tagBDSMOral Exam Ch. 15

Oral Exam Ch. 15


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally (my own personal Jessica) for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. There is some plot here so, if you haven't read the first fourteen stories you might want to start there. I am not sure how "hard core" this feels for you BDSM readers. I thought it fit best here, but it is probably pretty light by many people's standards. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.

I had three options:

a.) I could stay in the closet, clutching myself in the fetal position whimpering, muttering, and praying that nobody would bother me.

b.) I could walk out slow and tentative, hand over the tape, go home, and wank off like a madman.

c.) I could emerge from the closet balls-to-the-wall and try my damndest to fuck at least one of those two coochies I had been admiring all night.

Game on. I chose option number three.

I stood up and surveyed the situation as I reached for the door. I had a camera in one hand and my cock was jutting out from my pants. I had been hard for what had felt like an impossible eternity. There is nothing like a girl-girl strap-on fuck-fest to send blood to the ol' Jimmy.

Should I put it away and zip up? Fuck no.

(Besides, I am not sure I could have if I wanted to. I was that fucking hard!)

Still holding the camera to my eye, I threw open the closet door and proudly stepped into Sarah's bedroom.

Both women, Sarah and Cindy, lay sprawled out and sexy on the queen sized bed. Their hair was disheveled and their bodies were coated by a thin sheen of sweat. Both ladies had a freshly fucked glow; their cheeks were rosy red and their breathing was still ragged.

Sarah was still sporting the strap-on harness. It stuck up proudly from her crotch, coated with Cindy's juices. She had her hand over mouth and was trying to repress a giggle. Her eyes were lit up with laughter, as if she pulled a great practical joke. Indeed, she had. I had spent the evening sitting in the closet doing her video dirty work. Even worse, Cindy had been the unknowing star of the production. She hadn't a clue that she was being filmed, or that her grad student friend and office mate was recording her in the most intimate possible way.

For a long moment, Cindy lay on the bed in shock. Her face flashed from expression to expression. I could see the thunder and lightning in her visage. At first it was fear, then anger, then guilt, then lust, and finally rage. Cindy's emotions were too intense to focus. The blindfold had been lifted and now she could evaluate the situation.

Cindy held out her hand, looked me square in the eye and said, "Gimme."

I looked down at Sarah. She nodded, so I handed the camera over to Cindy. For a few seconds Cindy fumbled around with the controls. Then she pushed play.

Suddenly the room was filled with a recorded symphony of sex. Groans and gasps blasted from the camera's speakers as Cindy was fucked – again - by Sarah's strap-on. The tiny blonde sat for a moment in a daze looking through the viewfinder. Cindy's hand was at her mouth, trying to hide her embarrassment and shock. Hey eyes were as wide as saucers. She shook her head, turned off the camera, and dropped it carelessly on the floor. The room was so silent.

Not bothering to cover herself, she rolled over and punched Sarah squarely on the arm. Her voice was an ambiguously odd mixture of exasperation and amusement. "What the fuck?! You bitch." Cindy was breathless. "You told him about us and then made him record it? I can't believe it."

Sarah was ready for the onslaught. She spoke clearly and sincerely, turning on her side so she could look Cindy directly in the eyes. It seemed as if her response was well prepared; she knew this moment was coming. "Hey, wait a minute. Last time you said how you wished you could see us having sex. You went on and on about it while I was eating you. I am not sure if I ever have seen you quite so turned on. It seemed like it was a dream. I figured I would make those dreams a reality."

"But... but..." Cindy sputtered.

"Look he's my best friend. I trust him."

"But you let him watch us fuck." Cindy exclaimed.

"And isn't that hot?" Sarah asked. "He's a friend to both of us. I needed someone to hold the camera and I am already fucking him. Besides dude, you told me you thought he was cute, right?"

What? Cindy thought I was cute? This was getting good. I decided to hang back, so I just stood there watching the conversation unfold. Getting involved would only screw things up. I needed Sarah to do all the work for me. Until then, I would just continue to rock out with my cock out (literally).

"Well umm, yeah." Cindy said.

"What's the problem, dude?"

"Umm, I'm engaged" Cindy sputtered.

"Whatever, like that matters" Sarah responded. "Zach is long distance. Besides, you're fucking me, right? And you have an incredible body – nothing to hide there. And you already have the hots for him. No biggie. Besides, you saw him before anyway. All's fair, right?"

