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This story is for my number #1 fan, my sweet Asian pussycat who encouraged me to write more. I hope this gets her fingers stroking as her comments certainly got me stroking. Hope she is interested in making some stories involving the two of us!

Sometimes desires become so great, that they are almost impossible to ignore. That has been my experience as of late. Even through the far reaches of cyberspace, fantasies can truly come to life. It began with a rather simple email. I had been cruising this amateur site for a few months and would occasionally email some pics of myself. For the most part, my pictures went ignored and apparently unappreciated. I saw some pics which would change me forever. They were of a beautiful young Chinese wife whose husband had made it his personal goal to photograph her at the height of her pleasure. I wasted no time and sent a nice pic for them. I had stroked my pole to its full length imagining pleasuring his wife.

The next day I receive my first correspondence. Seto and his wife absolutely loved my pics. She had always fantasized about being with a well hung white man and I seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately, given our distance, it would be a difficult fantasy to fulfill. I felt a sense of both pleasure and pain as she described to me how she would love to lay me on their bed and ride me while her husband photographed our every movement. Her desire was clearly as great as mine.

Since we could not physically meet, we decided to exchange pictures. She loved to watch me cum on her pics. Many a night would I spend watching Mrs. Seto's body. I ran my fingers up the length of my shaft thinking that it was her performing for me. Taking these pictures was a very new experience for me. Being by myself it took me a little practice before I was able to get the exact shot that I wanted. My orgasms were so intense sometimes that I found it somewhat difficult to not just cum all over the place. My own desire for her was insatiable.

The more that we chatted and exchanged pics it got harder to ignore the fact that we should meet. We would just need to be patient and find the right opportunity. The opportunity came in the form of a group vacation to Las Vegas. I jumped for joy when I came to the realization that we would finally meet.

The days passed quickly and my anticipation only grew until that wonderful day. I got to the hotel room to find that they had already checked in and I took the elevator to our room. My cock was already yearning to feel the wonderful body of Mrs. Seto. I walked into the room and noticed Mr. Seto sitting on the bed. Not to my surprise he was eager to meet me and even more friendly than I anticipated.

"She is in the shower if you want to check in on her." He said with a mischievous grin. " I am sure that she will be more than happy to see you. My only request is that you two save some energy for later. I have a cam and plenty of film."

"I would not want to disappoint her." I smiled back.

My trepidation upon entering the bathroom was like nothing I had felt. I had no idea how she would react to me. It was nothing more than nonsense though as they would not have come here if they were not interested in meeting. I could distinctly view her hourglass like silhouette from outside of the shower stall. The silhouette boasting an impressive figure. She massaged and lathered her black hair as I watched outside. She seemed quite unaware of my presence and continued her grooming.

I lay waste to my clothes and she said something to me in Chinese presuming I was her husband. A big smile crept across her face as she realized just who was joining her. Her slim arms wrapped around my torso as she pulled me close to give me an embrace from her warm lips.

"Feeling a little dirty or just wanted to help me." she laughed

"A little bit of both actually." I chuckled.

My large hands cupped her small breasts. Their softness was beyond compare. Immediately I could feel the sensations of her nipples beginning to stir. Her brown rosebuds began to literally expand in my hands. In the crevices between my fingers I began to massage her nipples while I bent over tasting both breast and nipple. Her head craned up as she coddled me close to her hoping my consumption of her nipples would drive her to orgasm.

Our bodies pressed together it was a near given that we would have to touch each others sex. I moved on her first. I had to touch her full lips. I made a V with my fingers and gently stroked as I crooked my fingers. Her ever so slight peach fuzz nearly standing on end as my fingers made their way through her patch. She begged me to feel inside her and the urge was too great to resist. I lifted her off her feet and slid my index finger into her aching hole. Her vacuum like grip on my finger nearly got me off. The idea of this tight hole squeezing my cock was nearly incomprehensible. Despite the steady flow of water, her juices were still clearly visible when my finger exited.

We laid down on the floor of the shower and I removed the showered. I sat her on my lap and aimed the shower head directly between her legs. With one hand I pressed her button while the other saturated her already soaking body. Her moans could probably be heard through the hotel walls. I teased her by moving the head at varying angles and distances. Her head maneuvered its to me and her lips found mine while her hand grasped my cock head and she gently caressed my balls.

I knew what was coming as she pushed me away and stood me back up. I placed the shower head back and let her go to work. She pulled a bottle of shampoo and generously applied a large wad of shampoo. Her hand eagerly applied it to my still rock hard erection. I admired her dainty hands as the slipped along my shaft like a rope that was too slick. The sensation of lubrication was putting me in another world. The only feeling that got me back to reality was the fact that on occasion her nails would slide their way along my shaft.

My own excitement clearly excited her as her free hand slipped between her legs. It was becoming unclear in the lathery mess whether or not it was pre-cum or shampoo. Her fist pumped me like an oil rig. Her hand grasping hard nearly turning my head a purplish red color. With one last stroke she assured me cumming as she cradled my balls. She was very well positioned as my jism landed nearly directly in her mouth.

She smiled and we both dried each other off completing our shower adventure. She told me of how she had waited too long for that and looked forward to getting me going again. I told her of what was to come for her but still left a cloud of intrigue for her. I told her this opportunity was not going to go to waste.

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