tagAnalOne Night Date Ch. 04

One Night Date Ch. 04


I woke up the next morning with Satish lying next to me. We'd both gone off to sleep in our birthday suits. My nether parts were sore and I was aching all over my body. It felt nice. I looked over at Satish. He wasn't all that handsome to look at, had a hairy chest, was darker than me. But what was between his legs was what interested me the most. His manhood, that beautiful organ was lying semi-erect on his belly with his right leg bent at the knee.

A wave of emotions swept through me as I looked at his penis. I wanted to worship it for it was the most beautiful thing and it had given me pleasure. Leaning forward, I placed my hand on it and then I leaned even further and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of his penis.

Satish didn't stir. Perhaps he too was tired. But I wanted more of it, so I gently lifted it and put it in my mouth and began sucking on it and licking it. A few moments later, I could feel it harden in my mouth and grow. I let it slip into my throat as it grew and almost gagged. Pulling away, I massaged it and watched in amazement as it grew even more.

"What are you doing?" He asked in a sleepy voice.

"Playing with my pleasure toy."

"Go on then, keep playing."

I got on my knees and began sucking in earnest. He had put his hand on my back and was rubbing it. I could feel his hand move down to my ass and squeeze it.

"If you keep sucking like that, I am going to cum in your mouth," he said.

"I'd like that. It'll be my breakfast."

"But I have something for you."

He leaned to the side of the bed and came up with a box. A long box.

"This is for you."

Moving away from his dick, I took the box and opened it. Inside it lay two dildos, almost the same size as Satish's penis.

"One is a plain dildo and the other has a vibrator in it."

A vibrator? That sounded interesting.

"There is a third thing in there. That's a butt plug. It is perhaps wider than my penis."

"Thank you."

"Now, what you are going to do is, get on all fours like a bitch and then I am going to insert the vibrator in your asshole and turn it on. And then I want you to ride me. I want to see your tits hanging above my face as you cum all over my dick."

I got into the position he wanted me to and then after he'd fingered my asshole, he gently inserted the vibrator dildo in my ass. I could feel my asshole expand as it went in. Once it was fully in, he turned on the vibrator and the feeling was exquisite. The dull hum and the constant sensation was already beginning to drive me to an orgasm.

He lay down in front of me, his penis still erect and I climbed on board. Pointing the tip of his penis to my pussy, I sat down on it and felt it go in deep. The vibrator in my asshole and Satish's penis in my pussy made me cum six-seven times before Satish stopped me and told me to get on all fours.

I obeyed and getting off him, I leaned forward on all fours and let him fuck me silly.

He came deep inside me in about 10 minutes and then pulled out.

That early morning quickie left me drained. Pulling out the vibrator from my asshole, I thanked Satish for the gifts and lay down next to him and dozed off.

Satish, always active, left me lying there and went into the kitchen. In my light slumber I could make out Satish was talking to someone even as he pottered over his pots and pans in the kitchen.

A little later, he returned to the bed with a tray on which stood two cups of steaming hot coffee and breakfast.

"Hello, Slave. You should have been making this, but this time I got this for you. I have some news."

"What is that?"

"I am travelling abroad for a month. I have been sent to an offsite."

"Can't I go with you?"

"Nope. I am going to be in the field most of the time."

"But what am I going to do? I am going to be frustrated by the time you come back and one month is a long time."

"Well, you have the two dildos and butt plug. Maybe you can pleasure yourself with those. Or you can find yourself another lover. You are anyway a slut, a good looking slut, I might say."

"Thank you, but I don't want another lover. I want you."

"You are my slave, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"Then you will do as I am telling you to do. Every day, you will dress up in your sluttiest clothes and find yourself a new lover. I don't care if he's a beggar on the street or a rich man as long as you keep yourself satisfied. Tell me, what do you measure anyway?"

"I am 5'8" and measure 36c-26-40. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. So, will you follow orders?"

"I'll try to. But for now, I want you to fuck me. When are you leaving?"


"Then you better start fucking my asshole and pussy and filling me up. I don't want to be able to walk tomorrow morning. Fuck me, fuck me and fuck me some more and shoot all your cum deep inside me so that tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I can dip a finger in my pussy or ass and taste your cum."

