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One of the Guys


I was a tom boy, through and through. Never wore a dress, never wore makeup. Jeans and t-shirts, sports bras and pony tails. The only thing feminine about me was my long hair (past my ass) which I kept for my mom's sake. We had made a deal years before when I was 16. If I kept it long, she wouldn't nag about everything else.

At 5'9" I was still shorter than the guys, but growing up with four brothers made me tougher than most. I played hockey, football, and basketball. I used to play soccer too. I work out and have even gotten to the point where you can see my abs. The only thing I hated about my body are my breasts. They are way too big and constantly getting in the way. 38D-27-36. Exactly what my friends say yea for. Whatever.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lesbian or anything. I just haven't found "the one" you know? I mean, I don't like the idea of being with a guy who wants me to be something I'm not. My friends accept me, I'm just one of the guys. They still go out with girls in short skirts and tight shirts. If that's what a guy wants, he can have her.

Anyway, it was Friday. Eric, Alex and Dom were supposed to meet me for a game of two-on-two. They didn't show. So I went to Alex and Eric's house. (They're brothers.) No one was home, but there was a note one the door.

Hey Babe,

Meet us at the old factory on Webster Street. Bring this note too.

The Guys.

Okey-dokey. So off I went. Webster Street? Isn't that abandoned? I ran because it was close enough. Through the woods, down by the river, over the bridge, through the back alley. It was totally deserted. What could the guys want here?

"Guys?! Hey Guys!!!"

A faint shout. "In here Lana!"

Lana. I grumbled again at my mom's choice for a name.

I went in through a broken window.


"Down here!"

I followed the sounds down some stairs.

"Close the door!"

Shrugging my shoulders I moved to the heavy steel door. It took all my weight to push it shut.

"Damn, that's heavy. So what's the deal guys?"

I walked down a small hallway. It was like a bunker, walls reinforced concrete, no windows, only air vents here and there. I could hear the guys mumbling, their voices echoing. Another doorway and I walked into a big room.

The first thing I saw were the monitors. It looked like a security room. Tv's all with the same picture of a big room from different angles. It took me a second, but I realized I was looking at a dungeon. A bed with shackles at the corners, a sawhorse with straps. Whips, chains, what the hell?

"Guys what is this?"

I turned around and realized the guys had crowded in on me. I felt the first shiver of fear.

"This is payback for all those times you played ball in just a sportsbra and shorts."


I felt intimidated, scared. Alex was on my left, at 6'2" he was the shortest. Broad muscles, shoulders that blocked many tackles. Eric was on my right. At 6'4" he was star center for his College Basketball team. He also ran track. Dom had been talking. He was the one I was suddenly terrified of. Dark and brooding, Dom was the largest, at 6'7" I also got a neck ache looking up at him. A powerlifter and champion body builder, I had seen him lift 3 times my weight. Anyone of them could take me down. They were eyeing me like a piece of meat.

I swallowed nervously. Dom's eyes lit up. Alex and Eric seemed resolved and determined.

"Lana, we're going to fuck your brains out."

Okay, no I'm petrified.

"Ok guys, funny joke. Let's go play basketball."

I wondered if I could get past them. Playing with brutes I oftened relied on my speed to win against them. Would it help now?

"Guys? You're serious aren't you?"

Eric and Alex grabbed my arms. I stiffened and kicked out at them. Dom grabbed my legs as I did. I was squirming and fighting with all my might as the three of them manhandled me onto the bed.

"Guys this isn't funny! Let me go!"

Like robots, they moved. Alex climbed over me and straddled my waist. His weight made it nearly impossible to breath. I felt my legs grabbed. I looked up and saw Alex's face, grim, determined. But his eyes were cloudy. Above him, a full mirror. I could see Eric and Dom pulling off my sneakers and socks and then pulling at my shorts. Alex lifted off me a bit and my shorts slid down my legs.

I had been pushing at Alex, but now he grabbed my hands and pulled them straight out on the bed.

"Alex! Let me go, please. Dom, come on. Eric!"

I was pleading. Tears welled up, blurring my vision. Alex was pulling at my shirt. Dom lifted my shoulders and my shirt came up over my head.

"It'll be okay Lana. Just relax."

I looked at Dom as he stroked my cheek. He sounded so sincere. So comforting. I was shocked that he could do this.

"Here, drink this. It's help you calm down."

Eric had brought over a cup. Alex sat back and Dom helped me sit up. I was sitting there on a huge bed in the middle of a dungeon in my sports bra and panties and they were telling me to calm down?

I shook my head and clamped my mouth shut.

"Dom, you hold her still and I'll open her mouth. Eric, get ready to pour it down her throat."

No matter how much I squirmed, I couldn't escape the bear hug Dom held me in. His chest against my back, my arms were pinned at my sides. Alex held my nose shut so finally I had to open my mouth. Eric immediately poured the stuff down my throat.

It was bitter and tasted like...mint? My mouth went numb as it went down and I coughed on some of it. Once again I was laid down on the bed. This time, I didn't really move. My limbs felt heavy and I was warm and tingly all over.

"That worked awful quick didn't it Dom?"

"Yea, maybe I guessed her weight wrong. we'll just watch her."

I heard their voices, but could barely comprehend what they were saying. The bed felt so cool on my skin. I was so hot.

I felt my sports bra being removed and then my panties. The air felt nice.

Dom appeared over me again.

"Ok Lana, ready for some fun?"

To be continued...

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