Ooo, Daddy


" you stick your fingers in?" Lizzie asked, almost in a whisper.

"N...No, not usually..." I moaned.

"Ohhhhh...." she sighed... "I was always trying to get my fingers in and it just hurt a little..."

I bit my lip and didn't fingers were flicking over my clit faster and faster, sending little jolts of warmth up through me, and my hips were starting to move on their own... I pulled my hood back a little, letting you see my glistening clit as I massaged around it...

I heard Lizzie climb off the couch and yank her shorts down and lay down next to were touching your cock now as you watched us, and she started to touch her pussy, watching me as she started to rub herself. Sure enough, she hadn't started shaving yet, and had a wispy little bush on her little pussy.

I closed my eyes then, though, because I was almost there. A few seconds later I started to cum; I didn't make much noise, because I still felt a little shy with her watching, but she knew it was happening when I started to shake and rock. "Daddy, is she cumming?" she gasped.

"Yes, baby, she is...isn't it pretty?" you moaned."

I rocked for a few more seconds, then kept rubbing myself softly as my body came back down...."Mmmmmm"

I sighed, opened my eyes, and looked over at Lizzie. She was laying back now, her fingers working hard at her pussy, her face red. She looked so focused.

"Here, try...this," I said, and I reached down and took her fingers, spreading them into a V and putting on either side of her clit. It was really hot to see her fingers sink down against her pale little soft pussy lips - I looked over and saw you staring, too.

"Rub them up and down like this and squeeze it, very gently...doesn't that feel good?"

"Oh.... "she said...I could hear a surprised note in her voice. "Oh wow, yeah..."

She kept working her little cunt like that, sliding her fingers against her clit, her legs splayed open, panting for breath. Her nipples were so puffy even though her boobs were hardly there, I almost sucked them without thinking about it.

I saw her eyes were closed and I leaned down and whispered in her ear... "Just imagine Daddy on top of you, Baby. He's got his nice, hot, hard cock and he's pushing it into you...sliding it into your pussy, and you can feel him stretching you out inside, getting ready to fill you up nice and tight...Daddy's going to make you his little bitch, baby, he's going to fuck you full of his cum....Her breathing hitched when I said that last part."

My lips were almost touching her ear as I kept talking to her while she touched herself. "Daddy has a big cock, baby, and he's going to make you take it all...he's going to pin you down and use your little body, make you cum while he fucks you, and he's going to squirt cum up inside your little pussy."

That was too much for her...She started to yelp, kind of loudly, actually, her mouth a big wide "O" as she came. She stopped touching her pussy and just grabbed her thighs, pulling them up, and I could see her pussy juices actually running down a tiny bit towards her butt. She looked really hot when she came, Daddy.

We both stared at her while she panted and moaned, then she started to laugh a little when she opened her eyes and saw us watching.

"Oh wow...that was really good"

"Are you ready to help Daddy cum now?" I asked. He's probably ready. I looked over at you and looked a little desperate.

"Ohh...just...just give me a second, she sighed, still quivering a little as she laid on her back."

"You know, Sissy and I can probably take it from here if you've had enough," you offered.

"No, no, I'm ready," she said, insistently...she really didn't want to let anything get by her.

She got up on her knees, still looking a little shaky. So does that how you usually do it?

"Yes," I said. "Sometimes I'll do it facing down, though, if I'm feeling a little naughty. Like, bend over" - she leaned down -Further - I pushed her chest down to the floor - "and put your hand up here." I slid her hand up between her legs to her slick pussy. "See, sometimes if I want to imagine Daddy's fucking me from behind, I'll do it like that."

She touched herself a little, her ass arched up and pointed right at you. "Oh gosh, it's kind of tingly, I can't touch it again yet," she gasped.

"Yeah, I know, that happens sometimes," I laughed. "Come over here."

I pulled her back over to the couch. Both of us were kneeling in front of you.

"Now, Daddy's all ready for his turn," I said, "And you said you wanted to learn about blow jobs, so now's probably a good time."

You scooched obligingly up to the edge of the couch. "Are you sure you're ready, baby?" you asked her. "Yes" she said, still self-assured, "But Sissy, you go first and I'll watch."

Of COURSE she'd say that, I thought. Your cock was rock hard, now, and looked kind of huge jutting out from you just then. I figured I didn't need to tease or warm you up, Daddy, so I leaned forward and just started sucking on you. I swirled my tongue around the head of your cock as I went down, hearing your satisfied moan as my lips wrapped around you.

