tagGroup SexOral Fixation Ch. 3

Oral Fixation Ch. 3


Pt. III: Experiments

After that day in our dorm room when my roommate Bill blackmailed me into giving him a blowjob, he continued to ask for head and I was not unwilling to comply. For the first week or so he had me suck him almost every week day- after that it was once or twice a week except during his girlfriend Amy's 'bad' week when he wanted it more frequently.

Having the same man to suck off every day brought a new dimension to my oral sex activities. Bill's favorite position was still with him standing and me kneeling or sitting in front of him. However on some occasions he would call me into his bedroom and show me his hard cock, and I would climb on the bed with him and carefully clean his cock and balls before swallowing him deep for an intense orgasm. Bill learned to relax and let me use some of the techniques I had learned to elicit maximum pleasure from him. For instance, I often tried holding his cock with the head in my mouth and the shaft half buried, licking the head and stroking his shaft and balls with my hand. I learned that he particularly liked a gentle squeeze of the balls just before he came- he said it made his orgasm more forceful. Another trick I learned was, while he was lying in bed, to gently and repeatedly stroke the area between his naval and the top of his cock as I sucked him off. This also seemed to intensify his pleasure in my blowjob and his orgasm.

Sometimes Bill would come into my room early I the morning before hockey practice and wake me up to suck him off. These blowjobs, with him freshly showered and rested and me still warm from bed, were some of the best. I would fall asleep for another hour and wake to find my lips or eyelids crusted with dried cum. I discontinued visiting the glory hole during this time also. I was obviously giving all the oral sex I desired and Bill didn't mind if I jerked myself off while sucking him, so that we sometimes came at almost the same time.

I continued to date and sleep with girls. In fact, my sexuality deepened and intensified in general and I believe this was noticed by my girlfriends, who often exhausted themselves and me with the intensity of our fucking. At first it was strange having a girl over and seeing Bill, knowing that I was his regular oral sex partner, and wondering if he or I would let something slip to reveal the nature of our relationship. However, in every other way Bill and I continued to be normal roommates with separate lives and friends, seldom seeing each other except for weekends and an hour or so of hot sex each week.

One Sunday night late I was asleep in my room when I heard Bill and Amy come in. They had been away for the weekend leaving me with the dorm room to myself. They were noisy and woke me up. Both our bedrooms opened to the living room and my door was ajar, so that I could see the two of them on the couch. It was obvious that they were intent on having sex, as Bill had Amy's top down and was sucking on her tits. This was pretty different because they were usually very discrete. Amy had her hand down Bills pants and I could see the very familiar outline of his growing cock through his shorts. I had never seen Amy naked, and as Bill undressed her I could see that she had large breasts with dark nipples that jutted out at least an inch. As she turned I was surprised to see that her pubic hair was not shaved at all. I like hairy pussy, though I know that many men do not. The feel of pubic hair in my face while I savor the soft wetness of a cunt, the smell of a women's musk and my own semen in her pubic hair, were all turn-ons to me. Not that I have ever turned down a partially or wholly shaved one!

I watched titillated as two people, one known very well to me and the other almost a stranger, began to have sex. Amy pushed Bill onto his back and got astride his chest, pushing each nipple into his mouth for sucking. Her cunt left wet marks on his chest. She began to kiss and lick Bill's neck and chest, then stomach and I could see his cock rise in anticipation as her pussy dragged over it. However, Amy's lips stopped short of Bill's groin and reversed direction. I could sense his frustration and he gently grasped her shoulders and urged her down. With a twist that sent her large breasts swinging she broke free and climbed back to his face, whispering something in his ear. Bill shook his head no but she whispered again, this time gently tickling his balls as she urgently whispered in his ear.

Bill apparently agreed this time because, with Amy still stroking his cock, he sat up from the couch and called "Jeff, would you come out here please?"

I froze, stopped breathing, tried to be not there. Certainly I had not heard him correctly?

"Jeff, we know you are watching us, please come out," Bill repeated.

Not knowing what else to do I got out of bed and walked into the living room, my own erection showing through my pajama shorts. Bill stood up as I approached and so did Amy, and as they did the musk of mingled sweat and sex assaulted my nose and made my head spin. Amy smiled and said "Jeff, Bill has told me about your special talents. As I don't like to give head myself I haven't minded that he got it from you. Would you mind demonstrating your technique for me, now?"

My first thought was to flee, this could not be happening! But Amy came over to me and slipped her hands down my pants to caress my cock. "You will not be sorry," she urged.

Overwhelmed by the combined sexual tension in the room I dropped to my knees and took Bill's familiar cock in my mouth. My tongue felt the same form- the same smoothness to the head, the swelling organ, the stiff shaft, but my other senses were on overload. As I sucked Bill Amy moved close to him and his fingers found her bushy pussy and delved into her lips. Amy moaned and rubbed her crotch against Bills thigh inches away from where my mouth was consuming his feverish cock.. Bill's cock seemed to grow longer and harder than ever before. Amy's juices flowed out of her like a spring, covering his fingers, now pumping into her vagina with the same tempo I was using on his cock, with slippery fragrance. Her bushy pubic hair brushed up against my brow as I took Bill's cock deep in my throat, his own sparser but stiffer hair against my upper lip.

In a short while Bill began to moan and pump in and out of my mouth, his excitement overwhelming him. I knew from long experience that he was about to cum and slid one hand across to squeeze his testicles. A second later he pumped three quick bursts of thick semen down my throat and collapsed onto the couch, gasping.

Amy let Bill go and pulled my face into her crotch. With Bill's cum still dribbling from my chin I began to suck in her juices, as much to keep from drowning as anything, as she ground her cunt into me. My tongue snaked out and found her clitoris, eliciting more wetness and a load moan from Amy. Within seconds she was cumming intensely, loudly and violently. Her back arched and her knees buckled, so that for a second her entire weight was suspended on my tongue in her cunt. She slipped down and back, landing across Bill who was watching with both thrill and fear as his girlfriend convulsed spasmodically. When it was done she let out a low animal moan and was still.

Bill sat up and brushed the hair off Amy's face. "Wow honey, I've never seen you cum like that before," he said.

"I never have. I never have," was all she said.

To Be Continued...

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