tagErotic CouplingsOnline Playmate Ch. 03

Online Playmate Ch. 03


This is the next chapter of my Online Playmate story which covers the first part of Mark's visit to Australia.

And thanks again for the wonderful comments. That is why I have split this into two chapters -- there were a lot of requests waiting for me, when I got home today, wanting to know what we've been up to. It all takes time to write and then edit it, so enjoy the first few days. I'll get the final chapter up as soon as I can.


I was 20 minutes early, and spent the next 15 pacing around the gate of the International arrivals at Mascot airport. My heart was hammering, my pulse racing, and my panties were so very, very wet. I had never felt such a fevered pitch in my life and I realised the anticipation of his arrival could very well kill me.

The notification board then changed to 'Landing' and I took a seat, nervously playing my hands in and out of each other. What if I didn't recognise him or him me? People can be a lot different in the flesh than they appear in photos or even online. I had a wistful moment of thinking I should have brought a sign with his name on it, just in case. If worse came to worse I had a photo of his hard cock in my purse. Anyone still mulling around as the crowd dissipated I would ask them to take it out, get it hard and then compare. Possibly asking their name would seem a less intrusive confirmation... I laughed quietly at my own musings, hoping he hadn't brought my intimate pussy photos with him in his wallet, considering doing the same thing if he didn't recognise me.

So caught up in this scenario, my eyes were finally dragged from the carpet that I had been staring at to a pair of hiking boots standing in front of me. "Babe?" I heard softly. My eyes worked slowly up the slimline 501s, past the belt buckle and over the open throated casual shirt. When my gaze finally met his eyes, Mark stood there grinning at me. My God! He was so handsome. I wasn't sure I could stand. "Some welcome this is," he laughed and dropped his carry-on bag and jacket, his arms outstretched for me. His laugh was shortly silenced as I flew into his arms and our mouths sealed, finally feeding off each other in a way we had waited for so long.

Instead of the kiss working into a crescendo and back down the other side, it just kept growing and building, all in a moaning escalation of lips, teeth and tongues. His hands dropped to my arse where he pulled me tightly to him, letting me feel his wakening cock against me.

My head was spinning to the point of vertigo and I pulled back, panting. "We'd better get your bag," I whispered and he lowered his mouth to mine once more, this time in a soft, brushing kiss, teasing of promises to come. I smiled up at him and put my arm around his waist as he pulled the handle out of his carry-on to trolley behind us. With his free arm slung over my shoulders, he worked his fingers gently through my long brown hair, drawing it out. This apparent motion was also well disguising the busy fingers also brushing over my granite nipples, at times circling confidently, not a care in the world. Every dozen steps or so though, our eyes would meet and we'd find ourselves stopping, getting caught up in another lustful, deep kiss. It took us several minutes to get to the luggage carousel...

The bags had only started emerging when we arrived and a throng of people were already stationed at the best vantage spots. Mark led me to a column and once again dropped his carry-on and jacket, pressing me against the pillar, taking us both back to the urgency of our welcome. His hands were restless and tried to take in my whole body with one sweep of his arms, finally coming to rest between my thighs, tracing lightly over the seam of my jeans.

"Oh Babe," he purred in my ear, "this pussy is so fucking hot. Are you hot for me Babe?" he growled. I didn't care we were in the midst of hundreds of people coming and going, none of the world existed at the moment. He lifted my hips and straddled my legs around his waist, holding my arms up against the pillar. The irony of the stone ledge behind me nicely counterbalanced the one now nestled between my thighs.

"Get a room," someone muttered as they went past, which lightened the mood a little. I drew back from this kiss and laughed loudly, Mark smirked back at me.

"And exactly how far away is this room?" he whispered in my ear, still writhing slightly against me.

"About 15 minutes by cab," I said and kissed him lightly, letting my feet find the ground.

Although Mark had been playing with my nipples at the airport, he found out during the cab ride that I wasn't wearing a bra. When his hand slipped inside my shirt he looked at me and waggled his eyebrows. No bra! he mouthed, and folded himself over the front of me so his fingers could go searching, blocking the cab driver's view by his broad back. As his mouth coursed a line of fire across my jaw and around my throat I found myself slipping down further into the seat, my legs spreading for his ravenous touch. My eyes slowly closed and my head tilted to lie back against the head-rest. Once again, the rest of the world disappeared. My hand made its way to his crotch and he shifted slightly on the seat to give me better access.