"Huh?" I muttered. A look crossed Cindy's face, something like she was a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar. She sputtered for a moment, threw up her arms, and shook her head. Her cheeks were beet red.

"Cindy?" I asked.

"Ummm, how do I say this?" Cindy looked very uncertain, like she wasn't sure how to express herself. Her eyes were blinking furiously. "Uh, yeah." Cindy paused for a long moment. "So I saw you the other day, in the office, ummm like with this girl under your desk between your legs. I didn't see much, only brown hair going back and forth as she... ummm... sucked you off."

At first, Sarah put a hand to her mouth and giggled. She obviously liked seeing me off guard. But then a thought registered. "You said brown. You meant blonde, right Cindy?"

Cindy answered, "No she was definitely a brunette. She had long, straight, brown hair. And she seemed pretty into the blowjob, although maybe not as much as our friend the recipient here. He seemed to be having a hard time holding back."

Sarah looked at me quizzically and said, "Brunette?"

I gulped before answering, "That was Taryn."

Sarah raised one eyebrow and said, "And who is Taryn?"

Once again there was nowhere to go but forward. I said with what I hoped was an edge to my voice, "Another college coed that I fucked."

Cindy gasped while Sarah grinned from ear-to-ear. In a voice soft and low, perhaps almost reverent, Sarah said, "Nice."

I was glad that Sarah was pleased. I wasn't really expecting another reaction, but one never knows. Cindy, on the other hand, didn't really seem to know how to react. Her brain seemed to be on overload. Too much sex and revelations. We just stood there staring at each other, not sure what to say.

It was in that moment that something seemed to change. We held each other's gaze, unflinchingly, for a long instant. The expression on her face flickered. I could see something click behind Cindy's eyes. She had come to terms with the situation. Now it was time for her to react.

If I wasn't a part of it, I am sure that the whole scene would have seemed quite comical. There were two naked women, flush with orgasm, lying on a rumpled queen-sized bed. One of the two women was still wearing a massive, purple dong around her waist. The other was a diminutive blonde with several hickey marks and a freshly fucked pussy. I was standing over them, completely clothed, with my cock dangling out of my pants, hard and throbbing with bulbous need. Together, we were some sort of sexual freak show.

It was Sarah who broke the long, uncomfortable silence lingering between Cindy and me. "I am sorry, Cin, if I overstepped my bounds. I should have talked to you first. I thought it would be cool and very hot. I know that I would love to see everything that you do to me. I was hoping you might like the same. If I did wrong, if I hurt you, I am very sorry."

Cindy sat up, tucking her blonde bob behind her ears. Her face was stern and coldly unforgiving. Her eyes were a furnace, blazing with constrained emotion. She spoke, slow and deliberate, "You seduced me, you fucked me, and you record me? And you brought in my office mate – a guy I work with everyday - to do the taping? My God! What the fuck?! And then you ask me to forgive you, because you were horny and you wanted to watch us fuck? Sarah, I can't believe you? How can I trust you?"

This was not going well. Did I really expect that it would? I backed up, trying to melt into the background. Sarah's face fell. Hope of forgiveness washed away. Now she looked ready to cry. I could see drops of moisture ringing around her darkening eyes. Sarah leaned down and put her head in her hands, not bearing to meet Cindy's hard, unwavering gaze.

Cindy continued, "Sarah, you can't ever do this to me again. I need to be able to trust you."

"I know."

"Do you promise?"

"Yes," Sarah said through a stream of sniffles.

"Good," Cindy said. Her voice softened. Was this a break in the storm? "First, take off that ridiculous harness. We don't need that thing anymore." I listened carefully to the tone in Cindy's words. The edge was still there, but much of Cindy's anger seemed to have dissipated. "Then lie face down across my lap. You are in need of several serious spankings."

Sarah looked up. It took a moment, but a smile crept onto her face. Everything was all right - and now Cindy wanted to play. A few spankings would be a simple and easy reparation payment.

I marveled again at Sarah's curvy body as she slid the strap-on off. She scooted eagerly across the bed and lay over Cindy's lap. Her rounded, fleshy ass stuck high and proud up in the air. I could see the soft lips of her bare cunt between her thighs. Her large, bountiful tits hung low and flush up against Cindy's toned thigh. Sarah's face, still glistening and wet with tears, was pressed into a pillow.

"Tell me you deserve a spanking," Cindy said, her eyes lit with devilish desire.

Sarah's voice, while still meek and tentative, sounded amused, "I deserve a spanking."

