One Rule


"Are you ready for more?" He asked.

"Oh god!" She replied, breathless. But she nodded her head anyways.

John grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the bag again and began pouring copious amounts of oil over her ass cheeks and hole. He used his free hand to massage her ass, while he poured the oil. He collected all the excess oil and pushed it towards her rosebud hole. He tipped the bottle right-side up but didn't return it to the bag. Instead, he used it to pour oil on his free hand, then closed the top and set it down on the bed. With his fingers lubed, he placed the index finger at the entrance of her hole. The finger slipped in easily thanks to the attention that he had paid her ass earlier. He moved his finger around in her ass, then slowly slipped his middle finger in as well. Her anal canal was beginning to grow crowded, but he readied his third finger anyways. With the help of all the oil and Gina intentionally relaxing her sphincter, John managed to fit all three fingers inside her ass. He used his to fuck her ass, while his other hand found her pussy. Satisfied that her asshole was sufficiently stretched, he pulled his fingers out of her ass and pussy. John changed positions, placing both his feet flat on the bed, straddling her hips. He grabbed the bottle of oil and poured a generous amount into his cupped hand. He rubbed the oil over his dick, making it extremely slick. He replaced the bottle and arranged himself so that his dick was pointing straight down over her open asshole. He ever-so-slowly slipped the head of his manhood into her ass. He pushed gently and moved slowly, giving her time to adjust to dick in her ass. When her ass had swallowed half his dick, he returned a hand to the bag and pulled out the little silver bullet vibrator that he had stashed there. With his free hand, he pushed Gina's head into the bed, ensuring that she couldn't see what he was doing. He turned the vibrator on high and moved it towards her pussy. With a flash of movement, he placed the vibrator directly on her clit. The sudden vibrations and sensations emanating from her clit caused Gina to buck her hips away from the vibrator. As her hips shot upwards, John slammed his dick the rest of the way into her ass. Gina grunted but didn't cry out in pain. He let his manhood rest, buried to his balls in her anal canal. While giving Gina a chance to adjust to his dick in her ass, he switched the vibrator to low and began moving it around her slit and inner thighs, occasionally hitting her clit. Finally, after a couple minutes pass, John started pulling his dick back out of her ass. When the tip was the only part of his manhood still inside, he reversed his motion and slowly thrust back down. He repeated this process for several strokes before picking up the pace. His thrusts became less gentle, as he moved faster and faster. He switched the vibrator back to high and once again placed it directly over her clit. This time, Gina didn't buck wildly. She just moaned loudly as the vibrations sent a swell of pleasure through her body. John fucked her ass as hard as he could, his balls swinging wildly from his shaft. The tightness of her ass was simply too much for him to take. The familiar tingle in his shaft informed John that he was about to climax. "I'm cumming!" He growled.

"Cum in my ass! Make me pay for not making dinner. Cum for me darling!" Gina replied, as she felt her own orgasm building rapidly.

John felt the wave of pleasure rush through his shaft. He growled again as the second wave of pleasure started at the base of the shaft. When this second wave hit the tip of his dick, he couldn't hold it in any longer. His dick became even more swollen, and he slammed it one final time into the depths of her warm, tight ass. His cum burst forth from the head and began spraying the insides of her anal canal. The vibrator had brought Gina close to climax, but the feeling of his warm, sticky cum forcing its way into her ass sent her over the edge. Her toes curled again as the flood of ecstasy rips through her body for the fourth time that night. She screamed in pleasure as the vibrator sent her into another orgasm almost immediately after the last one finished. John, drained of strength and cum, slips his shrinking manhood out of ass with an audible pop. He quickly untied her, and watched as her quivering body collapsed to the bed. John fell onto the bed beside her and turned her head towards hers. He gave her a long, slow kiss, as he pulled her into his arms. "Mmmm...that was amazing." She cooed, as his cum slowly dripped out of her ass.

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