tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 05

Open Marriage Ch. 05


Marik laid on the empty bed starring up at the ceiling. He was thinking back four months ago to that trip to Miami when he last screwed Faith. Has it been that long? Nine months since they first met Hank? It was a rarity when Faith spent a night at home with Mark.

Maybe that's why that weekend in Miami stood out vividly in his mind. He felt so close to her that morning. The morning he walked into their hotel room and got a quick piece. Yeah! Left overs, you might consider it! It was good! He felt it! Faith felt it!

Mark looked at the time. It was after eleven. Faith promised that she'd be home that night. It wasn't their wedding anniversary but it was the anniversary of the night they first met. Mark would just take it and forget about it. He closed his eyes remembering their first date. Mark thought she was adorable.

Faith always wore her hair down to her waist as she does today. She was sweet. Hardly dated anyone. Her father was strict with her and wouldn't allow her to date until she finished high school. Then it was college! Mark closed his eyes. He was falling asleep.

Something touched his nose. He was startled as he opened his eyes and saw red roses in his face and an adorable blonde woman holding them with a smile.

"Hi. Baby!"

Mark smiled as he reached for her. Faith leaned over and kissed his lips. "You thought I'd forget?"

Mark smiled as he starred at Faith. She was dressed conservatively in a dress suite. "Why the formal wear?"

"Honey? That's why I'm so late. I just flew back from New York with Hank tonight. He had business to attend to and if I knew we were going to be this late I wouldn't have gone."

Mark slipped himself up and laid back against the bed. Faith gave him the flowers to hold as she took off her clothes. "I've had a long day. I've been on that plane for five hours and had to rush over here. I could just fall asleep."

Mark felt disappointed. They never had quality time together any longer. He watched as Faith got completely naked then opened a drawer and pulled out her pajama's. She combed her hair as she spoke. "Mark. We had such a busy time in New York this week. Hank had meetings to attend and we met clients for dinner. I thought it would never end!"

Mark tossed the flowers on the bed and put his hands behind his head as he watched her playing with her hair. "How many times did he fuck you this week?"

Faith turned around with a surprised expression on her face. "What?"

"You heard me. How many times did he fuck you?"

Faith shook her head and took her ear rings off and slammed them onto the counter.

"Can't you remember or did you lose count?"

"Mark? Why are you doing this? I came all the way over here tonight to spend time with you."

"Oh. No! Forget it! I'm not just a puppy dog you can spend a couple hours here and there with and I'm supposed to lap at your hand and take what love and affection I can't get! How many? Five? Ten? Lost count?"

"Fuck you. Mark!"

Mark got mad and rushed out of bed and grabbed Faith by her arms. "Dam it. Faith! I hardly every see you any more! Don't you understand what your doing to our marriage!"

Faith tried to get away as she twisted her arms and finally through them down as he let go of her. "Mark. You're the one that started this open marriage shit! Tell me this! Did you get Rita out of here in enough time to make room for me in bed? Is that it, Mark? Did you fuck her tonight? Did she suck your dick and swallow you're cum for you?"

Mark slapped her face and quickly put her hands on her cheeks. Tears were forming in her eyes as she gritted her teeth and slapped him back as hard as she could and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Mark was just about ready to kick in the door and stopped. He was pissed and stood listening to Faith cry on the other side of the door.

"Faith? Listen to me!"

"Go away! I don't want to be around you!"

Mark could feel the anger building up in his shoulders and head. He'd never hit her before today. He sniffled and discovered his nose was bleeding. Faith hit him hard. He grabbed a few napkins on the dresser and held them to his nose until it stopped.

He still heard her crying a few minutes later. "Faith. I'm coming in!"

"Fuck! Don't you understand? I don't want to be around you so go away!"

Mark walked in circles a couple times in the bedroom and picked up the flowers and put them on the dresser. Mark hesitated a second, then he quickly walked to the door and tried the door handle. It was locked. He was getting angry again as he tried to figure out what he was going to do.

Mark picked up a coat hanger and straightened it out and poked it into the door knob and it unlocked. He pushed the door open and saw Faith sitting on the edge of the tub crying.

Faith stood and tried to get away but he stopped her. "Get away from me!"

Mark grabbed her arms as she tried to swing at him."What's wrong? Can't remember how many times he screwed you this week?"

"Get out! Get away from me. Now!"

