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The New Playmate



When his father got engaged, it was a bit of a relief for Jonathan. Dad had been miserable for years after Jonathan’s mother had died three weeks before his thirteenth birthday. Now he seemed to be back to a vague semblance of his former self. Jonathan was glad - his Dad had been through a lot.

Jonathan had, of course, met Dad's fiancée a few times when she’d stayed at their house, but after a while, Dad asked him if he’d be all right if Emma moved in with them. There was concern on Dad’s face, but it was unnecessary – Jonathan was a quietly confident young man, who was simply happy for his father to have found someone.

But when his father came to pick him up from school, he did not expect to find what he did.

When he climbed up into the back of the four-by-four, there was a dazzlingly attractive slim redhead sitting inside, smiling at him. She was about his age, dressed in a disturbingly low-cut turquoise top and grey miniskirt. Her legs were covered in nylons.

"Hi Jonathan," said Dad.

"Jonathan," Emma smiled at him, "this is my daughter, Lucy."

"Hi," Lucy had an amazing smile. She gently shook his hand and he couldn't help but tremble.

Jonathan’s school was a school for boys, so he was completely unused to female company - especially such beautiful female company. But Lucy seemed to like him, and he found it easy to talk to her when he was at home. What he couldn’t help noticing, however, was that she seemed to like showing him glimpses of her body - showing off to him in the most outrageous ways.

If she wasn’t in her school uniform when he got home, she would be dressed in the shortest of mini-skirts, sometimes with sensual nylon stockings underneath and usually the very tightest, most revealing of tops - often leaving her midriff uncovered. Sometimes she wore nothing underneath her figure-hugging tops, letting her nipples really announce their presence and sometimes she would wear lacy bras that would show through a thin top to reveal the exotic swell of her young breasts.

She didn’t keep from showing him her assets above her waistline, however. Every now and then, she’d drop things and pick them up in front of him, making sure her tiny skirt rode up to show the tops of her stockings, her milky, tender thighs and her soft feminine panties - perhaps a flash of pink one evening, perhaps blue, perhaps patterned another evening - making no comment whether or not she thought he could see. It burned inside him when he saw her, especially when he saw her intimate underwear and it was obvious she enjoyed such flirting.

They’d go and sit in the lounge to watch cable until bedtime, eating their supper in front of the fire, chatting and relaxing. As she sat there, she’d flirt and smile, giving him magical smiles and sideways glances from her big round azure blue eyes. Like Jonathan, she was in her last year of school before college except that Lucy went to an all-girls school.

She’d cross her legs quite frequently, not worrying about the lack of coverage her skirt allowed her, to reveal her stocking-tops and a glimpse of underwear between her shapely thighs. Sometimes - maybe as they laughed at some triviality - she’d show even more, slipping off her shoes to pull up her knees and curl up on the armchair, allowing her skirt to all but vanish from view, her knickers very much on show. As long as Dad and Emma weren't looking, she flaunted herself in every imaginable way.

Jonathan tried not to make it obvious that he looked at her when she did such things - he was more than a little confused about his feelings, for one thing - but he did like to look. It was a real buzz inside, and he found his penis stiffening to the point that he had to alter his seating position to hide it. Sometimes, when she found herself in such a position that she might as well have been wearing no skirt at all, she would get less sure of herself, becoming a little embarrassed. She’d sit back as normal, conservatively covering herself until her confidence - and flirtatiousness - returned.

Every now and then, they’d be watching television and he’d notice out of the corner of his eye that she was looking at him, not the film. This happened a lot. He’d look at her sometimes, and she'd turn away quickly, blushing slightly. When she looked at him like that, she’d shift position in her chair often, and usually ended up excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

During the first few weeks, he assumed her revealing clothes and display of bodily flesh was just a part of her bubbly personality - just something that was a part of Lucy’s identity and character - and her exhibitionism was an accident of carelessness brought on because she felt so relaxed with him. Jonathan didn’t complain - he enjoyed the glimpses of her very much, it was better than most of his friends at the strict boys’ school would see, whether they had men's magazines or not. The displays of Lucy progressively turned him on more and more day by day, and he felt very confused, since she was supposed to be a kind of sister for him - he certainly didn't think of her like a sister or look at her like a sister.

