tagRomanceOooh... Ch. 02

Oooh... Ch. 02


(Hi! I'm back again, my first story has been on Lit for a little time, and I love to tell you about the rest of my weekend. But first I'd like to introduce myself.

I'm Charlene. I'm 5'3", a little on the plump side and I wear a large C-cup - or a small D-cup, depending on the make of bra. My aureola are an inch and a half in diameter and a bit purplish and my nipples are big. At the moment they are a little tender still, because they have just been pierced – but I'm very proud of my piercings!

I've got longish, auburn hair, and I used to have an auburn bush – until my first night at the mansion, that is.

Some of my boyfriends used to say they liked my boobs, some my ass, and one said he liked my pout. He used to call me Betty Boop ;-)

I'm twenty-five. Most people think I'm much younger than I am; at my local they know, but I always have to bring my ID when I go out, or they won't allow me in. I did an office job, and I was pretty good at that.)

The master of the mansion smiled at me. I thought he looked even sexier than he did in the car. Because I was happy he had invited me I started kissing his face. I nibbled on his lips and I tried to pull at his cheeks with my lips. I ran my tongue slowly along the underside of his nose, left and right, and then up over the tip. I put wet kisses on his eyes and wiggled my slicked-up tits against his chest. He felt slick too, what with all the oil. Man! It felt sooo sexy! I think he liked it, too, for he closed his eyes.

He leant back in the bath of oil and I felt his cock go hard again in my pussy. I thought he was going to fuck me again, but he put his hands under my buns and lifted me off his cock. Ah, what a pity.

He got up from under me and stepped out of the bath. There was a piece of plastic from the bath to the Jacuzzi, so we wouldn't ruin the carpet, and he took my hand and helped me out of the oil bath. The woman who'd done my make-up and shaved my pussy was there and she had run the Jacuzzi so we could immediately start washing. He washed my back – he has warm strong hands, and it felt sooo good! Then I washed his. Hmmm. Nice! The woman helped unfasten my hair and washed it.

He said I had beautiful breasts, and then he said I would look even sexier if I had my nipples pierced.

Huh! I had my ears pierced as a girl, and they said it wouldn't hurt. I screamed the place down. And then through my nipples! No way.

I said I was afraid it would hurt, and he asked if I knew how sexy it looked, and how sexy it felt to touch them.

No, of course I didn't.

Well, he said, maybe I would, soon.

We'll see about that, I thought.

We spent some time in the bath together and then the woman came with a towel and rubbed me dry again. The master of the mansion dried himself, I think. Then he dressed in a nice suit, and the woman gave me some sort of baby doll to wear. It was pink and transparent and had a lot of ribbons in front. And it had panties that fluttered a little around my buns. It felt nice, too.

We went to the corridor and into the next room where we had supper. He talked a lot. It was a kind of light meal, really, with some wine. He was very attentive, and he sat looking at me all the time. It felt as if he looked straight through my eyes and into my pussy. Does that make sense? It's how it felt anyway.

Then a woman came in; she was quite old and she said, "Molineux, what are you doing? You don't want to get in trouble with underage girls!"

And he said, "Mother, Charlene's twenty-five, and I'm old enough to know what I'm doing. And I'm thinking of making her my chatelaine."

Then she went away.

Chatelaine? My mother used to have one but she sold it during a bad patch. It was made of silver with scissors and stuff, and it was heavy. Maybe he means he likes me with my legs open? I like him that way, anyway. Well. But I know his name now. I never knew anybody called Molineux before. It sounds expensive.

When we'd finished our meal he accompanied me to my room. He came along to the bathroom and listened while I relieved myself and brushed my teeth. They had put my own toothbrush there. But I didn't see the rest of my things. Then I went to bed and slipped under the covers. He smiled at me and pulled them back, and then he pulled my panties down, and told me to lift my legs. Some chatelaine, I thought.

He took something from his pocket and pushed something into my pussy. It felt like two balls. Then he put something else up my ass that felt like a string of marbles. I wiggled my ass a bit; it was a pleasant feeling. He pushed my legs down again, put my panties back into place and pulled the covers up over my body.

Then he kissed my cheek, stroked my hair and wished me goodnight, switching the light off as he closed the door.