"I've got to pack, you slut, but I will fuck you."

He was already hard and I took his sperm shooter in my mouth and began licking and sucking it all over. I wondered at its hardness and length all over again and decided, I wanted him to fuck my asshole first.

Once he was lubricated enough with my spit, I turned around and got on all fours and reaching back, pointed his penis at the tight entrance to my asshole.

"Now, go right in and abuse me and my asshole. Slap me, treat me like a piece of meat."

Satish didn't need a second invite. He plunged his beautiful sword deep inside my asshole and began spanking my ass. At one point, he caught hold of my hair and pulled them hard as he continued to fuck my asshole.

In, out, in, out... he rammed my ass as hard as he could all the while calling me all sorts of names both in English and Hindi.

I orgasmed and almost passed out and yet he continued with the same pace. I felt myself losing control and squirted all over his balls and legs as I came again and again.

I was moaning like I had never moaned before. Perhaps it was the fact that he wasn't going to be between my legs for a month was raising me to another level of excitement.

I looked back at him over my shoulder and saw him furiously at work on my asshole.

"Let me ride. I want you to play with my tits. I want you to maul them so hard that they hurt."

Grunting, he pulled out and lay down on the bed and I quickly got on top of him facing him. Reaching behind me, I inserted his dick in my asshole and began bouncing up and down as if that was all there was in life for me. I pushed myself and took all of his penis inside me and felt him reaching almost my stomach inside.

As I bounced, Satish played with my tits. He squeezed them and slapped them and pinched them and finally caught hold of my nipples and began twirling my tits. He went rough on them and by the time he was ready to come, my tits were a bright red and hurting.

"I am gonna cum."

"Cum ... cum deep inside me. Use me as your cum dump, master."

"Get on all fours, you whore and present me your asshole."

Getting off him, I assumed the position and reaching back, spread my asscheeks wide apart and looked back at him.

He was holding his penis from the bottom and lining it up with my asshole, he plunged in in one go. All the way down to the bottom.

And then he ejaculated. I could feel his man juice spurting inside me, warming me up from inside and filling me up. The sensation of his cock twitching as it shot string after string of cum deep inside me drove me to another orgasm.

A few minutes later, when he was drained, he pulled out of me lay down beside me.

"That was the best fuck ever, slave."

"I am glad you are pleased, master. But I want you to fill me up even more."

"Not right now, I can't. I am drained. Give me some time."

Disappointed, I began licking his cock clean. It was the least I could do. I licked and sucked it clean, not leaving out even a square centimetre. I kissed and licked it and sucked it and then moved to his balls which I took one my one in my mouth and sucked on them. A little later, the glorious organ began rising to attention.

Impatient, I got on top and stuffed his semi erect penis into my pussy and began riding. He grew and grew inside me and filled me up. The sensation of his cock hardening inside me was exquisite. With every stroke downwards, it would reach a little more deeper inside me.

Then Satish handed me the butt plug and told me to put that in my asshole.

Obediently, I shoved it inside me and continued to ride him. I rode him for about 20 minutes before my legs began getting tired and I told him to get on top.

Lying there on my back with my legs over his shoulders and the butt plug still stuck in place, I welcome Satish's dick in my pussy.

He played with my already red tits and fucked me silly. I came a couple more time like that before Satish came deep inside my pussy.

I marvelled at the fact that he could come again after having fucked me so many times.

As Satish lay there beside me, I decided I'll let him rest a little and then help him pack.

About two hours later, Satish woke up and we packed his stuff.

He took photos of me as I helped him pack without a stitch of clothing on my body, except the high heels.

He made me pose in different angles and even took close ups of my pussy and asshole, saying that he was going to miss them and that he might shag to the photos while he was gone.

Towards evening, about four hours before his flight out, he called a cab and asked if I would come with him to the airport to see him off. I went with him. And since I didn't have anything to cover myself up properly, I wore that same see through purple dress and heels.

The drive to the airport was short and the driver couldn't help but keep staring at me in the rear view mirror. Satish noticed this.

"Would you like to fuck her?" He asked the driver.

Grinning, the driver said, "yes".