Jonathan tended to spend a lot of time at school daydreaming, imagining, fantasizing about his new ‘sister’, and at home he was watching her almost constantly out of the corner of his eye. Before drifting off to sleep sometimes, he would be thinking of Lucy, trying to imagine what she would look like underneath those thin cotton panties, and he would quietly slip his stiff penis into a sock.

Then one morning, he woke to find something very unexpected in his bedroom.

The night before Lucy had been on form as ever, wearing a near belt-like black skirt and a thin pastel pink top that showed off her narrow waist and flat tummy. She had sat with him on the sofa, closer than ever before, so that he could smell her perfume all evening.

He had wondered if Dad or Emma might see her being so close to him, but being newly engaged, the two of them were far too interested in each other to pay attention to the kids. Before going to bed, Jonathan had masturbated again to relieve the tension that he felt from being particularly turned on, and he had gone to sleep fairly quickly with all those wonderful endorphins in his system.

In the morning, he awoke to his father’s call, announcing that he had half an hour to get ready for school. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, mentally preparing for the tough day ahead. He tore off the duvet and reached for the dressing gown that was hung on the back of the chair that faced the bed opposite him. Not quite awake, he dropped the garment and it fell down the back onto the floor. He grunted in annoyance, and knelt down to retrieve it from under the chair. He pulled it out, but noticed that something else lay under there.

Something white and blue.

Puzzled, since he was a tidy boy and never left his clothes out, he reached forward for it, bringing back a handful of cloth - cotton, to be precise. What was it?

He held them up, stretching them out in front of him, and gasped. They were a pair of panties. Blue and white checked high-cut girls’ panties. He sat there a few minutes, just looking at them. He knew instantly whose they were. They were too small for his mother, so there was only one person they could have belonged to - Lucy. He hadn’t really seen her underwear the previous evening - if anything, because she had been too close to him - so couldn’t say for certain, but there was no other rational explanation for their presence even in the house, let alone his bedroom.

The panties were free of marks, but had obviously been worn. He put them to his nose briefly and smelt Lucy’s perfume emanating from the soft cotton. Definitely hers. His father’s next call snapped him out of his thoughts. He had ten minutes. Rapidly, he stuffed Lucy’s panties under his mattress and hurriedly put on his clothes.

At school that day, Jonathan’s mind was sidetracked all day into thinking about the appearance of the underwear in his room. It was good that Lucy had been taken by her mother to school earlier, because he wasn't quite sure how he'd face her knowing he had her panties up in his room.

During the day, his mind was definitely not on his schoolwork. He thought about what those panties looked like, what they would look like with Lucy in them, what they smelled like, and of course, what they were doing there in the first place. He recalled the shape of them, the outline of her crotch imprinted slightly in the stretch of material since they had been used. He recalled the smell of them, the mix of her sweet, flowery, highly feminine perfume and a slight hint of spice that spoke of arousal and the very intimate contact of the soft cotton against Lucy’s exquisite sex.

What were they doing in his room? Were they a new stage in her exhibitionism? Had she left them for him to find? Perhaps an experiment to attempt a seduction of him, to see how he’d react? But then they hadn’t been placed anywhere that he ought to have found them. They were far back under the chair, hidden from view. Not, then, a deliberate gift. For a similar reason, they could not have been accidentally dropped - they had been kicked under the chair.

He had only had a quick glance of them and a quick smell, but he knew he wanted a closer look when he got home. And he’d put his nose to the very spot that had come into contact with her pussy.

Once he got home from school, his first port of call was his bedroom. He dumped his schoolbag unceremoniously in the corner of his room and pulled up the mattress to grab the pair of used underwear that lay beneath.

He unzipped his fly and released his hardened penis, which he clutched tightly in his right hand. He was trembling with excitement as he held the soft underwear up with his left hand, gently squeezing his erection with his other. He noticed a white lace trim to the panties, as well as a small navy blue bow at the point that would have come just below Lucy’s naval. Very feminine.

