tagLoving WivesOpen Relationship Gone Awry Ch. 03

Open Relationship Gone Awry Ch. 03


I walked for hours trying to sort out how things had gone so horribly wrong. I'd given Katie what she wanted thinking I'd get what I wanted out of it as well but with every decision things seemed to spin more out of control. Trying to sort out what I'd done wrong, what decisions could have been made differently and how to get our lives back in order was like trying to play a chess game ten moves in advance. I eventually made my way to my lab collapsed on the beaten down couch in the conference area. I was woken that morning by another lab slave coming in to spend his Saturday toiling in the mines of math and physics.

"Damn David, looks like the neutrino capture problem is kicking your ass. There's fresh coffee in the kitchen if you want it."

"Thanks Takeshi. Guess I need to learn some of your kung fu so I can beat my thesis into submission," I said with a levity I didn't feel.

Takeshi grinned as he powered up his workstation. "It's aikido you fucking gaijin. Seriously dude, you look like shit. You should go home and get some rest."

That was not even remotely an option. Not wanting to think about the previous night I got some coffee and started working on the latest test simulation for the motley Beowulf cluster my group had built out of spare parts and maintained with duct tape and chewing gum. I was able to put the events of the night before out of my mind when, hours later, my phone rang showing an unfamiliar number.

"Hey bro, what happened to you last night? You just disappeared and your girl has been worried sick. Here let me put her on."

I heard the phone get passed and what might have been crying for a moment before hearing him in the background say "go ahead babe, it's David."

It wasn't crying that I was hearing.

"Oh god, honey, he's fucking me so hard," she gasped out between guttural grunts. Michael said something I couldn't hear and Katie continued before trailing off in a howl. "It's so big and he just keeps cumming and cumming. Oh my god, it's starting again. Fuck me Michael, FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORE!"

Michael's voice again with my fiancé wailing in the background like a banshee, "Hey bro, you might want to come home. Your girl's gonna need a little TLC when I'm done with her and I still have to hit the gym today."

The phone cut off but moments later pinged with a text from the same number. I knew better than to open it but looked anyway. No message, only an attached picture snapped from Michael's phone: Katie bent over the arm of the couch with his monstrously thick cock buried in her ass.

My phone shattered when it hit the cinderblock wall.


Mercifully he'd left by the time I'd walked home. The place was a wreck. The apartment reeked of sex, couch cushions were scattered everywhere and porn continued to run on the television. The hand held shower head was inexplicably lying on the living room floor and its hose hung from the fixture in the bathroom slowly dripping water into the tub.

My fiancé slept on the bed sprawled face down, nude and completely exhausted. Her legs were spread wide with one hanging slightly off the bed, presenting her thoroughly abused pussy and ass to whoever entered the apartment. She had leaked a small pool of cum onto the bed while she slept.

I covered her with a sheet; barely registering the wet spot that immediately formed, and went to the kitchen to get a beer. I half expected Michael to have drank them all and taken a shit in the vegetable drawer but, thankfully, there were still a few left. Throwing the cushions back on the couch I killed the porn and powered up the Xbox I hadn't touched in months.

The sun was setting when she started to wake up.



"Honey, can you get me some aspirin or something and some water?"

"Give me a minute, I'm about to finish this level" I lied. About twenty minutes later I brought her a few ibuprofens and a bottle of water.

"Thank you, honey. I'm gonna sleep a little while longer, ok?"

"Sure, ok" I replied, already back to the couch and the mayhem on the television screen. Later that's where I slept.

I don't know what possessed me to make her favorite breakfast but after waking up and reattaching the shower head so I could take a painfully hot shower I went out and picked up the ingredients for Belgian waffles.

She was still sleeping when I got back but the smell of food soon brought her, wrapped in the sheet, to the small dining area. She could barely walk to the table and didn't appear too comfortable sitting on the hard wooden chair either.

"So... um... I guess we should talk."

"Okay," I said while digging into my breakfast. I hadn't eaten the day before and was starving.

"You know I love you, right?"

"I love you too, sweetheart."

"I don't want you to be mad. I know the other night was way more intense than either of us expected and the E might not have been the best idea but we were looking to spice things up and Michael really brought the spice. I mean, oh my god, I tutored him for months and had no idea." She trailed off, distracted.

I thought "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where her mind is" and then chuckled bitterly at the unintentional pun.

She looked up and gave me a dazzling smile, mistaking my laugh for agreement that everything had gone well and started to wolf down her breakfast.