A moan betrayed me and my eyes flew open, meeting the direct gaze of the cab driver in his rear-vision mirror. He too seemed to be enjoying this fare. I blushed a deep crimson, not believing that I could ever be so worked up by someone in such a public place. He smiled down at me, redoing the two buttons he'd flicked open and took me into his arms, my head on his chest.

"Lucky the trip isn't longer," he chuckled and he was right, we could have ended up fucking right there if I'd booked us into Bondi. I would have assumed the cab fare would have then been free...

A few minutes later we pulled up outside Star City, Sydney's casino situated on Darling Harbour. Mark reached into his jacket for what I assumed was his wallet and I stopped him immediately. "No, this trip is on me," I said and placed my hand gently over the top of his, now holding the wallet.

"The airfare maybe Babe, but I don't expect a week of freebies."

"Well, that's the way it is honey, like it or lump it." I crossed my arms over my breasts in an apparent huff, smiling at him to lessen the strength of its vow.

"We'll work something out," he said as I paid the driver.

I was anxious at check-in, drumming my fingers on the counter, wanting them to hurry up. Mark standing behind me, running his lips around my nape and blowing lightly in my ear wasn't helping, nor were the light tracings of his fingertips over my abdomen. He turned me to face him, and once again found ourselves in the midst of a lip-locked infusion.

"Excuse me! I said your swipe key is ready..." I finally heard through the fog and my face filled with blood again. Mark took the card from the attendant over my shoulder so I didn't have to face her. He then handed her ten dollars and gave her a wink before escorting me toward the lifts.

"You don't have to tip here you know," I said, safely alone in the elevator.

"She should have paid us," he chuckled and moulded himself to me again.

The corridor seemed endless, but we were finally standing outside our room. "Where's your bag?" he asked.

"It had better already be in here," I said and opened the door, looking around. "I dropped it off before I came to get you but the room wasn't ready yet." I spotted it against the far wall and breathed a sigh of relief. My sighs took on a different chorus as Mark unzipped my jeans from behind, working his fingers down into their confines. He circled a finger softly over my straining clit, purring directly in my ear, turning my knees to jelly. In the true speed and agility of his self-proclaimed vampiric form in his anonymous Literotica feedback, he had me naked and thrown on the bed in what appeared to be seconds. He shrugged off his jacket, but otherwise still fully dressed he poised himself over me, looking down into my eyes. He kissed me tenderly, slowly, but his ragged breathing told me he was not as controlled as he was trying to maintain.

"Want to watch me play with myself?" I asked kittenishly, running my hands over my nipples, pinching them into stiff peaks.

"Not this time," he growled and nudged my hand out of the way with his chin, claiming my nipple for his own. And he feasted hungrily on them, kneading at my soft flesh with his dextrous fingers. I was unaware that I'd been grinding myself over the coarseness of his jeans, rubbing my clit against him, working my lips open to gloss over the denim. He worked his mouth up my throat and back to my panting lips, kissing me deeply before starting the trek back down my body, pausing to lap sensuously at my navel on the way past. "You've got great nipples Babe," he murmured and I heard him unsnapping his jeans as his tongue delicately parted my glistening labia.

He looked up at me and grinned, feathering his hands down the inside of my thighs, coming to rest at my apex where he splayed me fully open, licking me slowly, not breaking eye contact. He drove his tongue inside my hot cunt, so desperately wanting to be fed.

"Hmmmmm," he purred, "sweet... tangy... so... wet..." Each pause was followed by another deep tongue thrust, my hips now coming up to meet him. His tongue lazed lower and I felt him circling it over my arsehole, making me suck in my breath. "It's OK Babe, relax," he whispered, "I'm not going to go sticking my cock in there, just enjoy it." I let the tenseness subside and did find it was arousing in its own way. He slid a finger into my pussy and then worked in a second one, fucking me with increasingly harder thrusts as his tongue worked over my clit, sucking it into his mouth.