Mark grabbed her around the waist and carried her into the bedroom as she tried to pull away. He through her back on the bed and quickly yanked off her pajama bottoms as she kicked and fought to get away.

Mark pulled her back by her feet as she wiggled and struggled again as he grabbed a hold of her pajama top and pulled it open to reveal her tits.

"Look! Bit marks!"

Faith spit at him as he kept pulling her back toward the edge of the bed. "Come here! Let me count how many times he chewed on them!"

"Fuck! Let me go!"

"Tell me how many times did he fuck you this week?"

Mark kept pulling her until he got on top as she tried to kick him off and hit his balls making him grab his crotch as she pushed him off and ran out into the front room. Mark regained himself and followed her out into the kitchen where she was dialing the phone.

Mark grabbed the phone out of her hand. "Whom are you trying to call? The police?"

"No. Give me the phone. Now!"

Mark grabbed her by the hair. "Tell me who?"

"I'm calling Hank!"

Mark started to dial the phone. "Let me get him for you so he can come here and fuck you again!"

Faith tried to grab the phone as he through it down on the floor and grabbed her from behind and carried her back into the bedroom as she kicked and hollered. Mark through her back down on the bed and climbed on top of her and pinned her legs this time so she wouldn't kick him again. He had a hold of her writs as he tried to kiss her mouth but she spit at him again as she struggled and twisted her arms trying to get away.

Mark began to yell in her face. "Come one and tell me. Whore! How many times did he fuck you this week!"

Faith starred at him angrily as she shouted back at him. "That's why I'm late. Hank wanted to fuck me this morning and we were late getting the plane off the ground! Yes! I wanted to fuck too!

Mark managed to get between her legs as she licked them out but he was on the verge of penetrating her with his dick He held her writs as tight as he could and pushed forward until the head of his cock touched her slight.

"Let me fuck you! This pussy belongs to me too! We have an open marriage, remember?"

Faith tried to squirm away but mistakenly moved forward and Mark lodged himself inside her and pushed. "That's it. Open those legs and take my cock!"

"Stop it! Take it out of me now!"

"What's the matter? You're pussy only like that black dick now? Is that it? You want that big black cock in you instead on mine?"

"Mark? Your hurting me, now stop it!"

Mark was breathing hard as he pushed into her. "Tell me Faith. How many times did he fuck you this week?"


Mark kept pushing. "Yeah? Was it good?"

Faith was giving up as she responded. "Yeah. It was good."

Mark was able to push in further as he held her wrists. "Did he fuck you hard like you wanted it?"

"Yes. Mark. Hank screwed me the way I asked him to."

Mark kept pushing and finally felt Faith respond and eased up on her arms. "Did you beg for it?"


"I knew you would. You love that big black dick in you, don't you?"

"Yes. Mark. I love feeling his black cock in me!"

Faith was breathing hard as Mark began to fuck her. "Are you in love with Hank?"

Faith just kept starring into his eyes and saw the anger as he shook her writs and repeated. "Tell me. Are you in love with Hank?"

"What did you expect?"

Mark lunged forward as hard as he could and released her arms as he grabbed her ass and began screwing her as hard as he could. Faith reacted by humping her legs against him.

Mark lifted his head and looked her deep in the eyes and tried to kiss her but she held her lips together as tight as she could. Mark took his hands and placed one on her face and rubbed her cheek as he starred into her eyes. She began to cry as he kissed her nose and wiped a tear away from her eye.

"Did he cum inside your pussy today?"


Mark raised himself as she finished that word and pulled her legs apart as he dipped his face between her legs and began licking her ferociously.

"Mark? Please!"

Mark kept licking and knew every spot she licked until she began to respond and held her fingers on his shoulders as she closed her eyes and began to strain to make herself cum on his tongue.

Mark licked her pussy knowing what she said was true. He was enraged as he thought of Hank shooting his sperm into his wife's pussy that morning. It wasn't anything he didn't already know. It just drove him sexually insane.

Mark worked on her pussy until she finally came. He lifted himself onto his knees and pulled her back down and mounted her pussy as she caught her breath from her orgasm.

Mark was still starring into her eyes as he screwed her. "I deserve a piece of this too. I'm still your husband, aren't I?"

"Yes. Mark. Your still my husband."

