tagBDSMOpening Ch. 01

Opening Ch. 01



The command hung in the quiet stillness of the room. The girl on the bed looked up with masked trepidation. She was naked, lying on her back, with her legs slightly spread and hanging over the edge of the bed, as if she'd been standing next to the bed and had fallen backward, or been pushed over onto it. The afternoon light filtering through the thin curtains over the hotel windows gave plenty of light to see the rumpled bed covers and comforter pulled to the end of the bed.

"Sir, I don't want to."

"I didn't ask you what you wanted, I told you to open for me. Now."

Ava looked up at the dark-haired man standing over her, close enough that his thighs almost touched her feet as he stood next to the bed. He was glaring down at her with a slightly annoyed expression on his face. Looking at the steely glint in his eyes, Ava took a deep breath and slowly pulled her legs up, bending her knees and spreading them apart just a bit more. His gaze traveled down her body, pausing at her breasts. Large and round, they were topped by dark pink areolae and nipples the size of small marbles. Leaning over the bed, the man reached out and took one of her nipples and twisted it slightly. Ava gasped. Smirking at her reaction, he reached her other nipple and repeated the motion.

"You like that, don't you?" he asked in a low voice. The man returned his fingers to the first nipple and squeezed, somewhat more gently this time, grasping her breast and pulling his fingers up over her areola and nipple, rolling her nipple between his thumb and pointer finger. It hardened in response to his attention.

"Yes, sir," Ava murmured. He continued to touch her breasts for a moment, tracing circles around her areolae before taking her nipples between his fingers again. Ava turned her head to the side as he gave a final hard pull.

The man straightened, moving to stand directly between Ava's spread legs. Allowing his gaze to continue down, he took in the sight of Ava's belly and the tattoo on her hip, and then finally focused his gaze on her pussy. Her skin was bare, with not a hair to be seen.

"Ava, are you freshly waxed?"

"Yes sir. Yesterday."

"Good. Very good."

"Do you like the way it looks, sir? I did it for you."

"Yes I do. Good girl."

The man bent over her. Reaching out, he ran a finger up from her thigh to circle above her mons, and then stroked down. Avoiding her slit, his finger stroked one lip, then the other, feeling her smooth skin. Ava shivered at his touch. He looked up from her pussy into her eyes, seeing her watching him. He smiled slightly.

Without warning, the man pulled his hand back and gave a small smack at the top of Ava's mons. "Ahh..." a sound emerged from Ava's throat. "Oh, sir, please, no. Not on my pussy." Hearing in her voice what he knew she really wanted, the man shifted to the side. He gave another smack, his hand open, landing on her labia. Ava made a small sound again as she felt the sting of his hand on her lips, and then the warmth spreading from her lips into her pussy.

Her head turned to the side, her eyes closing. Then, once more, she felt his hand, a little harder. This time Ava jumped as she felt the spark on her clit, still hidden in its sheath. She gave a little whimper, but there was no further touch on her pussy. She sensed him move, and opened her eyes to find that he had moved back to stand between her legs and was staring down at her pussy. She could see how hard he was.

"Ava, that was for not listening. I still can't see very well. Open wider."

Ava pulled her legs back more, until her legs were pulled up nearly as far as she could. She could feel the cool air of the room on her pussy, which was reddening from even those few smacks. "Good."

Reaching out, the man ran his fingers around the edges of her pussy again, touching lightly. Her legs were now spread wide enough for him to run his fingers down the edge between her pussy and thigh without getting close to her slit. As he stroked, he slowly moved his fingers inward, running them over her outer lips. He could almost see them swelling as he stroked, and just the small touch of his finger as he approached her slit was enough to make her lips part slightly. He smiled at the sight.

After a few moments of stroking, the man straightened and looked at Ava's face, noticing her slight flush.

"Very smooth. Your waxer did a good job on the outside. Did it feel good when she touched you?"

"It hurt, sir. When she pulled the hair off."