His fingers now well coated in my ample juices, he prodded gently at my arse, chuckling darkly and asking, "Can I 6-pack you Babe?" He didn't wait on my answer, working his pointer around my virgin orifice as he slid his middle one back into my pussy. It was all well and good referring back to when I had done this for him on the web cam, but his fingers were a hell of a lot thicker than mine and I held my breath, waiting on his entry. He worked it in slowly, gently, pulling back and pushing in further, working his two fingers independently, forcing my desire to its maximum. His lips and tongue sucked on my clit again and as they started their pressurised rhythmical dance, every part of my sexual regions engaged, I came for him. It built further and higher and I found myself writhing on the bed, my fingers working into his hair, trying to repel and pull him closer at the same time. My irregular breathing became small whimpers as the second wave took me and I now wanted him inside me.

"Fuck me, Mark. For God's sake, fuck me," I moaned and he sat up, whipping off his shirt and pulling me to the side of the bed where he impaled me, thrusting his big, hard cock ruthlessly into my soft confines. "Oh yes, Oh God yes," I breathed, working into the next frenzy as Mark pumped without mercy, his eyes locked on mine.

"Babe, I'm cumming," he moaned and threw himself over me, jutting his pelvis against mine, working himself from the very root of his existence. His mouth seared to my nipple, biting lightly midst the suckling, the short stabbing thrusts brought me off yet again and so very deeply. And this time it was no simple everyday clitoral orgasm, this one was all encompassing and turned me inside out, making me weep. I had never cum like that before in my life.

Spent, he lay over me for a few minutes as I traced my fingers lightly over his back, making him shudder. My hands fit to the contours of his perfect arse and I caressed and kneaded him lightly.

"You're the best lover I've ever had," I whispered, "that was amazing Mark." He laughed quietly and propped himself up on his elbows, taking my face in his hands, softly moving the hair from my brow. We kissed again, this time more controlled, slower, deeper, taking as much of each other into our mouths as was possible. His face was shining with my arousal, spread from chin to cheeks, and when the kiss ended I ran my finger lightly over his features, smiling at him shyly.

"You taste wonderful Babe, and what a wet pussy... Never before had I encountered one so ready for me." He noted the tears on my own cheeks and smile warmly at me before grazing his thumbs across, drawing them out to a fine damp trail.

"That's your fault," I taunted and he leant down to kiss me again.

"This is going to be some week," he mumbled through the kiss. "And, we've been in this room all of 10 minutes so far," he teased.

We fell into the shower soon after. Mark had been on such a long flight and needed to refresh himself in both mind and body. He also had to seriously wash his face... When fully encompassed in the steam and vapours I asked him if he was suffering any jetlag. "I took a light sleeping pill so I would be on your time when I got here."

"Clever," I agreed and smiled up at him, working the soap into a lather. I enjoyed the slow procession my silken hands made across his shoulders, down over his back and moulding into the curves of his tight arse. When he turned to face me, his cock was standing up again. He grinned at me before pulling me to him, grazing himself through my legs, teasing his head over my clit. As much as my body was thrumming under this dry hump, it was now his turn to take as selflessly what he had done for me.

I dropped to my knees and he groaned appreciatively as I wrapped my hand around his shaft. I stroked him gently, running my tongue around the base of his knob then flicking it lightly over the yawning slit. I looked up at him as I took his entire length into my mouth, moving my hands around to hold onto his arse. I loved his ridges and veins, playing them with my inner cheeks as the base of my tongue pulsed over his head. All of which was unseen as he was so far inside me, but he could certainly feel it. In fact he grew even harder and thicker in my eager mouth.

"Babe," he sighed, moving his hands into my hair, tucking it behind my ears to give him a better view of the playing field. As his hips started to pump, his moans became louder and I slid my hand down to circle a soapy finger over his arsehole. He threw his head back as his palms spread over the tiles, the muscles and sinews in his neck visually strained in the torment of his tumultuous orgasm. Filling my throat with his cum, I drained him, taking every last drop.

"Come here," he said and helped me to my feet, dancing his tongue over my own, instigating the next slow, soulful kiss. "I love a girl who swallows," he said shortly after, turning off the taps.

"It's a waste otherwise," I said and led him out of the recess by his now flaccid cock.

