Ooo, Daddy


"Oh Daddy, I'm so glad we have the whole day together, just the two of us."

"Me, too, sweetie."

I ran my hand over your thigh. You were wearing your cutoffs, and your skin felt so soft and smooth.

Mommy hates camping. Her idea of roughing it is staying at a Holiday Inn, instead of a Hilton. Mommy told us what a great thing a father-daughter outing was, and we exchanged a secret smile.

A few miles down the road, she did this Houdini thing that men have never figured out. She drew her arms into the sleeves of her tee shirt, thrashed around inside it for awhile, and voila! she pulled her bra out from under her shirt.

Daddy smiled at her, put his arm over her shoulder, and gave her breast a friendly squeeze. I love to see her nipples pooch out.

A while later, she decided to be a little more risqué and travel topless. She gave me this saucy grin, and pulled her shirt over her head. I couldn't turn and look at her the way I wanted to, because I had to drive, but I kept stealing sidelong glances at her luscious boobs.

She put her hand in my lap and discovered my cock was already hard, so she unzipped my pants and pulled it out. What the hell, I thought, we were in the privacy of our own cab. Just then we heard the blast of an air horn, and an 18-wheeler pulled along side of us. The driver looked right down at us, grinned, and gave us big thumbs-up. She smiled back at him and waved, before he pulled away. Daddy's little minx!

She put her shirt back on when we got close to the camping area. We were going to a wilderness lake, and had to hike in the last half-mile. We put on our backpacks and headed down the trail. I let her go ahead of me, because I love to watch her ass twitch when she walks. We got to the lake and discovered we were the only ones there. Hot damn! I picked out a good spot and started setting up a tent.

"If we're only gonna be here today, how come we need a tent?"

"Well, it'll be a long day, and we might need to take a nap. Or two," I said, giving her a big wink.

"Ooo Daddy, we might need to take a LOT of naps."

"So lets go in and change into our bathing suits."

It was a small pop-up tent, plenty big enough for two, but we couldn't stand up in it. We both pulled off our shirts and slid out of our shorts. Neither of us were wearing any underwear. Needless to say, we didn't get into our suits. And it was quite awhile before we ever got out of the tent. I needed to collect on all that teasing she did to me on the trip up here.

The tent is translucent, and the sun shining through it gave her beautiful body a golden glow. We looked into each others' eyes, and slowly our faces were drawn together. Our lips met and we lay facing each other, gently at first, then with growing passion. Daddy loves kissing his baby girl; her lips are so full and supple, her mouth tastes so sweet, and her soft, sensuous tongue dances with mine. We stroked each others' back; I used my fingertips and she raked me gently with her nails, sending shivers of pleasure all over me. Our bodies were pressed tightly together, and as her breathing grew deep, each breath pressed her breasts harder into my chest. My rigid cock dug into her belly. We kneaded and massaged each other's ass.

I rolled over on my back and she rained kisses all over my face, then down my neck and across my chest. Her tongue snicked out and teased all around my nipples, before she took them, one at a time into your mouth and sucked them. Daddy loves having his nipples played with, too. Her mouth continued down my belly until she reached my now-throbbing erection. She took me into her soft mouth and her tongue swirled around me. If we'd stayed like that, she would have taken me to paradise.

"I need you to stop that for now, sweetie."

"Oh, Daddy, I love to suck your cock."

"I know, Princess, and I love to have you do it, but I don't want to cum now. I want to save it for your pussy."

"Ooo, okay."

I pulled her up on my body and had her kneel over my face. I love to eat her pussy when she's on top. Gravity does amazing things with her breasts, but it does great things with her minora, too--they look like deep pink angel wings, starting under her hood, down to the base of her vagina. I laved her with my tongue, then sucked each one into my mouth and nibbled with my lips. When my hungry mouth found her clit, she started rocking her hips, grinding her pussy into my face.

"Oh Daddy...Daddy...Daddy...I'm gonna cum, Daddy."

"Let it go, baby girl, cum in Daddy's face."

"OO...nnnggghhh.....nnnggghhh...ohhh...that was so good, Daddy."

"I love to taste you when you cum."

I took her by the waist and lifted her down on my body. She hovered over my cock for a minute, still dripping juice on me, then lowered herself. Her vagina was still pulsing from when she came, and was so hot, so tight.

