tagGay MaleOne More Time Ch. 03

One More Time Ch. 03


The five months between the groundbreaking blow job from Derek in the first hours of the new year; and being decked-out in the regalia of Pope-like burgundy robes and funny hats, for our high school graduation the second day of June; had been a completely mixed bag. I don't think even Planters has as big a variety in their largest 'assorted nuts' cans, as the different ways my mind had been bounced around. And me along with it in the process.

Derek had acted just weird enough to worry me, after we woke up, and stayed that way during the first two quarters of the Rose Bowl game we watched. He did lose the semi stand-offish attitude when we went out to the barn during halftime, to fire up the second part of the Hawaiian power weed we hadn't finished off the night before. The vibes I got while we were alone and toked, said there had been a definite desire for a replay; but not right away. Back inside the house though, things got a little chilly again and the distance remained until he left just before 6pm. My mom invited him to stay for dinner and stay over that night also, but he begged off saying he had to be at work too early the next day. I still think it was nothing but an excuse to not be back in the same bed with me again so quick...even if all we did was sleep.

Then I didn't hear from him at all until he pulled in next to me in the high school parking lot, three days later when classes started back up!

After apologizing for being MIA; but without any real explanation coming with it; he was instantly the old Derek again. All 'happy go lucky, hahaha, what's up dude, Derek & Brad, buddy-buddy, buddies-forever-buds,' Derek! He even gave me a quick, little more than jock-type, hug before we walked into the building for the same first period history class. He immediately began to ignore me, in favor of kissing country-club-babe ass, even before we found our lockers. Damn collection of sluts that followed us to home room, had him hard before he sat down. That obvious freakin' slender lump was snaking down the leg of his tight Levi's. But we weren't in either one of our bedrooms. This was his territory and I was expected to surrender it and just wait for working out any details of a mutually acceptable treaty. 'Sheesh man, just what the fuck is your deal?' was what I had wanted to ask at lunch; but didn't.

He had to work late that Friday night; had a hot date on Saturday; and a major stack of homework to deal with...so the only time we got together all weekend, was to play pool at the mall for an hour on Sunday afternoon. By the middle of the week, he was already begging me to come over and stay Saturday night, to help him with Calculus stuff that was confusing the hell out him...and work in kicking my ass at Nintendo yet again, I figured. Turned out that wasn't all.

I had already heard how the newest notch on the dashboard of the Camaro, was thanks to the great head job he had gotten from his Saturday night date...first time while I was trying sink a few balls on the pool table at the mall game room...and again when he was breaking my balls in the cafeteria during lunch on Wednesday.

Gawd, he loved to talk about his scores! And always with more nitty-gritty specifics than I cared about! This latest blow job was no exception. Then he got on a 'You gotta get that cherry of yours really popped' train, and rode it to the end of the line.

I finally just sighed at him; gave in and said, "Fine, Derek. Hook me up with something half decent from your tit & ass fan club, and get me laid then!" The funny thing was...a part of me was completely serious. Some of the long coming out process I wasn't really aware I was even in yet; needed to include fucking some pussy and at least try being straight; instead of so attracted to my best friend.

Now understand that at this point, I was still somewhat fighting my inner self; just like I am now sure; Derek was also. I didn't think I wanted to be gay...hell, I know I didn't...at the time. It was just the preference for being naked in the showers after gym with other guys; was more appealing to me, than searching out the rumored secret peep hole in the girl's shower wall that could be accessed from under the bleachers in the gymnasium. I could look at pussy & tits on the internet...that was just an appetizer. Real cock and pecs and hard furry thighs in the high school shower was main course. And Derek had become a very sweet dessert to enjoy!

A part of my mind battle was that maybe I might really be straight and just needed to get through the phase of being curious and experimenting, or something. Just slip that dick in some wet twat, and carpet munch a few times; instead of wanting to suck cock so much; and even 'bi-curious' won't be in your vocabulary any more!

Yeah right! How did that work out for ya? Hahaha! You decided to stray from the dark side and let Derek fix you up with a 'guaranteed score'...and what happened? Dipshit!

