tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 13

Onyx Dreams Ch. 13


The villages surrounding the ceremonial grounds were abuzz with talk. Soon the future high priestess would gift them with her powers of life.

One village had been allowed two recipients and there was much boasting about that honor.

Inside the ceremonial house, Kennice sat in the corner guarded by two very burly men with matching scowls.

She was dressed in a very ornate shift that hugged curves and displayed flesh in all the right spots. Yet instead of feeling sexy, she felt sick. She just knew something was going to go wrong tonight. Everything else had gone wrong this week and tonight was probably not going to be an exception. She kept her thoughts buried deep for if any surfaced about her true love, Erykia would be there swift as a hawk to punish her. So she sat, and shivered and waited for her life to unfold.


Brenna flew leisurely through the sky with Cyrus on her back. {{Why are we going back to the place we were told not to go?}}

Cyrus lightly held onto Brenna's horns as they glided through the skies.

{{Because there is something I must do Brenna, especially if I am ever to let go. I promised I would do this and I won't break this promise. Please understand.}}

Brenna's sigh rumbled through her body but night was falling fast and her onyx colored hide easily blended in with the night sky.

A few moments later she landed outside the town. {{I will be here if you need me.}}

Gently he stroked her snout and placed a soft kiss on the end of her nose. {{Thank you Brenna, you are my best friend, you know that right?}}

{{But of course.}} Brenna said smugly as she settled her wings down behind her back.

Cyrus chuckled and winked at her before disappearing into the town in a blur, sticking to the shadows, looking for the one who carried a necklace the same as the one Kennice had given him.


Tom and Donald came out laughing hard. They had both drank a little too much but were both excited for they had a chance at the beautiful high priestess. They touched their onyx necklaces and laughed.

"Go on, I'll catch up. Got to grab my coat," Tom said.

"Alrighty," Donald said before staggering away.

Cyrus smirked and walked up behind Tom, casually picking up a two by four as he walked. He weighed it in his hand and nodded to himself.

Gently he tapped Tom on the shoulder and as Tom turned, smacked him as hard as he could in the face, snapping the two by four in half at the sheer force. "Whoops, little bit too hard I guess."

Tom only grunted before crumpling unconscious to the ground.

Cyrus leaned down and snatched up the necklace from Tom, pocketing it into his clothes. "I'll take that, now to find out what I have to do next." Quietly Cyrus set off after Donald

Donald had changed clothes and staggered outside. His vision was blurry and it was the night of a new moon, which made it harder to see. "C'mon man or we will be late!" he hollered at Tom.

"Yeah am here, where is it we go again?" Cyrus kept a few paces behind, just out of recognizable sight.

"This way lunkhead! Sheesh you'd think you'd remember. I hope I get to lie between her thighs. I'd bet she'd be a good fuck."

Donald stumbled along until they reached the edge of the clearing where a huge bonfire had been lit.

"Ok here," Donald said and handed Cyrus a mask. "Remember she only gets to see our face after we bed her."

"And that's it? We just go in and bed her? Nothing else?" Cyrus quietly picked up a fist-sized pebble beside him and waiting for Donald to finish.

"Well the power will fertilize the land and we have eternal fame and glory," Donald said turning back to look at the platform that had been erected near the bonfire.

Cyrus weighed the rock in his hand a moment before clocking it round the back of Donald's head. "Too bad you won't see it." He leaned down and scooped the necklace up from Donald's body and put on his mask, heading quietly for the house he knew Kennice to be residing in.


Kennice felt Cyrus' presence and she let out a nervous sigh, which she immediately masked when the curtain parted to reveal Rhys and Erykia.

"It is time. The men have arrived. Your virginal blood will replenish the land," Erykia said. "This night will also prepare your body for your future husband."

Kennice looked down at the floor and not at her two nemeses for she would surely scream in fury. But she knew, at least, just this once; she was going to thwart them. She rose to her feet and followed them outside to the platform.