He lay them out on the bed and knelt down in front of them, imagining that his soon-to-be-step-sister was wearing them as he clutched his balls with his spare hand, gently rolling them. As he did so, he put his nose down to the underwear, feeling the soft material, taking in the aroma of Lucy’s perfume and the spicy traces of the touch of her sex. He trailed his nose down to the point at which her pussy would have actually been in contact with the panties, and the tangy aroma strengthened.

He slipped his penis into a sock and then turned the knickers inside out, leaning down to put his nose down to the cloth that had been up against her pubis, taking in her exhilarating mixture of perfume and juices. Slowly he made his way down to the narrow strip that had touched her labia and her vagina, wedged between her beautiful thighs for a whole day. The spiciness was very strong here. The cotton had acted by absorption to record the aroma of the previous night’s arousal.

He glorified in her smell, the closest he’d ever come to a girl’s intimate areas. He gripped his penis tightly as he inhaled the musky scent and came powerfully, spurting semen into the sock and sitting back on his bed as the endorphins flooded through his system again.

Now, what did he do with her panties? If she realized she had left them in his room - as she surely would have by now - then she might come back and hope to find them again. If she knew he had found them she might get embarrassed and change her behaviour towards him. Perhaps she would hope to creep in tonight and retrieve them. If he put them back where he had found them when she returned, all would be well. Having cleaned up his softened penis, Jonathan set about replacing the panties where he had found them, then went down to watch television as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

"Jonathan," his father told him, "you know Emma and I have an office Christmas party tomorrow night."

"Yes, Dad," he replied.

"Okay. It'll just be you and Lucy, then - you can look after her, can't you?"

"Yes Dad," though since Lucy was a couple of months older than Jonathan, and didn't seem to be the submissive type, it was a little patronizing to say he would have to look after her.

Emma brought Lucy home eventually, and Jonathan tried to look at her as though nothing had happened, as though he didn't know that for some reason her used panties had appeared in his room. Lucy sat down in the armchair opposite Jonathan and dumped her schoolbag beside her on the floor.

"Hi Jonny," she smiled wickedly, “what have you been up to all day?”

"Oh nothing much," he said innocently. He could have been in the school play.


The evening went surprisingly normally - Lucy made conversation with him as usual, but he did notice a slight anxiousness within her bearing and her words. Was she worried that he had found her lost panties?

His Dad and Emma went off to spend some quality time, leaving him alone with Lucy. Jonathan’s heartbeat raced, but he forced himself to keep calm and to act as normal. For the first half-hour or so, Lucy behaved in a distinctly reserved fashion, talking to him as normal as possible, but just not smiling quite as much as usual, with no flirting glances or flashes of underwear. She was dressed in a dark blue necktie, a white cotton blouse tucked into a soft blue plaid skirt that dropped to just above her knees and a pair of white socks that came up to just below them. After a little while, she excused herself to go and change our of her uniform, but Jonathan knew exactly where she was headed - for his bedroom, where she would find her underwear precisely as she had left them.

When she came back down she seemed to be a different person. Her uncertainty was gone and that sexy confidence was back. She had obviously found them and assumed nobody had spotted them. Such was her relief that she hadn’t bothered to change out of her school uniform – making it obvious what she’d done instead.

All went as normal until much later that night, when instead of going to sleep, Jonathan forced himself to keep awake. Jonathan was trembling with excitement as he sheltered under the sheets, for he was going to find out what Lucy got up to on her own.

When it was past one o'clock, he got impatient - wanting a peek at what his step sibling was doing. He crept out of his room, onto the landing. At the other end of the house, it sounded like Dad and Emma were getting pretty amorous, so he was safe from that direction. Lucy's room was close to the bathroom, so if anyone saw him, he would just head that way and they would assume he was going there anyway.

With his heart beating frighteningly loudly, Jonathan peered into the gap where Lucy's door was not quite closed properly.

