tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne-Night Stand Ch. 04

One-Night Stand Ch. 04


Bree van de Kamp was a nymphomaniac, she knew that, she was a slut who's entire life revolved around cock, thinking about it, planning how to get it and fucking it. For over forty years she had lived a lie, the prim housewife, the loving wife, the dedicated mother; her days filled with homemaking and PTA and church. Outwardly she was still the same, even if her husband was gone and her children were off the rails. Her front lawn was neatly trimmed and not a weed sprouted from her borders, dust barely had time to settle on her freshly polished furniture before she brushed it away and her dinners were home cooked with only fresh ingredients. But even as she baking the cookies for the church sale she was thinking about dicks, about young, hard, big dicks, fucking her, penetrating her holes, brutally, vigorously, sending her to heaven and back.

The house was empty tonight, her children out, probably drinking or taking drugs or something equally destructive, Bree didn't care. She'd waved Danielle off, barely noticing that the driver of the flash car her daughter got into looked about three times the teen's age. All that mattered was that, with her and brother out all night, Bree could cast aside her inhibitions, get out of the sensible dress and the warm, comfortable cardigan and get into something slinky and sexy and tight, which left her titties struggling to break free. She wished her friends Susan and Gabby could join her on the pull, it was her first time solo, but Carlos Solis had a corporate dinner for which Gabby's attendance was obligatory and Susan was dedicated to helping her daughter study for upcoming tests. It meant Bree was on her own; and it was much harder than she had thought.

Several times she thought she'd seen a likely candidate or two, young men, muscular and fit, who looked like they could give the hot housewife what she needed. And each time just as she started to prowl towards them she saw she was wrong, as they were joined by their girlfriend or parents, in town to see how there son was settling. Even in one case, when she saw two studly looking guys, discovering that they were holding hands as she approached. She tried one bar, then a second and finally a third, you wouldn't have thought it'd be so hard to find a prick for a one-night stand, but it was; at least if you weren't prepared to settle for anything but the best. And if there was one thing old and new Bree had in common it was that only perfection would do.

She left the third bar, her wine hardly touched - it had been weak and slightly sour anyway, much too cheap for her palette. It was so frustrating, she thought as she walked out of the sweaty bar into the pleasant night air, on her one free night when she should be getting dicked from here to eternity the only guys around were ugly, gay or already banging a cute college girl.

Across the lot she could see a small group of young black men, they looked like gang members or other undesirables, in jeans and vests, tattoos on their black, dark skin, not a WASP among them, not even a Latino. She took her keys from her purse as she walked across the parking lot to her car, she would have preferred a small pistol, but it wouldn't have gone with her dress. Not that she was racist, it was just better safe than sorry. She started to walk towards her car, ready to scream 'rape' the moment one of them took a step in her direction, she hurried along as she could feel their looks on her, mentally devouring and undressing her. She glanced at them as she passed, even half a lot away and in the dark she could see the desire written on their faces. She got to the car, hurriedly unlocking it and throwing her bag onto the front seat. But just before she got in, she paused and turned, thinking, there were four young men, all hunky and hot and all wanting to fuck her.

"Bree, what are you thinking," she said to herself. It was one thing to pick up a well brought up young man (or men) from a good family and bang his brains out. But these men were thugs, probably dropped out of school when they were fourteen and almost certainly with criminal records that were as long as... their dicks, their huge sexy dicks that would pound her holes. She stood in beside her car, holding the handle of the open door; they were dangerous, they'd probably rape her... but you couldn't be raped if you wanted it and Bree wanted it so bad. Did it matter if they were uneducated or wouldn't be welcome at her Country Club? She was only going to fuck them, not marry them. Dear God, she prayed, she was going to fuck them, all four of them, in all her holes. She shut the car door, leaving her purse sitting on the front seat, dropped her car keys to the floor and kicked them behind the tyre, took a deep breath, turned and walked over to the men. "Hello, boys, my name is Bree."

"And?" the one nearest her sneered. He was tall and his muscles rippled under his skin as he moved. His friends, leaning against the van, grinned and guffawed as if he had just made a joke.

"And I want to go somewhere quiet with you and your friends and fuck you all," said Bree. That got their attention. She smiled.

