'll go great with the card I got you," she said, as she tied the apron around her neck and waist. "I still need to give you my gift."

Victor pulled her chair out for her and eased it under her bare ass, before waving off her comment. "Baby, you are my gift. Haven't you figured that out yet?"

A warm blush covered her cheeks as she felt his lips on her shoulder. "Now, let's eat. I could feed you, but I figure if you feed yourself we can get to the good stuff a lot faster."

Again she was laughing, but he would get no argument from her. They dined on shrimp, steak, steamed vegetables, and fresh buttered rolls. When dinner was over and Victor was ready to serve dessert, he asked Evelyn to join him in the den, minus the apron. There he had logs crackling in the fireplace and a soft, plush carpet laid out in front of it. There in the center of the rug were the customary strawberries dipped in chocolate and drizzled with other sweet confections. "How long have you been hiding this sappy side of yourself?" Evelyn asked as she slid to the floor and picked up a fat red fruit.

Victor grinned like a school boy as he slipped off his shoes and took a seat next to her. He opened his mouth and she fed him some of the succulent fruit. They took turns feeding each other. The glow and heat of the fire warmed their skin, as did the heady stares and tender caresses that Victor occasionally gave Evelyn's flesh.

The more they teased, the hungrier Evelyn became. She leaned in, slowly easing him back so that she lay on top of him. Her breasts were pressed against his shirt. Their buttons dug into her skin until she opened his shirt and exposed his skin to her lips and tongue.

As his wife licked her way down his chest and then back up, where she teased and pulled on his nipples with her teeth, Victor stroked her shoulders and caressed the flesh that was exposed by the criss-cross design of her lingerie. He moaned when she pressed her mouth against his abdomen and felt her fingers toying with his waistband. "Not yet," he whispered, before rolling her onto her back and changing their position.

"Isn't Valentine's Day supposed to be about the both of us?" she asked, as he moved down to nuzzle the ribbon above her sex.

"It is, but remember this year it's all about what I have planned. You just lay there and think about what you can do for me next year." He ran his tongue down her slit and sucked on her pussy lips.

"I can't think, if you're going to do that," she hissed.

"Poor you," he whispered before tasting her again.

Evelyn was a pawn to his game. She felt his tongue slide across her sex, it dipped in and out of the tight hole of her pussy, and she trembled when he flicked her clit and softly pulled on it with her teeth. She bucked forcefully against his face. He held her down and ate her out, while she gripped the carpet and cursed his name. When she came, he greedily drank the honey that squirted out and coaxed another climax from her. "Very nice," he whispered against her lips before sharing with her the taste of her come.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled in him for a deeper kiss. Only when she was satisfied that she'd cleaned him properly did she release him and allow him to aid her in rising from the floor. Shakily she walked with him to their bedroom, where she knew her body would finally be claimed by his engorged member.

"I'm so ready for you," Evelyn whispered as she moved to help her husband out of his pants. He let her undress him, but when she began to slide to her knees, he stopped her. "What now?" she asked in a breathless voice full of mixed emotions.

Victor winked. "Now it's time for the main event."


He chuckled, spun her around and pushed her toward the bed. "As much as I love you wearing that, I need you to take it off. Strip for me and then climb on the bed."

Evelyn licked her lips and began to slowly release the chains that kept the panels of the mini-dress closed. Her hands slid across her skin. She teased her flesh with her nails, and stroked her pussy with her fingers as she eased her thong down. "Leave the shoes?" she asked. He shook his head and soon the stilettos were discarded as was the slinky lingerie that her husband loved. She stood naked in front of him. Her sex glistened and her nipples ached for his warm wet mouth. "Your cock is hard and it needs me. Are you sure you don't want me on my knees?" she flicked her hair and smiled provocatively.

"On the bed," he told her. His voice was thick with desire, and true to her assessment, his cock was hard and it did need her.

Evelyn pouted, but did as her husband wanted. She crawled onto the bed and he descended upon her, once more they were kissing, and their hands were moving over one another, but as soon as she grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, he sat up and pinned her arms to her side. "Hold still," he demanded. He climbed off and disappeared. He wasn't gone for long and when he came back Evelyn took note of the scarves he held in his hands.

"Oh fuck me," she whispered.

"I plan on it," he said. He straddled her, bound her arms to the bed and blindfolded her.

Evelyn shivered as she felt his weight baring down on her. His cock pressed against her pussy and she opened her legs hoping that he would consume her without further delay. He clucked his tongue, climbed off her and sat down on the edge of the bed.

It took a moment for Evelyn to comprehend what was happening. Her skin was touched by the edge of something firm, but hard. It danced over her belly, across her ribs, up her arms, around her breasts, and dipped between her legs. "Is that a feather?" she asked.


He trailed it down her right thigh, then up her left. He let the tip slid against her pussy lips, then used it to tease her belly button. After several minutes he flipped the feather over and began to use the dulled point to tease the flesh that he had just kissed with the soft ends.

Evelyn was on fire. Off and on she'd begged and whimpered for his cock, his tongue, his fingers, his teeth, and every time she begged him, he ignored her.

Just when Evelyn was ready to explode both physically and mentally, she felt her husband's breath against her ear. "Eve, I'm ready."

"Thank god," she hissed.

"I'm ready for another game."


He laughed. "I'm going to use a marker and write on your belly and thighs, your breasts, your cunt and you have to guess what I'm writing. If you guess right, then I'll slide my cock deep into your pussy and I'll fuck you for three minutes. If you guess wrong, I'm going to shove my cock down your throat and you're going to suck my dick for three minutes."

"Mm... sounds like a good game to play."

"I think so," he admitted. "And don't worry, this marker isn't hard to wash off. So no worries about disgracing yourself at work."

Evelyn grinned. "I wasn't worried," she said.

"Good," he answered and then began to write out words of adoration on her skin.

It took her nine minutes, or three wrong guesses to finally use her senses to feel the loops and curls of his writing on her skin. Her mouth watered as he whispered "congratulations" in her ear and pushed his cock into her wet hole. He fucked her for three minutes, thanks to the timer that he had set. The chime rang and he pulled his dick from her. Evelyn whimpered, but took a deep breath and concentrated on the letters he scrawled across her pussy. "Cunt," she hissed.

"Good girl," he said and soon she was matching his thrust and squeezing his cock. The timer went off again and once more Evelyn was cursing her husband. The next three guesses were wrong and she welcomed the feel of his dick ramming her throat.

"God baby, I think I'm gonna come soon," Victor gasped as he pulled his dick from her mouth and reached down to stroke her pussy with his fingers.

"Then fuckin' untie me and let me fuck you!"

Victor reached up and released his wife. She pulled off her blindfold and rolled over, to straddle him. Evelyn reached between them, grabbed his cock and pushed the head into her slick opening. Her pussy was hot, tight, and greedy. She slid down, enveloping his full length and squeezing his hard flesh with the muscles of her sex.

Evelyn did not slowly fuck her husband, but instead she vigorously drove herself up and down. He grabbed her hips and helped her to increase the tempo until they were both grunting, groaning, and shouting out their mutual lust. When his come shot into her, she coated him with hot liquid silk that left them both wet and dirty.

"Holy fuck," he whispered when Evelyn slid off him and lay panting, much like he was. "Happy Valentine's Day to me," he gasped. She rolled her eyes and punched him gently in the ribs.

"Next year, I'm gonna blow your mind," she whispered before gliding down to cleanse his cock with her tongue.

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