"Louder, slut!" Cindy yelled. "Say it like you mean it. This isn't funny; I am not here for your amusement. You have been a bad bitch and you must be punished. Demand your spanking!"

"Spank me!" Sarah's voice was louder and more commanding. All traces of laughter were gone.

"Again! Louder!"


Cindy brought her hand down across Sarah's ass with a thundering crack. A solid, meaty slap reverberated off of the bedroom walls. Sarah yelped and leaped. Clearly she was not expecting so much force, from such a tiny blonde. I grinned. Cindy was a surprising little bundle.

Cindy's hand rested on Sarah's reddened ass. She looked up and me and said, "You, what role did you have in this?"

I was not expecting Cindy to turn her attention back to me. How should I handle this? I gathered my thoughts for a moment and told Cindy the truth, "Sarah told me to meet her at a bar tonight. When I did, she gave me her apartment key and told me to wait for her in the bedroom closet. She told me that there would be a camera and that I should record whatever I saw. She also told me that if I did what I was told I might get the chance to fuck two different pussies tonight."

Cindy held up her finger, motioning me to stop, and turned her attention back to Sarah? "Two different pussies?" Smack! Smack! Smack! "You wanted me to screw him, you dirty whore? I am not your fuck toy."

Sarah yelped again, before saying, "I am sorry. I didn't mean..."

Cindy brought her hand down on Sarah's ass another time and said, "Oh be quiet. Sheesh." Sarah closed her mouth. I could tell that she wanted to say more but that she knew, based on Cindy's tone, speaking wouldn't be a good idea.

Cindy looked back at me, and asked, "You didn't know anymore than what you told me?"

I looked at Cindy with a smile, my dick still jutting proudly from my zipper, and said, "I knew I didn't want to miss out on whatever Sarah had planned."

Cindy smiled back and said, "Good answer," before dealing Sarah another spanking.... And another..... Sarah's ass was a deep shade of crimson, and getting deeper. She was squirming in pain, but knew enough not to emit any noises beyond whimpers.

Looking up from her disciplinary duties, Cindy said to me, "Go into the bathroom. See if you can find me a hairbrush, something with a hard back. My hand is getting sore slapping this lying cunt's ass."

I grinned, before trundling off to the bathroom. Not wanting to miss anything, I scanned Sarah's bathroom hurriedly. What a mess! She needed to do some serious cleaning. I picked up a hairbrush lying on the counter and went back to the bedroom.

The brush had a long, black handle and a smooth, flat back. The length came complete with hand-hold ridges and a hole at the tip so that it could be hung up. The other side (which was made for combing) was covered with thick, stiff bristles. My guess is that it wouldn't feel pleasant to be smacked with either side of the brush.

Cindy grinned as I handed her the brush. She tossed it up in the air and caught it with a flourish. She took the bristly end and rubbed it lightly against the fleshy, pillows of Sarah's ass in an ever-growing spiral. With each circle Cindy applied more pressure, until it seemed like the bristles were really digging into Sarah's flesh.

Sarah moaned. In a soft, pseudo-pleasant voice Cindy asked, "Do you like that baby? Does it feel good?"

Sarah gasped, the sound low and breathy, "Yes."

Like lightning, Cindy raised her arm. In mid-air she spun the brush so that the flat end was facing downward. She then brought her arm down with a great rumbling, crackling force.

The brush slapped against Sarah's raw, naked flesh. She shook and twitched in obvious pain. Sarah eyes flew open with a startled and confused expression. She threw her head back in a wild scream to the Gods. The howling yelp was exquisitely desperate – an explosion of need, longing, and sensation. I could hear the craving desire laced with stinging hurt.

Cindy raised her arm again. As she brought the brush down again, she bellowed, "You like it?" Smack. "You like the pain?" Smack. "You think you can take it?" Smack. "Bitch!" Smack. "I will show you pain!" Smack. "I will own you!" Smack. "Your ass and tits and pussy are mine!" Smack. Smack. Smack.

Sarah's ass was a glowing and radiant red. Tears were rolling down her face. She was wailing, "My ass... my ass.... It hurts... Please, I am sorry... my ass...." Yet, at the same time, I could clearly see Sarah grinding her crotch against Cindy's knee. Her crotch was rubbing back and forth against Cindy's knee. While the room was already dripping with the scent of feminine sex, I could make out a fresh level of arousal.