I tried to roll the balls around in my pussy a bit, but I was too tired. The bed was soft and big, and the room was nice and warm. I slept like a log.

I woke up because someone touched me. The room was dark, but I heard the rustle of material; later I saw it was a silk dressing gown.

Good morning, sleepy head - it was a woman's voice, one that I had not heard before, a little like a song.

Good morning, I said.

The woman stroked my hair, and then she moved the cover off my body, slowly. She ran a hand across my breasts and down to my sex, and then she pulled off my panties and went between my legs and started to kiss my pussy.

Hey, she said, did you bring your Ben-Wa balls?

And I said, so that's what they are? No, the master of the mansion put them there.

Molineux? Wow. He must see something in you alright.

Then she pulled them out while she sucked on my clit. Oh! I suddenly felt I had to go to the bathroom fast.

Why don't you just pee in my mouth, she said.

No please, I said. No way! I'm a good girl!

So I hurried into the bathroom, and she came with me, and I just ran for it without bothering to find the light switch. She stood next to me, and when she hear my piddle burbling down she put her hand under my pussy and tried to find my opening with a finger.

Bah! No accounting for tastes. But it felt good to be rid of it. I went to the door, found the light shift and saw the woman was licking her fingers. I went and washed my hands, and we went back into the bedroom.

She lay down with me and she pulled the blankets up. She said she was Mary Louise, Molineux's younger sibling.

You're his sister I said. Wow.

She said she preferred to be called his sibling.

Ok. I said that Molineux must be much older, but she said he was only thirty-two; in her family men always went grey at the temples before they were thirty.

Then she started to rub my tits. She said I had nice breasts, her brother was right.

I ran my hands to hers, and she opened her dressing gown, moved up a bit and pushed one into my face, so I opened my mouth to suck on it. Wow! It felt really different; there was a little ring through her nipple and it felt smooth and weird to my tongue. So that was what Molineux had meant when he said I might feel it soon.

I asked her if Molineux had asked her to come to my bed, but she said he hadn't. She always saw visitors early in the morning.

I asked if I could look at her, and she put out an arm and switched on a bedside light. Molineux was right; it looked really sexy!

She was very beautiful. She had long red nails, well manicured hands and lovely black hair. She wore eyeliner and blue eye shadow, and she had a beautiful mouth, with a lot of white teeth. No more than mine, probably, but that's the way she looked. And she had beautiful breasts, too. They made me jealous, actually.

Hmm, I thought, what a nice way to wake up.

She lay down again and ran a hand down to my pussy. She knew what to do with it, too – she really made me squirm. So I went down her belly. It was nice and soft and curvy – and then I touched a cock, and a really big one, too. You could have struck me down with a feather. Man!

She looked at me quietly and asked if I didn't want her to go now. I wrapped my hand round her cock and squeezed it. She sighed deeply and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her.

It was a little weird alright. My upper half was making love to a woman and my lower half felt her cock pressed against it. But she really was a woman to look at and she really felt like one, apart from that one cock. Even her legs felt like a woman's legs. I stroked her cock and slowly pushed her foreskin down. Then I turned round to look at it. It was a beautiful cock, with a nice brownish red colour and a purple head that shone and had a drop of liquid on top.

I moved myself on top of her and started to suck, and she pushed her face into my pussy. She had a soft tongue and it felt really good. Her cock was so thick I could hardly get my hand around it. She tasted very nice, and I tried to get her deep into my throat. I could only get some seven inches in, and I started to moan around it and I tickled her balls. Then I withdrew and worked my lips around the base of the tip, with only the tip in my mouth. I think she liked it, for she got even more rigid. S

he asked if I'd like to fuck.

Wow! Fucking a woman that way felt sooo sexy! She knew what to do with it, too. She came slowly inside, but I was so wet that she needn't have bothered. I loved it. She rubbed her pierced nipples against mine, and she fucked me nice and hard. Oooh! I felt my juices run down my legs, and the thing in my ass rubbed against her cock, and she seemed to know exactly where to find my g-spot. I was completely horny again, and I tried to touch her nipples with my fingers. She got up on her arms, so I could look at her cock pounding into me and then she fed her nipple to my mouth. The piercing didn't seem too weird any more, it just felt very hot!