"Are you blowing now?" she asked.

I choked, and both of us laughed. "Baby, you actually don't blow...nnnnnnnggg...that wouldn't be good," you said as I went back to sucking. "You just suck, actually, let your tongue and lips rub me. It's just called a blow job because...I guess that's what it looks like"

I let her watch as I slid my mouth up and down you a few more times, then popped off your glistening, wet head. "Ok, your turn" I told her. "You'll want to hold the bottom right here and slide your hand up and down if you can't get your mouth all the way on it. And don't chicken out - if he starts to cum, try your best to swallow it all. It's usually not too much.

I kept a straight face until she was leaning forward and couldn't see me, then looked at you - you grinned at me. Of course I was lying.

She cautiously let your cock push its way past her ruby lips, then started bobbing up and down rapidly. You tensed a little..."little slower, baby," you moaned...she slowed down, not doing it perfectly but I could tell you still loved it. You put your hands on her head, helping her get the right rhythm as your hips thrusted slightly. She was struggling to get much into her mouth, but boy, she was determined to try. I saw her gag herself a couple of times, but she just kept right on going. Her little body was rocking back and forth, her spit running down her chin as she took your cock in her mouth, her ass up in the air...small and sexy at the same time. I bet her little mouth felt really good on your dick, Daddy.

All of the sudden I heard you suck your breath in... you were cumming already.

She didn't realize it, and all of the sudden she grunted and then made a surprised squeak as you unloaded into her petite little mouth. She tried to stay on, and I saw her throat move as she swallowed the first of your load, but then she gasped and sat up as you kept squirting. She gasped and stared in wide wonder at your cock as you spurted arching white shots of cum at her, splashing her face, neck, tits, and tummy.

She sat back down as you finished, cum oozing out of your cock...she was a glistening, sticky mess, and still shocked, not sure what to do with herself.


"Oh, Daddy is soo HOT hearing about those wonderful memories; brings everything back like it was just yesterday. Lizzie is a little bit bratty sometimes, but it was really cute watching her learn-- she was so interested and she didn't want to miss anything."

Daddy really loves to watch you make yourself cum. I like to watch your face, whether you're touching yourself, or we're fucking face-to-face. You throw your head back, your mouth opens, and you let out these little pleasure moans, almost in a rhythm. Your eyes get this far-away look, and you bite your lower lip with your pretty white teeth. When we're fucking, just before you cum, we look each other straight in the eyes-- it's the look of pure love.

Lizzie didn't have all the elements of a good blow job together quite yet. She didn't get the part about using her tongue when Daddy's cock is in her mouth, and she missed that little triangle right under my head that drives me so crazy. She probably needs a little more tutoring. It would be soo hot to have two tongues licking my shaft at the same time.

Just after Daddy had shot his cum all over her, we heard the garage door open.

"Oh shit, Mommy's home."

We all jumped up and scampered off to our rooms, still naked. Lizzie giggled as she watched Daddy's cock swinging around when he ran. Her tiny breasts weren't big enough to bounce, but yours did--I love to watch them. We all admitted later, that although it was a close call, it was kind of a thrill to get away with something.

It was a few days before we had the house to ourselves again. Daddy came in to your room before Lizzie got up, because I wanted to spend a little time with my princess first. Daddy had bought you a really sexy see-through lace baby doll and matching thong and you were modeling it for me. It was red. You looked down at the floor and blushed a little bit.

"Do you like it, Daddy?"

"I love it, baby girl. You are so beautiful."

"You make me feel beautiful, Daddy."

I drew you close to me, and we started kissing. I love to kiss you; your full lips are so soft and supple. We teased each other with our tongues, with little butterfly flicks. I nibbled at your lower lip, sucking it between mine, scraping it with my teeth.

I started kissing down your throat, across your jaw, until I reached your ears. I was intoxicated by the scent of your hair, and you had dabbed on a little bit of a light, flowery perfume. Daddy blew gently in your ear and you shivered. I took the lobe into my mouth and sucked on it, flicking it with my tongue, just like I would do with your clit.

Kissing my way across your soft shoulder, I slipped one strap down, exposing one of your breasts. I teased it with my lips and tongue, kissing, licking, until I got to your nipple. It was hard and swollen, and you moaned when I sucked it into my mouth, and ran your fingers through my hair.

