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Guys, women usually approach sex from a different perspective then we do. Let me briefly try to explain the difference.

For most guys sex is about the physical contact and action. For most men the approach is....I kissed her once, now let's get the clothes off and get to the real action. "I don't need no stinking foreplay, foreplay is for pussy's and I'm a man" so lets start with the hardcore sex".

And you know what, you pretty much have that exactly right....foreplay is for pussies. For the approximately 3,000,000,000 women on this planet it is absolutely essential for a great experience.

For women, the physical act of intercourse is like the last course in a seven course meal. But that last course really isn't all that good if you didn't have the first six to set it up.

For women, 85 - 90% of great sex is creating the mood, setting the atmosphere, getting mentally and physically ready to have a series of mind blowing orgasm's; and the remaining 15% is the actual physical acts (intercourse, oral, toys, etc..).

If you only want to be with a woman once, get your rocks off, and then be talked about in a bad way to all her girlfriends....and build a reputation as a poor lover, stick with the guy's way of thinking about sex.

If you want her cumming (pun intended) back for more, telling her girlfriends you are a stud in bed, and building up a reputation as being a great lover, you need to focus on the 85% and master the final 15%....especially the art of eating pussy.

Let's face it -- guys that get to the point with a woman where the physical acts of sex occur, always get their rocks off. It may not be a mind blowing experience that will make you want to come back for more, but you'll cum one way or the other.

For women, they could potentially spend a couple of hours going through the physical motions of sex, and leave absolutely frustrated, sore, pissed-off; having never come even close to having a single, tiny little orgasm...let alone the body rocking one they were hoping for when they started.

And that usually happens because we screwed up the 85% and didn't really do very well in the remaining 15% area either. The Pussy - what are we really talking about

I was quite intrigued to discover that most women have never really examined their pussies or know what they are made of. I'm sure most men are probably in the same department. Before I really start talking about eating pussy, I thought it might be a good idea to provide a little perspective so we're all talking about the same thing.

I can tell you one thing for certain. Pussies are like roses, they are absolutely beautiful, and no two are exactly the same. Sure, they have the same parts, but every pussy looks a little different and everyone acts a little different and, fortunately, everyone feels a little different. Guys, that last sentence is absolutely critical to your success to making the woman you are with experienc mind altering orgasm's. Every pussy responds to you differently. They may be subtle differences, or they could be major.

For example, one woman's clit might really need to be taken to task in-order for her to have that mind blowing orgasm while the next ladies clit is so sensitive that simply blowing on it gently will be all she can take.

Because of this, you can't let your mind wander when you are eating pussy, you have to pay attention to how your lady is acting, and reacting to what you are doing.

Now, let's talk a little bit about a pussy so that we have a common frame of reference for the rest of our discussions.

First, no two are the same and about 70% of all women have never really looked at their pussies, or have really taken enough time to look at one to know if it is beautiful or not, they just assume it is gross.

Again, there are 3,000,000,000 women on the planet and I would venture to say that if we took all the women in their sexual prime, took pictures of their pussies and ran them through a pussy identification software program, we wouldn't find any two that looked exactly the same...and I'm not sure any two would act the same under your touch.

I know all the pussies I've seen in the last 30 years were each unique in their own special way, and I've never seen any two look the same in pictures or movies. But they are all beautiful, and if clean, they all taste great!!! So, here are the key body parts that you need to know about in your journey to mastering eating pussy.

Mons -- pubis: pussy hair (although some women these days are shaved).

Hood of the clitoris: just what it sounds like, a hood of flesh that covers the clit.

Clitoris: The clit -- the absolute center of the universe when it comes to 99.9% of all mind altering orgasm's.

Labia Majora: The outer (or large) pussy lips Labia Minora: The inner pussy lips

Vaginal Opening: what most men think of as the pussy: the channel to the inside

Perineum: vulgarly called 'the taint' cause it 'taint pussy', and it 'taint ass'.

