tagInterracial LoveMy 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday


My 21st Birthday

I made it! I'm 21 years old today!

I've been looking forward to this birthday for a long time, but I think my college girlfriends were more excited about it than me. It was Saturday evening, we had just finished mid-terms, and everyone was ready to blow off some steam and have fun. My birthday just gave us an excuse to make it a bigger party night than usual.

I had just showered and was getting dressed as my roommate Cathy finished her shower. The knock on the door told me we were running late. I opened it to see three of our friends all smiling and ready to go. Tammy said, "Well at least your ready Marissa, but we knew Cathy would be late, as usual." Cathy picked that moment to come sauntering naked out of the bathroom, but all she did was turn around and motion the others to kiss her ass.

Tammy, Sonia and Rebecca, or 'Becks', came spilling into the room and headed straight for the fridge to grab beers and wine coolers. Technically we weren't supposed to have them here, but the rules were held pretty lax around the student quarters, especially for the upper classmen.

Sonia said, "So Marissa, what do you want to do tonight to celebrate your big two-one?"

I was looking at myself in the mirror for a final check. I didn't get too dressed up because we usually just went to the local bars and danced and drank, but since today was my birthday I decided to go just a little sexier than usual. I was wearing a light sleeveless dress because it was so hot, and the skirt rode just above my knees. I wore my blonde hair long and straight tonight.

I replied, almost yelling over the stereo that Becks had just turned on, "Whatever you guys want is fine with me. I figured we would go to Charlie's for some drinks and then maybe The Blue Lizard Lounge for some music and dancing." I looked down. I had picked these tall wedges just for dancing because they were sexy, but still stable. They also added to my already very tall height. I was usually self-conscious about being so much taller than my friends, but tonight I decided to stand out a little.

I turned around to see those three trying to talk quietly, masked by the loud music, and they were snickering. I was about to ask them what they were up to, but just then Cathy came bounding into the room. "Alright girls! Is everyone ready to go out and celebrate my best friends big day?" Everyone seemed excited to get started so they chugged their drinks and we headed out on the town.

The first stop was Charlie's Bar, our usual haunt. The music was loud, but not so loud we couldn't talk over the noise. We grabbed a table near the back and started ordering drinks. The girls were offering me birthday toasts and we had a tequila shot to top it off. I asked Becks how she was able to get away from her boyfriend Dan for the night, and she said, "I just told him that this was our night to have some fun. I also told him not to wait up because we are going to show you a good time tonight!"

The other girls cheered at this and were giving each other knowing looks. I could see they were planning something, but the drinks and the tequila inside me took away any fears I might usually have.

My friends knew me well. We had been close since freshman year and we had learned many of each other's secrets. They knew that I was a pretty shy person, and I didn't date much. I spent most of my time studying, while they were more adventurous, especially Becks. They all dated several guys over the last few years, but nothing too serious. They knew that, although I wasn't a virgin, my experience with guys was pretty limited.

I could count the number of guys that I had actually slept with in my life on two fingers and they were both pretty unspectacular. One was my boyfriend, Tommy, from junior year of high school. We did it just once, in his car, and it lasted about 20 seconds before he had an orgasm.

The second guy, Dave, I dated for a month during my sophomore year at college. I only agreed to sleep with Dave because I wanted to feel more mature and worldly. I will admit that he liked to fuck, and we did it quite a lot, but he was an unimaginative lover. Dave liked for me to give him a blowjob for about five minutes, then we would make love missionary style until he came, then he would go to sleep.

I had yet to feel an orgasm given to me by anyone other than myself. By this point I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to wait until I got out of college and into the real world to meet some decent men.

After about an hour at Charlie's we decided to go down the street to the dance club, The Lizard Lounge. We were all pretty tipsy as we entered and I could feel the heavy beat of the music pounding in my chest. I loved this place. We had spent many Saturday nights dancing here, and now that I was really 21, I didn't have to sneak by with a fake ID and worry about getting caught.

