One Week Ch. 02


One week that changed my life. That's what I tell people, but it's a lie. It was one moment. One second when I saw myself as Louise for the first time in the mirror and everything fell into place at that instant. All the emptiness and loneliness I felt was washed away in a giddying wave of euphoria. I'd never imagined that I could be so happy, so alive. And then there was Jade. Beautiful, sexy and alluring, she was everything I ever wanted from a woman complete with extras I didn't even know I wanted.

I was supposed to dress as a woman for six months -- long enough to convince the company that took over my firm that I was the appropriate gender to work there. Jackie, my boss, had offered me a pay rise and promotion to partnership if I let her train me as a woman. I reluctantly agreed, and my adventure had begun. I'd spent a week at Jackie's, undergoing intensive training in how to walk, talk, dress and act like a real woman. It had been the greatest week of my life, but now I'd never felt so nervous as I sat in the back of a sleek Mercedes as Jackie drove us to work.

She chatted happily with Jade as she wound through the traffic, both of them oblivious to my anxiety. I smoothed the wrinkles of my skirt as I took a deep calming breath. I'd met several of the girls from work over the weekend at a Ball and none had been the wiser. I ran through my morning routine, trying to find any flaw that might expose me.

I'd woken early to find Jade had already gone to make breakfast. Taking a long, hot shower using some scented soap scrub, I then moisturised my body and sat in front of the mirror in my silk kimono to put on my make-up. I'd undergone electrolysis the previous week, and, painful as it was, it had been worth it. There was no hair on my face as I put on my foundation and lined my eyes to make them seem bigger and more alluring. I kept the colours discreet and added just a little gloss to my lips. My hands had always been small and feminine and Jade had painted them a deep purple last night.

I stepped into a matching purple satin corset with steel boning and leaned forward to tighten it up, tying it behind my back with ease. I loved the feel as it clasped me in its embrace, changing the way I breathed, sat and walked. I somehow felt more secure when it was on. From the base hung several suspenders, and I sat down to put some sheer stockings over my smooth legs, loving the sensuous feel as they wrapped silkily around my thighs. Hooking the suspenders onto the stocking, I then put on some lacy knickers with a pouch to tuck my cock in and keep it out of sight. I placed my silicon breasts into the cups of the corset and used a special glue to keep them in place before putting on a satin blouse that matched my nails. Then came a figure hugging skirt that started well above my belly button and reached to my knees. It constricted how much I could walk, but highlighted the hourglass figure the corset and my naturally feminine frame gave me. Putting on my long wig, I brushed it into shape and then slipped into a pair of court shoes with a five inch stiletto heel, before finishing off the look with some expensive jewellery and a squirt of my favourite perfume. Giving a quick glance in the mirror, I grabbed my work coat and went to breakfast.

Finding nothing glaringly wrong with my routine, I stared out of the window, my mind lost in worry as we arrived at work and Jackie parked in the executive places hidden in the underground car park guarded twenty four hours a day. As she turned the engine off, she swivelled in her chair and gave me a big smile.

"Ready?" she asked. I gulped nervously and gave her a wan smile in return. Jade opened the back door for me and I turned on my arse to get both legs out at the same time, the tight skirt not allowing me to get out of a car as I would have done over a week ago. The two women in my life had bought very feminine clothes to force me to act more like a woman, and I secretly thrilled at the tiny details that made life as a female so enjoyable. Jade took my hand as I got out and gripped it tightly.

"You'll be fine hun," she whispered in my ear. "You look amazing, and no one's going to know." Jackie walked around the car, the heels from her knee high boots clacking loudly in the concrete space and slipped one arm into mine and gave my shoulder a squeeze with the other.

"She's right, you look amazing. I'm slightly jealous myself! Come. Let's introduce you to your work colleagues and get started. I've kept a few cases on hold for you, so it's time to start earning your brand new salary!"

With Jade on one side and Jackie on the other, I was almost frog marched to the lift that would take me back to the company I left a week ago as Owen and now returned to as Louise. Every step drained me of my confidence, but I made it to the lift and tried not to bolt when Jackie pressed the Up button and the doors swung shut with a tiny chime.

