tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Stormy Night

One Stormy Night

byThe Duchess Diara©

It was a cold night, not at all the sort of weather you’d want your car to break down in. I’d anticipated zipping over to work to grab those papers I’d forgotten, then driving straight home and into the shelter of the remote controlled garage without having to step foot out in the dismal weather. As a result of that train of thought, I was wearing only the lightweight black trousers and red blouse I’d worn at work. It was all going to plan until my car had coughed and spluttered its way to a halt a few blocks from home. I’d tried to use my mobile to call a taxi, but evidently I was in a ‘black spot’ where reception was non-existent. Cursing it, I set off walking. Tiredly I walked up the quiet city street in the direction of the old warehouse I’d converted into a home. I shivered as it began to drizzle, quickly soaking through the thin material of my clothes. Soon my top was clinging like a second skin, clearly outlining my generous breasts with nipples prominent from the cold.

At the corner I stopped. I could go straight ahead, take a left, then another left to backtrack towards my place. Or I could take a shortcut through the alley on my left, cutting a lot of time off my journey. In my mind I cursed the town planners as I surveyed the dark alley. Sighing, I turned left and began to walk. Surely nobody else would be out on a night like this anyway, I thought to myself as the sound of my heels echoed off the brick walls, slightly distorted by the puddles on the ground. The alley twisted and turned, and almost immediately I was hidden from the main road. Starting to feel uneasy, I started walking faster, and the echo of my footsteps followed me. But was that only my footsteps, or…? Quickly I spun around. A shape moved in the shadows of the walls, coalescing into the shape of a man.

I didn’t wait to see more. Beginning to run, my heart was pounding in my ears, but I could hear the footsteps behind me increasing in speed too. I wasn’t going to let this happen! Kicking off my heels, I left then where they fell and ran. I’d been cross-country champion in high school, so I wasn’t going to let some dirty wino catch me. I dodged the garbage bins and corners to get away.

Ducking around a corner, I ran smack bang into something hard and immovable. I would have fallen from the impact if strong arms had not reached out and held me steady. I looked up in shock at the man standing in front of me, grasping my upper arms with firm hands. He was huge. I stood at 5’10, but I had to tilt my head back to see his face, which put him at about 6’2”, maybe 6’3”. He looked at me for a moment, then said, “What were you running from?”

Beginning to catch my breath, I replied, “A…a man. Following me.”

He looked over my shoulder, and I turned to follow his gaze. Nothing moved in the shadows except a cat searching for food.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing walking through a dark alley at night?” he growled at me, giving me a little shake. I looked up at him in surprise. I opened my mouth to reply…and the next thing I knew I was being pulled through a doorway nearby I hadn’t noticed, shrouded in shadow. He pulled me down a small hallway, and when I tried to resist he simply tugged harder on my arm. I stumbled off balance, and was too intent on regaining my balance to resist anymore.

Suddenly he let go, allowing me to stop. I brushed my long hair away from my face and looked around. He’d brought me to a room, his living room by the look of it. The wallpaper was faded and peeling, and there was no window. I noticed two tatty lounge chairs, a bookshelf crammed with dog-eared paperbacks, and an old lamp minus its shade provided a dim light. The man walked over to the right side of the room, where an old sink and benches were. Grabbing a cloth, he wiped the water from his face. It was my first chance to actually see his face in the light. He was…rugged. His dark hair, disheveled and too long, framed a face seemingly made of planes and angles. His nose was crooked, obviously from a break at some time in the past.

Trying to re-establish some control over the situation, I started to say, “Look, I appreciate the help, but I need to get home. I...” when he casually walked over and slapped me across the face. “I like my women to be quiet,” he told me in a casual tone, then turned away. His women! I stared at him in shock for a second, then, “How dare…” Slap! Again, this time across the other side of my face. He considered me for a moment. As he did I began to realize the seriousness of my situation. Nobody knew where I was, and I was at the mercy of an obviously violent man. I looked towards the hallway, and he must have known what I was thinking, because he grabbed me again and put me over his shoulder. Scared, I began to struggle, punching and kicking, but he merely grunted, told me to stop moving and slapped me hard on the ass, following it with a caress. He walked over to a doorway opposite the hallway we’d entered through, and walked into another room. Lifting my head up I was able to get a quick glimpse of the room, but only got enough time to register it was large, before I was unceremoniously dumped onto a bed, knocking the wind out of me. I started to protest, but gasped when he grabbed the front of my shirt and ripped it off me. Underneath I wore a black lacy bustier; lingerie was my one weakness. I suddenly felt cold metal encircle my wrist, and looked above my head to see him fastening…was it a manacle?...around my wrist. I started to struggle, but he swatted my hand away as if it were a fly, then grabbed my other wrist and chained it too, before giving my ankles the same treatment. He stood by the bed for a moment, looking me up and down. I was conscious of my wet clothes clinging to every curve of my body, and as he looked at me I noticed a swelling in his trousers. Oh no, this can’t be happening to me! I thought frantically.