She could really fuck. She rolled her cock lengthwise and touched me everywhere inside. Then she kissed me again and fucked even faster. I had felt an orgasm build for some time, and it was too much. Man, Did I feel myself come!

I squirted over her cock, and then I felt her spurt into me, spurt after spurt. She collapsed on top of me and pressed her breasts against mine.

She lay panting in my ear for a long time; then she sat up and thanked me.

I said it had been really nice, and I kissed her again.

Then Molineux came in, and greeted us. I see you know each other, he said with a smile. How do you like Charlene?

Mary Louise just smiled and nodded. She looked quite happy, too.

He said we were expected in the breakfast room in half an hour.

Mary Louise lifted her eyebrows and looked at me as if I'd just won the pools.

Molineux said Janine would come and dress me, as my own clothes were not suitable and that he'd like me to put in the Ben-Wa balls again. Phew.

He grinned at us and left us.

I asked Mary Louise who Janine was, and she said she was my Lady's Maid.

Is that in capitals? I'm not sure. So this weekend I had my own Lady's Maid. Wow! That really felt expensive, too.

Janine came in and took me into the bathroom. She washed me, shaved my pussy, perfumed me and made my face up. Then I put in the Ben-Wa balls. Janine dressed me in a kind of suit with sensible shoes.

I asked why I wasn't going to wear heels, and she said it was the master's orders. Some news.

When I was ready Mary Louise came to my room again. She was dressed like a real lady; no one who didn't know would ever notice! She took my arm and we went downstairs.

The breakfast room was big and you could look out. They said it was the lawn. It was the size of a meadow, though. You had a really nice view. There were a couple of deer, and it was nice and sunny.

Molineux's mother was there, and Molineux, and a few people I didn't know.

Molineux introduced everyone and I shook hands, also with his mother. She seemed better at ease now that she couldn't see my tits through the material of my clothes. I think it would work that way for me, too.

Breakfast was good, and I found I really had an appetite. Everybody talked about nothing in particular, and I sat and listened. It did not seem too daunting; if I listen long enough I can certainly talk along.

Molineux addressed me once or twice, and nobody seemed to think I was a bimbo.

After breakfast Molineux took me apart. He said he thought I had been at a pony camp long ago.

Yes, that was true.

So he said we would go riding that morning. Wow, on a big horse.

I asked if there was time to brush my teeth and take the stuff out of my nether parts.

He told me to leave them in. They would keep me nicely turned on, he said.


But I could go and brush my teeth; we would meet in the hall.

They took us outside, and the horses were waiting. I loved riding there. Molineux often rode beside me. He can be very funny and he looked very sexy, too. The balls were nice. They did not get me off, but I had to think of my ass and pussy a little all the time. They were a kind of reminder that kept my vulva swollen. Phew. Strange habits alright.

When the ride was over we rode to the stables, and Molineux offered me to go and discipline one of the men.

Mwah, that didn't really appeal to me. No thanks.

He smiled and asked if I'd care to come for a swim with him instead.

I said I hadn't brought my bathing suit.

He said it didn't matter.

A nice skinny dip seemed alright, so I said yes, I'd love to.

He took some towels and we walked to a big pond or a small lake together, and there was a kind of jetty sticking into it. Molineux undressed. He opened his arms and waited for me to come into them, and he started to undress me. He was really sweet. He stroked and caressed every new nude part, and he felt me up, and pinched my nipples a little. Phew. I felt my pussy get quite swollen again. Then he felt between my legs and slowly pulled out the toys; first the marbles and then the balls. That really turned me on no end! He kissed my mouth and then he ran to the end of the jetty and he dived into the water. I ran after him and went in, too.

It was cold! I came up spluttering and Molineux swam up to me and he put his arms around me. His wet body felt lovely against mine, and he felt warm. Nice! He put his hands under my buns and held me up while treading water.

I nuzzled his cheeks and he seemed to like it for he slipped a finger into my pussy and ran his thumb over my clit, and when I reached out for him I felt his cock was hard and hot.

He asked if I had ever fucked in the water.

I said all the things I had done here were new for me.

He said that was good.

He wanted me to sow my wild oats quickly; he didn't want me to feel I had missed out on anything.

I didn't really understand – but he seemed quite serious.