We had some martinis to start, but then we added a couple more birthday shots: 'sex on the beach' and 'red-headed slut'. It was a lot of alcohol, but we were dancing heavily and sweating the alcohol out. Although I was feeling no pain, I was not stumbling drunk. I was feeling alive and full of energy.

The heavy dance music, the bumping of bodies on the dance floor, the heat, the sweat, all of this was making my body feel fully aroused and ready for anything. I didn't want this night to end and I yelled this sentiment to my friends as I grabbed them all in a group hug and slurred just a little, "I love you guys! You are all the best! I want more! What else can we do?"

The girls all gave each other another knowing smile and Cathy said, "We've got a birthday surprise for you, Marissa! Come on! Let's go outside!"

I was intrigued by this and I wondered what they had in mind. My friends had been planning something just for me! I downed the rest of my drink and Cathy took my hand and led me out the door of the club to the sidewalk. Beck's hailed a cab and all five of us squeezed inside, four in the back and Becks up front. The driver didn't seem very happy with this, but he drove on anyway once Becks quietly told him the destination.

"Where are we going?" I said with a big, slightly drunken smile. "What are you planning?"

Becks said, "We can't tell you! It's a surprise!"

Sonia added, "In fact, you can't be allowed to see until we get there." She pulled a scarf out of her little handbag and she and Tammy tied it around my eyes.

I had no idea what they were up to, but I could tell they were excited about where we were going and that excited me. My pulse quickened as I listened to them talk about how they had been waiting for me to turn 21 so we could do this together. I was also trying to listen to the sounds outside the car to see if I could figure out where we were heading.

They say that when you lose one sense the others grow more sensitive. Well, that doesn't work when you are drunk and blindfolded in a crowded cab with four other drunk, loud, and excited girls. I had no idea where I was going!

Finally, the cab was coming to a stop and someone popped open the door. I felt about three pairs of hands grab me and help me out of the cab. I was standing on a sidewalk with the scarf around my eyes and the other girls were circled around me. Someone untied the scarf and they all said, 'Happy Birthday!' and 'Surprise!'

As my eyes focused I could see the building in front of me with the garish neon and bright sign. We had driven all the way to the edge of town and we were standing in front of Sampson's, the male strip club!

I have never been to a strip club before, partly because I had been too young, but also because I would have been too embarrassed. But tonight the girls weren't going to let me back out of this, and the alcohol had lowered my inhibitions, so I was finding myself excited to see what it was like. We whooped it up as we entered the club.

We were led to a table right at front. Becks had reserved it just for my birthday! Best seats in the place! I looked around and could see lots of ladies of all ages, smiling, having a good time and waiting to see the hunky guys. There were a few muscular guys wearing sleeveless shirts and mesh shirts serving drinks and chatting with the women. I wasn't sure if some of them were dancers.

A good-looking guy with lots of muscles and very tight pants came over to serve us. We ordered some drinks just as the show was getting ready to start. The girls were all excited and talking and laughing loudly as the first dancer came on stage. A tall blonde guy came out dressed as a cop, swinging a night stick and dancing to the music. The crowd went wild as the cop began to unbutton his shirt and strip down.

I felt a rush of excitement at seeing his muscular chest and smooth skin. Tammy called him over to stuff a dollar in his pocket. He was standing directly above our table and he looked right at me and smiled. I blushed at the attention but kept watching. The cop proceeded to remove his pants; he just tore them off! Eventually he was down to just a gold G-string that hid only his penis and balls, but not much. He looked pretty large to me; certainly larger than the couple that I had seen in person.

The girls could see that I was staring at his G-string as he moved closer to our table. Cathy shoved a handful of singles into my hands and pushed me forward to give them to the cop. The other girls started to cheer me on and the cop came closer. I stood up and tried to simply hand the guy some singles, but he just smiled and shook his head. Then he stretched out the waist string so I could slip in a dollar. I blushed a little and was smiling in embarrassment.

Since I had several dollars to give him he squatted down and was stretching out the waist string in several places so I could feed him more money. I was getting a very close look at his hard body from several angles as he moved around for me. Finally, for my last dollar bill he pulled open the front of his G-string and I could see the head of his penis just peaking out. I blushed deeply, but he gently grasped my hand to help me deposit the dollar bill while making sure to rub my hand firmly against his cock.