"And did she touch you on the inside to get to the hairs on the inside?"

"Yes, sir."

" I need to check that all the hair is removed."

"Oh, sir, no, please. Don't look inside."

"Ava, don't talk back."

"Sir, please don't make me do this. Don't make me show the inside of my pussy to you."

"I didn't ask!" His voice rose at this last. He lightly smacked her again, twice, this time once on her inner thigh just below her pussy, and then once again on her pussy. Ava gave out a little gasp.

"Open your pussy for me. Now."

Ava's hands had been lying clenched by her side. Now she reluctantly moved them to her pussy. Pulling her legs back a little more, she placed her hands on her labia and slowly pulled them open to the man's fixated gaze. As her outer lips opened, her inner lips came fully into view, as well as her clit at the top of her slit. Her hands brushed over it, and she made a small sound.

"Good. More."

Ava shifted her fingers, reaching to pull her inner lips apart. Her fingers dipped slightly into her pussy as she continued to pull her lips open, revealing her innermost self to him. Her face burning, Ava turned her head to the side as she pulled herself open. She knew he could see into her pussy, could see the hole where she would sometimes put a finger, or a toy...or take a cock. She could feel her pussy getting wetter despite herself.

The man sat on the bed between her legs, his gaze not leaving her pussy. He leaned in close, her scent hitting him. Leaning closer, he looked carefully at her pussy as she continued to spread herself for him. Her fingers shifted, pushing in a little as she tried to open her lips even wider. He could see the inside of Ava's lips glistening, as well as the walls of her pussy. "Ava... are you wet?"

"Yes, sir."

"Wet from opening for me?"

"Yes," she whispered her response.

"From me looking at your open pussy. Looking into you."

"Yessss," she whispered, gathering the strength to look at him.

"That's very dirty Ava. To get turned on from showing your pussy."

Her eyes closed again. "Yes, sir, it is."

"You know I'm seeing the inside of you Ava."

"Yes, sir." She looked back at his face. "Are you angry with me for getting wet?"

"Ava. You know just how dirty you are. You can't help yourself."

"No, sir. I can't help getting wet for you."

"We'll see if I need to be angry with you later. For now, stay open for me."

The man stood up, reaching for the side table of the bed. Reaching into the drawer, he withdrew a pair of blue medical gloves. Ava's eyes widened a little. "You've opened very nicely. But now I need to inspect you and be sure everything feels OK on the inside, as well as the outside."

"Oh, sir, do you have to?"

"Yes, I do." He pulled the gloves on, holding up his right hand and making an audible snap as he pulled his glove fully on. Ava gasped at the sound. Sitting on the bed between her legs again, the man reached out towards her. He paused, noticing that her thumb had begun rubbing over her clit, even as she continued to hold herself open for him.

"Enough of that." He reached and stopped her motion. "Stay open for me." He began to probe inside her pussy, the smooth material of the glove quickly getting slick as he ran his finger around the edge of her. After a couple of circles, he began to push his finger deeper, finding that it slid in with no resistance and almost no friction.

Ava gasped. "Sir, your finger is so smooth. But it's cold."

"Too bad. It will be warm soon." He wiggled his finger, pushing it in until it was all the way in. Pulling out, he pushed in again, a little faster this time. He reached with his left hand and pushed Ava's hands out of the way. Putting his thumb on one side and fingers on other, he took over the task of holding open the lips of the beautiful pussy in front of him. He began working a second finger into her, twisting his fingers around until they were both fully lubricated and moved easily inside her pussy. Ava gave another gasp as she felt his two fingers press deep into her. Turning his hand upward, he crooked his fingers, feeling her pubic bone and probing for her g-spot.

"Do you feel me in you?"

"Oh, yes, yes, sir. It feels so good."