* * * * *

Just to quash any chance of my chickening out, Derek made the set up, a double date. And we had to take his car to do that! Four bodies jammed together in the only seat in a small, rusty pick up truck, might be great if you wanted to have a kinky, back country road, orgy...but it wasn't conducive to impressing any babe...not when the infamous Camaro was the other option. Obviously, his pussy-mobile sure would make logistics for any real action a lot better with two bucket seats and a full back bench one to work with.

I was the final person of the foursome to be picked up. My best buddy only pulled the back of his seat forward enough for me to crawl in the back when he got to my place. That damn cheesy grin and accompanying wink was on his face when he said, "Hope you are up for this Brad." I plopped my rump down on the vinyl and was searching for the seat belt when the forever remembered words happened.

"Hi. My name's Vonda Cox."

My head shook some and I quickly snapped it around to stare at the big breasted broad I had never met before, sitting in the adjoining seat. I know damn well, the look on my face, had to have been one of: 'Did I hear that right???'

Didn't need to even ask it, since she immediately added: "Well...my name really isn't 'Vonda Cox'. I am fond of cocks...but that's not my name!" The double wink from her and quick crotch snatch she made of me, was only outdone by the huge smile and thumbs up, Derek gave me from the front seat.

Oh my fucking gawd! I am gonna finally get some tonight! Real pussy!

That was all that my mind could think the whole way to the basketball game at the high school. Well, that and about Debbie's (turns out that was her real name) hand playing with my denim covered package and her tongue in and out my ear, too. I even had real, fleshy, warm, female boob in my hand for a while...when I got it to stop shaking and slipped in under her sweater. When I found and first touched her hard nipple, it sank in that she was braless. I mentally slapped myself for not going with my original thought of dressing commando that night. She must have thought something similar too; since after unzipping me and stuffing her hand inside my fly; she had sighed and rolled her eyes. But she just wiggled her fingers on inside my boxer briefs opening and teased my thick throbber plenty anyway.

Oh hell yeah! This chick is hot for nerd boy! I was suddenly like a ten year old playing doctor for the first time!

Damn Derek drove too fast for us to get anymore serious than some fumbling around with our hands and making out a lot. Well, and Debbie getting me totally boned and leaking like a busted fire hydrant, too. But before any of the other bases I was hoping to run could happen; we were in the parking lot and Debbie decided we 'Could finish up later' as she put it; and we all extracted ourselves from the car. I hadn't paid much attention to the front seat on the drive back into town; but evidently I wasn't the only one getting my pump primed. Derek had to zip and buckle his Wrangler's back up, when he slid out from under the steering wheel. An even bigger than normal cheesy grin was on those lips I adored. He only fist bumped me and whispered "Told ya buddy," before we all headed inside to supposedly watch the game.

* * * * *

It was maybe all of five minutes into the second period, when everything started to go to hell.

Debbie was still all into me and messing around teasing me up. But then again; as I found out later; Derek had told her I was a virgin and needed my cherry taken, too. Guess I was either a challenge to her, or maybe just to be a pity fuck...or that she had agreed to do charity work in exchange for Derek doing her at some later date. Whatever the case may have been, I was all for what the end result was supposed to have been, as far as my cock was concerned anyway! Fuck any underlying reasons, so long as I was going to get blown or screwed.

Did you see that "was supposed to have been" part up there? Oh yeah...back to the "started to go to hell" part of this.

Derek had really been pushing it with feeling up Beth (the name of his date or easy piece of snatch for the week; whichever applied) right there on the top bleacher we had crawled up to, to have any semblance of privacy. She got a little more than pissed off when he rammed his hand back up under her blouse for probably the 50th time in 30 minutes; and got Debbie to get her tongue out of my ear and go to the bathroom with her. That is never a good sign. Nope. No way! We both would begin to find out how BAD a one it was, when they didn't show back up after 15 minutes.

We literally repelled over the side of the bleachers and found the girls at the concession stand in the lobby. Not waiting in a long line for one of the booster club's famous lemonade shakes; but yakking it up...and hanging all over...two of the guys from the football team.

"Mother fuckin' bitches," was about all Derek got said to me, before his cousin Eric walked up to us.

"Thought you had your tag on Beth for tonight stud?" was his half teasing, first words.