"What? Is this some shit? Are you setting us up lady?" the guy said, looking around as if he thought there might either be camera or cops in attendance.

"No set up," said Bree, she pulled at her dress, dragging it down so that her titties popped over the top, "I'm wanting a nice hard fuck and you seem just the guys to do it." The guys just stared at her and after a few seconds, aware she was still standing in a public parking lot, Bree pulled her dress back up, recovering her boobs. "So I want a fuck, I'm guessing you do as well?"

"We're up for it," said the leader and the one nearest the back of the van opened its door, gesturing Bree inside.

The redhead climbed in, the inside was dirty and dusty, with a couple of paint tins in the corner and a dirty sheet crumpled up next to them. Two of the guys got in with her, whilst another jumped into the driving seat. Before Bree could react he'd turned on the engine. "Wait," she called, "the doors are open and your friend's still out there."

"Relax," the driver grinned, "We're not going far."

He spun the van around in a circle, making Bree rock and grab the two gang members next to her for support. They grinned and laughed, Bree smiled back, trying to regain her balance as the van reversed into a small alley just off the parking lot. The van stopped, and one of the young men said "Don't worry Bree. We're nice and secluded in this alley. No-one's going to see you acting like a slut."

"Apart from you all," grinned Bree. She took the sheet and quickly folded it on the floor. There were stains on it, from goodness knew what, some could have been paint, some almost certainly weren't. It didn't matter, if she wanted cock as desperately as she did you had to put up with lower hygiene standards. The two guys in the back stood up, bending their heads slightly under the roof as the Milf got on her knees between them. They undid their flies, dragging out their huge, meaty pricks. The redhead nympho Mom almost salivated with lust at the sight of the two rock hard whoppers sticking in front of her.

"Suck on this," said one of the guys and pushed his cock towards her face.

Bree didn't need a second invitation, opening her mouth and taking the dick in it. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and slurping at the member, bouncing its end at her cheek and over her tongue. Her hand was groping for the other cock, waving around in the air for a moment or two before she connected with the wide, thick dick. Her hand gripped round it, her thumb and middle finger barely able to fit round it, and began to jack at it.

"Yeah fuck," the guys grunted in pleasure as she worked them with mouth and hand, her head sliding up and down the prick as quickly and enthusiastically as her elbow hammered and her wrist jerked. The guys groaned louder, "Fuck, lady, fuck."

Within a few moments the leader appeared, jumping in the back with his comrades and moving in front of her. Still concentrating on sucking the guy to her right from the corner of her eye Bree could see the leader undoing his pants and dragging out a dick as large as his buddies. "You're going to fucking love this fucker, every woman does," he grinned as he held it and stroked it hard, "It's a pussy wrecker."

"Mmmnnn yes," Bree's mouth withdrew from the guy she was sucking to look at the hard dick inches from her face. It looked as delicious as the one she'd just been gobbling at, as least as long and thick, and pulsating with lust. "I'm going to suck it good, you'll love it as well," she said and then slid her red lips down over the member, making the guy groan in pleasure.

Her hand reached up to the cock she'd just been sucking and she grabbed it in her hand, the slime of her saliva coating her palm as she jacked it back and forth. She felt so slutty with a dick in each hand and one in her mouth, but slutty in a good way, excited and wet. She enjoyed the feel of the dongs and taste of the one she was eating, the grunts and groans of the three young gang members and the look of rapture on their face as she took them towards delights that only a nympho cocksucker could offer. Her head banged back and forth and her hands jerked rapidly and repeatedly.

The driver appeared at the doorway, a cellphone in his hand. "You want to fuck on that sheet or you want a couple of buds of ours to come over with a mattress for us to fuck that hot cunt of yours?"

Bree was so horny she'd have fucked anywhere and on anything, but a mattress would be a lot more comfortable than the metal floor of the van and it meant the guys could go at her more vigorously as well and give her a good, proper screwing. She popped the dick out of her mouth and said, "Yes, please ask them to bring it over."

"They'll be wanting something for it," the driver grinned, adding "...some ass if you know what I mean."