He kissed my mouth and put both hands under my buns. He lifted me a little and I felt his cock try and find my entrance, so I reached down and helped him in. It felt really good, his warmth in the cold water, and he fucked slowly and he sucked on my tongue. I loved to feel him inside. He was big, almost as big as Mary Louise, and he fucked even nicer. He didn't have such nice breasts, but his arms were nice and strong, and he was in very good shape.

I put my arms around him and stroked his wet hair, and then I took his head in my hands. I loved the way he kissed.

One of his hands sneaked up to my breast – he started rolling my nipple between his fingers. Oooh, that felt soo good! While moved in and out of me he started giving pecks at my face, and softly biting my nose, and then his tongue was in my mouth again. He put his hands round my waist, and moved me up and down couther to the rhythm of his hips, and it made me feel very hot. I tried to help out by bucking down on his cock each time he moved me down, and he sucked my tongue into his mouth even more furiously.

He started panting, and he told me he liked the taste of my mouth, and I kissed him hard to thank him, and I felt a massive orgasm build. I wanted his sperm in my pussy, and I began to squeeze and roll him the way I had rolled the Ben-Wa balls most of the morning.

Ooh baby, he said – and then I felt his cock contract and grow even more rigid before I felt his hot sperm blast against my womb.

He forgot to tread water, I think, for we almost disappeared into the lake. Phew! But his strong arms were still around my waist, and he brought us back up again.

He grew soft slowly, and when he slipped out it felt really strange in the cold water. He took my hand and we swam to the jetty together.

Then he got up on it and pulled me out of the water. He took a big towel and rubbed me completely dry and warm.

I asked if I could dry him and he said yes I could.

I really loved feeling him through the towel. He seemed to like it, too, for he grew hard again.

Oh dear, he said, here I go again. You seem to have that effect on me. H

e pulled me into him and kissed me, and then he asked me to get dressed – it was time for lunch, he said.

I held up the balls and looked at him. He nodded, so I put the balls back in. He helped with the other thing.

He took my hand again and we walked back to the mansion. On the way he talked about Mary Louise.

He said she sometimes went in to visit people who stayed at the mansion, and that most of them freaked out when they found she was a little different. She had told him I hadn't, and she had really appreciated making love to me.

I said I thought she was very sweet, and sexy, and that she felt like a woman anyway.

Would I mind making love with her more often?

I said I wouldn't; I'd love to. Was I going to be invited over again, then?

He grinned, and said that yes, I was.

Ooh, super, I said.

But the first night's treatment will not be repeated, he said. It will be just my sister and I.

She calls herself your sibling, I said.

Molineux smiled a little.

Yes, he said, but I don't think of her like that. You called her my sister, too. I really loved that.

Oh, I said, and I loved her piercings. You were right, they are very sexy. I will try and find a piecing shop in town, and have myself pierced.

He smiled at me again, and told me that he didn't think it was a good idea.

I thought I had said something wrong, but then he said he didn't trust those people. He had done his sister's piercings himself. Would I trust him?

I stopped and put my arms round his neck and said I would.

Then he kissed me again and said that he would pierce me the next afternoon before I was to go home. He asked if I liked to wear dresses.

I said yes, especially in summer, but I didn't have too many of them.

He nodded. He said he would love me to wear dresses. Ok?

Well, I thought I had brought a dress in my bag. But I had not seen my bag any more since I had arrived. I didn't even know where my key had gone.

The meal was lovely. We had lunch with only the three of us: Mary Louise, Molineux and I. I was a little worried because I didn't know how if I could say Molineux, so I just said "you," but I don't think he noticed. I decided to ask him once we were alone. I asked him how long I could stay and if he would drive me back.

He didn't answer the first question; he said they would drive me home, but just for a little time.

I don't think I always understand him, but Mary Louise sat smiling at me like the Cheshire cat. She has green eyes, too.

Molineux said there would be a dance that night. There would be people from the neighbourhood and a small orchestra. But we had the afternoon for ourselves. He said he would like to show me around the mansion.

Phew. It really was a mansion alright; nothing like a bungalow. He showed me the cellars, and the door to the kitchen and the quarters for the staff. Then we went to his study and the library – it was full of big books in leather.

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