Cyrus stood near by, gazing up at the platform and kept his mind clear, thinking only of deflowering Kennice, the same thing the two before him had been thinking.

She could feel the heat of his gaze and it made her blush. Tonight they would finally be one. But she had to be careful. If she appeared too eager they would suspect something. She had to choose slowly and carefully.

Erykia held up her hand and the nine men before her looked at her. "Welcome. Tonight you bring honor and possibly glory to your village. Tonight, my heir apparent, Kennice, will choose one of you for the fertility rite. You will spill her virgin blood and give life back to the earth. Let the choosing begin!"

Cyrus stood with his arms crossed and looked down at the men beside him and muttered. "Why the hell didn't they just have them beat the crap out of each other? I don't know, would've saved me some work in winning."

The man next to him chuckled. "That confident are you? I heard she's an ice princess and will probably try to refuse all of us. Of course, I also heard that the high priestess had to take a cane to the younger one's backside. Something about wanting some man who didn't give a damn about her heritage," the other man gleefully imparted to Cyrus.

"Could you give a damn about her heritage? I heard half the men in the bar talking about just wanting to bed her. Hell I wouldn't mind bedding the high priestess, show her what a real man is like." Cyrus chuckled, trying to seem as much like an experienced lover as he possibly could.

"Ye ain't the only one. I'd bed them both right now but alas we only get the younger one. Oh, she's coming down to choose now."

Cyrus smirked a moment and whispered. "Ye right, I bet you'd wanna bed that guy standing beside her, you haven't even got the muscle to hold the young one down never mind break her in."

"We'll see, won't we?" the other man said before looking eagerly at Kennice who was peering at the men.

Cyrus took a deep breath and quietly cleared his throat, speaking just loud enough for Rhys to hear. "What'd you say man? We're here to bed the young one not bang her husband, sure he doesn't look exactly manly but...no you can't make him your bitch man, imagine what'd the old one would say? He's probably her boy toy or something." At the same moment his thoughts filled with fake memories of the man beside him saying just that.

Rhys let out a low murderous growl and started forward. Erykia held up a hand and blood red energy lashed out and hit the man in the chest sending him flying. "Kennice, he is disqualified. Choose three and bring them inside. You shall make the final selection then."

"Yes, high priestess," Kennice said obediently. She chose the first one in line, the fourth one in line and then chose Cyrus who was last in line.

"Come," Erykia ordered and went inside followed by Rhys, Kennice and her three choices.

The other men headed back to their anxiously awaiting friends and family to tell them they had not been chosen.

Cyrus kept his delight buried deep in his mind, silently following the two beside him into the room, his eyes watching Kennice.

"Choose wisely, Kennice," Erykia said.

Kennice gulped and then studied each man. She took a few minutes to run her hands along their arms and chest. She even grazed the middle's one obvious bulge in his pants.

"Why should I choose you?" she asked the first.

"Because I am young, strong and will be tender with you," came the prompt reply.

"And you? Why you?" she asked of the second.

"Because I will give you a great night filled with passion."

"I see," she said softly and then came to Cyrus.

"And why should you be the chosen one?"

"Because I would be gentle with you and tender, preparing you well for future lovers so that you would not resist them in the future. I'd also make sure that you felt beautiful for the rest of your life."

Kennice stepped back and appeared to ponder her choices. She let five minutes go by and gave Rhys an evil look when he poked her.

"Get on with it," he ordered.

"Fine!" she said in a huff. "I choose him," she said pointing to Cyrus.

Cyrus smirked behind his mask and shrugged to the other two men. "Too bad guys." Cyrus waited for Kennice to take the lead. "Where do you want me to bed you my lady?"

Kennice gently took his head and led him back outside and to the bed of furs that was on the platform. The light of the bonfire made her skin appear to glow softly. She looked over at Rhys and Erykia and nervously fumbled with the clasp on the shift until it came undone and fell in a puddle around her feet. She brought her arms up to cover her breasts and blushed. She was playing the role of scared virgin to the hilt. She was not going to leave anything to chance.

