tagRomanceOne Time at Band Camp...

One Time at Band Camp...


This story is for the 2012 Earth Day Contest. Please comment, send feedback, and don't forget to vote! I appreciate any comments to help make my work better. Enjoy!

* * *

I am, and forever will be, a band geek. I played the trumpet in the marching band during high school and continued through college. I attended band camp as a teenager and I am now a paid camp counselor for two weeks every August. I graduated college this past spring and I should get a "grown up" job, but I don't want to. I live for those two weeks every August when I bring out my trumpet and meet the future musicians of the world.

So for now, I am spending the summer working as a life guard. At the end of the summer, I will go to band camp. Once I return in September, I have to start looking for a real job. So my plan is to enjoy this summer as much as possible before reality kicks in and my parents kick me out.

* * *

It is the second Saturday in August. I arrive in the early afternoon to prepare before the campers arrive on Sunday. I get out of my beat up Chevy pick-up, slinging my duffel bag and trumpet case over my shoulder. It is a hot day and the sun is blazing. I am walking toward the registration building to check in when I hear a voice yell my name. "Hey Jackson!" I turn around to see a tall blonde woman sprinting toward me. I take off my aviator sunglasses and stare at the beauty bounding over to me.

She has long blonde hair and looks about five and a half feet tall. She is wearing jean shorts and a tank top that cannot hide her bouncing C cup breasts. Her converse sneakers make a light slapping noise on the pavement as she reaches me. "Jackson! Is that you? It's me, Sarah! Don't you remember me?" I am standing there with a stupid smile plastered on my face because I cannot believe I am standing here, face to face with my high school crush, Sarah Donohue.

Sarah was in the marching band with me in high school. She played piano and the trombone. She had lots of friends, good grades, and was very pretty, meaning totally out of my league. But this woman standing before me is not the girl I had a crush on in high school.

I'm not the kid I used to be in high school either. You're probably thinking that I'm some scrawny guy with glasses and asthma and talks with a nasally voice. Well, that was me in high school. When I got to college, I started working out and built up some muscle. I'm about six feet tall, wear contacts now, and have lean muscles rippling across my body.

When I finally organize the thoughts rushing through my head, I manage to squeeze out, "Sarah! Oh my gosh, it's been so long! How are you?"

"I'm good. Great actually! It's my first summer back at band camp since high school. I can't believe you're here. You look so good!"

"Yeah," I say with a short laugh. "I've been here every summer since high school, actually. And you look good too."

Sarah blushes slightly but continues the conversation. "Do you still play?" Sarah asks while pointing at my case.

"Only when I'm here. But once I put my trumpet to my lips, it's as if I never stopped."

"I know, right? Well, I've gotta go help get the cabin ready, but I'm glad you're here. We should totally grab dinner some night." Sarah smiles and turns around on her heels and stuffs her hands in her pockets.

"Okay, sounds good!" I yell back. Sarah just flips her hair and smiles at me. I turn and walk toward the registration building. While I fill out paperwork and get my accommodations, my mind wanders thinking about Sarah. Her huge tits bounce around my mind and I almost trip down the stairs leaving the building. -- This is going to be a long two weeks -- I think to myself as I make my way over to my cabin.

There is a big campfire the first night to welcome all the counselors. Sarah sits next to me and we talk for hours about everything from college to where our friends are now. Her tits look so delicious as the fire licks up and down her body. Her laugh is infectious and fills me with warmth. She places her hand on my knee during one of her laughing fits, causing shivers to course through my body. Every time our eyes met, it is as if an electric current is passing between us. We part at the end of the night, leaving me wanting more of her.

* * *

It is the end of the first week of camp and we are stuck in the middle of a hurricane. We have not been able to let campers leave the cabins because of falling tree limbs and strong winds. To make matters worse, the generator is broken. This means no power and no running water. The management asked me to drive into town, which is two hours away, and buy another generator because I'm the only person with a truck. I decided to go when the rain let up. Sarah volunteered to come with me so now we are driving through the woods toward civilization.