Mark leaned down and kissed her again only this time she opened her mouth and accepted his tongue as he continued to fuck her hard. Mark kept giving her little kisses on her lips as he screwed her and started to whisper in a chanting fashion.

"Did you feel his cum shooting inside you?"

"Yes. I felt his cum in me!"

"Was it deep?"


"How deep?"

"It hit my cervix when he came!"

Mark felt his cock begin to throb and get stiffer as he kept going. "Is Hank in love with you?"

Faith hesitated and groaned before her reply. "Yes. He's in love with me."

Mark kept stroking as he held her arms over her head and kissed her neck. She was breathing hard and problebly getting aroused with his questions as he was. Mark bent his body so he could suck on her tits as he screwed her then straightened up and kissed her mouth again.

"You want a divorce?"

Faith groaned and shook her head. "No . . . "

"Fuck me . . . I want you to fuck me . . . "

"Yeah . . . Is that what you want?"

"Yes. Mark . . . I want you to fuck me . . . "

Mark kept lunging into her pussy as she held on tight. He was breathing hard as he looked down into her face but her eyes were closed now as he felt he was about too cum. "Can I cum inside you?"

"Yes. Put it inside me."

"Here it comes!"

Mark yelled as he shot his load and felt several spurts then began to go soft inside her pussy. Mark flipped over and tried to pull her along but she looked at him funny as he said. "Sit on my face."

Faith starred at him for a few seconds then climbed on top of his face while his cum started to drip onto his chest. Mark pulled her ass onto his face and started to eat her pussy and his cum. Faith didn't respond at first but felt his tongue hit her clit and started to grind her hips.

Faith was grinding her hips above his face as she clinched down on his hair and slightly pulled on it as she chanted. "Eat it! Eat my pussy clean!"

Faith was a little bolder on her next remark. "That's it! Hank likes a clean pussy so eat it clean and get all you're cum out you put into it!"

Mark kept eating until she came again only this time she pulled his hair until it hurt when she came. Faith was trying to catch her breath as she stretched out and put her arms on the headboard as she put all her weight down on his head.

She was still angry at him but still loved him and aroused at the same time. She let him struggle for a few seconds before lifting herself up then she scooted her body back until she sat on his chest and looked down into his eyes. Mark took hold of her hands as they starred at each other.

"Faith. Come lay down next to me."

Faith starred at him a few seconds before moving. She laid down with her head on his shoulder and stroked his chest. He reached out and played with her fingers as he said. "Why didn't you tell me you fell in love with Hank?"

"Mark? I don't know what you expected to happen!"

"How do you feel about Rita?"

"I never told Rita I was in love with her!" "I bet you have feelings for her, don't you?"

"Yes. I won't deny it."

"Mark? You suggested that we have an open marriage. Surely. You don't expect someone to spend that much time with another person without developing feelings for them!"

"Do you want a divorce?"

Faith lifted her head. "No. Mark. I never gave that a thought!"

Mark lay quite for a few seconds before he asked. "Has Hank told you he was in love with you?"

"Yes. Mark. He has told me many times that he loved me"

:How about you? Have you come out and just told Hank you loved him or did you simply answer his remark."

"Mark? I don't see why that is so important to you."

"Faith? I'd like to know! Did you tell him you were in love with him?"


Mark kept quizzing her. "Have you told him while making love to him or after or before?"

Faith sighed and took a deep breath. "Yes. Mark. I've told him before sex and after sex and while we were having sex. Now! Are you satisfied that I told you?"

Mark hugged her tight. "Yes. As a matter of fact I'm glad you told me the truth and didn't lie."

Everything wet silent for a minute or so until Faith calmly asked. "Are you glad I cam home tonight to see you?"

"Yeah. I' glad you're here."

They laid together silently for a few minutes. Mark finally spoke and said. "What do we do now?"

"What do you want to do?"

Mark sighed. "I don't know. I still love you and care about you. I worry about you when you're gone. I think about you when you're not with me. I wish that you were here when I'm lonely."

"Do you want me to stop seeing Hank?" Mark hesitated as he rubbed her shoulder. He knew she was desperately waiting for his reply.

He didn't elaborate but just simply relied. "No."

"I'll spend more time with you. I don't want you to be lonely or hurt."

"I only want you to be here because that's what you want."

"Yes. Mark. That's what I want."

