tagFetishOne Way or Another

One Way or Another


The disco lights flashed as I crossed the dance floor carefully to the bar. I sat down and ordered another drink. Next to me sat a slender, adorable creature, who I naturally assumed could be my next piece of ass if I played my cards right. I gave her a few glances, trying not to be overly obvious as I sipped my drink.

Her beautiful brown hair fell just over her right eye, and every so often she'd move it out of her face with an intentionally slow, sensuous movement of her hand. Her body was gorgeous and her clothes were obviously tailored, looking both snug and comfortable. I was soon fantasizing about her hands cupping and squeezing my balls as I felt my cock twitch in my pants.

At this point I decided to go for it.

"Excuse me," I said, "I hope I'm not out of line, but I can't help but noticing how beautiful you look and well..." I started to say when those long thin eyebrows arched up at me. The strobe light flicked across our faces and I saw features I hadn't noticed before.

"Well thank you," she replied with a laugh, "Go figure, looking you I'd have never thought you the type to be into someone like me...?"

I did a double take and looked at her, or him, but for some reason the announcement didn't seem to dampen my appetite. A long silence came between us, but my cock hadn't changed his position. If anything my cock was excited by the obvious curiosity I suddenly felt. This sexy and very convincing tranny had turned me on to the extent that I was more than willing to switch sides for a while. Perhaps a new flavour is what my current boring sex life needed to shift into gear again. At the moment I was willing to try just about anything to put out the fire in my swollen and aching balls.

"Well...ordinarily? I'm not, you're right." I said, "But I can't explain it, there's just something about the way you look, when I first saw you, you looked beautiful...and you still do I mean...." I started stuttering. She smiled at my obvious attraction, "And well I kinda thought that ..."

"You thought what?" she asked

"Well, I'm a pretty quick learner." I said placing a hand over hers.

"I'm Gerri." she said taking my hand.

We finished our drinks quickly and held hands all the way back to my place.

Once we got to my place he, I mean she, smiled as though she'd been there before, in some wild, wet dream.

"I'm Gerri by the way." she said, unbuttoning my shirt.

Her hands were soft and silky as the ran across my chest through my hair and playing with my nipples, slowly, teasing me. She was in no hurry to go anywhere too fast. I pushed my chest forward into her warm hands, feeling my nipples grow nard and stiffen against her palms.

"My name's Ron...," I said, "and I've never done this before. I guess I'm what you'd call a virgin when it comes to this."

She kissed me full on the lips and I got my first taste of man. Her mouth tasted like the vodka martini she'd been drinking. I licked her lips and then worked my tongue between her teeth and wrapped it around hers. I licked and lapped every square journey her mouth.

Gerri smile as she kissed me back, her eyes darkening with pleasure at the talented touch of my tongue. Slowly we removed each other clothes, leaving a trail on the floor as we made our way down the hall to my bedroom.

Her tits were small, but firm and very responsive, and quite real. I played with his stony nipples and then sucked on them hard. Gerri moaned out loud and pulled my face up to hers, taking small bites and nibbles on my face and chin. Her hands wandered down my body, along my ribs until she reached my crotch. My thighs instinctively parted to invite her touch.

Once she reached my cock she worked her fingers through my moist pubes, rubbing my stiff prick and made her way to my swollen balls. I let out a loud sigh as she began stroking my cock and squeezing my balls firmly.

Reaching down I did the same to her. Although I knew that she was really a he, and the feeling of a cock and balls felt unfamiliar, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of her package. In seconds we were thrashing, stroking and moaning against each other. We had worked each other into such a frenzy, our desires ran so deep and intense that I could've easily blown my load right then and there! But I backed off wanting this experience to last, to prolong this horny moment!

Being a quick learner and knowing what I like, I set off on my own journey. I released my hold on his balls and stretching out my fingers I reached back and poked at her asshole. She moaned, "Oh baby that's it ..... Mmmmm that feels good!"

I felt her relax and I poked and prodded my finger until it finally slipped inside her hot tight back door. I pushed it in and out until I had it all the way inside as far as I could reach. I heard her gasping and catching her breath as I curled my finger inside her and wriggled it around. I felt a burning inside my own asshole, remembering how I loved to have my ass fingered and fucked when I jerked off or came.

My fingers reached deep inside her and we got on the bed. Her long thin fingers slid inside my horny ass. First one then two, and finally three fingers inside my hot ass made my cock begin to drool. We fingerfucked each other's tight holes to the same rhythm for what seemed like an eternity. We totally lost track of time as we lay there fingering each other and sucking the sweet dribble out of each other's drooling knobs. Our bodies entwined and we rolled off against each other. We changed positions constantly, defying all boundaries and gravity as we ravished each other. Our mouths gulping as we sucked each others nipples and our hands and fingers continued their exploration until we had pushed each other to the edge.

The explosion sent wave after wave of sizzling pleasure through ever nerve ending and limb in my body. I went rigid and then twitched sharply against her as my cock exploded, covering her with hot, creamy cum.

Within seconds Jerri started to shake and her hard cock swelled. Her throbbing cockhead opened and I felt her creamy load squirt all over my hands, blending, mixing, oozing together with my own juices.

We lay there in each others arms for a few minutes, "Still glad you came to talk to me?" Jerri asked in a hoarse whisper.

"Are you kidding!?" I responded, "You were wonderful, and I would have cum one way or another tonight. You have shown me that there is yet another way to cum, and now, I don't think I'd have it any other way!"

"Good!" she replied, "Because now it's my turn to have some fun!" And with that she turned me over onto my stomach, on the bed. Taking a firm lead, she proceeded to lick my balls and then eat my asshole from behind. I felt a larger warmth than from her fingers. I have a feeling I know what's next! And boy am I ready! I need to feel her stiff cock inside my ass!

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