The rain is falling hard, hitting the windshield straight on. Visibility is low and after only an hour of driving, we almost get into an accident. I see the tree at the last minute and swerve to the right, crashing off the road and into some underbrush. "Holy shit! Are you okay, Sarah?" I cried frantically.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Sarah sighs as she tries to stop herself from shaking. "But I don't know if we should keep driving in this weather."

I turn the key in the ignition and hear the sputtering of the engine. "Fuck!" I rest my hands on the steering wheel and my head on my forearm and listen to the rhythmic beating of the rain. What do we do now? I lift my head up and see Sarah is resting her head back on the head rest with her eyes closed. Her chest rises and falls lightly as she tries to calm herself. I try to look out the window and see something bright red. Is that a barn?

"Sarah," I whisper to her. She raises her head and looks at me with her bright blue eyes. "Look over there. There's a barn. We could run to it and stay there until the weather passes." Sarah gives me a quizzical look.

"Umm...I guess so. Do you think that's safe?"

"Probably not." Sarah gives me a little smile and I smirk back. "But we could either make it over there and find a dry place or stay in the truck. Up to you."

After a few minutes of deliberating, we grab the first aid kit and extra blankets and wrap them in a tarp. The camp gave us supplies in case something should happen. We bolt across the field and are sopping wet when we reach the barn. After a good push, I open the barn door and we walk in. There are a few drips from the ceiling but otherwise, it is dry. There are birds nesting in the eaves but other than them, we are alone.

"Mother Nature must be mad about something." Sarah comments as she takes off her rain jacket. The rain has soaked through her slicker and I can see she is wearing a lace bra through her thin, sopping wet t-shirt. To keep myself from staring, I busy myself with setting up a make shift sitting area.

"Yeah, all these weather shifts are crazy."

"Did you know that Venice is sinking?"

I look up and realize Sarah's top is off and she is wringing out the water. She is turned away from me but I can see curve of her hips and her shapely ass, glistening with rain water. I am so distracted by her beauty that I don't realize Sarah is calling me. "Jackson, stop staring at my ass! Are you even listening to me?"

"Oh! Haha, yeah sorry. Umm...what were you saying?"

"Oh nothing, only that one of the most beautiful cities in the world is slowly melting away into the Adriatic Sea." I can hear the sarcasm in her tone and I know she is not mad. She puts her shirt back on and sits down on a bale of hay. She lays her head back and shuts her eyes, and in doing so, pushes her beasts toward me. I lay down on the blanket on the floor and close my eyes and drift off into sleep.

* * *

I wake up suddenly when I feel movement next to me. I open my eyes to see Sarah sitting on the ground next to me, watching me sleep. Seeing her here, there is something about Sarah. Something I can't quite put my finger on, but it excites me. I give her a smile and ask, "Hey Sarah, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep anymore."

"Sarah, you're shivering! Come over here." I pull my arm out from the jacket covering me and reach out to her. I can tell she is cold so she does not protest. I slide myself over to her and she settles in next to me. She fits perfectly in the crook of my arm. Her skin is warm and she smells of fresh rain with a hint of sweat. I feel something stirring deep in the pit of my stomach as Sarah moves in a bit closer.

The rain is falling rhythmically outside of the barn. The light from an emergency candle in the corner sends warm shadows dancing across the dark walls. Laying here next to Sarah, I feel comfortable. I tilt my head down and look at Sarah's head on my chest. Our breathing is in sync. I begin to stroke her blonde mane when Sarah's eyes flutter open and she looks up at me. "What's on your mind, Jackson?" Sarah asks softly as I run my fingers through her hair.

I don't know why I do this, but I kiss Sarah. It is a gentle kiss on the lips and I pull away after only a few seconds. Sarah looks surprised but her gaze does not leave mine. She gently pulls my head to her mouth and she kisses me back. Her lips are warm and I feel the tingling in my gut start to spread. Suddenly, I cannot get enough of her. I want her. I need her.

I reach my hand up and pull her face to mine so I can kiss her harder. I part my lips and slip my tongue into her mouth. Sarah does not resist. She returns the gesture by running her fingers through my hair and caressing my face in her hands. After a minute, she pulls back from me to catch her breath. Her eyes are wide and her face is flushed. I brush the hair from her cheek and tuck it behind her ear.