Erykia smirked. "Why so shy? Any other time you're a shameless slut who can't wait to shed her clothes."

Kennice gasped and dropped her head. The words weren't true but they still hurt.

"Well get on with it," Rhys ordered, his tone bored. He would get his chance later at her body. He didn't mind that another got the hassle of deflowering his future bride.

Cyrus kept his emotions on maximum lock down, ignoring anything around him as he shed his clothing except for the mask. Slowly he moved forward across the furs towards her, his hands reaching out and gently caressing the skin on her arms. Gently his hands pried her arms from her body so he could cup her breasts. His thumbs slid over her nipples lightly, teasing her pleasure points. He watched her nipples grow erect and taut.

Kennice gasped and turned red. She could feel Erykia's probing gaze and Rhys' mocking one. She had wanted a moment with Cyrus and had been willing to endure an audience but now that they were in the moment she heartily wished Erykia and Rhys were far away. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes closed. She only wanted to feel. Not think!

Gently he began pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, lightly twisting, silently waiting for her legs to part a little.

A slight breeze began to blow and Kennice's legs parted, the scent of her arousal hitting the air. Beneath them the ground rumbled gently in response.

Slowly Cyrus slid his hand down Kennice's abdomen, gently tickling her navel before sliding through her downy soft pubic hairs to her hidden treasures. Lightly he trailed his fingertips across her lips, letting his finger circle her clit for a few moments before whispering. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," but her voice quavered just a little and her eyes came open. She wasn't feigning her fear. Erykia had said it was going to hurt. She feared the hurt more than she did the actual act.

Gently Cyrus laid Kennice down, his fingertip still circling her clit. He recalled his father's teachings as he continued to caress her love button, making sure he knew exactly how to bed her without causing a lot of pain.

The moment her back touched the furs Kennice felt the magical barrier go up. She sighed happily and let herself enjoy Cyrus' attention. Her body trembled as he caressed her down there, sensations she had never felt before working their way through her willing body.

Gently Cyrus slid a finger into Kennice, working it back and forth slowly to get her juices running, his free hand once more caressing her breast. As he slid forward on his knees he gently positioned the head of his cock at Kennice's soaked entrance. He looked into her eyes, silently seeking approval.

"Yes, please," she whispered, her voice heavy with need. She was very relaxed now and wanting Cyrus with all her being.

Slowly he gently slid his throbbing erection into her dripping virginal pussy, her strong muscles gripping him tightly as a long low moan was heard from him.

Kennice gasped as the pain hit and then vanished. Why it hadn't hurt much! Kennice vowed later to give Erykia a piece of her mind for scaring her like that. But then all thoughts about the high priestess left when she heard Cyrus moan. "Did I hurt you?" she squeaked in fear.

A smile formed on Cyrus' face and he shook his head, whispering, "Good moan. Let me show you how good." Gently he slid the rest of his manhood within her scorching depths, inch by thick inch.

"Oh. OH!" she moaned excitedly as his movements produced answering ripples of pleasure in her body and made her eyes shine brightly in surprise and happiness. "Oh my love," she whimpered.

Cyrus smiled down at Kennice, his voice oozing with vengeance, "Shall we show Rhys who is really behind the mask?"

"Yes," she moaned as he rocked his hips. She missed the tone in his voice so caught up in her body's reactions to this long awaited lovemaking.

Cyrus smirked and slowly pumped his hips as he looked directly in Rhys' eyes and slowly peeled the mask from his face. "Thought you'd never see this, did you?"

Erykia's shriek of rage rent the air and Rhys bellow of shock rocked the ground. "You vile creature!" Erykia shrilled and flung out her hand. A bolt of blood red energy came hurtling toward them only to disappear as it hit the barrier.