He pulled out his fingers. He could see her juice glistening on the gloves. Seeing that she'd opened her eyes and was watching him, he brought his hand up and he breathed deeply of her aroma. Slowly, he put out his tongue and licked one finger. He leaned over and reached behind her head. Pulling her head up, he brought his fingers in front of her eyes. "Do you see just how wet you are? From having me look at you?" Her eyes fluttered and she nodded. "Now, taste." He held his fingers out in front of her lips. Ava opened her mouth and leaned forward just enough to touch the tips of his two fingers with her tongue. He eased forward, offering her more. She reacted by reaching up and grabbing his hand, pulling it back and sucking both of his fingers into her mouth. He could feel her tongue rubbing over the glove. In a few seconds, she released his hand, letting her head fall back against his hand and swallowing. He lowered her head to the bed.

"How do you taste?"

"Sir, I taste good." Then she gave a small laugh. "And a little like latex."

"That's what happens during inspection. But yes, you do taste good. Good girl." He returned his hands to her pussy, again spreading her open with his right hand while the fingers of his left dipped into her pussy. Pulling them out, he rubbed two fingers over her clit. Ava gasped at the slick smoothness of the glove against her flesh, and involuntarily arched, pushing into his hand. He continued rubbing her clit, and slid the two fingers of his right hand back into her pussy. He began to coordinate the movements of his fingers in her pussy with the movement of his fingers on her clit. Wetting his thumb too, he began to roll her clit gently between thumb and forefinger. He continued this, and glancing up, he saw that Ava's eyes were closed again. Her breathing began to get ragged as his massage continued.

Pulling his two fingers out of her pussy, the man brought his ring finger together with the first two, and began again, wanting her to take three fingers today. He wiggled and twisted, gently trying to open her tight pussy up enough to accommodate his digits. Ava pulled her body back as she realized that he was trying to push three fingers into her.

"Sir, please, I'm very tight; I can't take any more."

"Yes, you can, just relax. I know you can take them."

"Oh, sir, please, no, please...."

He continued to work his fingers around, wetting them with her juices. Pulling his fingers as tightly together as he could and twisting at the entry of her pussy, he slowly worked all three inside, feeling her stretch. "Oh, God..." he heard her moan softly. God, she is tight when I use all three, he thought to himself. He wiggled and rotated his fingers, getting all three fingers coated with Ava's juice. And so wet. Eventually his fingers were in to the second knuckle, and he pushed in a little more, until the palm of his hand was pressing against her. Pulling back, his push back in with all three was rewarded with another small gasp. He continued to rub her clit as he held his hand tight to her body, moving his fingers very slowly in and out, rotating them around.

After another minute, he spoke again, breaking Ava from her reverie. "There's one more part of your inspection I still need to do." Withdrawing his fingers from her pussy, he ran a finger down, below her pussy. "You know that we need to check your ass too."

"No, sir, I'm sure it's fine."

"I don't know until I check. Just relax. The inspection will be easy." He took her ass cheeks in his hand and pulled her up a little, making her asshole more accessible. He began to rub his index finger over her rosebud, which was already wet from the juices dripping down the crack of her ass. He could feel the ridged skin of her asshole even through the material of the gloves.

"Oh, sir, please. Don't. Please don't touch my ass."

He frowned and shook his head slightly at her protest. Crooking his finger to get the angle right, he felt for the entrance to her ass, and began to push in. Ava gasped as his finger opened her, and he paused at the first knuckle. He could feel her ass pulsing as it tightened and tried to reject him. "Relax, relax." After a moment, he could feel her unclench, and he began to push his finger in a little deeper. He could feel his finger penetrating past the muscular outer rim, pausing with his first knuckle just past it. He could swear he heard Ava almost whimpering. "Good girl," he murmured to her. The feeling with gloves was different, and the smooth latex slid in much more easily than his naked finger.

