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My name is Christine and I wanted to share the first meeting between me and a black man I met on a dating website. His name was Kevin and he worked as an accountant. We talk to each other for several months and grew very close to each other. I have always been attracted to black men. Kevin told me he had dated a couple white women in college so race wasn't a big deal for us. As the months pass we decided it was time to meet each other but it was also tax season. This time of the year was very busy for Kevin. We sometimes went days with out chatting or texting but he still would send me an email. Here is the story of our first meeting. Enjoy.


I decide that you work too hard all week and so I decide to make the trip out to you. We decide that we are going to spoil ourselves all weekend. I arrive about 8 p.m. Friday night, hair disheveled from the flight. I step off the plane and immediately start to get butterflies, knowing that you are somewhere near, my pussy starts to throb and I can feel the moisture beginning to build between my thighs. Just keep walking so I don't get caught up in how I'm feeling. I find myself almost at a slow jog and slow down, I can't believe how my heart is racing...

Around the corner is the baggage claim.. I see you before you see me and at that moment the moisture turns into a noticeable stream that if I had panties on would cause them to be very wet, instead runs on my thigh.

"Damn it's going to be a long weekend.." This what I think to myself as I stare at my chocolate man.

You catch my eyes and a big dorky smile comes across my face. We walk up to each other and embrace each other. It's not just a hug, but a hug like we were Siamese twins, not wanting to let go but doing so becausec we could stand there all night.

As we begin to walk toward your car you grab my hand and it sends a shiver down my whole body, the goosebumps on my arms are very noticeable. I let out a nervous giggle and you smile back at me. Those brown eyes and brown lips make me so weak.

We get in the car and we are both a little shy at first, but you begin to drive us to the hotel. I look over and can see that your dick is getting hard through your pants. I think to myself, it's a shame to just watch. So as we are sitting at a stop light and your looking out the window pointing out some points of interest. You feel my hand slide over and begin to take off your belt, then down goes the zipper. You are taken off guard by this as a car beeps behind us because the light has turned green..

I lean over and whisper in your ear, "Is this o.k.?" You respond with a head shake of "Yes"

You loosen up a little and as I pull your dick out of your pants you are at full attention. I take a moment just to examine this black snake you had hidden. I get half on the seat to lean over and take your dick in my mouth. I can hear you gasp for some air and I can feel your foot slip off the gas pedal. I put my hand on your leg to calm you down. We are at another stop light and I can feel your hand stroking the back of my head. You are pushing my head down further. You have a fist full of my blonde hair in your palm. You are force my head up and down. My tongue ring touching every inch of your chocolate dick and licking your balls.

"Mmm mm takes so good.." This is what I think to myself as I gobble my baby's black dick.

A car pulls up next to us who can clearly see what's going on. You don't care at all. You smile big and wink and continue driving. I'm sucking hard and you can hear it. You can feel my mouth completely around your dick. It's throbbing and what amazes me it's getting even larger in my mouth.

I can hear your pleasure from this as you begin to say,"Baby, Baby.. mmm, fuck". I can feel u tense up and I know exactly what's coming. I open wide as I can feel you release a huge load in my mouth. As you are releasing I'm sucking harder to make sure I get every single last drop!!!!! I pop back up and wipe my mouth clean. I just notice we are in the parking lot of the hotel.

We check in, very flirty and comfortable with each other at this point. You are holding me close and the clerk smiles at us..

We are in the elevator, complete silence, both knowing that our destiny is right around the corner. We find our room, as we are having difficulty opening the door. My nerves had me putting the key card upside down.. We open the door, your close to follow. We drop our bags down as we are walking further in the room toward the bed. All of a sudden I'm thrown up against the wall, my back still toward you. I feel your hands on my hips sliding my dress up, until my ass is exposed. You look and just as you thought no panties. I can feel you pressing your dick against my ass and you take your hand and open my thighs. You run your hand up to my pussy but you are in shock because your hand is already soaked. You have yet to reach my pussy. Your fingers finally reach my pussy. You start running your fingers across my clit. I'm reaching back grabbing your dick through your jeans. You step out of your jeans and instantly no more jeans. My heart is beating like I'm going to have a heart attack. I can't believe that this is happening. I been waiting so long to kiss those chocolate lips. I waited so long to your brown hands run across my body. You take me from the wall and start kissing my neck. You pull my dress down in the front and you are sucking on my nipples. I'm already on the verge of cumming just from your intensity. We start to kiss and fumbling around until we hit the bed. At this point I fall back onto the bed and I just look up at you with my blue eyes shining. I take in your brown naked body and the huge cock that is at full attention. You gently lay down on top of me, lifting up my dress. You get down a little lower and you kiss my pussy.

I feel two of your fingers spread apart my pussy lips. A chill goes across me as I feel your wet tongue tickling my throbbing clit. You lick me slow first and you start to pick up speed. I feel your tongue making small circles on my clit while my legs rest on your shoulders. I look down at you and it is a sight to behold. Looking at you devour my pink pussy. You catch me looking at you and with those brown eyes you wink at me. Your brown lips squeeze my clit hard as you suck it hard. You take your tongue and slide it in and out my forbidden entrance. I can feel your thumb rub my clit up and down. While your thumbs are stimulating my clit your tongue is fucking me. I can't take it anymore.

I cant stand it anymore and I grab your shoulders and ask for you to come closer. I feel your rock hard dick against my thigh. I reached down for it to guide you inside me. It's hard because I'm so wet and it's slippery. You reach my pussy with the head of your dick. You only putting in an inch and already I can feel your intensity. You slowly inch by inch slide your dick inside me. My back arches because I can feel you fill me up inside. The 2 hours are a blur. Between moaning and sweating. We move from the bed to the floor and up against the wall..

The next thing that I remember is cumming on your dick and you saying that you can feel gushing all over your dick. My muscles grasping around your dick. Which in turn makes u cum. As you tell me you are cumming I ask you to take it out. So you can cum all over my tits. You let a huge groan and your cum rains all over me. Your black seed landing on my breast, stomach, face and even my hair. You collapse on top me. You roll over and pull me to lay on your brown chest. You stroke my head and squeeze me tight. This was the moment I was waiting for. Who would have thought this blissful moment all began from trading messages on an online dating site.

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