But it was happening, and I realized there was nothing I could do. The bustier pushed my ample breasts upwards and highlighted my small waist. Tracing one finger over the rise of my breast, he smiled, then reached down and began to undo the button on my trousers, followed by the zipper. The small open triangle revealed more black lace beneath; grabbing the waistband, he pulled the trousers down past my ass, until they were forced down as far as they could go because of my spreadeagled position. Unclipping one ankle, he forced my leg over towards the other, so he could pull my trousers off. After pulling the trousers off one leg, he grabbed my free ankle and forced it back over to the manacle and rechained it. He then repeated this on the other leg, so the trousers were off.

I was left lying there in a black lace bustier and matching G-String, shivering in the cold. He looked at me, then undid his own trousers, and took them off. He wore no underwear, and his freed cock sprang erect. I gasped. It was massive. Long but thick, with a large swollen head. He climbed on the bed, kneeling between my spread legs, and his erection jutted out proudly. I shook my head in denial. “Oh yes,” he assured me. “It’s going to happen, lady, and you’re going to love it.” He licked his fingers then reached down to my pussy, inadequately encased in a scrap of black lace. Moving my underwear aside, he roughly rubbed his finger over my clitoris. To my horror, I started to feel a dampness between my legs in response. I couldn’t be getting turned on by this! I twisted, trying to get away, but he grabbed my hip with his other hand and pushed me harder onto the bed, holding me motionless while his finger began to circle my pussy. He felt the moisture there, and paused, looking at me.

“Why, what’s this?” he asked. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Underneath you’re nothing but a little slut.” As he said the word slut he forced his wet finger deep inside me as far as he could. His fingers were long and thick, and I cried out in surprise as I felt it. Once in, he kept his finger motionless, only moving the very tip in a quick movement. I gasped as the spot he was rubbing started to tingle. He began to use his thumb on my clit, continuing the movement of his finger shoved deep inside me. I bit back a moan, unwilling to admit I was beginning to enjoy this violation. He watched me, as the pleasure began to build up. My hips started moving of their own accord, my body shamelessly betraying me. When he felt that small movement he stopped and smiled. He withdrew his hand, and leaned forward, placing a hand of either side of me. Soon I felt the tip of his massive cock at the entrance to my wet pussy. He pushed forward slowly, and only the moisture there prevented his swollen head from tearing me. He continued until I could feel the rim of his head push inside me.

I looked up at his face, and begged him to stop. “Please, no, stop.” He didn’t reply, but slapped me across the face and then grabbed my breast hard, pulling it out of the bustier’s cup. He kneaded my soft flesh, and cruelly pinched my nipple, bringing tears to my eyes from the pain. He let go quickly though, and moved his hand up to my shoulder. Before I realized what he was about to do, he used his hand to hold me down as hard as possible while he rammed his monster cock deep into my pussy. I screamed. It felt like I was being impaled on a steel pole. I turned my head and sank my teeth into his arm as hard as I could.

YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH!” he roared. He slapped me across the face so hard for a moment all I saw were stars. Then he began moving, ramming himself into me. I could feel that huge cock inside me sliding out, only to shove back in again. I cried out, and then as he thrust again and again, incredibly I could feel myself starting to stretch to accommodate his engorged penis, moisture starting to lubricate his dick. The pain lessened, and mingled with it was pleasure. He realized I was beginning to enjoy it, so he reached down between us and rubbed my clit while he pounded my hole. I moaned, and suddenly felt myself climaxing, muscles squeezing his cock as the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt ripped through me. He groaned at the sensation of my pussy tightening around him, and thrust faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I thought he was building up to a climax, but suddenly he withdrew in one swift movement, leaving my pussy achingly empty.