"Oh, Daddy, you feel so big in me. So hard, so good."

I was so turned on by her beautiful naked body on top of mine, and by all the teasing on our trip, I need to fuck her, hard and fast. I needed her to fuck me the same way. I lifted her up by her hips and pulled her down hard. My hips rose up and I started slamming into her, like a wild man. The light through the tent shone on her body, and as I watched her tits bounce on her chest, the sun cast our shadow on the tent wall, and I could watch our silhouette as I watched her. It was an incredibly erotic scene.

She arched her back and leaned back, angling herself so my cock would rub her G-spot when I thrust into her. I pinched her nipples; she yelped and drove onto me, harder and faster, rubbing her swollen clit over my bald pubis every time she came down.

I was reaching my peak and thrust even harder, growling like a feral dog. I did my best to hold off until she was ready, and when I felt her cunt start to squeeze me, I let it go, filling her with my hot cum. I think that was the best orgasm I ever had. We were both exhausted and gasping for breath. She rose off of me and took Daddy's flagging cock in her mouth, sucking the last drops of cum out of me.

The sun had come up higher, and it was getting hotter in the tent. We were both drenched in post-coital sweat, slipping and sliding against each other. I licked one of her breasts, savoring the sweaty salt taste.

"Maybe we should hit the lake, and wash some of this off of us, sweetie."

"I forgot where I put my bikini when we got side-tracked."

"Look outside and see if there's anyone there." She stuck her head out of the tent flap.

"Nope, nobody there."

"Then let's go skinny-dipping."

"Ooo, Daddy!"

We started, hand in hand, toward the lake, then she broke away and started to run toward the water. I love to watch her ass when she runs. She hit the water and swam out about thirty feet. I dove in and started swimming underwater.

She stood in chest deep water and looked for me. I wasn't anywhere in sight; she looked panicked and started shouting for me. Still under water, I swam up behind her and started tickling her ribs. She screamed, and then started laughing. I put my head between her legs and stood up, holding her on my shoulders. I was very aware of her naked pussy pressing against the back of my neck.

I grabbed her feet and threw her off, landing with a big splash. She came up laughing and splashed me with a big face full of water. I splashed her back and we had a good water fight. I moved closer and closer to her, finally taking her in my arms. She wrapped her legs around me and held on tight.

"Look, Daddy, my boobs float. My nipples are kind of hard, though. Why is that?"

"The cold water does that, sweetie. It shrinks up a man's penis, too; here, feel me."

"Oh, it is kind of small."

"Maybe if I put your nipples in my mouth, they'd warm up."

"Ooo, nipples are getting HOT now. That feels soo good."


"Ooo, Daddy, your cock's not so small anymore; it's poking me in the butt."

"Oh, sweetie, your pussy feels all hot and wet inside."


"Slide down on me, princess, let me come inside you."

"OHH," she giggled, "you pushed a bunch of water in me."

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on my throbbing cock. When I let go, the buoyancy would cause her to lift off me. I wondered if this is how astronauts would feel fucking in space.

It felt so wonderful in the water like that. Every time she moved up and down my body, her breasts slid across my chest. It wasn't long before we both reached the boiling point. She clung to me, shuddering through her climax, and I was right behind her. We stayed there, locked in a tight embrace, until I deflated and slipped out of her warm cunt.

"Oh, look, Daddy," she giggled, "your cum is floating on top of the water."

We swam out to the float that was about one hundred feet off shore. She pulled herself up first, and sat on the edge, her feet dangling in the water. I came up between her legs, holding on to the edge of the float with my hands. Her pussy, still inflamed from the sex we had in the water, was right in my face. Little remnants of my semen and her juices, leaked out of her vagina. She fisted her hands in my hair and pulled me into her. I licked her cunt clean, then took her hard, throbbing clit into my mouth.

"Ooo, Daddy, you're going to make me cum agaaain....Daddy, I'm cuuuuming.... good, Daddy, soo good."

We lay out on the float in the warm sun, and dozed off for awhile. I woke first and looked down at my baby girl, still sleeping on her tummy, her beautiful round ass smiling at me, her legs slightly spread. I couldn't help myself from lying down on top of her.

"I love it when I wake up to you lowering yourself down on to me....You know, Daddy, having you laying on top of me and fucking me from behind is my favorite position to have sex. I love all the others, but you can just make me cum over and over that way - you rub me just right when we do that. Your hips pushing against my ass...mmmmmm...."