Anus: The butt hole.

With the exception of the pussy hair, every part mentioned is sensitive to the touch, and if touched properly, can leave your woman exhausted from multiple orgasms.

But, we are far ahead of ourselves. If you remember from the introduction, 85% of good sex for a woman is in the foreplay, and probably 70% of that has to happen before she's willing to take her clothes off and give you an opportunity to play with her pussy.

For the sake of this story I'm going to assume that you and your special lady friend have made it past the roadblocks and she is seriously considering making love with you. Or you have made love before and she wants you to improve your 'A' game.

Perspective -

Guys, I think we all want basically the same thing here. On the continuum from fantastic lover to uncaring and clueless, we want to be on the fantastic lover end of the scale...and our women want us to be there also.

We want to be great lovers. Women want men who are great lovers. Whether it is with that one special lady; or having a reputation among the ladies that you know what you are doing when it comes to satisfying a woman's sexual needs and desires, everyone wants to be on the fantastic end. But I have news for you, most of us aren't.

Again, I'll go back to what I said earlier. Men and women think about making love and sex differently. For men, it is sex, the end game, the actual physical act where dicks and pussies are being stroked and caressed that determines whether the woman is great in bed or not.

For women, it is making love, it is the journey, the foreplay, the anticipation, the excitement, the passion, the buildup, the seven course meal, and then the icing on the cake...everything leading up to the actual physical intercourse is as important, and in most cases more important than the actual physical act of intercourse.

The most important ingredients in deciding whether you are a great lover, an average lover, or totally clueless and uncaring lies in how well you do before the actual intercourse starts. Yes, you have to give her that mind blowing orgasm to ace the final exam and be considered a fantastic lover, but if it's just wham, bam, thank you ma'am, you'll be in the average to uncaring range on the continuum, and none of us wants to be there.

Please don't get me wrong, there are times when a woman is super horny and wants to get right to it because something has already gotten her excited...and you have to be able to read this because in these cases she's not looking for the romancing and foreplay but just wants the pure physical desires satisfied...but, from my experience, and from talking to a lot of women over the past few years, those occasions are far less frequent then guys like to hope for.

Think of your favorite sport and the professional athletes that are at the top of the game. They don't just walk out on the court or the field and start playing full speed. They often spend hours warming up so that when it is game time, they are ready. If they don't warm up properly, they have horrible games, are fatigued when everyone else is going at full speed, and often end up injured or in pain the entire game...although most women probably don't look at it like this, they have to, and want to be warmed up before making love (for most women, warm-up means romance and foreplay).

If they aren't warmed up, they usually do not enjoy the experience and you do not get invited back to play again; and eventually, you earn the reputation as a poor performer and no one invites you to play. Oh, and here is an absolutely critical point guys, almost all women think the warm up is part of the game, and you have to play if you want to have a full season!!!

Preparing to get intimate:

Making love to a woman, foreplay, eating pussy, sexual intercourse, and just fooling around are all very intimate times. You and your special lady friend are going too physically (and potentially mentally) be very close to each other for a long time. Be clean!!!

Hygiene --

Shower before you pick her up, use soap and shampoo!! Even better, perhaps the two of you can shower together. She's going to be looking, touching, kissing, caressing, licking, and inhaling the aroma of you for a few hours - this needs to be a positive and pleasant experience.

If she runs her fingers through your hair and it's all nasty and greasy, that's a mood changer. If she goes to gently (or not so gently) play with your nipples and gags on the smell of your armpit, that's a mood changer.

If you take off your shoes or cloths and the room fills with a pungent odor, at the very best she's going to ask you to go shower, at the worst, she's going to ask you to leave.

Finally, if you are so lucky that she decides to go down and give you a little oral pleasuring and it tastes and smells like the salt mines or an outhouse in the south Texas heat....the day is over!!! Bottom line, be as clean as possible. Don't let a foul, sweaty, smelly body kill the moment for her and you.