I logged off from the computer and put some folders into my handbag. It had been a long day and I'd stayed late. My initials fears had been unfounded as I'd been dragged around the office meeting and greeting my ex-colleagues, none of whom leapt up in anger and shrieked that I was a man. I relaxed as I met those whom I'd met on Saturday at the ball and they greeted me warmly with open smiles and promises of meeting up for drinks.

The atmosphere at work seemed to have changed since I'd left. The company only had females as clients and the staffing was designed to reflect that. It seemed a more intense, yet friendlier atmosphere and as I was shown to my new office and assigned my new cases, I was truly excited to be part of the firm, whittling away the hours of the day taking calls, meeting clients and establishing myself in my newly promoted role.

It was only when Emma, an attractive Partner, who'd often been the stuff of my fantasies before Jade started working here, popped her head through the door to castigate me for being the last one at work and order me home. I thanked her blearily and made ready to leave. As I started to shrug myself into a knee length business coat with the softest satin lining, Jade strolled through the door and kissed me on the cheek before giving a throaty chuckle as I glanced at the door to see if anyone had seen.

"Don't worry hun," she whispered. "It's just you and me." She arched a perfectly manicured eyebrow seductively and kissed me deeply. She was the most beautiful person I'd ever known. Her long, soft, brown hair cascaded down to her waist and she had piercing blue eyes that twinkled mischievously. She wore a silk, wraparound dress of a shimmering green that highlighted her perfect breasts. Her erect nipples could be seen through the sensuous fabric and she stroked my arm softly as she gazed around my office.

It was smaller than hers, but expensively furnished and lit with a soft, warm glow that only came from the most expensive of office furniture. With its high backed leather chairs and thick carpet, it screamed money and put clients at ease that they were being handled by a firm that dealt with their problems quietly and efficiently. Of course, they didn't realise that their lawyer was a man who'd been forced into feminisation before embracing it fully.

Best leave that bit out, I thought.

Jade continued to stroke my arm with one delicate hand, and wrapped an arm around my waist, drawing me towards her. I pushed away, all too aware of what would happen if we were caught, but Jade simply stepped forward again and pinned me between herself and the oak desk. She kissed me again, my lipstick mingling with hers, her subtle perfume suddenly filling me with lust. I felt my cock harden in its pouch and threaten to burst out, my hands scrabbling at her dress and untying the knot that held it closed. Jade chuckled and stepped away, slowly pulling out the tie and opening her dress. She wore a black Basque made of the finest lace and holding up a sexy pair of stockings with a lacy top. Her breasts heaved out of the cup and her nipples showed pert through the fabric. She slinkily pulled down her knickers, kicking them off her high heeled strappy shoes to reveal her huge cock pulsing wildly as the blood coursed through it.

She shrugged off her dress and stepped towards me once more, her breath coming in short gasps of lust. She ran her hands over my body causing me to shudder with joy as the soft fabrics I wore caressed my skin over her long nails. She pushed me back until I thudded into the desk and sat on its green, leather top. I pulled the straps of her Basque down allowing her breasts to spill from captivity and leaned forward to suckle the hard nipples. Jade gasped as I teased them with my teeth and stroked them with my own long nails. Her enormous cock hardened and I could feel it poking into my stomach with its length. I grabbed it with one hand and caressed it as I continued to play with her nipples.

"Harder," she breathed throatily and I nipped harder at her nipple, causing her cock to pulse even more as I ran my hand down its length and rubbed her balls gently. Jade pulled me towards her and I slid off the desk as she turned me so I was facing away from her, my hands on the desk. She lifted my tight skirt with some effort and pulled my knickers down to release my own throbbing cock, which she grabbed from behind and squeezed tightly making me gasp.

She chuckled as she spread my legs and I heard her rummage around in her handbag that she'd placed on the desk near me. A coldness on my arse made me push away as she toyed with my hole, lining it with lube. She removed her fingers and I felt her huge cock begin to part my cheeks as I quivered with anticipation at the sensation of being completely filled with her. I pushed back once more, stifling a cry as she pushed deeper and deeper inside of me. The tip brushed against my G-spot and I groaned into my clenched fists, not wanting to make too much noise. Staying upright in my high heels proved difficult, but I leant on the desk for balance and pushed back in rhythm as Jade began to thrust inside me, her balls slapping against my stockinged legs.