The next thing I know, Sarah is on top of me and is attacking my face with her mouth. My hands are gripping her tight ass and pulling her hips down to me. Sarah wraps her arms around me and I hold her against me as I roll over so I am on top of her. I can feel my cock growing in my pants and I grind against Sarah as she sucks on my tongue and lips. I pull away after a few minutes. Sarah's eyes lock onto mine and the words flow from my mouth like the water falling out of the sky.

"I think you are beautiful. I've thought that since the day I met you freshman year of high school, only I was too shy to actually tell you to your face. But now, caught here in this barn during a hurricane, I feel like we're supposed to be here."

Sarah just smiles and pulls my ear to her mouth. She murmurs softly, "I think this was meant to happen." When she pulls back, I am smiling and I press my mouth to hers again.

Sarah's hands run down my back. They grab the edge of my damp shirt and pull it up and over my head. I use one hand to lift Sarah's back off the floor and the other to pull her shirt off roughly. Feeling my bare chest against her lace covered tits makes me go wild! I start kneading one of her breasts and rubbing her hard nipple with my thumb as our tongues twist together. Sarah moans deep in my throat and her hands travel down my spine to the waist of my jeans. They dance around my waist to the button and she quickly unbuttons and unzips my jeans, releasing my throbbing member from my pants. With that, I lift Sarah up again and almost rip her bra off. I envelop her breast into my mouth, savoring every part of her soft skin. I let my tongue caress her nipple and hear her take deep, sharp breaths. In turn, she grabs my shaft and works it hard, but I pull myself away. I want to get a look at Sarah's ravishing body.

She is lying on the floor with her arms resting at her sides. Her hair is wild and clings to her face, neck, and chest. Her sun kissed skin shines and her eyes look wild with lust. I lean down and lightly kiss her on the chin, working my way down her neck and throat. I leave a trail of wet kisses around her delicious tits and tickle her stomach with my tongue. When I reach her lower abdomen, I rub my cheek against her. I feel her hands on my face and she swings my head up to face her. "Fuck me, Jackson." She commands with fire burning in her eyes.

I rip her pants open and pull them down. She is wearing a flowered thong and I can see the spot of wetness between her legs. Sarah grabs my hands and forces me to rip off her panties. I kick off my pants and lean back down on top of her. Sarah moans as she grips my cock and leads it toward her moist opening. She rubs the tip of my yearning cock around her clit, her throbbing pussy lips, and her wet hole. I roughly grab both of her hands and pin them above her head. She raises her hips up and my yearning member teases her. When she begins to strain against my hold, I thrust myself inside of her, filling her completely.

She is so warm and so wet. Our fingers intertwine above our heads. I start slowly at first, making sure to rub my pubic bone on her clit. Sarah closes her eyes and bites her lower lip, letting a soft growl escape her throat. I begin to move harder, pound faster, and I lean my face down to devour Sarah's mouth. It feels like only minutes before Sarah is screaming in pleasure as her orgasm rips through her body. I can feel myself getting closer but I tighten my muscles to keep from blowing my load. When Sarah's body calms, I state, "I want to come on your tits."

She smiles a devilish smile and replies, "No, I don't think so." I try to hide my disappointment but it quickly fades away when Sarah adds, "You can't come on my tits because I want to taste you in my mouth." Sarah rips her hands free and flips me over onto my back. She kneels between my legs and swallows my dick. Her lips move effortlessly up and down my shaft and watching this gorgeous woman suck me off is the last straw. I moan out Sarah's name and release myself into her waiting mouth. She drinks everything. When I am done, she crawls up to meet me and lays down in my open arms.

I stare at the ceiling and listen to the rain, which is now nothing more than a light sprinkling on the leaves of the trees. Sarah's arm is resting lightly over my chest and our fingers are locked together. "So that's what I was missing the last eight years, huh?" I question playfully. I feel Sarah laugh against my side.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well, all I can say is that I've never been so thankful for band camp before!"

Sarah lets out a loud laugh. I chuckle a bit, too. Once our laughter subsides, I kiss Sarah on the forehead and we settle in together for the night. I drift off to sleep, thinking about this magical night and thanking Mother Nature for her divine intervention.

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