"Show him your tits, slave."

I obliged and all the driver could do was stare at them with his mouth open.

"After you drop me to the airport, take her to her home and fuck her there. That will be your payment."


At the airport, I got off the car with Satish and bid him goodbye. He squeezed my ass and said that he'll come back for me in a month's time. He told the driver to fuck me good, but to make sure I reached home safe and sound.

"Don't worry, sir. I will get her home safe and sound."

Once Satish entered the terminal, I got into the cab and we pushed off.

"Take off your clothes," the driver said.

I took off my clothes and sat there in the rear seat.

Looking at me in the rear view mirror, he drove me home. As he parked, I asked him to come upstairs. He refused to let me put on my clothes, saying that I looked better without any clothes on.

As we walked, one of the colony guards saw and gawked at me walking naked.

The lift was empty and the driver took full advantage of it and squeezed my tits and then felt up my ass. He even inserted a finger in my asshole as I turned a little to give him better access.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"Yes, many times."

"Good, because I will fuck your ass first and then you're pussy."

"Fuck me whichever way you like," I told him.

As we reached the floor, and I stepped out, he stopped me and told me to crawl on all fours to my apartment.

Getting down on all fours, I crawled up to my apartment like a dog, throwing in a bit of a swing in my ass. At one point, I stopped and with one hand, spread apart my ass cheeks and showed him my asshole and put a finger in it and pulling it out, sucked on it.

It was at that exact moment that I realised that I would never be a normal woman again who was content with having sex with just her husband. I needed to be used like a sex toy. My ideal position was either on my back with my legs spread or on all fours, with my ass sticking up, presenting my asshole and pussy for the world to fuck.

The driver laughed as he saw me sucking my own finger and pulled out his cock and stroked it. I looked at it. It wasn't as big or thick as Satish's but what the hell, it would do.

I had had enough of teasing. Getting up, I backed into him and presented my asshole to him there in the hallway and told him to fuck me.

He wasn't the cautious kind and with me presenting my rosebud to him there in the hallway, who was he to refuse?

Stroking his cock once or twice, he slowly shoved it into my asshole and began fucking me. But the driver wasn't as experienced and didn't have enough stamina. He came in my asshole a couple of minutes later as I squeezed on his cock.

Once my asshole had finished milking him, I pulled away from him and stood up. Holding him by his cock, I entered the apartment.

Inside, I led him to the dining room and lay down on the carpet and invited him to fuck my pussy.

"First you suck my cock and make it hard."

I did just that, sucking and licking his cock and marvelling at the smell of it. It was almost as if he hadn't taken a bath in ages. The smell of his sweaty groin and urine made me gag at first but then, it began arousing me and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. With one hand on his cock, I played with my pussy with my other hand and rubbed my clit to an orgasm.

Once he was satisfied, he pushed me off his dick and like an animal, he raised my legs and pushed my feet up close to my head. I was almost folded in half when he entered my pussy and began fucking me.

He fucked me for a few minutes like that before raising my legs and bringing them together. His chest was now resting against my legs and his cock was ploughing in and out of my pussy.

I squeezed my pussy as much as I could. But he was no match for Satish. I had been ruined and needed a fatter, thicker dick in my love trench. A small dick like this driver's wouldn't satisfy me.

Nevertheless, the driver fucked me and a couple of minutes later, came inside me. I had not orgasmed and was feeling left out. Then I remembered the dildos and decided to take things in my own hands. I inserted the vibrator in my asshole and turned it on and then with the other dildo, I proceeded to fuck my pussy and drove myself to an orgasm. The driver was amazed as he saw me take the two massive dildos in my holes. I could see his dick getting harder and told him to fuck my pussy along with the dildo. Getting into position, he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy beside the dildo. Then holding on to the dildo and his cock, he began fucking me. That was when I began cumming with loud moans and screams. The excitement was too much for him and he came a third time in my pussy.

That was the end for him. Soon afterwards, he left the apartment as I lay there on the carpet still fucking my ass and pussy with the two dildos.

I woke up the next morning with my ass and pussy still stuffed. I don't know how many times I had made myself cum. But what I did know was that I needed a huge cock and soon else I would drive myself insane.

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