Once we recovered, we swam back to shore.

"Daddy, I don't want to go home today. Can't we stay overnight? We have the tent and sleeping bags, and I really want to spend the night with you."

"Me too, sweetie. Let's call Mommy and tell her we're going to stay."


I threw one more log on the campfire. She snuggled up against me, and we continued our trip down memory lane.

Daddy is remembering the time that you and I were having fun together one afternoon when we thought we had the house to ourselves. You were on top of me, which is one of my favorite positions, because when you lean forward, your titties are at their fullest, and they jiggle and bounce when you're riding me cowboy style. And I can get both hands on them, and knead and massage. I can play with your nipples too.

We were fucking like crazy. Daddy had his hands buried in your ass cheeks, and he was rocking you back and forth. You had shaved off my pubic hair for me, and when your smooth pussy slid back and forth over my pubic bone, there was no hair to irritate your swollen clit. The little man in the boat had peeked way out of its hood and was shiny and wet when it rubbed against me.

We were both moaning as we reached our apex and came crashing over the edge together. Daddy's cock erupted, sending huge wads of cum deep into your your womb; you came at the same time and your vagina spasmed and contracted, milking the last drops out of me. We were pretty noisy when we came, and our OOOOOO's and AHHHHH's blended together perfect harmony.

Daddy glanced over to the doorway and saw your younger sister Lizzie standing there, with her eyes as big as saucers and her mouth hanging open. Lizzie was about the same age you were when we first fucked, she'd just turned eighteen. She saw me looking at her, and quickly scampered off to her room.

Lizzie is a late bloomer, and she's a tiny little thing. She's barely five feet tall and can't weigh more than ninety pounds. Her little body looks the same as it did when she was fourteen; since then she just stopped growing. She's got a cute little butt. Her breasts are so small she wears a padded A cup and doesn't nearly fill it up; they're cone shaped with pointed nipples that really stick out when she's cold or aroused.

The next morning, we were sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee, when Lizzie walked in, her arms folded over her chest.

"I know what you were doing, and I want Daddy to fuck me, too, or I'm gonna tell Mommy. I want to learn everything there is about sex; all about fucking, and blow jobs, and I want to know what it feels like to get my pussy eaten, and I want to know how to masturbate and get myself off, and I want Sissie to teach me that. AND I want to know what it feels like to fuck both a man and a woman."

Whoa! Daddy had no idea how ignorant she was about sexual matters. I know she didn't want to have any kind of ongoing relationship with me, she just wanted to know what to do with the boy she had been seeing. Daddy loves all my daughters, but my princess is special, and she always will be. But, Lizzie had us over a barrel.

So, one afternoon, when we knew for sure that Mommy and Susie would be gone, Lizzie corralled us, and said NOW is when she wanted to do IT with us.

"I've never even seen a penis before. When you two were doing IT, it was inside her and I couldn't see anything."

I was in my new silk robe. I unfastened the belt and let the robe fall to the floor. I was standing naked in front of you both. My penis was flaccid and hanging between my legs.

"Do you remember what you taught Lizzie about Daddy's cock? And about getting herself off? Daddy loves to watch a woman masturbate."


Lizzie was actually a little surprised at first, remember, Daddy? She stared at your cock for a few seconds and then she said "but I thought they were hard! How do you get it in if it's all soft like that?"

You chuckled and I giggled. "They only start out that way, Lizzie. Daddy's soft right now because he isn't aroused yet. If he starts doing or seeing sexy things or thinking sexy thoughts it gets hard and stands up," I told her.


She stared at your cock, fascinated.

"So like, can you guys make it stand up?"

"Um, we can probably do that, baby girl, but why don't we go to the living room instead of standing here in the hallway" you suggested.

Lizzie led the way into the living room, but she kept looking over her shoulder to stare at your cock. You sat down on the couch, and we both sat down on either side of you. We were just wearing our shorts and t-shirts, and you just had your robe on. Lizzie had apparently thought of more questions on the way in, and you leaned back and let me answer them.

"Does it get smaller when it gets hard?"

"No, silly, it gets bigger, a lot bigger"

"Oh" she said, a little surprised. "Didn't you get it into your...your pussy?"

"Yes," I grinned, a little proud of myself.