Soon my whole body started to shudder and vibrate as I felt myself starting to orgasm. Jade's hand snaked round and grabbed my cock again as she herself gave small whimpers, trying not to scream in joy. I felt her starting to come and let go myself, coming all over the desk as Jade filled me up inside, thrusting harder with each ejaculation. Stars flashed across my vision as joyous rapture filled my being and it was several minutes before I could think properly again.

"Now that's how all work days should end," chuckled Jade, pulling her hands from my cock and licking sensuously the cum that had landed on it. I stood up unsteadily, my legs wobbling in their towering heels, and blushing wildly as some of Jade's cum dribbled from my arse.

"Jackie's going to be pretty miffed at that," I muttered, looking at the mess I'd made all over the expensive desk. She had a temper I didn't want to be a victim of.

"It'll be fine," soothed Jade, and together we got ourselves cleaned up and wiped the desk to ensure no tell-tale marks were left.

As we left work, arm in arm, I smiled happily. The day could not have gone any better. That would all change tomorrow though. A change was in the air that would end in tragedy for us all. I didn't know it now, and I still wouldn't see it tomorrow, but it would change my life in ways I could never imagine and would never want in my worst nightmares. But for now, as I cuddled Jade's arm, and we strolled to the trendy bars along the South Bank of the Thames, I could only feel the warm glow of happiness and a sense of completeness.

The next day started as any other, though I went to work with much less trepidation. I nursed a slight hang over that Jackie gave very little sympathy towards, and my head spun a little as I tightened my corset. I wore a sexy business dress that hugged my figure to my knees and had a loose cowl neck that I draped a sparkling diamond necklace that Jade had given me over it. Though the dress was black, I wore bright red court shoes to give it a touch of colour and glamour.

The day crept slowly by, my only thought to get home and curl up in bed with Jade. Habit still made me do my own photocopying, despite now having a secretary to do such things, and I was surprised to see Emma in there doing some photocopying herself. She smiled as I came in.

"Like to do this myself," she said by way of explanation. "Otherwise I find myself sitting at my desk all day." I agreed with her as I leaned on the door, waiting for her to be done. She was wearing the smartly tailored business suit expected of partners, but hers was a little tighter, a little shorter and all together more revealing. She had a good figure and carried it well, obviously someone who worked out. She had long blonde hair left loose and cat-like grey eyes.

She continued to speak as she worked, and it took a moment to realise what she was saying.

"This used to me a mixed gender firm you know. A little over a week ago we sacked all the boys. It was tough, but had to be done." She took the photocopied sheets from the exit tray and put some new sheets in to be copied, not looking at me as she spoke. "There was this one guy, Owen his name was. Had great prospects, a really sharp mind. Anyway, he had this scar on his hand. It was quite faded, but was there none the less. He also had these eyes that were green but speckled with brown, quite unlike any other." The words hit me with a hammer blow and I felt the breath sucked from my body. I'd expected to be caught yesterday, but was now taken unawares. She looked at me with those grey eyes and smirked.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'm not going to say anything. Yet. I like you better like this. For now anyway." She picked up her work and walked slowly towards me, her eyes appraising me as she did so. "Jackie's done quite some job with you dear." My heart beat rapidly in my chest as she stroked my cheek with a lacquered nail. "Quite some job indeed." She leaned in close and whispered in my ear. I was too petrified to say anything or even to move. "You belong to me now."

And then she was gone, leaving me a nervous wreck as I stood alone in the photocopying room, my work all but forgotten.

The day passed agonisingly slowly. Jade was out meeting clients and Jackie was in a meeting all day with our new owners. I desperately wanted to talk to them. Several times that day, Emma would walk past and wink at me as her eyes caught mine. She was toying with me. I didn't know what she had planned for me, but I didn't like it. I felt as if I were a fly caught in a spider's trap.

Eventually the hours trawled by and I met first Jade, then Jackie at the car. As soon as we were out of the car park and in traffic, I explained what had happened. There was a stunned silence in the car as I'd finished.