I was beet red as I sat back down, and my friends cheered me loudly. Becks yelled out, "I think we should buy her a private lap dance for her birthday!" I didn't know what this meant, but I knew I was uncomfortable about it. The girls started chattering wildly about this 'great' idea. No matter what I tried to say, they were insistent that is what I needed tonight.

Beck's said loudly over the music, "The only thing you have to do is pick out the guy and we will take care of the rest! Just watch the dancers and choose the one you want!" I didn't know what I was going to do, but I took a big swig of my drink to build up some courage.

I stayed quiet for the next 45 minutes watching the dancers and hoping the girls would forget about the idea, but I soon learned that wasn't about to happen. Every new dancer that came out they would point out his attributes to see if this was the guy I wanted. They were egging the guys on with dollar bills, getting them to come over and dance right in front of me so I could make a choice.

And there were quite a few good-looking guys to choose from. After the cop was a dark-haired guy dressed as a construction worker. He had a very hairy chest and tight butt. Then there was the red-headed 'lumberjack' with the full beard. There were several others, all good looking, all muscular, all wearing very tight G-strings and nothing else.

I could see from the tightness of the G-strings that they were all impressively well endowed to varying degrees. The girls were still going wild and voting on their favorites and I had resigned myself to go through with it. I had decided to go with the lumberjack because I liked his bright blue eyes and his smile. I also liked that even his G-string was plaid flannel.

Just as I was about to voice my decision the announcer said, "Now ladies, please welcome to the stage your first-responder, Damon Dark!" Out from the wings danced a tall black man dressed in full fireman gear. I always had a thing for firemen, so I sat back down to watch. Damon moved around the stage with ease to the music. Soon he had taken off his fireman's jacket and below that he was bare-chested with only suspenders holding up his pants.

I said earlier that we girls knew most of each other's secrets, but definitely not all. One secret that the girls did not know, that no one else in the world knew, was that I had always fantasized about being with a black guy. I had realized this many years ago, but I didn't have much opportunity to do anything about it. I grew up in a largely Caucasian area. Even at college there weren't too many African Americans, either men or women.

I continued to stare at Damon and his smooth brown skin and muscular chest and arms. He was a good six inches taller than the other dancers and truly imposing on the stage. I realized that I was now standing, beckoning Damon over with some dollars in my hand. The other girls just watched me in surprise at my newfound boldness. Damon came by and gave me a quick smile and I placed the dollar in his pocket. He said, "Don't worry. I'll be back," and then he was off again around the stage.

I continued to watch as he unsnapped his suspenders and let each side 'shoot' away. The crowd cheered at this little effect. Next, he lowered his fireman pants and teased us by moving them down and then pulling them back up again, giving us just a glimpse of his G-string. My heart fluttered a little and the girls cried out for more.

Finally, he gave a pull and tore his pants completely off. He was standing there in just a G-string and big fireman boots. I noticed two things about his G-string. First, it was bright red and shiny, like a fire engine. Second, the pouch was noticeably larger than the those of the other dancers. I could also see that the fabric was stretched very tight and his penis was straining to get out.

I found myself standing again with a handful of dollars and Damon smiled from the other side of the stage and danced his way over to me. He stood directly over me, and I was eye level with his G-string pouch. Damon then kneeled down next to me so I could place some dollar bills in his waist string. Damon let me pull on the string myself and I deposited several dollars on one side while I was eyeing his nearly-naked body hungrily and feeling light-headed being so close to him.

Damon moved around so I could add some dollar bills to the other side. I could sense the other girls watching me closely and a couple of them were whooping it up. Then Damon moved one more time: he turned to face me and then got down on his knees right in front of me. His shiny, firm stomach was directly in front of me. I looked up into his eyes: he was very handsome and he had a great smile. But it was his body that was driving me wild.