Shave if you aren't sporting a beard. A little stubble might look sexy, but a hard bristly beard is hard on a woman's soft skin. If you scratch her every time you get near her....especially when you get down between her legs....she's not going to want your face near her....

If you wear cologne or aftershave, or anything smelly, go very light. First, you don't want her nose to stuff up (because she can't kiss, give you oral pleasures, and stay in the mood if she's gasping for oxygen). Second, you don't want it to be so overpowering that she's focusing on the cologne and not you....if you use it, it should just be a hint that excites her senses, not a dousing that drowns her into submission.

Finally, don't put it anywhere she might be running her tongue over your body. If she ends up licking along balls and comes away with the horrible taste of aftershave or cologne, she's going to be trying to get that taste out of her mouth, and again, that means she's concentrating on something other than pleasing you or that mind blowing orgasm you want her to have.

Brush your teeth and use a gentle mouth wash. Women like to kiss; they like to chat intimately during foreplay. If the smell of your breath is gagging, or they give you a French kiss and come away with a piece of whatever it is you've recently eaten....you can pretty much kiss the night goodbye, because you won't be kissing her anymore.

And again....WOMAN LOVE TO KISS!!! It warms them up, gets the desires and juices flowing, excites them, and wins them over to the idea of going all the way with you. I would also recommend if you are going out for a few hours before the big event, that you carry along a box of Tic-tac's or something along that line to help keep your breath fresh... I have had several women in my life (over the years, not all at once) tell me they absolutely love kissing me because my breath is always so fresh....

Believe me, if your breath smells like the ass end of a horse, the bottom of a shoe, or a butt can, it's going to make it so much more difficult for a women to actually want to be with you. If your breath is fresh and clean, that can actually help turn them on and get them excited about being physically close to you.

Bottom line -- be clean and have fresh breath....or as fresh as possible!!

Women, all the clues and tips above also apply to you!!! Generally you are all very clean and know how to get ready for an exciting evening. Before going out on a date or getting ready to have a romantic evening with your stud, I recommend a shower, and while you're in there make sure you wash your butt with warm water and a little soap. This will guarantee you'll be clean and there will be no smell or taste if your gentleman friend decides to go exploring down in that area.

Once you've washed, rinse well because when a guy runs his tongue along your body and comes away with the taste of soap, it distracts him from the moment.

Finally, you might be a little conscience, just prior to the big event, that your pussy is dirty, or salty, or smells. If your thinking those things and it's distracting you, excuse yourself for a second to go to the bathroom, and while in there, wet some toilet paper and gently dab your pussy and it will be fine. I recommend you don't rub because some of the toilet paper can stick to your pussy, and if a guy is running his tongue through there and comes away with a piece of toilet paper, that's not a good thing....even though it is clean.

Finally ladies, a healthy pussy washed with water does not smell, does not taste funny, and is not dirty. If you are drug and disease free, your pussy probably has no taste or smell at all!!!! It is a wonderful place for a guy to bury his face and have a great time. And if you have washed your butt hole with a little soap and water before going out, or in to the bedroom, your ass does not smell or have any taste either!!

So you don't have to be consciously worrying about that!! If you don't believe me, after you've cleaned up, run your finger along your ass, gently between the lips of your pussy all the way up to your clit, and then bring it up to your nose for a sniff, or to your mouth and suck on it, and you won't taste anything and you won't smell anything either!!!

Bottom line for both of you...being clean is great...being salty, smelly, or having foul breath is bad. And a clean pussy and ass do not smell and they do not have any bad tastes!!!

Getting her motor humming and hot:

Okay, you are all prepared. You now have a basic understanding of how women and men think about making love, a little knowledge of the different parts of the pussy, a little perspective on why a woman needs to build up to the big moment, and a few tips on hygiene so that you don't both go gagging from the room shortly after the clothes start coming off.

