tagInterracial LoveMy Roommate Wins

My Roommate Wins


"Oh My God! Fuck me! Harder baby! Fuck me with that big, black, cock!" These were the sounds that greeted me as I walked in the door after a long day of work and class. It was the normal thing, and probably wasn't the first time they had been fucking today. Anna was an insatiable redhead, and Ty was like a machine. Even if he had just cum, it seemed like he was always ready to fuck again. It was normal for them to fuck multiple times throughout the day. For once they had actually made it to the bedroom. I had lost count of the number of times I had caught them fucking on the sofa, or walked into the kitchen to see Anna lying on the table on her back. They simply didn't care if I saw. And truth be told, I did like to watch. It was better than any porn and it was incredibly hot seeing the difference in color and size.

I looked into the bedroom and saw Anna with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Ty, passionately kissing him. Ty was plunging his big black cock in and out in long strokes and slamming it all the way back home. I could hear a sloshy sound and I figured it was a combination of Anna's wetness and all of the cum she probably had in her. Anna was humping back for all she was worth when she finally broke the kiss.

"Oh God! I'm cumming! Keep fucking me Ty!" I saw Anna's whole body shudder as she came. Ty was losing his rhythm now and was close to cumming as well as he kept pumping into Anna's pussy.

"Oh shit babe, here it comes," Ty yelled. He was completely buried in Anna's pussy as I watched his balls tighten up and begin to shoot his cum into her.

"Oh God, I can feel you cumming in me! Oh God!" With that, Anna came again. Anna's body had relaxed from her orgasm, but she still had her arms and legs wrapped around him, kissing him and thrusting back at him.

I stood there and watched as they began to catch their breath. It had been a year since Anna had met Ty. My name is Chris. Ty and I had started off as roommates our freshman year in college. For me it had been a little bit different having a black roommate. I had come from a mostly white town, and while I didn't consider myself racist, I was a little uncomfortable around Ty at first. But Ty and I grew to be friends and we roomed together in a small apartment for our sophomore year.

Up to that point, I had not had many girlfriends. There was always a steady stream of girls, of all colors, leaving Ty's room. I had spent many nights jerking off from the opposite side of the wall while I listened to the cries of random girls while they fucked with Ty. But by my junior year, I had finally lucked out. That was when I met Anna.

Anna was a junior who had just transferred to the school and I had been asked to show her around. I couldn't help but stare at her the whole day. She had long flaming red hair that went down to the middle of her back. It was thick and slightly curly, and it looked great against her pale skin. She was so petite at 5'1 and 105 pounds but what she lacked in size she made up for in energy and personality. Normally I was a shy and quiet person, but after 10 minutes with Anna I felt like an old friend.

The rest of Anna was just as perfect. She had breasts that sat high up and were a 32B. I would find out later that her nipples were like little pebbles, and got about that hard. Her breasts were very sensitive and she told me that she had had orgasms just from having her tits sucked. The rest of her body was smooth and unblemished. She was thin with a perfect heart shaped ass. Many men had risked their hands trying to get a feel but she was adept at deflecting their attempts.

How I ever got Anna to go out with me is a mystery that I will never solve. She had offers from every guy on campus. But she chose the small, quiet, nerdy one. I was only about 5'7 and not very strong or heavy. Ty had once picked me up and held me over his head for several minutes without even trying hard. My greatest strength was my intelligence.

Anna and I hit it off quickly, studying together during the day, and going out in the evenings. We were inseparable. The first time we made love was at her place. Her roommate was gone and we had been going out for about a month now. It was an experience I would never forget. I didn't consider myself a very good lover due to my lack of experience. I don't think Anna was very experienced either, but you would've never known it. I was about average size for a guy, but I felt like I had a gigantic cock while I was with Anna. She seemed to orgasm over and over whenever we made love.

For a long time, we only hung out at Anna's place or went out. Never my place. I was able to explain it away by saying that the place was a mess and I never had time to clean it up. I was reluctant for her to meet Ty. There was no telling what Ty would try to do. Sure we were friends, but I had watched him take the girlfriends of guys he considered friends. The old rule of bros before hos didn't seem to matter too much to him. Anna was persistent however and I finally brought her over one night.