We decided on room service that evening, not wanting to dress up for a restaurant downstairs, not particularly wanting to leave the room. I wasn't overly hungry and ordered the fruit and cheese platter, whereas Mark was ravenous and hooked into the first of his two cheeseburgers, after adding a layer of home fries and extra sauce. "Airline food sucks," he said around a mouthful of burger. I winked, saying,

"So does one particular international guest I know of," and he smiled crookedly, his cheeks full, "but does it so very well." He swallowed and reached for more sauce.

"The ketchup tastes different here," he mused, dipping his finger into the ramekin and applying it liberally to my lips.

"That's because it's tomato sauce, not ketchup," I mumbled through my glazed lips, then laughed, causing small flecks to fall onto the tablecloth. He leant over, angling down to kiss it from me and as I moved in, he eased back, realigning his angle and teasing forward again. This went on for a few minutes, occasionally flicking his tongue over the sauce, capturing a minimal amount with each progression.

"Mark!" I finally scolded and he grinned, finally feasting off me as was his original tormenting plan.

"Can I lay you over the bed naked and eat my supper directly from you?"


"Aww Babe..." he complained, a devilish glint in his eye. "It's not like it's pasta..."

"That would be a definite no! We still have to sleep in that bed." He eyed the floor off then looked at me. "Are you serious?" I laughed and his impish grin confirmed he was not. I loved our silly playfulness and was glad that it was as comfortable in the flesh as it had always been online.

Around 9.00 pm we stripped off the 'his and hers' complimentary robes and climbed into bed.

"What time is it?" Mark asked, yawning.

"Nine," I said and snuggled into his side, his arm up waiting on my embrace.

"I'm beat, and it's only 7.00 am at home."

"Sleep honey, we have all the time in the world."

I flicked on the TV, choosing a pay-per-view movie, knowing I wouldn't be able to nod off for another hour or so. His fingers worked softly through my hair and mine trekked lightly over his chest and abs, delighting in the smooth warmth he radiated. Several minutes later, engrossed in the movie I heard him chuckle and I glanced up, wondering what had amused him. "You are just asking for trouble Babe if you keep doing that."

"Want me to stop?"

"No," he growled and rolled me further onto his chest, capturing me to him with his arms wrapped around my lower back. A few minutes later he was fast asleep.

I remembered waking through the night, still dark, with Mark spooned behind me, kissing my neck and lightly brushing his fingers over my arm, ready again and hard against me. Another delicious instance saw the sun rising over our flaying bodies with small tendrils of his hair plastered to his fevered brow, repeating my name over and over in his urgency. Time had lost all relevance as we slept and made love and sometimes just fucked, two primal animals rutting for the sole pleasure received from it.

It was close to midday when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and this time we were both starving. We showered first, taking the time to finger and stroke each other to a slow-building, mutual torment; the water cascading over our fused faces taking us to wherever we wanted to be in the world. When dressed, we grabbed our jackets and went downstairs for a late breakfast.

Mark was currently half way through his big breakfast of hash browns, fried eggs, buttered mushrooms, steak, sausage, bacon drizzled in maple syrup and a few slices of toast for good measure, when I said,

"It's no wonder your country is always fighting off heart disease." I once again was rewarded with his crooked smile, cheeks distended.

"I have never been so hungry in my whole life," he said, forking another mouthful of mushrooms in.

"Stoking up the fires?" I teased, working through my own eggs Benedict.

"They're already stoked Babe," he said and a flush travelled from my pussy right through my body, coming to rest on my now glowing cheeks. He dipped my finger in the hollandaise sauce and sucked it into his mouth, drilling his tongue over the tip. "I know a few other places I'd like to eat this from..." he breathed. I glanced around sheepishly at the people sitting near us. "You never cease to amaze me..." he leant forward further and ran his palm slowly over my heated face. He sighed and sat back, throwing his napkin onto his barren plate, only a garnish of parsley remaining to prove there had indeed been a meal there. He moved around to the chair next to mine and draped his arm around me, forming a slight screen of privacy.

"How so?"

"At times you're like the softest of silk, all feminine and smooth but flip you over and you're like sandpaper. You blush and get all shy, but in bed you fuck like a tiger. When you -- "

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