She did. "The more the merrier," Bree smiled sluttily at the driver. She turned her head to the left as the driver began to dial. The third dick was there, hard as she jacked at it, thick and long. She dropped her hand and began to suck it, bringing it deep into her mouth, banging it against her cheek to make it bulge. The guy grunted in pleasure as she sucked him, grabbing the back of her head. He began to pull at her, dragging her further down his dick, grunting and shuddering in pleasure as she obeyed his actions.

She could tell from his the stir of the cock and his animal, guttural groans that he was more than enjoying the suck and slurp of her slutty mouth. But Bree didn't want him to cum, at least not yet. "Mmmnn tasty, let's try another," she pulled her head from the cock.

Around her were three hard cocks, all pointing in her direction and dripping with saliva. She went for one to her side, her hands reaching out and grabbing the two others, jerking at them as she brought her lips down as far as she could. The young hunk she was sucking grunted and shuddered, his hands on the back of her head, gripping her red hair and encouraging her on. She quickly went down to his balls, feeling the press of his huge member's head at the back of her throat, tickling and irritating her tonsils. She gagged a little, bringing her head back a few inches to let the drool run out of her lips, before going down again. The stud grunt, "Fuck, you bitch, you can suck."

Bree knew that and as her hands stroked back and forth she also believed that her hand jobbing wasn't in the amateur league either. Not that she wanted any of the guys to cum, not until the mattress arrived and she could get some proper fucking. From the corner of her eye she saw the driver was back, pulling down his jeans to reveal a dick as large as his fellows. Bree popped her mouth from the one she was sucking and moved to the newcomer, "Are you as yummy as your friends?" she asked rhetorically.

"I am," grinned the driver as he shoved the dick in her direction. Bree opened wide and took it in. Her head bobbed back and forth as she quickly took it deeper in, until her lips were up to the balls and she was sucking and slurping and gagging and drooling all at once. "Shit man, this is hot," the driver grunted as Bree deepthroated him, covering his prick with her lips and drowning it in her saliva. "Fuck lady, you're one fucking hot cock-sucking bitch."

"Mmmnnn, I am," again Bree swapped moving to take another big black cock that was being waved in her face.

The hot redheaded Milf quickly moved into a pattern, sucking a cock deep for half a minute as she stroked and played with two others, a fourth hovering inches from her face. Then she'd move to another, sliding a new dick into her mouth, pressing her lips round it and covering it with her spit; she'd take it as far as she could, her head going forward until she could feel the tip banging at her tonsils. She'd gag, but not as much as the first time, her throat quickly getting used to the hard cocks entering it. Sometimes, depending on who she was sucking and where they stood, she'd keep stroking the same dicks, but usually she was changing, gripping a new huge member in her hand and tugging at enough that it kept the guys interested, but not so much that they came. As she jerked her hand would clean it of her spit, so that by the time she took it in her mouth again, the cock was dry.

The four guys grunted and gasped, grinning and groaning as she serviced them, "Suck it Bree baby." "You're one dirty slut, lady, that's good." "Shit, you ought to be doing this professionally, that's one hot mouth you've got." "Oh, fuck, fuck this feels so fucking good."

At some point one of the guys, who's dick wasn't in her mouth or gripped by her hand, took the opportunity to pull down her dress, so that her tits bounced free. The pale orbs bounced and jiggled as she swapped from prick to prick, bits of saliva dropping on them, leaving white globules dripping down her white skin. Bree didn't mind, she just sucked harder, enjoying the sounds the guys were making and the wet, hot feeling between her legs as she manhandled the four dicks. The van's floor vibrated as the guys moved and swapped places, always thrusting their massive dongs at her. She could feel the hardness of the metal, even through the sheet, and she moved position slightly to reduce the ache in her knees and legs.

"Shit baby, this is so hot." "Suck my dick, suck it good." "Take it deeper, Bree, oh yeah that's good, that's the way." "Yeah, you're one dirty whore, sucking all our cocks. Fuck yeah..."

"What's going on here?" a young muscular black man with dreadlocks appeared in the door of the van. He was grinning so wide that his teeth looked like pearls in the night. "Is this the slut? Shit, you weren't lying'... that lady is fucking hot."

Bree took a cock from her mouth, licking a trace of saliva from her lips before smiling in introduction, "I'm Bree. I'm guessing you're the man with the mattress."

"Yeah, my boys are just unloading it from our van," the newcomer grinned, "but whilst they're doing that..." he started to undo his pants.