Shifting, now holding his index finger still, the man began to push his thumb against the entrance to Ava's pussy, stroking to open her lips, and then pressing it into her. Ava's eyes flew open as she felt his thumb penetrate. Wet quickly with her juice, it slid in easily, and with relentless pressure now, he returned to push both his index finger and thumb into her. Now a whimpering noise did come from Ava as she arched to pull back from him, but then she felt him slide in all the way into her ass as well as pussy. "Ohh.. oh.. umm..." The palm of his hand was now pressed firmly against her pussy, his index finger and thumb both inside her as far as they would go. He could feel the finger in her ass through the wall of her pussy. "Oh, oh, shit..." Ava was muttering. He moved his fingers around, almost pinching them together.

Sensing her excitement and knowing the double penetration would make her cum soon, the man returned his left hand to Ava's clit. He held her lips closed and rolled them between his fingers, feeling her clit underneath, just as if he was rolling a marble between his fingers. Getting onto his knees, he rocked his hand forward, pushing his thumb into her pussy as far as could, then pulling back as he pushed his forefinger deep into her ass. He leaned over her and began murmuring softly to her. "Do you feel it? Both of your holes are filled. I have my finger in your ass. And another one in your pussy. In both of your holes. Do you feel me in you?"

"I do. Yes."

"You're full. Both holes."

"Yessss. So full. So good."

The man separated Ava's lips and began to rub her clit directly, faster.

"Full. And you like it. You slut. You like fingers in both your holes."

"Yes, sir. I like it when you fill both of my holes." He pulled his fingers out slightly, and then pushed back in, enjoying the sensation of exploring and pushing as deeply into her ass as he could. "Oh, God. I'm your slut, sir."

He continued to talk. "Yes, baby, you're my slut. Ready to come. Ready to come with my fingers in both of your holes. Dirty, baby, so dirty..." Ava began making continuous noises, and her hand clenched the sheet next to her. He felt Ava on the edge of her orgasm, her pussy and ass both starting to clench around his digits. He twisted his fingers around as best he could, then pushed them deep into her again, trying to push her over the edge as he rubbed her clit.

"OH, yes, your fingers, full, OH, oh..." Her hand grasping at the sheets, her body arched, pushing her pussy and clit harder against his hand even as he was pushing against her.

"OH.. OH, shit... Hank... Sir... Oh, ahhhh, oh, oh... God, oh, ahhhhhhh... Oh Hank, HANK..." Ava's body stiffened, her moans becoming almost a sobbing, continuous sound as she finally came, loudly. Her ass clenched around his finger, and she pushed down to force him in before pulling back, her legs clenching around his fingers and hand. He continued to push into her, slowing his rubbing on her clit. After a second she made a motion to reach down to stop him, and Hank paused, keeping his hand on her pussy, but simply holding her. She pulled her body together, curling into a fetal position, his hand trapped between her thighs. Slowly, he pulled his fingers from her pussy and ass. "Ohhh..." She made a small noise of protest as he withdrew.

Keeping his hand on her pussy, but just holding it, Hank moved himself from between her legs and lay down next to Ava. "Good girl. Such a good girl," he murmured, kissing her forehead and then resting his head next to hers as she came back to earth.

"Oh, baby, thank you. Hank. Thank you," Ava murmured. She turned her head towards Hank, presenting her lips. He obliged by kissing her gently. Her head fell back to the bed, her eyes closing.

After a moment, he whispered, "Ava, you were so wet."

"I know, baby. You turn me on so much."

"I'm so glad I can. I knew you could take three fingers."

"Did you?"

"Yes, these three right here." Hank finally took his hand from between her thighs and held it up. He wiggled his fingers, then reached up and pulled the gloves off each hand. "And with the gloves too."

Ava shivered at the memory. "They're so smooth. Thank you for bringing them."

"Any time. I bought them just for you. To turn you on."

"Oh, they do." Ava laughed softly. "You do the stern look so well. And I never need my safe word."

"You taught me that look, you know. I'll do anything to turn you on Ava."

"Yes, baby, I know you would. Thank you."

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