That got a "Fuck you, too," reply back from Derek

I just stood there silently ignoring both of them and watched as OUR 'guaranteed scores' strutted out the gymnasium doors, with the quarterback and place kicker in tow. I was debating between suicide or just accepting terminal virgin fate, when I felt the hand smack the back of my head.

"You up for Eric's idea or not, buddy?" was the question that had to be repeated to me. The idea had to be restated also.

I said only "Sure," when Derek explained that Eric wanted to come over to his house and play Nintendo...and bring along the twelve pack of Michelob he had in his trunk. All I had to do, was call the 'rents. He could take me home the next morning, if I wanted to make our formally planned double date; one that would now be Eric and probably hours with a computer guy named Mario; instead of two teen sluts willingly doing me and my best bud.

Damn! Three guys and a Nintendo on a Saturday night...how much MORE nerd or gay can it get? (Never ask questions to yourself, like that, by the way)

"Great," I continued with inside my own head. "Supposed to have my dick all nice and wet and hips making the pogo stick moves by midnight...instead it's going to be me and my only hand job and fellatio buddy, splitting beers and pizza with his cousin. Only 'moves' my hands would be making, would be on a game controller; and the only 'wet' would be the cold beer. Oh well. Better than sleeping alone back at my house," I mentally guessed. But then I began to wonder what the sleeping arrangements would be, if Eric stayed over also. Derek's bed wasn't THAT big, and I wasn't sure I would have wanted to be in it with both of them anyway. "Screw the damn details!" my brain said. My mouth came up with a depressed: "Let's go, if you guys are ready; 'cause I sure am."

All I really care to remember from the rest of that very strange night was:

1~ I spent the night on the floor beside the bed!

2~ Eric had my normal spot beside Derek!

3~ I heard enough movements from the bed, that I did wonder???

4~ When it got really quiet, a hand slid across my tummy and rubbed my boxers!

5~ My hand was gently urged up to the bed...the same side of it Derek always slept on!

6~ Trying to jerk each other off and not waking up the extra guest in the same room is a really, really fun thing to learn how to do!

7~ And...being able to successfully give a good blow job while beating your own meat furiously while kneeling beside a bed; and neither of you get caught by the cousin just inches from you both; says a lot of different things...if you think real hard about it! Buwahahaha!!!

(Yeah....I'm pretty damn certain for sure; to this day even; that Cuz Eric didn't catch us.) (wink~wink~wink) (Just like *I* didn't feel that wad of spooge of his, hit my forehead on the next to last swallow I took on his cousin Derek!) (wink~wink~wink)

* * * * *

The next couple of months were yet another hodge-podge of weird stuff mixed in with the normal Derek & Brad, buddy-buddy things. We did some movies; spent too much time and money at the mall game room; helped each other study together; and of course there were a few more sleepovers every month. And yes; don't ask for the details of each; but those included sex with each other. Mostly me giving Derek head and him whacking me until I painted a wall or a headboard with the load he never failed to make me squirt...but sex none the least. Derek did blow me once in a while; but he seemed to only do it when I encouraged him to be first or got him in the always convenient, sixty-nine position.

And of course...nothing else even close to fucking or kissing, happened. Hell, just a five second hug or cuddling to sleep would have been an earth-shattering change to me, since that damn couple of inches of dead air space between us until we went to sleep, was always there after cumming and cleaning up, too. I stopped calling it the 'Grand Canyon of that didn't really happen' because it begin to feel like that statement fit much better than I wanted to admit. So I started referring to our afterglow moments as 'B&D time' in my head...my own acronym for 'Bullshit & Diversion.' Might as well have said it out loud, since it was so true! Hell...I would have gotten more actual pillow talk after getting it on with a mime, than Derek ever gave up.

I even gave into a couple more double-date fix-ups he practically blackmailed me into. And they weren't anymore successful than the first one. I was beginning to believe it wasn't even worth the attempt anymore; even though it was looking like Derek didn't want anything beyond what we had been having for most of an entire school year by now. It was a true 'bromance'...but MORE than brothers and NONE of romance! (Sigh. I don't think they even HAVE a word for what we had...yet.)