"Oh honey, I'm so glad you're not mad. I wished you'd told me you were going to the lab this morning. I was worried that you weren't here but at least you told Michael." She smiled wickedly, "It was so hot that you wanted him to call while we were doing it and to send you pictures. I guess you just needed a little inspiration to let your freak flag fly. I think we both did. Speaking of which..."

She stood up with a wince and, coming around the table she pulled me up from my chair and dropped the sheet. Her pale skin was marked with a few small bruises from his fingers where he'd held her. When she kissed me I could smell and taste him on her but my body betrayed me and my dick hardened under her hand.

"I know you didn't get to finish the other night but let me make it up to you," she whispered in my ear before dropping to her knees. She'd never been this forward before but I couldn't complain as she unbuckled my pants and took me into her mouth. It was like getting a blowjob from an entirely different person; where before she'd been timid and hesitant she now took me all the way in and worked her mouth over my entire dick. Gripping me with her hand she licked and sucked my balls until I thought I was going to explode but, feeling it, she backed off and looked up at me with a mischievous smile.

"Want me to do something naughty?"

I could only groan as she worked my cock with her hand before going back to licking my balls. Her hand came up to my stomach and pushed me back so I was leaning against the counter and I suddenly felt her working her tongue past my balls until she was tonguing my asshole. I clung to the counter as I gasped.

"Oh god, Katie, what are you doing?"

"Mmmmm", she crooned, pulling her head back from between my legs. "I think he likes it," she said before taking me back into her mouth. Suddenly the hand cradling my balls moved and I felt her push a finger into my ass. Taking my moan as encouragement she began working it in and out in time with her sucking. I was close when she stopped again. Gripping me but no longer stimulating my cock she looked up at me with gleam in her eye.

"Do you like that sweetheart? It sure sounds like you do. Why don't you grab the olive oil out of the cupboard?"


"Get the bottle of olive oil from the cupboard." she said in a uncharacteristically demanding tone and punctuated the command using the finger buried in my ass. "Now David" she said while continuing to work her hand.

Reaching behind me I nearly dumped everything out of the cupboard getting the bottle and opened it. Katie removed her hand from my dick cupped it so I could pour some oil into it and once filled she pulled her finger from my ass and oiled both hands until they were wet and slippery. Returning two fingers to my ass she took me in her other hand and again brought me to the brink of explosion and held me there.

"Now I know you want to cum but you have to hold off for a little while, sweetie. Do you understand?"


"That's my good boy," she crooned returning her hand to my twitching dick. "Michael said he thought you were a closet submissive and suggested we try this." Cupping my balls with her hand she gave them a warning squeeze, "he was right wasn't he?"

"Yes" I groaned, burning with humiliation. I couldn't deny that I was about to explode and found the sudden change in my fiancé incredibly exciting.

"Say it sweetie," she said with another warning squeeze, her fingers continuing to work my ass. "Say that Michael was right and you like being a submissive little bitch."

I'd never felt more vulnerable and gasped out "Yes, Michael was right."


"He was right about me and I love being a little bitch." I almost collapsed as, pulling her fingers from my ass, she suddenly pushed three back in and returned her hand to my dick.

"Oh I'm so happy to hear that, sweetheart. I always wanted to try this but was just too scared. We're going to have so much fun. Now I know it's hard for you to talk now so you can just nod. Remember, no cumming."

"Wasn't Michael so hot Friday night? Didn't you love what a little slut I was for his huge cock?"

Desperate to cum as she slowly worked my dick, I nodded.

"Oh Sweetheart, I just knew you loved it. He's so sexy and he comes so much. It's too bad you had to go to the lab; Michael might have let you join in. Wouldn't that have been nice of him?"


Her eyes got a faraway look again. "He's just so naughty. He gets you all worked up and hornier than you thought possible and the next thing you know you're doing the kinkiest things." Snapping back to what she was doing and the mischievous smile returned. "I'll bet if you're nice and we show Michael what a good little boy you can be he'll give you a special treat. I bet you'd love that, wouldn't you?"

I wanted to shake my head but, whether it was intentional or not, she'd worked me harder with the last question and again my body betrayed me. I fought to hold it back but I'd been held too close for too long and I collapsed against the counter as I came.

Katie slammed her fingers into my ass as I erupted like a small volcano. Whether it was a reaction to being drugged, aroused and frustrated over the past few days or the changes in my fiancé I couldn't say but I came harder than I could remember doing so previously.