Faith laid silently with Mark for a while. She was thinking. "Mark? You got aroused when you were mad and you were asking me questions about Hank making love to me?"

"Yeah? Why are you asking me that question for?"

"Well. I'm not sure what aroused you so much tonight. Do you want to spend more time with me and Hank?"

Mark laughed. "Yeah! Right. Faith! This man is in love with you! I don't think Hank even want you coming back here with me let along me come to visit too! I can see it now! Hi Hank! I'm here to watch you screw my wife!"

Faith grabbed Mark's arm. "No. I didn't mean it that way. Would you like to be around and watch or maybe we could have, a threesome?"

Mark laughed hysterically this time. "I'd like to see that too!"

Faith leaned over and gave him a warm open mouth kiss. "I meant having you watch Hank, fuck me! Would you like to watch?"

Mark shook his head then held her hand as she kept kissing his face. "Honey. I know it turns you on!"

Mark felt the kisses she was planting on his face as he replied. "Yeah."

Mark squeezed her tight against his chest as she kissed his neck.

Faith closed her eyes and fell asleep. She hadn't expected for things to be this way when she agreed to meet Hank at the beginning. She wanted to be honest with Mark but wondered if there relationship would ever be the same.

Mark woke up early and turned over and saw Faith was still asleep. He'd thought that maybe he was dreaming last night when she told him she was in love with another man.

He laid their starring her way until her eyes opened and said. "Good morning."

Mark got out of bed first and peed and turned on the water in the shower while Faith sat on the toilet. He held the shower door open and waited for her to get in first. He'd done a lot of thinking last night and wanted to confront Faith on a few suggestions.

Faith held a cloth and the soap in her hand and began lathering his chest. Mark starred at her eyes but she just focused on his chest making sure she got ever little area. Faith held her hand a little higher and that's when he noticed she had put on her wedding rings. She didn't have them on last night when she came home! She problebly felt guilty after telling him that she was in love with Hank.

Mark rubbed her back for her as she held her long blonde hair out of the way. Mark rubbed the cloth down to her butt and gently massaged the soap into her skin.

"You know, Faith. I was thinking after we had our talk last night."

Faith turned around to face him and wiped his arms with the cloth. She waited nervously to see what he had to say.

"Listen. I'm not going to beat around the bush here. We both know that Hank is built very largely. As a matter of fact he's about two and a half times as large as mine!"

"Mark? Why are you bringing this up again?"

"Faith? Let me finish!"

Faith lathered the cloth with soap again. "Fine!"

"Well. You said you were in love with him so I was thinking that maybe we shouldn't have sex any longer?"

"Mark? Your acting very childish, now! I want you to stop saying those things."

"No. I'm not acting childish. Do you realize it's been four months since we had sex? Do you remember when I came into your hotel room and found you asleep? If it wasn't for me coming to you, we would never have had sex then!"

"Mark? You've been with Rita many times since we were in Miami. I certainly can't take all the blame for this!"

"There hasn't been much effort on your behalf lately and you know it!"

Faith took the lathered cloth and grabbed his cock and balls and started to wash him. "Spread your legs a little so I can clean your balls."

"Have you been taking birth control?"

"That reminds me! I have an appointment with my doctor at noon today."

"Faith? That's not what I asked you?"

"Yes. I've had a diaphragm inserted but it's causing problems so I'm having it taken out."

"Why not take the pill?"

"I can't. They cause more problems for me."

"What are you going to do about Hank?"

Faith squeezed Mark's balls with the cloth as she lathered him well. "He'll have to remember to pull out again!"

Faith moved so the water would spray on his cock and balls as Mark took the cloth away from her and began wiping her tits. He'd almost forgot how beautiful they were. He'd examined Rita's boobs many times in the last few months but neglected the fact that Faith had always been his trophy wife!

Faith closed her eyes and turned her back toward Mark so her face was under thee water. Mark wrapped his arms around her and lifted her tits in his hands and gave them a gentle squeeze as he kissed the top of her head.

"Honey? I'm really sorry about last night I've never slapped in all the years we've been married."

Faith turned around. "It's not your fault."

They kissed and went into the bedroom. "Mark. I want you to drive me to the doctor's office today. I might be sore when I have this thing removed."


Faith was getting dressed as Mark stood slipping into his pants. "Honey? What did you have in mind last night about having me watch you with Hank?"

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