I pulled off your other strap, and stood back to look at your luscious, firm breasts, then alternated from nipple to nipple. Daddy tugged your babydoll down the rest of the way and let it pool at your feet. You pressed your chest into mine, and we stood there, skin-to-skin. I put my hands on your rounded ass cheeks, massaged them, and pulled you tight into me. I was wearing my silk boxers and you wrapped your hand around my erection gently stoking me. Silk on flesh feels wonderful.

We moved over to the bed and lay together, kissing and stroking each other. Daddy started kissing his way down your body until he got to your pussy. It was glistening wet, and the smell assaulted my nostrils and made my cock even harder. Pheromones are amazingly stimulating.

I kissed and licked and sucked, not spending as much time as I usually would, because I was longing to fuck you before Lizzie woke up. I felt your hips start to buck under my tongue and your moans got a little more constant. By now, I knew when you were about to cum, so I grabbed your ass and pulled you harder into my mouth.

"Nnnghh, mmmm, ohhh yes." You were biting your lips so you wouldn't make too much noise and wake Lizzie up."

Daddy move up your body and kissed you deeply. You sucked your juices off my tongue. I took my cock in my hand and ran it up and down your slippery slit, paying special attention to your engorged clit. I put my crown between your pretty lips and sank in, fast and hard. You were so hot, so slick, so tight. I was in heaven. I rose up and plunged in again; long, fast strokes. You started to rise up to meet me and we were.....

"HEY! you guys are fucking, and you didn't wait for ME."

"You'll get your turn, Lizzie. Why don't you sit back and watch." You blushed. You'd never had an audience before. Being watched turned Daddy on. He likes watching, and being watched. After awhile, you looked like you were enjoying it too.

"When you're done, will you fuck me, too?"

"We probably won't fuck today, Lizzie. We need to work up to it slowly."

"Oh, like first base and second base and stuff like that?"

"Yes, like that."

"What will we do today, Daddy?"

"We'll teach you about eating pussy today."

"Oooo, okay."

"Now you sit back and watch us fuck, until we're finished." I was a little annoyed by the interruption, but she soon shut up and started to watch."

"Oh, I can see your balls swing back and forth, and they're slapping her right in the butt. Can I hold them while you fuck?"

"Very gently." She cupped her hands around my scrotum and lightly felt them in her hand. She leaned forward and studied my cock sliding in and out of your pussy.

"Oh, it's all shiny and wet."

"That's her pussy juice making it wet."

"Oh, look, her pussy lips move into her cunt when you go in, and they come out again when you move out. That's so cool." Lizzie was rubbing her little nipples while she watched, then put a hand between her legs and started it moving back and forth.

"Watching makes my pussy all wet."

"We're glad you like it. Watching makes me really hard."

"Can you feel it when he cums in you?"

"Oh yes," you said.

"Does it feel good?"

"Oh yes. A lot of times it makes me cum at the same time."

"Are you going to cum soon?"

"Pretty soon." Daddy can feel your vagina start to pulse when you're about to cum, and I hold my ejaculation off until we can do it at the same time.

"Oh...Oh...OOO...NOW, princess, now...ahhh....mmm."

"ME TOO, DADDY...unggghh...ungggg...oh yes, Daddy, oh yes." Your cunt squeezed me hard, milking out the last drops.

I collapsed on top of you, took your beautiful face in my hands, and kissed you softly, gently, waiting for your body to subside. I pulled my cock out of you and rolled over on my back. Lizzie studied your pussy. Your opening was still wide.

"Oh, look, Daddy's cum is running out of your pussy." You smiled at her. Any trace of embarrassment was long gone.

"Okay, Lizzie, it's your turn now." She lay down on her back and spread her legs open. Her little pussy was already wet from her diddling it with her fingers. Suddenly, she sat up, with a puzzled expression on her face.

"When you eat my pussy, what do you eat? Will it be gone forever?" We both laughed.

"No, silly," you said. "Nothing actually gets eaten. It's like a blowjob; there's no blowing. It's just a lot of kissing and licking, and some sucking, too."

"Okay, I'm ready, then." She spread her legs again. Then I looked at you.

"Do you want to do this together?" You frowned a little bit.

"You mean both of us eat her?"


"Okay. I've never tasted another pussy before, it might be fun."

