tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 04

Opening Him Up Ch. 04


Tim saw that Mistress Doll’s eyes were cold, and a trace of fear ran through his body as he took more of the strap-on in his mouth. The fear that she was going to take him too hard was foremost on his mind. Tim's only hope was that if he sucked her dildo all the way down with the best prissy look he could pull off, she might take pity on him and go a little easier when it came time for her to take him with her big cock.

“I like it when a man looks in my eyes while he sucks my cock.” Mistress Doll gave her pelvis occasional little thrusts to keep Tim in rhythm. After a good twenty minutes he was taking the full length. Tim couldn’t believe the sensation of getting all 9” down his throat.

The camera then moved away and Mistress Doll stood up off the bed and told Tim to get on the floor on his knees. As Tim got on his knees Mistress Doll kept her shoes and jeans on, leaving the dildo dangle like a real dick out from in between her zipper. A voice instructed him to start licking her black leather-hiking boots.

“You need to bend your lower back more so your ass is up and open. We’re not video taping it now because we have to put our own new marks on you, but it’s a good habit for you to get into for your wife,” uttered a voice matter-of-factly somewhere behind the bright lights.

Mistress Doll then spoke, “You can start to kiss up my legs now.” Mistress Doll had the look of doing this many other times, and she knew it was time to tell her slave to continue on up.

Tim moved himself in the most deprived way possible, but then he almost stopped when he got to the top of her thigh. He went around to the outside of her muscular but slender feminine thigh making large open mouth kisses, trying for another chance to possibly view behind the lights, and see his Worship, Amy, but with no avail.

Amy clearly saw Tim though, and what she saw was Tim teasing her. That, without yet fully knowing why, started to bother her. Her heat began to brew in the darkness, as her eyes began to burn at Tim.

“Let us see you lick the balls,” called out Mistress Cold, standing beside Amy.

Tim looked up at the dildo hanging above him and her words reminded him how he'd become a real submissive. He started to lick the plastic ball sac behind the straps and zipper.

Mistress Cold then said, “Moan as you lick her balls. And rub your dick with your palm as if it were your pussy. Try to think of this as prepping the balls so they'll shot cum down your throat when you go to suck her off.”

Mistress Cold turned to Amy and said, “I’m just trying to encourage him.” She couldn’t see the look in Amy’s eyes after that comment, since Amy wasn’t able to get her eyes off Tim.

Tim started his moaning and after a few moments he was given the permission to start servicing her dick. After fifteen minutes on his knees, rubbing himself and sucking her device deep down his throat, he became completely lost in giving himself up to her.

“Now get up on the bed. She is going to fuck you now.”

Tim slowly obeyed wearing the white thigh highs and heels, and moved like a pussycat greeting a new friend. He got himself on his knees and bent over onto his elbows.

Mistress Doll ran through her dialogue in an almost impromptu fashion, which Tim tried to follow along with.

“That was some nice cock sucking. Do you do that for all your girlfriends?” Mistress Doll began to stroke her dick, almost reveling in what it was going to do to him.

“No, Mistress. I’ve never…”

“Shut up! You’re such a fucking liar. How can you tell me that when I was just watching you take all nine inches of my cock down your throat? You’ve probably already had everything under the sun shoved up your ass.” She took a breath. “Now I want you to crawl backwards and bring your ass over to me. Now!” Tim scooted back and almost smacked up against her by the headboard.

Smack! “You like that? I bet you liked it when past girlfriends would smack it as they fucked you? But I’m no ordinary girlfriend. Am I?”

“No Mistress…”

“Shut Up! My dick is getting drrryyy. Do you want me to take you drrryyy?” Tim hadn’t realized that he could be taken dry; he’d always assumed that she would lube up. Now he had to pray that his saliva was staying wet on her dick.

“No, Mistress. Please take my ass before your dick gets dry.”

Mistress Doll then positioned the dildo at his ass and Tim squeezed the comforter hard with his fists, waiting to be painfully ripped open by her.

“TIM!” Angrily yelled Amy at the top of lungs.

Once Tim heard that scream he darted quickly to get off the bed, and fell hard on the floor. Laughter filled the room as Tim stumbling in high heels and stockings. He eventually made it to the kitchen counter and grabbed his car keys. He then headed straight out of the apartment.