"Well?" I asked, my patience snapping. "Is this it? Am I going to be revealed as a fraud? I'm not going back to being Owen, I won't have it!" I knew I was sounding petulant, and clamped down before I truly said something stupid. Jade reached back and took my hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Jackie shook her head and looked at me in the rear view mirror.

"If she was going to reveal you, she'd have done it by now. She clearly wants something, either from me or you. There's nothing we can do now. I say we keep going and wait until she plays her hand." Jade offered her opinion.

"She's right. There's nothing we can do. She hasn't gone to our owners and told them and she hasn't yelled it all over the office, or I'd have heard about it. Let's keep quiet and see what she wants. There's really nothing we can do now, is there? Jackie'll go and speak to her tomorrow and find out what's on her mind. Won't you Jackie?" She looked at Jackie earnestly and I felt a rush of love for her. She really did love me, and my heart soared as I realised this.

"Of course," replied the woman I'd come to think of as my real mother. She gave me a maternal grin and reached round to give my knee a pat. "You'll both be out all day with your Chinese clients, so it'll give me a good opportunity to speak to her. Don't worry about it, I'll sort it out."

I didn't feel reassured and it was a poor night's sleep I had worrying about it. I soon gave up, and, leaving Jade sleeping soundly in my bed, I slipped on a silk kimono over my negligee and went to watch late night TV downstairs until the first rays of sun bled through the curtains. With a groggy head, I went upstairs to shower and prepare for a busy day with some investors coming to London.

Putting aside my fears over Emma and what she would do, I had a long, hot and lazy shower and thought about the day ahead. Jade and I were to entertain some clients for the day and then facilitate a meeting between our group and a building contractor near London Bridge. Jade had done this type of thing many times, and though I was nervous, I was glad to be spending the day both out of the office and with Jade.

As I was moisturising my legs, Jade popped her head round and asked if I could do up her zip. She was wearing a tight Chinese dress that stretched to her ankles and had a slit running all the way up her leg. It was a deep red with embellished designs shimmering in the light and took my breath away. Wrapping the towel round my body and tucking it in just below the armpits, I stepped forward as she turned around, holding up her hair for me to take the zip and wrapping it in a pair of chopsticks.

"Breathe in," I said and pulled the zip up. Jade turned and, in her five inch heels, leant down and gave me a kiss.

"You ok?" she asked, seeing how tired I was. An expression of concern clouded her features.

"I'm fine," I replied. Realising that I wasn't going to say any more, she turned on her heels and left the room, calling over her shoulder as she did so.

"Stay there! It's going to be a long boring day, so I'm going to make things a bit interesting!" I heard her rummaging around in the huge walk in cupboard that housed hundreds of outfits whilst I continued to moisturise my body, loving the feel of my smooth, scented skin. As I was finished, Jade returned brandishing a large butt-plug, grinning evilly. I waved an admonishing finger at her.

"Absolutely not!" I cried, backing away. "I'm not spending the whole day with that up my arse!" Jade's grin spread even further.

"Come on," she pleaded. "We're going to be sooooo bored!" I paused a moment whilst an idea formed.

"All right," I agreed. "But only if you do the same. And I'll be holding your remote." Jade laughed loudly at the idea, her beautiful face glowing with delight.

"You're on," she said and, taking some lube from the bathroom, stepped into the bedroom with me following. I lay on the bed whilst she kissed me softly on my lips. She then unwrapped the towel from my waist and kissed my smooth body. I was acutely aware that I had no breasts and subconsciously put my hands over the area. Jade moved them away gently and kissed each nipple slowly.

I could feel myself hardening as she worked her way down my body, kissing each bit slowly and running her soft tongue down my belly. I shivered with joy and anticipation as she took my erect cock in one hand and stroked my balls with the other. Whenever she moved, the satin of her dress rubbed against my body and her stockinged legs tickled against my own.

As she moved further down, my anticipation grew and I was disappointed when she sat up and winked. Sensing my frustration, she bent down and kissed my cock, licking the tip tenderly.

"Patience," she said and reached for the lube, indicating for me to turn over as she did so. I complied and relaxed my anus as she lubed the area with a long finger. She then parted my cheeks as the head of the plug started to push its way in. I pushed back, enjoying the feel as it filled me up deeper and deeper, Jade slowly easing it in, pulling it out part way and then pushing it in further.

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