Lucy obviously couldn't sleep: her light was on in her bedroom. She lay on her bed and he could see her perfectly, lying down on her back. She had propped her head up on a couple of pillows, her ginger locks swirling around her pretty face. He could see that she was really relaxing, luxuriating in the privacy. Her skirt was riding high: she could have been wearing no skirt at all, but it was all bunched around her waist.

Jonathan watched as her hands rested in her crotch, gently stroking herself through her panties. She was wearing white underwear tonight, with printed strawberries patterning the material. Was this how girls masturbated? He watched, transfixed as she carried on, her breathing heavy, her chest rising and falling with every breath. He felt his penis rock hard in his pyjama bottoms, and fought the urge to touch himself. He had plans to use his erection later.

This must have been what had happened before she had left her panties in his room the last time. He could remember the smell of her arousal on the soft material from where she must have caressed herself like this, and now he wanted to rub his nose up against her panties right now, to perhaps taste her as well.

He felt that familiar twinge in his stomach, knowing that with her mother marrying his father, this was all wrong. But she was so exquisitely beautiful, and he was sure she was almost as attracted to him.

At this angle, he couldn’t really see anything he hadn’t seen of her before, although obviously he had never seen her touch herself in that way before. Briefly at times he was able to catch sight of what must have been cherry curls between her legs when she pushed her knickers aside with her hand, which made his penis twitch in his pyjama bottoms and his stomach flutter with adrenaline.

She sat up, then, and looked at her watch. It had been a fair while since he was supposed to have gone to sleep – and normally he was fast in falling asleep. A pulse of adrenaline raced through Jonathan’s system – she was going to go to his room again…

Quickly and quietly, he headed back into his room. He paused at his door, looking down the stairs. After a short wait, there she was, tip-toeing along the landing. Jonathan silently slipped under his covers like a thief in the night.

Lying on his front, he did his best to look asleep but slightly restless: his sheets slightly pushed down his back. Underneath the covers, he pulled his pyjama bottoms down to his thighs, as if they had fallen there through nocturnal restlessness. He was planning on giving her a show she wouldn’t forget tonight. He kept his eyes open a crack, allowing him to see but seemingly asleep to outside eyes.

She crept into his room, quietly, checking to see if he was asleep. She stood next to his bed, only a few inches from his head. He could smell her perfume, exquisitely feminine, and could see her legs and her tartan skirt that dropped to just above her knees. How many times had she done this already while he was asleep? He was slightly regretting what he’d missed.

His heart was beating so heavily and rapidly, he wondered if maybe she’d hear it. He tried hard just to act calm and asleep as she put her hands up under her skirt and with the sound of friction between cotton and skin, pulled her knickers down, allowing them to drop to her ankles. He saw them lying there and desperately wanted to pick them up and bury his nose in them. She had already taken her shoes off and left them in her room, so it was easy for her in those shin-high white socks to step out of the panties without complication. Then she sat down on the chair, only a foot or two from Jonathan’s head.

He watched her for a second or two, as she paused just to make sure she was safe. The light from the landing coming through his open door was enough to see quite a lot. Her knees were together, her thighs covered by the navy blue tartan pleated skirt. He looked up the skirt but could not see anything in the shadow between her legs.

She sat there a while, looking slightly nervous, ultra careful that he wasn’t awake. He made his breathing seem extra heavy to try and set her at ease. Eventually, she was confident that he was fast asleep. He watched her through his eyelashes, and made it look as though his eyes were closed, when really he could see almost as well as if they were fully open.

Her hands ventured underneath her pleated skirt, and he saw her looking at him, desire clearly in her expression. He felt his cock at full attention underneath the sheets, and hoped that she wouldn't notice it. Slowly, she moved her fingers between her legs. He could imagine that she was now touching herself - he had the guidance of her earlier display to fill in the gaps. He could see her arms oscillating gently as she satiated her desire.

He was slightly annoyed that she managed to keep her skirt hiding the real action - he had never seen a girl's privates, and sometimes when his friends at school talked about them, he felt stupid. He was pretty sure none of them had had a girl masturbating over them as they slept, though, especially not a girl as stunning as Lucy.

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