And it seemed like my fears were all for nothing. Ty was his usual charming self but didn't really flirt throughout the evening. By the end of the night, he and Anna were friends. I should've known though, that Ty took what he wanted. And he wanted my Anna. He knew he had to play it cool and learn a little about her. By the end of the first evening he had everything he needed. She was basically a good girl, and modest in her manner and dress. He could see that I had been reluctant to bring her around but since he had behaved himself, I might be unsuspecting enough to bring Anna by more often.

The nights became a little bit more evenly divided about where we spent the night. The first night I made love to Anna at my place, she was a little noisier than usual. I was pretty proud of myself when I walked out to the kitchen the next morning. I felt like I had showed Ty that he wasn't the only one who could make a girl cum hard.

"Sounds like a couple people had fun last night," Ty joked.

I turned and smiled a shit-eating grin at him. "I hope we didn't keep you awake too late last night. Once Anna gets going she's loud as hell."

"No, not at all. I never would have expected that from her. If I hadn't known better I would've thought it was a different woman in there."

"Yeah, Anna can be a bit of a wildcat. Last night she was particularly loud though." I had been curious about why but hadn't had a chance to ask her what was up. I would never have admitted that to Ty though. No telling what kind of shitty theories he might come up with about that.

"Well, if you ever find you can't handle her, you could always let her visit my room. I'd be happy to give her a go while you rest." Ty laughed as he walked out the door.

And there it was. The first indication that Ty was gonna fuck Anna. I, however, missed the implication and continued to dwell on my own thoughts. Why was Anna particularly noisy last night? We hadn't done anything out of the ordinary besides sleeping in my room instead of hers. I couldn't figure out anything, so I set it aside for the moment. Maybe she was just particularly horny for all I knew.

There comes a time when all couples fall into that pattern. It varies with every couple, but eventually a routine is established and it takes a concerted effort to break it. Anna had started spending more of her nights at my place. She was a little awkward being around Ty so much at first. She wouldn't leave my room without being completely dressed. Ty had none of these worries and walked around in nothing more than boxers. Eventually Anna started wearing a little less and became more comfortable with having Ty around so much.

One night we had already finished having sex and I had fallen asleep when Ty came in with some girl. They went to his room and he eventually started to fuck her. I didn't hear it at first. I guess I was just so used to it that the sound didn't wake me immediately. I did wake up when I felt Anna's leg bump into me though. I lay still for a bit and I could hear Ty and his girl on the other side of the wall.

"Oh my God! I love your big cock in my pussy! Fuck me harder!"

These words were coming through the wall as clearly as if they were in the room with us. I was laying on my side facing Anna when I heard her moan softly. She paused and looked at me, but I had already shut my eyes. After a couple seconds I chanced another look. I could see Anna's hand moving beneath the sheet. She was masturbating while listening to Ty fuck the girl!

I couldn't believe it. For a couple minutes I watched through half shut eye lids as Anna's hand moved faster and faster under the sheet. The girl on the other side of the wall was getting louder and louder, indicating she was gonna cum soon. Anna was moaning more freely as I lay still. To this day, I'm convinced that all 3 of them came at the exact same time. Anna looked like she had come harder listening to Ty fuck than she ever had by fucking me. Once everyone had caught their breath things quieted down.

Anna went to sleep and I could hear Ty snoring on the other side of the wall. But I lay awake wondering what had just happened. And wondering why I was so turned on by it. Did I want to see my Anna fucking another guy?

By the time I got up the next morning, Ty's girl had gone already. He and Anna were sitting in the kitchen chatting. I got a shock as I saw Anna sitting there wearing only a thin t-shirt with no bra and small pair of panties. She had never done that here before. Ty was wearing just boxers as usual.

"Good morning," said Ty. "I hope we didn't wake you. Anna and I were just sitting here having a bit of coffee and discussing what we should do today."

"Do?" I asked.

"Yeah, I told Anna about this big party going on tonight. She said she hasn't been to any parties really since she got here. And I know you haven't been to one. We should all go. That way everyone gets the full college experience."