But his charm and good looks; and the fact we did have a real friendship outside of our bedrooms; kept me hopeful for more. I plugged along with him clear to graduation day, and then had him drop a different kind of bomb on me than he ever had before.

* * * * *

Mr. & Mrs. Austin had offered to ease up on him a little and even permit a pony keg to be the center piece of a small party at the house after graduation ceremonies...so long as everyone was at least 18, coughed up their car keys when they got there, and stayed the night if they had even just one drop of beer go down their throats. It was their way of countering the temptation for us to join the typical wild drunken and pot rich, parties held in a field somewhere; and us being more stoned and/or intoxicated teenagers trying to drive home.

Because of their strict rules, the party ended up being pretty small. Just Derek and me of course; cousin Eric and a girl he managed to get away with curling up together with on the couch upstairs to sleep; and three, hot-for-my-buddy cheerleaders, that agreed to split the spare bedroom also upstairs. The number odds were with me...if I really wanted to push to get my dick in pussy the first time and maybe got some help from Derek. But fate stacked the deck a different way and I would be entering total adulthood the next day; with a diploma now in my hands; but still being a pathetic half gay (or something like that) virgin.

I did make out with one of the girls, and got some tit action for my hands; but she was on the rag and stopped me cold, the very second I tried to go anywhere near there. She didn't even make the first attempt to do more than rub the hell out of my dick thru my jeans; and then finally feigned being ill to escape to the guest room early.

The other two were only interested in Derek and barely spoke to me other than to ask me to refill their little plastic cups from the tapper. One ended up just blitzed enough that we had to carry her up to the guest bedroom; and Derek and the last hope, disappeared outside right afterwards. Eric and his whatever she was for the night; were twisted together like pretzels and already snoring like chain saws on the living room couch from their hops-induced buzzes. I just shrugged and went back to the basement and slammed back another full plastic cup of beer; all by myself.

I had finally stripped to just my boxers and stretched out on the bed; when my inner voice yelled "OH, HELL NO!" a few minutes after getting good and comfortable.

The room was dark and totally silent when I heard the first noises on the bottom step of the below ground level, exterior entrance to the basement bedroom. The moon was full and cast just enough light for me to catch the shadows thru the thin curtain on the glass window in the top half of the door.

The inner voice screamed even louder; but more despondent; this time. "AWW, FUCKIN' GAWD, NO!"

For the next couple of minutes, I got treated to first a ghostly version of a girl losing her top; and then the muffled, but still blatant, audio of Derek and the last cheerleader begin screwing against the wooden door. I was quickly taking a polling of my own brain cells...trying to decide between: to throw a sneaker at the door; jacking myself off while listening to the moans of rapid and rushed sex; or just turning to my side and wrapping the pillow tight to my ears and eyes. Option number three won the vote count!

Derek knew damn well he was violating the one 'Thou shalt not ever again' decree his dad had given him the other time he got caught with his pretty dick in a wet twat at the house. He also knew if he did; he would be hung higher than any cattle rustler or horse thief in the old west ever had. That was the only explanation for the last loud moan from both of them, coming as quickly as it did...he was just getting off, and doing it as soon as he could. The shadow with boobs pulled the top back on. And then the son-of-a-bitchin' door knob turned!

The roar in my ears was the inner voice yet again when I heard: "FUCK ME SIDEWAYS AND STUFF MY ASS UNDER THE BED WET!"

Not only had he just committed a house crime worthy of the death penalty, had his Mom seen it happen; but he was now being ballsy enough to be bringing the sleazy bitch into OUR room too! I did consider it 'our' room since we could have sex there almost at will. I yanked the pillow free from my eyes and used them like a laser at his.

He saved himself from my very worst thoughts though, when he winked at me and blew me a highly exaggerated, fake kiss. I calmed even more when he shuffled her thru the interior doorway between his room and the one that had a couch and TV, and washer & dryer and freezer...kinda like the one in the Forman's basement on that old television comedy, 'That '70s Show.' The only explanation that was offered while he undressed in front of me, was: "She didn't want to chance Lindsey barfing all over her in bed upstairs; or listening to Alexis whine about her period; so I told her she could sleep in there and my 'rents won't freak out."

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