Cindy dropped the brush on the bed. She reached one hand under Sarah's breasts and pinched a nipple - hard. I could see Sarah twitch and grimace as pain lanced through her chest. Cindy's other hand slid up Sarah's neck and grabbed her hair by the roots. Cindy tugged on the chestnut mane pulling upward. Sarah was forcibly yanked from the bed and forced to arch her back. Every muscle on her body went taut as she was pulled in close to Cindy.

I am sure Sarah could feel Cindy's breath on her ear. The blonde whispered gently, so low I could barely hear. "I am not ready to forgive you. Yet. Tonight you are mine. I will do with you whatever I please, however I please to do it. Your torture is my pleasure. Understood?"

"Yes." Sarah hissed.

"Good," Cindy said. "I am not planning to let you cum anytime soon. If you cum before I am ready we are done." Cindy dropped her grip on Sarah's hair. Sarah's loose and limp body fell back to the bed. My officemate got out from underneath Sarah and stood up. She said, full of command and venom, "Slide up on the bed and lie down on your stomach. Spread your arms and legs out so they look like an 'X.' Close your eyes too. I'll be back in a moment. Don't move."

Sarah immediately did as she was told.

Cindy looked at me and gestured for me to follow her. She led me into the closet, where I had been languishing for the last few hours. Pulling a dangling string, she turned on the light and shut the door.

I heard a metal click as the latch moved into place. Then the unexpected happened: Cindy put a hand over her mouth and fell into a fit of nearly silent giggles. She bent over at the waist and let loose with soft peals of laughter. The sound was hidden music, like the gentle tinkling of silver, or the distant burbling of a stream. Her body quaked and shook as several shock waves seized control of her tiny frame. She looked up at me, her eyes dancing with amusement, a smile stretched from ear to ear.

"Oh she bought it!" She exclaimed more to herself than to me. While keeping her voice low, Cindy couldn't contain her excitement. "I can't believe she bought it. That scheming bitch - she has it coming. Fuck, this is going to be fun!" Before I knew it, Cindy reached over and gave me hug. She held me around my back and pressed her head into my chest.

I think it took both of us a moment to register, but realization hit like a thunderbolt. She was naked and my dick was protruding from my pants. I could feel her taut and pointy nipples boring into my abdomen. I am sure that she could feel my dick poking at her.

Instead of backing away, Cindy reached down and cradled my balls. She then said, as if greeting a friend on a sidewalk, "Well, hello there. Are you having a good day?" She giggled again, this time with saucy undertones. "He seems pretty happy to see me."

"He is," I replied. "And you seem pretty interested yourself. Your nipples are certainly standing at attention."

"You could say that," Cindy said looking up at me. Her hand was now slowly stroking my cock. Pre-cum was now dripping from the head. She rubbed the tip and then licked her fingertips. Damn! Cindy was sweet and cute, the image of Southern hospitality without a shirt.

But then her demeanor changed. Cindy was suddenly serious, as she said, "Are we cool? You know what is going to happen, right? This won't mess us up, will it?"

I thought for a second and asked, "What about you and your fiancé?"

Cindy let out a deep sigh, "Zach? That is between him and me. The issue is a little complicated at the moment. Trust me, this won't do anything more than we have already done ourselves. Cool?"

I looked at Cindy for a long moment, seeking out an answer in her eyes. They flickered plaintively. I think I found what I needed in those liquid pools. Or I might have been converted by her fingernails that had gone back to scratching the soft underbelly of my nut sack. Whatever the case, I nodded and said, "Let's do it."

Cindy chuckled maniacally and said, "Oh boy, this is going to be fun! Let's find some scarves. I want to tie her down."

After rooting around in Sarah's closet for few minutes, we found what Cindy was looking for. I was startled when, as we were about to leave the closet, Cindy leaned down and engulfed my cock with her warm wet mouth. It only lasted a moment, but one can only handle so much paradise. All I felt was warm, liquid flesh. In that instant her tongue danced a delightful and lewd minuet with my startled cock. Cindy flicked, twirled, and swirled her way around the tip, drenching it in her saliva. I was about to surrender to the sensation, to close my eyes and drown in the pleasure, when I felt her pull away with a pop.

"Mmmmmmn tasty..." Cindy said, looking up at me. She wrapped her hand around my rigid shaft and tugged. "C'mon, big boy, you'll get wet soon enough" she said, "We have obligations to take care of. Sarah must be tortured. Just follow my lead."

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