Now I don't mind going out to drink to like a bar or something like that. But I had seen some of these college parties from a distance and it didn't look like my scene. These parties were mostly for the jocks and the popular, hot people. Not for engineering nerds like me. Ty and Anna would fit in just fine there, but I would stick out like a sore thumb.

"I'm not sure I really want to go to a frat party. They aren't going to let me in anyway."

"Showing up with Anna on your arm is going to be more than enough to get you in. They always let the hot girls in, and you get in by association."

Anna blushed at this but didn't say anything. I turned to her. "What do you think? Do you want to go?"

"I'd like to. I haven't partied in a while, and I think it would be fun. And it would be something new for you to try. Like Ty says, everyone should get the full college experience. This is part of it."

Seems like I could never say no to Anna. "I guess we are going then." I still had my misgivings about this. Some gnawing feeling in the back of my mind told me something was up and this wasn't going to end well for me. But like a fool, I went ahead and did it anyway. With that we all went our separate ways for the day. I had some studying to do, and Anna said she was going to go shopping for a new dress. By late afternoon she was back and she had had her hair and nails done too. I tried to peek in her bag but she pushed me away, saying she wanted me to see it on her first.

Anna disappeared into the bathroom and came out twenty minutes later looking hotter than I had ever seen her. I let out a long, slow whistle of appreciation. She had put her hair up in a sexy kind of wrap that showed most of her graceful neck. Her dress was a little strapless green number that barely covered her breasts and only went down to mid-thigh. It was kind of tight too, it left nothing of her curves to the imagination. The whole thing was completed with a very sexy pair of black heels. "You like," she asked.

I could only nod and gulp. I was ready to explode and I could feel myself standing there licking my lips. At the slightest permission I think I would have jumped her and taken her wherever we happened to fall first. Anna seemed pleased with my reaction. "I have a surprise for you."

At this point I can't imagine it getting much better than this, but I eagerly watched her and waited for my surprise. Slowly she raised the bottom of her dress until she got to her panties. Or rather, where the panties should have been. There were none. Anna walked over in a slinky way, I had never seen before. It was like the sexy dress and no panties had totally changed her. And I loved it.

She pulled me down for a long sensual kiss. By this point I'm ready to rip her dress to shreds and throw her on the bed. Forget the party, this was going to be so much better.

"We're just going to go dance for a little while and have a few drinks," she whispered. Her hand had begun wandering around my dick, rubbing it lightly. Nibbling at my ear she began whispering again. "Then we're gonna come back here and I want you to fuck me all night long. I get so wet and horny when I drink, you have no idea. Are you gonna stay nice and hard for me and then fuck me hard all night long?"

At this point if she had asked me to rob a bank, I would have done it. Even with her just caressing my dick through my pants, I was hard and ready to go. "I think someone is already nice and hard just thinking about later," she said. She gave kind of a husky chuckle and continued on. "I know you want it now, but just wait til later."

Giving my dick one last squeeze, she stepped away. I tried to keep contact with her, but she held me off. "No, no, just wait til later," she said with a smile. I leaned back and tried to will my dick softer as Anna turned and left my room. I heard Ty whistle when he saw Anna walking into the living room a few seconds later. "Hey Chris, get a move on! We're ready to go."

A few minutes later we were outside and walking to the party, which was nearby. Anna was walking in the middle, holding onto mine and Ty's arms. She couldn't have had two more different companions. Ty is something like 6'4 and well built with a lot of muscle. I'm merely 5'7 and skinny. Not weak by any means, but I wasn't going to out muscle a lot of people either.

Anna was having a lot of fun and chatting excitedly. She was looking forward to dancing and had made Ty promise to dance with her. She knows I don't really like dancing and if it was going to help her have a good time then I was ok with it. We got to the party, and sure enough, they weren't happy about letting me in. But Anna had a firm grip on my arm, clearly showing that I was with her. The stupid frat guy even had the balls to eye Anna lustfully right in front of me until Ty stepped up and caught his eye. This frat guy must have been very curious who I was now. I was definitely hanging out with people who would not have been in my normal crowd.