Cyrus waved cutely and blew a kiss to Erykia. "Can't touch me here." Cyrus then turned his attention back to Kennice capturing her lips in a deep passionate kiss as his pace increased.

Kennice writhed beneath him, moaning his name as his thrusts went deeper and deeper.

His hand slid to her breasts once more, squeezing them firmly as he copied the movements he had done in their dream meeting. His arousal was sky rocketing now, he had anticipated this moment for weeks and now he finally had it, he was going to make it last.

Cyrus was everywhere inside her body and then she felt something in her mind shift, spin and then settle. She could hear his thoughts! ~Cyrus?~ she said softly, unsure of this new sensation.

He kept his thrusts long and slow, not missing a beat as he heard Kennice in his mind. He was used to people suddenly popping up there. ~Mmm yes Kennice?~

She gasped in shock. She was not telepathic! In fact she didn't have powers, not like the ones her mother and father and even Cyrus possessed.

Slowly he leaned down and softly licked her neck, lightly teasing her tender flesh. A long moan escaped his lips as he upped the pace a little. ~Yes Kennice?~

~This is impossible!~ she yelped but aloud she moaned and ground her hips against him. She wanted to cum! Her body was eager and so was she.

Outside the magically protected barrier, Rhys was ranting. "How dare she? How dare he that fucking bastard. I'm going to kill his ass!"

Softly Cyrus traced his kisses up to Kennice's ear, once more gently biting her flesh. Slowly he rotated his hips as he thrust in and out of Kennice. ~Magic probably my love, you'll get used to it...~

~Ok~ she said, accepting his explanation. She felt her body starting to tremble. "I'm about to cum," she moaned excitedly.

~Well then lets make it an orgasm to remember...~ Suddenly his cock began to drive into Kennice at an incredible rate, slowly building up more and more speed, obviously moving much faster than any normal human could.

Kennice was panting hard and then the orgasm crashed through her body and flooded her senses with pleasure so intense it made her weep with joy.

He kept up his pace, his body an endless blur as he felt his own desires thundering up upon him. He tensed himself and gritted his teeth, holding back his orgasm as long as possible. But her body and her vaginal walls squeezed him hard, pushing him over the edge. He almost cried out as ecstasy shook his body to the core, the feelings shooting out across his psychic links. Both Kennice and Cyrus' feelings were heightening each other's orgasm. With his back arching, his erection swelled to unbelievable hardness within Kennice's hot wet tight pussy as his tip erupted a massive payload of thick, white, hot, sticky, fertile seed.

Kennice screamed out his name as her body tensed, spasmed with the orgasmic tremors and she felt his seed spilling into her body. All around them the magic flared brightly and hot as the barrier became visible and rippled with every color of the rainbow.

Cyrus now cried out as he felt the magics around him, his muscles tensing like iron rods. His hips drove hard and deep into Kennice one last time as his climax passed.

She was clutching him so tightly that her nails were digging into his back as she tried to remember to breathe once the tremors subsided.

Panting softly he looked down at Kennice and gently kissed her, whispering in her mind softly. ~How was that? Worth waiting on?~

~Oh, yes~ she fairly purred.

Smiling from ear to ear, he gently nuzzled her neck before asking, ~and now what?~

~Now we rest. The barrier will not come down until the sunlight hits it.~

He nodded slowly, curling up with Kennice. ~And then? I have a feeling your boss will try to kill me and Brenna will no doubt go ballistic if I loped Erykia's head off in self defense.~

~I'll figure out something. Sleep. I'll let nothing hurt you this night.~

Cyrus smiled and gently lay his head down upon Kennice's rising and falling breast, hearing her heart beat like a humming bird. ~Alright my love, I trust you~

~It's my turn to take care of you~ she said confidently, her watchful gaze on Erykia and Rhys. She could feel the heat of their anger and it frightened her a little but she was now ready to accept anything they dished out to her. She had gotten Cyrus and this special night. She could even die happy for now she felt complete.

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