Wine her, dine her, and perhaps even take a couples massage together. Spend a few romantic hours together, focusing on her so that she feels special and appreciated. If you've been successful she will either invite you to her place, or agree to go with you someplace.

Now, let's get her in the mood to want to make love. Before we go down to that pussy and really start pushing her over the edge to mind altering orgasms, we have to make her want it.

What we want is for her to be in a state of mind where she's begging (maybe not out loud, but in her mind), praying, wishing with all her desires, that you would finish with the seduction and get down to business and start eating her pussy.

The first time you touch her pussy it should be soaking wet and eager for your touch. In order to get a pussy in that physical state, you have to pay attention to your ladies mind and the rest of her body first.

For a guy, just the thought of sex can get him rock hard in about 30 seconds. A woman's body, mind, and pussy are not like that. Women need to take some time to get in the mood, anticipate the pleasure, and get emotionally and physically in to the encounter before they can really enjoy their time with you.

Think of foreplay like cooking steaks on a charcoal grill. First you have to prep the grill and the steak. You have to get the grill ready and you have to get the steak ready before you can start cooking. Only when the grill is at the right stage of preparation can you put the steak on and cook it properly.

If you put it on too early the temperature won't be hot enough. You'll have to take a long time cooking the steak and you really risk the chance of having a poorly done steak that's not satisfying when you eat it. If you wait too late to put the steak on there isn't enough heat left in the charcoal and you either have to restock it or you continue and end up with an unsatisfying steak because there wasn't enough heat to cook it to perfection.

A woman's body is like the grill, her pussy is the savior steak, and you are the chef. You have to prepare properly (romance and foreplay), put the steak on the grill at the right moment (start pleasuring her orally when she is at her peak of anticipation), and cook it to perfection (bring her to a mind altering orgasm, or two, or three, or more). If you want your steak done right you have to take the time to prepare.

If you want a woman to really enjoy her time with you, and tell all her friends that you are great in the sack, you have to take the time to prepare. AND HERE IS AN AMAZING TIP. I have found that even if I didn't do a great job cooking that steak the first time, and it turned out to be less than a satisfying meal for the lady, if I did a great job preparing to cook it, she willing wanted me back to cook for her again.

Eventually women want a satisfying steak, but they enjoy the prep work (foreplay, to include oral pleasures) as much, if not more, than the actual cooking (intercourse).

Take a minute to picture a woman's body. Think about her from her head to her toes, front to back. Once you are done with that, think about yourself as a detective. With the exception of the tops of their heads, almost every other part of a woman's body could be a potential erogenous zone and it's your job to figure out what makes her hot, and what doesn't. Here are some of the areas that are sensitive for almost all women.

Lips -- women love to kiss. Some women will enjoy kissing for 10, 15, 20 minutes or more before moving on. So, make sure your breath is fresh and your mouth is clean. Guys, if you don't think you are a good kisser, play the mirror game. Basically, let her lead and you do what she does.

If she gives gentle kisses, you return gentle kisses. If she gently sucks your upper lip into her mouth, you suck her lower lip in to yours. When she lets go, you let go. TIP. Most women enjoy a little French kissing, but don't ram your wet slobbery tongue all the way down her throat or swirl it around like you're cleaning the inside of her mouth. Otherwise, relax and do what comes natural...or follow her lead if you aren't sure. Kissing is generally best when it is soft and tender, gradually building to passionate and intense.

Ear lobes -- women usually love to have them gently kissed, licked, and nibbled on. Gently blowing in to their ears turns them on, sticking a wet slobbery tongue in there generally turns them off. Also, before you get to the ears, while you are still kissing, softly run your fingers along the lobes of her ear and the back of her neck. This will help warm those areas up when you go to kiss, nibble, and lick them.

TIP. From this point on, talk to your lady once in a while as you are exploring her body. Tell her how wonderful her hair smells, how soft her skin is, how much you are enjoying yourself, how wonderful she tastes. Ladies, return the favor, if your guy is doing something that really turns you on, let him know.

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