As soon as we got into the party though, everything changed. We grabbed some drinks and began to look around to see who all was there. I didn't know all that many people, but a good number seemed to know Ty and Anna. The music was good and soon Anna was bouncing along with the beat. She grabbed Ty by the hand and led him out to the dance floor. She kept her distance from Ty, dancing only as close as was necessary. After a few dances they returned for more drinks. It went on like this for a while. They would dance a bit, then come back and have another drink and chat. Anna was having a great time, more fun than I'd ever seen her have.

A rare slow song came on and Anna grabbed me and told me the least I could do was dance an easy one with her. Any argument I had against that quickly evaporated when Anna wrapped herself around me. Her body was pressed up tight against mine and she was slowly grinding herself against me. I was becoming hard very quickly and I could feel that Anna was horny as well. Her nipples were hard and I could smell her wetness. I leaned down and kissed along her neck and nibbled at her ear.

"Are you ready to go yet," I whispered.

"Not yet. I'm having fun dancing. And we have all night."

I continued to kiss her neck and lips, knowing that that always gets her going. She was finally starting to get into it when the song ended and she pulled away. I groaned in frustration but Anna just smiled a little flirty smile and walked away, giving her hips a little extra shake just for me. By the time I got off the floor, Ty had drinks waiting for Anna and me. Anna was buzzing pretty hard from the drinks but all the dancing was helping her keep from going over the edge.

"Hey Chris, I saw several bottles of whiskey and tequila floating around earlier. I'll do one more dance with Anna and you see if you can track down one or two of those bottles to take back to our place." Not waiting for an answer, he took Anna's hand and led her out to the dance floor. I watched them for a minute and noticed that Anna was dancing much closer to Ty than she had been. She was actually bumping and grinding against him now. I turned away from the dance floor and went in search of the bottles Ty had asked for. By the time I had gained the bottles and stopped to talk to a couple people, several more songs had passed.

I hadn't been in sight of the dance floor and had lost all track of what was going on. Ty and Anna were still dancing when I got back. What had been bumping and grinding when I left had turned into full on dirty dancing by the time I got back. Anna's hips seemed to be glued to Ty's, doing more grinding than bumping. They were on the far side of the dance floor from me, Anna had her back to Ty. Ty had one strong arm wrapped around her, holding her tight against him. His hands were so large that they could cover a large portion of her body at once and he was using this to his advantage.

I watched as one hand began to creep up towards her breast. He was soon cupping one, using his thumb to play with the nipple through her dress. Even from my vantage point several feet away, I could see Anna's nipple getting hard. Her breathing was heavy and she had started grinding even harder against Ty. I wasn't very happy about this, but I didn't want to start a scene and maybe ruin the whole night. But as I continued to watch, Ty began taking more liberties with Anna. Another hand began sliding down her stomach and was quickly moving between her legs. No one was paying any attention to them, but I thought there was no way that Anna was gonna let his hand go any further.

I was wrong though, and a couple of Ty's fingers began to disappear under the hem of Anna's dress. From what I could see, he was just running his fingers along the outside of her pussy. That didn't last long before he was sliding his thick fingers into her. Anna was in another world and was fucking his fingers hard. Ty had leaned over and was kissing her ears and neck. I continued to watch as Anna twist her head around and captured his lips in what had to be the hottest kiss I had ever witnessed. All of a sudden Anna came hard on Ty's fingers and she sucked his tongue into her mouth like a vacuum. Her legs seemed to go weak and Ty had to support her for a few moments until she regained her strength.

Pulling his fingers out, he made a show of licking two of them. The light had caught him just right because when he brought his hand up, I could see the whole thing was completely soaked. I had never seen Anna get that wet before. When he had licked the second finger clean, he offered the others to Anna. To my knowledge she had never tasted herself and had always said that she had no desire to experiment with girls. But I watched as she took one of Ty's fingers, wet with her juices, and began to suck his finger like she was giving it a blow job. She never took her eyes off his as he smiled at her. When she had cleaned his finger, she began to clean the rest of his hand.

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