He got off the bed, then reached down and undid the chain at my right foot. Pulling my leg with it, he re-clipped the chain on the other side of the bed so both my feet were secured on the same side. He then did the same with my hands, so I was bound to one side of the bed. He then looked at me and said, “Turn over.” Puzzled, I complied, lying on my stomach. I felt him unhook my arm and re-clip it on the other side of the bed again, then did the same with my feet. I was again laying spread-eagled, this time on my stomach. However, this time he’d left much more play in the chains on my feet, giving me much more movement.

“On your knees, my little whore. Let’s see that pert little ass up in the air.” Giving me no time to refuse, his arm slid under my hips and hoisted me effortlessly into position. Nudging my knees further apart, he stopped and just looked at me. I could imagine what he was seeing. Since he hadn’t adjusted the chains on my arms, my top half was stretched so much I had to keep my head on the bed. This left my ass sticking up, with my legs spread wide.

He grabbed the remnants of my now-tattered G-String and ripped it off me, leaving my pussy exposed for his inspection. Taking his place behind me, I felt something at the entrance to my pussy again. I tensed slightly, but it was only his finger, sliding gently in and out until it was covered in my juices, and I was tingling in anticipation again. I felt him reposition himself so his cock was touching my pussy. This time he didn’t ram himself inside; they pushed, slowly, excruciatingly slowly, until I was whimpering in need. When he was finally deep inside me he began to rock slowly, tiny little movements that caused little shock waves of pleasure.

He grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them wide so he could see my puckered asshole and below that, the sight of his rigid cock plunged into my glistening pussy. With one hand he kept my cheeks spread. With the other....I soon felt his finger lightly rub my asshole. I tried to tighten my cheeks against him, but it was no good. He kept rubbing lightly, bringing moisture up from my dripping cunt to lubricate the area. When he increased the strokes of his gigantic cock into my pussy, I soon relaxed against him again. Then I felt it. He pushed his wet finger inside my anus. I tensed, and he didn’t keep pushing, but he didn’t remove his finger either. Continuing his rhythmic strokes into my pussy, he also reached under me with his other hand and started rubbing my clit. Against my will I could feel myself responding. I started panting, and wanted more. For some reason he hadn’t increased the tempo, he was just sliding his cock in and out. I tried to grind my ass against him but soon realised this increased the penetration of his finger in my ass, which wasn’t hurting as much. I stopped but, when he responded by slowing his strokes, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed back against him as hard as I could, feeling the full impact of his massive cock buried in my pussy, as well as his finger now buried in my ass. He grabbed me by the hip with his other hand, impaling me there as he stayed motionless. But I needed to move. I began to grind against him in small circles, feeling my clit rub against his balls, exciting me more. This movement caused his finger to move around, and grinding my ass again I started to feel pleasure as he began to thrust his finger gently in and out. Then he began thrusting with his cock again. He began to thrust harder, increased his finger to match, and I moaned. It felt so good, having his finger and his cock both ramming into me at once. I’d never experienced anything like it before. He started grunting with each stroke, and I could feel his cock swell up even bigger, if possible. He started ramming into me as hard as he could, and I screamed as my pussy tightened into the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. He plunged into me one more time, but my muscles were tightening in pulses around him, squeezing him in an irresistible rhythm. With a roar he came, and I could feel the spurts of hot cum deep inside me.

Afterwards he withdrew, getting silently off the bed and crossing the room, only to return immediately. He threw something on the bed, then undid the manacles on my hands and feet. “Get dressed,” he said tersely, gesturing to the things he’d thrown on the bed. Then he walked back into the other room, leaving me alone. I rubbed my wrist, then had a look at what he’d left. The pile consisted of my trousers, a comb, and a faded T-shirt to replace mine, which was destroyed.

Unsteadily I got to my feet, and began dressing. He had also ripped my G-String, so I went pantyless under my trousers, and threw the T-shirt on quickly. I ran the comb through my long hair, and walked into the other room. He was nowhere to be seen. Quietly I headed down the hall and out the door, where I blinked in the early light of dawn. I must have been in there for hours, I realized. I looked around, but I couldn’t see him anywhere in the myriad of shadows that still concealed my of the alley. Hurrying, head down, I headed for home, sore, tired, and a little wiser about myself.

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