Damon leaned forward so that he was almost touching my face. I could smell his sweet, musty scent. Then Damon dropped down lower, spreading his knees farther apart. He leaned back and thrust his hips forward presenting his large G-string pouch to me. I wasn't sure what to do and I looked back at the girls. Becks was motioning for me to give him more singles in his G-string.

I turned back to Damon and tried to gingerly pull at the top of his G-string pouch to insert some singles. I could see by the shape of the fabric that his very large penis was pushing just below the top and straining to get out. I hesitated. Damon, seeing that I was too shy to go any farther reached out to help. He grabbed the front of his G-string and pulled it open as far as he could. The top of his cock popped out of the G-string and I could see down inside.

I was stunned. I don't think anyone else was able to see because I was so close to him and blocking their view, but I could see a lot. Damon's penis was so large and dark brown. It was both long and very thick. I couldn't tell exactly how long it was, but his penis seemed to me to be twice as big as any I had ever seen in person. I could hear the girls behind me, egging me on to give him some singles. I reached out cautiously to try and insert some dollars, discreetly, without getting too near.

Damon was having none of that. He knew what he was doing and decided to have some fun with me. He reached out and grabbed my hand with the money and shoved it down through the waistband and deep into the G-string pouch. The crowd was cheering loudly at this and my heart was racing. I was fully touching his large, black cock and I felt a rush of excitement between my legs.

Damon held my hand there for what seemed a very long time, although I'm sure it wasn't more than a few seconds. He was gyrating his hips and pressing himself into my hand, and then he lifted my hand out. I was standing there with a stunned look on my face, but a smile was starting to form. Damon looked at me and gave me a smile and a wink. He mouthed the words, "Thank you," and then he stuffed his large cock back into his G-string and stood up and danced away on the stage. His song was ending and he left the stage to great applause.

I turned back to the girls. I could tell that my face was beet red and they could see that I was overcome by the moment, and they could see the big smile that I could not hide. The started to cheer me loudly and Cathy said, "I think we know who Marissa has chosen for the private dance!"

Becks cried out, "I'll go make the arrangements!" and she ran off before I could say anything. I thought about protesting the idea, but deep down I knew that I really wanted it. I wanted to see more.

The other girls were all smiling and laughing. They were a little surprised at my choice, but they were also having fun with it. I was in such a daze that I'm not even sure who said what, but I heard a lot of things like, "Oh my God, Marissa, he is so hot." "His cock looks like it is huge!" Be careful, once you go black you never go back!"

Becks was soon back and said everything was arranged. I said, "But I don't have any money to give him."

She said, "It's all taken care of! This is part of your birthday gift. You just go enjoy yourself and tell us EVERYTHING when you get back!" She looked over her shoulder and excitedly said, "Here he comes now!"

I swear that my heart skipped a beat when I looked up and saw Damon walking toward me with a big smile on his face. He wasn't wearing his fireman outfit now, but he had on a pair of tight black pants and a mesh shirt. His muscular chest and arms were easily visible and enticing. He came over and said, "You're Marissa, right? You are very pretty, and it was fun to dance for you up there."

I blushed and smiled at the compliment. Seeing him now in front of me, not up on a stage, I could see how handsome he was. He had chiseled features, a strong jaw, but a soft and sweet smile. His eyes were large and dark and really drew me in. He reached out to take my hand and said, "I understand that today is your birthday. Won't you accompany me to a private room to celebrate? I would like to spend some time alone with just you."

I felt an immense rush between my legs when he said that last line. I stood up next to him. He said, "Wow, you are not just beautiful, but you are also tall! I like that!" Although I was over six feet tall in my high wedges, Damon was still another six inches taller than me. I was impressed by his size and athletic physique. He continued to hold my hand and said, "Come on, Marissa," and he led me through the crowd.

We went far back into the building and into a back room. It must have been sound-proofed because once the door was shut I could barely hear the heavy beat of the dance music from the stage where another male dancer was now entertaining my friends. Our private room was cozy and warm. The décor was deep reds and grays. There was a large deep sofa, almost a bed it was so large, and it was covered with many plush pillows. The lighting in the room was soft and low and there was a pleasant aroma; masculine but sweet.

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