"What do you do after it's in? You guys were, like, moving back and forth a lot."

"Well, yeah - after it's in Daddy pushes it in and out a lot and that feels really good."

"And you just keep doing that?"

"Yes, until we cum, or until Daddy cums - sometimes I cum a couple times." You smiled at me.

"Oh wow, is it doing it now?" she asked, and I glanced back down - sure enough, Daddy, you were growing for us, arching up and getting bigger.

"Yeah, he's doing it," I giggled. "That's an erection, or you can call it a boner." She laughed a little.

"Why is it getting big now?" she asked. We're not doing anything. I looked at you and smiled.

"Well... you said, you guys are talking about sexy things and staring at it...I guess he likes the attention."

I was getting really turned on too, Daddy, just thinking about fucking nipples were getting all puffy and poking through my shirt - I looked at Lizzie, and hers were too I wonder if she even noticed.

"Oh, okay." Lizzie was giggling now, and she blushed a little.

She leaned over to look closer at it.

"Are those your balls, Daddy? What are they for?"

"Those are, baby girl. That's where daddy makes his cum."

"What's that?" she asked. You grinned a little sheepishly and looked at me.

"Uh, that's what Daddy squirts out when he's having an orgasm. That's what I meant when I said cumming earlier. We both have orgasms, but Daddys is different from ours, of course."

"So how does he do it...does he just make it happen?"

"No, he's got to get really turned on and be doing something, like getting rubbed or sucked or using it to fuck me....I mean, fuck someone," I blushed a little, I think.

"Lizzie was staring really intently at your hard-on, Daddy. I could tell she wanted to learn more. Do you want to touch it?" I asked.

She reached towards it and then stopped. Will he cum if I do?

"Oh no, not just from a little touching, you have to touch it a lot."

She timidly reached forward and put her finger on the bottom of your shaft, then cautiously wrapped her fingers around it...I could see your cock jump a little as you throbbed, and she giggled. "Oh my gosh, I can feel it..."

Lizzie had her fingers wrapped around your bulging cock, a little tightly.

She turned to look at me. So what makes you cum?

I giggled. "Uhhh...all sorts of things. It could be Daddy touching me with his fingers, or licking me, or fucking me, or just me touching myself."

"OK, I really want you to show me how you can make it happen when you touch yourself, because sometimes I really want to cum but it's just me....I'm not sure how to do it."

She glanced back and forth between both of us expectantly. "Well, come ON, you guys!"

You bit your lip. "Well, why don't you show her how to touch herself first, and then I'll be quite ready to show her how I know, get off"

I blushed. "Uhh....Ok, Daddy"

I looked back at Lizzie. "So do you want me to just tell you how to do it or..."

"NO!" she said, a little brattily. I want you to SHOW me. First you do it, and then you can help me do it right."

I looked back at you...I'd never let anyone but you watch me. "Go ahead, princess," you said, a little firmly. I felt a little annoyed - I was pretty sure you just wanted to watch me.

"OK, well...I like to lay on my back while I do it, so..."

"Here's a blanket, you can lay on the floor," Lizzie said, handing me the blanket off the back of the couch.

I laid down on the blanket with my feet facing you two. I wiggled out of my shorts...I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Hey, how come you don't have any hair?" Lizzie gasped when my pussy came into view.

"Cause I shave, silly. Guys like that better." She blushed, and sat up straighter as she watched me.

I closed my eyes for a was kind of distracting having her watching me, but hot knowing you were right there, too, Daddy. I started to rub my hands over myself...imagining it was you touching me, cupping my boobs, rubbing my nipples softly. I was already pretty turned on from cuddling you while you were naked.

I spread my legs open, letting both of you see me, my knees hiked up...I started to slide my fingers over and along my pussy, teasing myself a little, then swiping down into my opening, pulling my pussy juice up onto my clit so I was nice and wet and slick.

I could hear both of you breathing faster. I opened my eyes and saw your hand on Lizzie's wrist, helping her move up and down your shaft a little. "Lizzie, Baby," I said, "Lick your hand so it's wet if you're gonna stroke Daddy, he'll like that better." She quickly got her hand wet with her spit and then squeezed your dick again, letting you guide her inexperienced hand up and down your cock.

I stared at your face as I started to rub my clit, not pushing down on it hard but circling over it and stroking alongside, my fingers floating over the hood...we were all panting.

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