"Wow, sweetie, it looks like you enjoyed that even more than I did," she said with a wicked smile as she slipped her fingers from my ass. "We'll have to play that game more often."

She wobbled a little when she stood up and, picking up a strawberry from my plate, scooped some cum from her breast and popped it into her mouth before tottering into the bathroom. "Oh, and I found Michael's phone in the bed. He must have left it when getting those sexy pictures for you. Can you take it by his place while I have a good long hot bath? I'm so sore I can barely walk," she said with a wink.

I couldn't deny it any longer. My life and relationship with Katie had spun completely out of control.


Michael's iPhone wasn't password protected and it was pretty straightforward to get his address from it. Thinking it was probably a mistake I opened up the phone's photo library and found that it contained hundreds of pictures. Paging through the list I wondered how he managed to get any class work done. There had to be at least a hundred different girls in his collection.

Scrolling through them it was clear that he was partial to marking women with a huge facial and then recording them for posterity but the photos ranged from the merely pornographic to the downright disturbing. It was also clear that although he preferred women he didn't have a problem batting for the other team when it suited him; there were pictures of other guys painted like the women, mirror shots of young women with their faces buried between his ass cheeks and shots if him stretching various orifices with the monstrous weapon he had for a cock. I even solved the mystery of how he passed Lit 101 via a series of pictures featuring a surprisingly fit and flexible Professor Dalis who, apparently, enjoyed being tied up with clothespins on her nipples and used as a urinal. I didn't think it could be possible but I was now even more uncomfortable about either of us being around this guy.

His apartment complex wasn't the dump he'd described it as Friday night. It only took a couple of minutes to find his apartment number and I briefly considered trying to stuff his phone through the mail slot but, realizing how that would look, took a deep breath and knocked. The door was answered a minute later by a standard issue undergrad who looked a little familiar. He had spiky black hair and looked like a recovering goth.

Extending the phone I said, "Hi, Michael... um... well he left his phone at my apartment and I'm just returning it. You don't need to get him. I'm just dropping it off."

He just looked at me for a moment making no move to take the phone. I briefly wondered if he was stoned but with a nod he turned back into the apartment, leaving the door open in an unspoken invitation.

"Come on in, he's not here right now. You can put it on the table. I'm Stephen and that's Jake," he said, motioning to a surfer playing Halo on the couch. "So you're his latest victim, huh?"

Jake got off the couch and tossed me the game controller.

"I fucking hate that asshole. I can't bring anyone home in case he decides he likes her. Or just feels like being a complete fucking prick."

Returning with a couple Dos Equis, Jake handed me one, sat down and picked up the second controller.

"I've got to sleep with my fucking ipod plugged into my head when he brings one of his sluts home. But you already know that, don't you?" Glancing at Stephen who was rooting around in the kitchen cupboard he dropped his voice "but that's nothing compared to him. Fucker stole his girlfriend and made sure Stephen caught them going at it. I guess Stephen swung on him and got his ass kicked but he won't talk about it. He pretty much just disappears when the asshole shows up."

It was like I'd been immediately accepted into a secret support group.

Stephen had a haunted look in his eye when he walked back into the living room, dropped into an overstuffed chair and fired off a massive bong hit. "Did he do that nonstop orgasm thing to your girlfriend?"

"Fiancé," I corrected. "And yeah."

Stephen looked genuinely pained. "I'm sorry dude but you may as well call it off. Whatever Jedi Sex Trick that is it completely fucks up their heads. It's like some kind of fucking invasion of the body snatchers movie. They look the same and talk the same but they've got only one thing on their mind."

"Cock zombies," Jake chimed in.

"Don't laugh," snapped Stephen. "It's pretty fucking unfunny."

"Why do you live with him if you hate him so much?"

Jake smiled bitterly. "The lease is a bitch. It'll cost like a thousand bucks to get out of it without dying or going to prison."

We played Halo in relative silence for a while until I started to get increasingly uncomfortable about Michael coming back.

"Hey, thanks for the beer but I have to get going."

Jake nodded. "Good luck, man. Via con dios."

Stephen just looked at me. "Seriously, just cut your losses and call it off."

"You don't know Katie," I said as I left but, thinking about what happened earlier, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I didn't either.

In car on the way back I remembered where I'd seen Stephen before. He was in one of the pictures on Michael's phone. A cute asian goth girl had been pushing his head down onto Michael's cock, his lips stretched around it as cum poured down his chin and tears from his eyes.

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