He knew not to take the elevator, but instead the stairs to avoid going through the main part of the building, in a sorry attempt to not be seen by his neighbors. He wasn’t at all sure were he was going or what he was doing, but knew he had to just go.

By the time he made it down four flights of stairs he had become more familiar wearing the five-inch heels, and could make a better run through the cold parking lot. The thought of taking the high heels off barely crossed his mind though. He later wouldn't be sure whether it was because he felt it would slow his escape to stop and take them off, or worse, he had somehow become accustomed to wearing them.

“Tim!” Amy yelled again but this time with a worried tone, now outside and nearly breathless. She was making real progress on closing in on him, especially since she had been wearing sneakers. Tim had made it to the door to get in their large four-door sedan, but Amy’s hand, just in time smacked on top of the driver’s door window to block him from getting in.

Tim then, at this moment of pause, fully started to realize how cold it was, and that he was nearly naked.

“Tim, get in the backseat.”

Amy had to practically push Tim into the backseat of the car, which hurt the welts on his ass, and then she anxiously closed the door and crawled on top of him. Her sweater covered breast pushed against his bare chest. His body was shivering, and she was dressed very warm.

Her body smelled of sweet flowers from a shower she'd taken, and it was mixed with the smell of her essence, which intoxicated him. Her body pressed him down on the backbench and now completely enveloped his shivering body.

“Amy, I don’t know what I'm doing anymore. I don’t think I can do this. Maybe we can…” but this was interrupted by Amy starting to gently kiss him on the lips. This was followed by a deep French kiss, not deep with their tongues, but with the deep need they had for each other.

Tim after they broke away started to utter again, “Amy, I'm not sure it's right for us to be doing this... kind of thing?”

“Shhh, quiet.” Amy placed her finger to his lips and then they heard what appeared to be rainfall. Amy looked up and out the side window and saw the rain starting to come down.

“It’s starting to rain. You know you can’t go out in the rain the way you are, let alone drive. You’ll get sick.” She looked down at him and then moved her face to his and affectionately kissed only his upper lip and then his lower lip. She then moved her hand up to his hair and slowly raked it, letting the long sleeves of her sweater brush against his face.

“You’re so beautiful. You still love me?”

“I think I might be too much in love with you,” Tim responded.

“I think I was getting a little jealous seeing you with that other girl. I think I want it to be just you and me. How’s that sound?”

“I think I'd like that.” They then kissed again, except this time Amy found his exposed penis with her hand and squeezed it tight.

“I kinda like you dressed like this.” She let out a small giggle. She then let go of her grip and grabbed hold of his balls and her expression turned serious. “I’ve sort of got you, don’t I?”

“You never stop, do you?” Tim replied smiling as Amy continued holding his balls.

“You know I’m wet.”

“Yeah.” Tim started to run his hands over her back in the direction of her ass.

“No, baby.” She released his sack and then grabbed him by his wrists and pinned them on top of his head. “Do you want me to make love to you in the backseat?”

“Yes, anywhere you wish,” and then Tim started to reach with his lips to kiss hers. She brought herself down to receive the kiss from him, whilst throwing off her shoes and pulling off her pants.

It was a secluded corner of the parking lot, and their bodies had steamed up the windows that were still being hammered by heavy rain.

She moved her thong panties to the side and then directed his dick into herself. Tim felt his cold dick enter her really hot and wet pussy.

Amy put her hands back on Tim’s wrists, almost as leverage to more easily move on him, and kept them there pinned against the car door. The motions she moved in were for her own benefit, and when she knew he wasn't far from cuming she'd change her flow. This taunting, brought her to her own climax, and her cum gushed down over his groin.

“You want to cum too, don’t you baby?” She then let go of his one wrist and moved his arm so her one hand could press down on both wrists. With her free hand she rubbed her wet clitoris. She then stuck two of the wet fingers in his mouth and began to ride him more vigorously. Tim was now moaning with her fingers ramming down his throat.

“Aahhhh, you’re so sweet baby. I’ll let you cum.” With that Amy rode on Tim in a continuous motion that she knew would allow him to cum.

After they both came Amy collapsed on top of him and said, “You know if the weather wasn’t so bad right now and I had my strap-on with me, I would love to do you bent over our car hood, and screw your ass outdoors in this dark parking lot. Wouldn’t that be hot?” Before he could respond, she quickly started to kiss him on his lips.

To be continued...

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