"Why don't you take one side of her, and I'll take the other."

We each lay down beside her and started stroking her body. We mirrored each other's action. When she lay down, her tiny titties almost disappeared, but her nipples were hard and really stood up. I fondled one, and you did the other.

"Ooo, that feels really good." We each took a nipple into our mouth, and sucked on them.

"Oooo, I can feel that all the way down to my pussy. Oh, oh, it really tingles. OH, I think I'm gonna cum, mmmmm, mmmmmm, MMMMMM...OH SHIT...ahhh. That was a little cum, Daddy"

"You'll have a bigger one, soon."

We kissed our way down her body, our tongues tangling a little when we teased her navel. It was a little awkward when we got to her pussy, but we managed to get both our heads in the right place. We started licking, each of us doing one of her pink lips. When we got to her clit, your tongue ran down one side of it, and mine did the other. When our tongues met, we started kissing each other, tasting her sweet musk on each other's lips.

"Hey, you guys stop making out, and do me." We laughed together, and went back to work on her.


That was pretty crazy. I had never licked a girl down there before, obviously - I hadn't really licked anyone but you, but having you there doing it with me made it a lot easier somehow. AND it helped that she enjoyed it so much - the way she moaned in those pouty, spoiled-sounding little wails she makes when she's getting touched made it really fun. I think I could do it by myself sometime - who knows.

"How would you feel about that, Daddy? Like, if you were gone on a trip and if it was just Lizzie and me and we were bored, would it bother you if we played around with each other that way, or would you want us to wait until you're around? I don't want any other boyfriends, or girlfriends, really, but I'm pretty sure Lizzie will ask at some point, so I just thought I'd run that by you."

After Lizzie had her fun, Daddy, we all went downstairs to get breakfast. Mommy was visiting her mom for the weekend, so you and I made breakfast together - it was kind of fun to play house with you like that, Daddy. I was still wearing that beautiful little nightie you got me and you and Lizzie were naked.

Lizzie was still obviously getting used to the novelty of being able to run around naked and look at you and touch you, Daddy, because she kept giggling and reaching around and feeling your cock while we made pancakes. You would kiss me every once in a while, and I loved that, as always - you have to bend over so much to kiss me. When we sat down to eat, Lizzie kept peppering us with questions.

"Sissy, does it hurt when you and Daddy have sex?"

" did the first, and maybe a little the couple times after that, but now it just feels good."

"Do you think it will hurt?"

"Well, you haven't had sex with anyone, right?" I asked her.


"Then yeah, probably a little, because your pussy sort of has to get opened up a little inside, but it's not that bad."


"Yes, baby girl?"

"Do you ever touch yourself, like by yourself?"

"Well...yeah, sometimes when I'm off by myself and I don't have Sissie around to help I might do that."

She giggled when you said that. "Daddy, can you show me?"

"I guess, sweetie, but not right now, maybe after breakfast" you chuckled."

You started rubbing my foot with yours under the table. I think you were trying to reassure me that I was still your girl, Daddy, but I wasn't worried, but we still smiled at each other.

"So like, how many times can you guys have sex in one day?" Lizzie asked through a mouthful of pancakes.

" know, probably quite a few" you said, a little embarrassed. I was wondering...I know we've had some days when I was really sore at the end in a good way, Daddy, but I couldn't remember.

"Daddy, do you cum just once or more?"

"Just once, baby, then I usually have to have at least a few minutes before I can cum again."

"How about you, Sissy"

I blushed while sipping my OJ. "Well, the first couple times I could just cum once, but I sort of...learned how my g-spot works, so now I can cum a couple times."

"Her eyes got big. What's that?"

"It's just a place inside me that Daddy can rub with his finger or his cock that feels really good. It's how I can cum if he isn't rubbing my clit."

"Do I have one?"

"Oh, probably"

You and I were both finishing up by now. You leaned over and whispered in my ear..."Let's show her."

You pulled me close, and I lifted my leg up and straddled you, your cock rubbing against my pussy lips. I was still a little wet, Daddy, because you had been rubbing me through breakfast and I think a little of your cum was still coming out of my pussy. Your cock always feels so good and exciting when it rubs me, it's the anticipation, I think. You started to run your hands all over me, cupping my ass and my breasts, sliding your fingers between my legs, and kissing me. You ran your hands through my hair - I always love that, Daddy.

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