"Oh yes, be my guest," giggled Bree as he unveiled a whopper, large and meaty and just ready to be blown.

Her head went down the new one, not stopping her downward motion until it was at the back of her throat, her nose pressed at his crotch and her lips kissing at his scrotum. The newcomer grunted, "Shit, you're a slut, Bree, you know that? a dirty slut." Bree sucked at him, her tongue wiggling under his huge pack to tease and please the meat. The newcomer groaned, "Oh fuck, what a cock-sucker you are. You're the prick-sucking queen." Bree didn't disagree, her hands jerking at the dicks beside her.

From the corner of her eyes she saw two other young hunky black men drop the mattress on the ground behind the van. Even in the darkness she could tell it wasn't clean, covered with stains and mildew. It didn't matter, she wasn't going to sleep on it, just use it as something softer than the ground to fuck on. But before she did that... Her head dropped away from the dick she was sucking, the young dreadlocked stud groaning in disappointment. Bree smiled at his two friends, "Thank you for bringing that. Now let me prep you up for your reward."

They grinned and looked at each other, "You mean...?"

"I mean cocks out so I can suck them," giggled Bree. "I want you all nice and wet for my holes..."

Within moments the two young men had their pants off and their pricks pointing at Bree. It was just long enough for the redhead to suck at another dick, slurping over it passionately. Then she was at the two young men, jerking at one of them with her hand and whilst sucking deep at the other and then vice versa. The remaining five guys were crowding round her, their hard cocks pushing and poking at her like little children trying to get teacher's attention. She moved to one of them, her mouth sliding round a cock as her hands reached out. Her pussy was wet with lust, though it hadn't been touched, she was so horny she could have died - it was time.

"Mmnnn, I loved sucking those big dicks of yours. But now I want them properly," she giggled, holding out her arms so that they could help her up.

The guys grinned and nodded as she walked forward, tottering on her heels for a second, before she stopped at the van's exit and leant against one of its inner walls and pulled them off. Dropping down she walked barefoot and bare breasted to the mattress. It didn't look any cleaner further up, dark patches of in-ground dirt and rings of damp spotting its lumpy surface. But she was so up for fucking it could have been made of damp concrete and she'd have used it. She dropped onto her back, pulling up her dress to her waist to expose her pussy with it's thin sliver of red hair above the slit, "Come on boys, who's coming in first?"

There was a rush, but it was one of the newcomers who was nearest, getting on the mattress and dropping onto her. Bree groaned in excited lust as she felt one of his hands gripping hard at her titty, as he used the other to thrust his dick at her pussy. He was so large, the meaty dick spreading her pussy walls as it entered. She lay back, ignoring the scrape of loose springs under her and the mouldy smell that assaulted her nostril and only concentrating on looking up at the young black man hammering down towards her and the his huge cock as it pounded at her pussy. "Oh yes," the redhead Milf moaned, "Oh give it me good. Fuck my hot twat."

"Shit will do lady, I'm going to fuck you raw," he grunted in return, pounding up and down on the mattress.

Bree's legs spread up and round him, her heels rubbing at his muscular calves, going like pistons. Her arms reached for his back, dragging him down and into her. He slammed harder, nailing her to the mattress, making her squeal and gasp. "OOOhhh, yeesss, oooohhh, fuck me big boy, ram that big dick into my sweet cunt."

His friends were clustered around the mattress, stripped to the buff and stroking their dicks as they watched the hard black stud slam into her white pale pussy, ramming her deep. Bree wrapped her legs round him tighter and squealed louder, enjoying the attention, "Fuucckk, ooohhh myyy... I want that dick, I want it bad."

The guy pounded harder and faster, ploughing his thick member down her wet hole, stimulating her spot and driving her into orgasms. Bree's spine bent, her head pressing down at the mattress as her ass and back raised themselves, "Ohhhh, aaarrrghhh, yessss, yessss, make me cum."

"Go for it Leroy," shouted his friends, "Fuck her white Mom pussy. Give it her hard."

"Yesss, yessss," Bree screamed and squealed in pleasure, this was what she lived for, hard cock fucking her. She gasped and shrieked, writhing and rolling, her legs round his and her hands clawing desperately as his back, "Fuck me, fuck me good..."

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